Iran's Rouhani Responds To "Rogue Newcomer" Trump's "Ugly, Ignorant Words"

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Following President Trump's words yesterday and reports that he has "made his decision" on what to do about the Iran nuclear deal, Iranian President Rouhani just responded to "rogue newcomer" Trump, speaking at The United Nations, and also did not pull any punches...

As he spoke, his words were transcribed into a Tweetstorm...


In text:

We never threaten anyone and we do not tolerate threats from anyone. Unmoved by intimidation our discourse is one of dignity &respect.


Historically backing the oppressed Iran upholds the right of the Palestinian people as it did those of the Jewish people centuries ago.


Iran does not seek to restore its ancient empire; impose its official religion on others; or export its revolution with force of arms.


We opened our doors to engagement & cooperation. Missing this opportunity, some imposed sanctions on themselves and now feel betrayed.


It's disgraceful that the Zionist regime not committed to any intl instrument or safeguard has the audacity to preach peaceful nations.


Iran won't be the first country to violate the agreement but it will respond decisively and resolutely to its violation by any party.


Destruction of #JCPOA by "rogue" newcomers to the world of politics will never impede Iran’s course of progress and advancement.


By violating its international commitments, the new U.S. administration only destroys its own credibility for future negotiations.


Iran's defense capacities are only deterrent. Target of Saddam's ballistic missiles we won't be victim of irrational aspirants again.


Iran has continuously and vociferously rejected nuclear weapons.


Ugly, ignorant words were spoken by the US president against the Iranian nation. Full or hatred & baseless allegations and unfit for UN.

Now we anxiously await Trump's tweeted response...

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nuubee's picture

Hey Hey Rouhani, how many gays have you hanged today?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

I love all this back and forth on Twitter.  Reminds me of pro wrestling.  Can we have a Roddy Piper hologram mediate this all?  Trump vs. Iron Mullah

Max Hunter's picture

I'm thinking if you live in Iran, don't tell anyone you are gay.. This seems to be a wise course of action..  But since most gays can't STFU and need constant attention, they will be easy to spot.. 

evoila's picture

The ZH comments are hilarious. You get a bunch of Israel bashing on here, but then when an article is written featuring the person/country that is actually trying to do something to control Israel's meddling and destabilizing power, you get a bunch of racial remarks towards that person too.

That is the epitome of racism. Pick a side and stay on it for fox sake.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

Yep...pretty pathetic...

Should expect from Ameridumbs who seem anxious for mass destruction...

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!


Boubou's picture

Ignorance is bliss, but once you lose it you can't get it back.

Once you see the lies, hypocrisy, deception, stupidity  and cruelty of the the ones chosen to lead and rule , you will never really feel good again.

It must be like finding out Father Xmas is really a cat burglar and rapist who is good at chimneys.

caconhma's picture

It is my guess why US/Israel stays away from Iran.  There are rumors that during the collapse of the Soviet Union Russian mafia has sold a few nukes to Iran.

caconhma's picture

ZH started select censorship.

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You mean like camel jockey, goat fucker, towel head?

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Why Trump hates much? That's why he's a neocon bitch.

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No, like YOUR moms.

See how edgy that was?

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His 2 moms .Plural.I like it.His dad was a Chinese snotsickle. 

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I think you're thinking about Sunni Arabs.Nuke all them dot-head mo-fos!!!Mericuh!!!FUCK YEAH!!!NASCAR!!!!FIREWORKS!!!!EAGLES!!!!BACON!!!DIABETES!!!!USA!!!USA!!!!$$$$$USA!!!!!$$$$!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$

null's picture

I pick whatever side you are not on.

Starting with the side that is not moronic enough to not know what a freaking "race" is ... then perhaps the side that does not stick to a stupid Dogma even after new freaking information and analysis is available.

You like calling people names (racist) but then get your panties in a wad when others insult your favorite dipshit?

Freefromeudictatorship's picture

Why should gays STFU? We’ll start when you do!

ne-tiger's picture

Gays are fine: most gays are calm/peaceful, but most lesbians are ferocious:)

Killdo's picture

my experience with lezbos has been th exact oposite - I always get on well with lezbos - American gays I have met (most work for HBO) are doublefaced, wierd, egocentirc and mostly suffer from Gender Identity Disorder. They don't even trust themselves

Mr Hankey's picture

You are the freaks, not US,kiddie diddler.You are an engineered enemy of the White race..

Killdo's picture

that's exactly what I think is the case - American / UK gays only want attention - they mostly never even have any sex with anyone. 

I remember meeting a very effeminate young gay man at a party in London once  - he told me he hated sex and never had any. I coudl not believe it - basing your whole identity on sexuality and looking like a chick, but hating sex and never ahving any? There is a name for it - Gender Identity Disorder

Judging by my experience from LA, if they do have sex it's with strangers they hope to never see again. 

In Serbia where I am from and I am sure in many other non-Anglosheeple places your sexuality is like religion - only your own business nobody feels the need to advertise anything to strangers. 

In the USSA as usual - it's all about show and no substance . And many power games  - as psychos cannot love anyone, all they have are games

Most USSA fagattinas (as I call them)  I have met (more than a hundred) are mostly suffering from Gender Identity Disorder (and many are psychopaths/narcissists) - nothing to do with sex or with homosexuality at all. 

That is their biggest tragedy and they know it - that's why they feel they need to preach all the time

kbohip's picture

It's silly but I'm all for it.  Twitter wars among the elites are far less damaging to the plebs than real wars.  Keep Tweeting Trump!

Jim in MN's picture


Now wouldn't that be a better world

BennyBoy's picture


Rouhani makes sense. The asshole aint perfect, he is a politician after all.

DollarMenu's picture

Hey, "Rogue newcomer" was Trump's ticket to the Whitehouse. 

Mr Hankey's picture

Hey hey ORANGE HAY-ZOOS, how many babies have you burned today?

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Why that question. I'll bet you hate gays as much as foreigners.

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Your comment just demonstrates your intellect-its no wonder America is a laughing stock

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Does anyone really care what this goat fucker has to say

farflungstar's picture

Why not? We had to listen to unnecessarily belligerent jew puppet George W. Trump and pretend he wasn't full of shit too.

coded language's picture

The ignorance of people's comments on this site these days is astounding.

Bay of Pigs's picture

It's disgusting and disappointing.

ne-tiger's picture

Too many racist redneck tards here...

Boubou's picture

True. If this represents the level of US thought there is little hope for the species.

Youi will find the discourse among " goat fuckers " and other foreigners disdained by so many on this page, at a higher level.  Af far as I know, there is no lower level.

garcam123's picture

Maybe he is speaking truth to the real goat fuckers.......and terrorists.......your fuckin daddy!

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Does anyone really care what this goat fucker has to say"

Yes, anyone with any sense does.

Vageling's picture

Guess some folks here think diplomacy means STFU or eat our bombs.

Funny how they all know who's behind IS and praise the ones fighting them accept for Iran. Iran evil, Trump said so on orders of his zionist overloards. Which ironically they hate. Sense? 

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You cared enough to leave a comment.

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You prefer neokhan kid fuckers? Do you understand why Catholics call children 'kids', which is also name for 'goats"?

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"Twist a pig's ear, watch him squeal" - Leo O'Bannon, Millers Crossing

Akzed's picture

“You’re as big as I let you be and no bigger.”

ludwigvmises's picture

Why did we allow Israel to get the bomb, but Iran is not allowed? Why are we involved in this conflict, this is NONE of our business and not worth our energy nor the lifes of our brave soliders.

gatorengineer's picture

In case you aren't up on current events joos run the world.  While they all might not be Zionists none want to see anything but good things for the homeland.

Kulafarmer's picture

Perhaps you would rather sub saharan africans rule it?

gatorengineer's picture

Kinda partial to the best qualified for the job irregardless of race, or creed....... 

DollarMenu's picture

I have enough trouble with the people who "run" the city I live in.

I could care less about who's "running" the middle east.