"Racist" UCLA Professor Claims "Excessive Immigration" Is Hurting American Citizens

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Authored by Toni Airaksinen via CampusReform.org,

University of California, Los Angeles research professor recently slammed the impact of “excessive immigration” on the labor market in a message to the campus community.

Benjamin Zuckerman, professor of Astronomy and president of Californians for Population Stabilization, argued in an essay for The Daily Bruin that immigration, both legal and illegal, has a negative impact on native-born Americans.

“For many years the United States has admitted a million legal immigrants a year. This, combined with illegal immigration, has had a significant impact on low-income American workers, who are disproportionately persons of color,” Zuckerman contends.

Due to high rates of immigration, there is an unusually “abundant pool of cheap labor,” which he argues “contributes to the transfer of wealth from lower to upper strata of society, thus increasing income inequality.”

“This is one reason why Californians for Population Stabilization supports reduced levels of immigration, and not because of ‘racism’ or ‘xenophobia,’” he assures his readers, responding to an op-ed written by UCLA alum Hector Prado, which alleged that Zuckerman’s anti-immigration work is rooted in exactly those prejudices.

While students at UCLA have been quick to allege that Zuckerman is racist, his arguments are undergirded by concern with overpopulation, not immigration per se, and the mission of his own organization is rooted in concern over California’s burgeoning population.

“California’s population has doubled, from 20 million to nearly 40 million in just the last forty years,” the website states.


“More population growth has meant more pollution, more degradation of our environmental treasures, more traffic, overcrowded schools, higher taxes, longer waits at emergency rooms, [and] even more job competition.”

However, Californians for Population Stabilization take care to note that immigration itself isn’t bad, but simply that “America’s antiquated immigration policy” causes problems, arguing that the country imports “millions of people with little to no regard for whether they have a skill set that matches the country’s economic needs.”

In his essay for The Bruin, Zuckerman even suggests that population stabilization is consistent with left-wing values such as concern over climate change.

"The importance of a prompt stabilization of the U.S. population is not a newfound concept,” he writes.


“In fact, it was highlighted as one of the two most important steps the U.S. must take toward sustainability, according to the 1996 Population and Consumption Task Force Report of former President Bill Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development.”

Zuckerman concludes by insisting that “this nation can no longer afford to delay reasoned discussion about explosive population growth.”

Campus Reform reached out to Zuckerman for an interview, but he was unable to respond in time for publication.

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Oliver Klozoff's picture

This fuckers' a money racist. The worst kind.


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Manthong's picture

UCLA ???

He had better hire some security.

They don’t cotton to the truth none too well out there.

Oops, was that a racist comment?


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You actually said 'cotton'!!...Donchu' know it's the most racist natural fiber ever?!

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stop pickin on him
bale him out

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I just bought 2 dozen of these cotton thingies to hand out at Christmas time. Luckily, we now have a Christian President again so we can celebrate Christmas once again!

a Smudge by any other name's picture

And we have a pro-military neocon expansionist president so we can celebrate war again!

Jesus, beer and war. 3 staples of the American psychology.

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Yep, just don't forget why (((they))) are doing this. Removal of all things Confederate:


Jews Owned the African Slave Trade


Déjà view's picture

Got more than 59 colors?

Success of census credited to hiring highly skilled unemployed and help in 59 languages



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“this nation can no longer afford to delay reasoned discussion” 

There is no reasoned discussion with cultural Marxist leftists/Democrats.

The only solution to the problem is to vote them out of significance or eliminate them by some other means.

Imagine trying to have a “reasoned discussion” with Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi.



Déjà view's picture

"Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country".

--- Theodore Roosevelt

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Unfortunately the well intentioned fool doesn't grasp that this is all intentional and part of a plan to destroy the people who might otherwise challenge power. Which methinks he might soon find out a bit about.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I suppose he can get away with this since he says it is 'disproportionally hurting people of color'. Thats the crux of it. If he mentioned it being deterimental to white people, he would be banished and shunned for his blasphemy.


But, this does peel away a layer of the leftist nonsense. Their entire existence rests on playing all of these different minority groups against whitey. But it doesn't account for the possibility of there being friction between the different 'oppressed' groups that don't traditionally like each other. As much as the left would like to pretend otherwise, blacks and mexicans don't really get along. Gays and muslims are another. Asians really tend to not like black people, especially asian business owners. The problem with running a perpetual oppression olympics is that each group thinks they deserve the gold metal, but eventually circumstances will dictate that those in control of a the narrative will find themselves in a situation where they have to choose one group over the other. When that happens, like now, hilarity ensues.

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Fake census. Somehow I have never been counted in every census that supposedly occurred in my neigborhood. I found out about it at work when I read the wholly criminally agenda veiled as census forecasts.

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Boats are racist too because slaves came over in them.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

  Cotton is what got a lot of our troubles started. I would refuse to buy cotton but I look like a fag in polyester.

Richard Chesler's picture

Clearly a racist, bigot, sexist, alt-right, supremacist individual.

MozartIII's picture

The white Cracker is the most hurt by this imigration. As is the black folk, both taught to do nothing in school.  Marxism plus, to destroy the culture.......

Oliver Klozoff's picture

edit,  Blacks realize their slice of the pie keeps getting smaller. Don't know one in favor of illegals.

East Indian's picture

At this rate, the next Hypatia is from the US of A.

consider me gone's picture

Hell no! A liberal has demonstrated the ability to  learn and perhaps reason. This is bigger than Koko the gorilla learning sign language. This "professor" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) needs to be studied by the best scientific minds to to find how to replicate this unprecedented phenomenon. With some training he, and others like him, may learn to add and subtract. And maybe one day they can made to understand that adding an endless stream of negative numbers does not and cannot  result in positive numbers. We may be on the cusp of realizing a long held dream.

spdrdr's picture

(((Zuckerman))) is patently aiming to increase the Tribe's representation of their lower Standard Deviations of the Ashkenazi, being put out by the illegals. 

spdrdr's picture

Hey, a Bell curve is mathematical fact.

When one-half of the population falls BELOW the apex of the Bell Curve, that is also mathematical fact.  Standard Deviation is a mathematical mechanism for calculating divergence.

Why the down votes?


factorypreset's picture

This is too much common sense for me.  Back to CNN and some sensationalism!


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

Your tit for tat comment here has some good pointers, especially as I find it harder to keep abreast of things in my dotage.

My only consolation and rationale for returning to mainstream media now is to watch the weather reports presented by a nubile and healthy lass who turns side on....a lot.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

mkkby's picture

Everybody knows america has been full up for a long time. Just look at the absolutely insane traffic everywhere.

Revoke citizenship for anyone brought in over the last 10 years.

wisehiney's picture

And now pelosi's useful idiots are turning on her.

Youri Carma's picture

He will be called a racist and the masses will suck their thumbs.

Is Identity Politics Brewing a Holocaust? by Paul Craig Roberts

rp2016's picture

He is only telling that immigration is good if it benefits, and bad if it hurts. What is the fuss?

CaptainObvious's picture

The fuss is that he is using logic, reason, and facts.  Doncha know these are foreign concepts to the denizens of UCLA?

JibjeResearch's picture

It's the word "immigrant".  40% of natural born citizens I have  worked with are moron.   It's not about "immigrant" or "citizen".  It's about hard work, dedication, and the willingness to learn and move forward without asking for handout.

This is the problem with America.  There are too many free loaders and lazy ass bums.  There are too many morons such as Zuckerman for failing to understand the problem and telling a misguided research.  Such moronic teaching leads to tension among racial groups in America.

You just wait until the US dollar loses the reserve status.  There will be more pain for everybody because we failed to tell our research honestly.


shimmy's picture

Just another 'murican with the blame game mentality. It's the immigrants who are to blame for inner city blacks acting the way they do. It's the fault of immigrants for why so many 'muricans fail drug tests.

Alss good he throws in the libtard talking points of bullshit global warming.

Oliver Klozoff's picture

Blame has to fall somewhere, why not illegals?

A society that actually cared for its own existence would halt all immigration until a comprehensive system was in place that only allowed value to it would be accepted. The illegals should be rounded up and deported, no matter what the cost.

Xena fobe's picture

No problem can be solved without naming it's cause.

shankster's picture

Chit Miami be da bes esamples uh dat chit.

homiegot's picture

It's not just that, but immigration of the wrong kind of people (people with no skills).

Oliver Klozoff's picture

Cue the youtube vid of the statistics prof.

shankster's picture

Time for the libtards to pull some more statues of dead people down.

nati's picture

What is hurting Americans are tolerance and apathy...and Black people.

Mena Arkansas's picture

Zuckerman just lost his tribal card.

Better call the rabbi and get him back on the ranch.

fastestxc's picture

This isn't even unique thought. it's blatantly obvious that leftist ideals like unlimited illegal immigration and minimum wages / inequities in standard of living run counter to each other. As an engineer, though illegal immigration may affect me in the taxes I pay for education, healthcare, transportation, etc the fact is it doesn't affect me in turns of competition for my job. It only affect the poor uneducated person who votes these people in.

Peak Finance's picture


the fact is it doesn't affect me in turns of competition for my job. It only affect the poor uneducated person who votes these people in.

LOLZ dude WTF? I think the Disney IT Guys and the 1,000,000 well-paid well-educated middle class IT guys who lost out to H1B's would beg to differ. 

Umh's picture

I think an engineer may need to rethink this statement "the fact is it doesn't affect me in turns of competition for my job". I will assume you meant terms.

What happens when due to salary suppression they can hire two less qualifed people to do your job?

Frank Underwood's picture

He is just looking for attention. Come on people. You know how he really feels