Lawrence O'Donnell's Outtakes Proves He's a True Boss

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Everyone is making such a big deal about these outtakes. If anything, it makes Larry look like a good olde Irish boy, having a grande olde time with the teevee cameras. I'm sure Larry had an extra pint after all of the insanity was in his ear, hammering and the like.

Full clip.

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Puppet. No different than o reilly.

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This creep is a chump.

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Some where - maybe Brooklyn- there's a guy drinking in a bar pissing himself with laughter. No doubt his other construction buddies have now nick named him the "Hammer"

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That POS reminds me of several professors I had back in the day.  Spoiled, overpaid, worthless human being.  Will never lift a finger to help anyone but himself, and then stick it in your face.  Your seeing a perfect example of what white trash really is.

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.....I am going to get me a hammer

And hammer in this fuck's morning

Gonna hammer in this fucks evening


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Take a deep breath pretty boy

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How sweet it is to watch. Like a good lib he apologized for his tantrum expecting forgiveness. hahaha

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This is as good a comedy routine as any professional comedian could do, I laugh and laugh each time I watch it.  O'Donnell is such a prima donna I'm sure they're having a great time in the control room sticking it to him.  And the guy is so affected that I don't think he's had an unplanned moment in his life, the body movements, the pretentiousness, he's obviously way overpayed, and it's going to his head.

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It's either there or there or out there.

Do ya think?

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Prima-donnac asshole.

There has got to be some hackers somewhere who can get into their system and do this every night to him.

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The out-of-control room hits back. 

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It's out there somewhere, is where it is....

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I want to hire a whole squad of MC Hammer back-up dancers and one dude to dress up like Hammer himself, and have them all follow this prick everywhere he goes just to tell him its fucking hammer time all day long. 

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His producers must "love" him. OR they are very good friends! 

one_fed_up_chick's picture

This is the funniest damn thing I have seen in a while.

I could make a drunken sailor blush with my potty mouth, so quite frankly, I don't give a fuck who swears and who doesn't.  My problem is that these tight ass motherfuckers were clutching their pearls and getting the vapors over Trump's grab 'em by the pussy comment.  Hypocrites.

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I can swear with the best of them, but never swear AT employees, friends, or family.  Cussing needs to be done properly to be effective.

one_fed_up_chick's picture

I'm with you there.  He must be like this all the time, because that chick with the blue papers didn't even flinch.

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Larry--- those aren't hammers, they're voices. Listen cafefully and obey.

smoke em if you got em's picture

Why would he be upset? .... only a couple of dozen people watch him.

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Why didn't they just stop the fucking hammering?

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That "Hammering" he heard was me banging his wife.


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I'm sure he's his coworkers favorite.  you can just see the guys in control room plotting over coffee to get even.  release his outtakes.  I'm going to use this clip in my abnormal psy class as an example of a person in paranoid/auditory hallucination and maybe pychopathy.  I'm putting him on suicide or possibly homicide risk watch.

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I think he wanted the hammering to stop....

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So do I!  If he figure's out how to make it stop I hope he shares. Please, please?

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yea it just fucking sucks to be making millions of dollars sitting in front of a camera spewing bildge 

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The best part in this O'Donnell montage was about the entrails left with imprecise editing that he would now have to work very hard to explain away.


The truth got out.



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Absolutely right.  That is probably what sparked his rage.  The propaganda meter was not set to specs.

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The control room got back at him

ThreeRs's picture

He pissed somebody off, didn't he?


Remember, Trump's base is the working man, not the elite donor classes, or the Globalists that think they own Congress.

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Not too long ago, his wife and fellow/sister newscaster, Nora, was as hot as a Sofia Vergara crotch on the beach in Maui.  

That she is still married to this Keithy Olbermann wannabe, is a question for the ages.


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Another authoritarian lunatic liberal, looks to be in need of an intervention with a  psychologist.

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Pampered prima donna faggot.
His babysitters and staff should beat him to death with the drawer full of rubber cocks he keeps in his dressing room.

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Fake nooze is tough bizness.

shankster's picture

Is he a comedian or something? Or is he the replacement for the Jim-Bob Kimmel show.

shimmy's picture

Real hard to see how the media is one of the main employment areas that attracts psychopaths. I wish everyone in a public role had to take a psychopathy test so I could see scores. I bet this guy would score quite high on it.


Insurrector's picture

I think it is called the Trump index.  The standard score of 100 represents the Donald's Quacked Brain.  Sort of like the glycemic index.

Once measured, the recommended treatments are:

Index       Treatment

0 - 50     None recommended

50 - 60   Counseling

60 - 75   Electroshock therapy

75 - 85   Institutionalize and apply drug therapy

85 - 90   Institutionalize and lobotomize

90 - 95   Euthanasia

>95        Euthanize entire family tree


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You just cut and pasted the TDS roadmap out of the DSM-5. 

SixIsNinE's picture

hey, everything is normal under DSM-5

and Big Pharma Cartels have multiple drugs for each normality.


Rex Andrus's picture

Right. They are very dissappointed that opiates only fried half the gomers. Don't cut the fentanyl so much, professor Warren!

Common_Cents22's picture

true boss? :) more like a true pervert

next he'll say he isn't going to take the poor makeup job anymore!!!

oh the horror!

fleur de lis's picture

O'Donnell a true snowflake turning into a nasty old geezer snowflake.

He is what an overpaid snowflake looks like.

His all around snottiness and smug behavior fits right in with lowbrow MSM culture.


Common_Cents22's picture

i give credit to MSNBC for being honest, launching their new tagline   THIS IS WHO WE ARE.    LOL

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no problem with this.

Sure we all do the same.