Turkish Authorities Top For Twitter Censorship

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Twitter has evolved to become an important outlet for political discussion, debate and commentary. The platform was notably put to use to successfully organize anti-government protests on numerous occasions, and as Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, this put some world leaders on edge, unsurprisingly leading to some countries clamping down on the network's content.

Twitter's latest transparency report shows the number of content removal requests made by different countries as well as the share that were granted.

Infographic: Turkish Authorities Top For Twitter Censorship  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

In the first six months of 2017, Turkey was the most controlling of Twitter content, making nearly 2,000 removal requests between January 01 and June 30. 11 percent of those requests were granted to some extent.

Turkish authorities detained thousands of people after last July's failed coup with President Tayyip Erdogan clamping down on what he percieves as illegal online activity for years.

Russia also has a long history of attempting to silence Putin critics and it comes second, making a total of 1,213 removal requests up to June 30th.

In the first six months of the year, 90 percent of all removal requests came from just four countries - Turkey, Russia, France and Germany.

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svayambhu108's picture

US authorities don't need to chensor Twitter, Twitter does that for them.

Is called DEEP state because it takes you from behind and it goes deep.

Kotzbomber747's picture

Turkey is a stupid banana republic, but what's more worrying to me is that Germany and France combined (so-called countries of the 'free and democratic' EUSSR ) would come in second place.

harrybrown's picture

I'm shocked that people are even shocked at all about this.

FFS who runs / owns /controls twitter / Facebook etc.... THE DEEP STATE

My God the world is truely f*cked is we dont all wake up & soon

FullHedge1's picture

So deep even Adele couldn't roll in it.

Herodotus's picture

Germany and France do not have a history of stable government.

Cash2Riches's picture

Mainstream social media has become nothing more than a thought control and gulag for the masses. Their is a reason why they are fighting the rise of the new ALT Social Media so viciously, they cannot have true competition in this space.

07564111's picture

Fuck twitter, ban it planet wide.

svayambhu108's picture

Is good to learn about the weather though

forestgump227's picture

Twitter is full of Russian agents! 55% of Russian requests granted!

djofrich's picture

US intelligence does not work like this. It just wants to know whose the owner of the profile to profile. They are not interested to shut it down immediately. They are interested to profile and act accordingly when needed. And of course US tops another statistics - "account information requests":


Death By Cold Steel Report's picture

You should start a blog yourself! If you stick with good counter post like this, you will have it made in a few years.

Byte Me's picture

"In the first six months of the year, 90 percent of all removal requests came from just four countries - Turkey, Russia, France and Germany."

Because in Britain and the US - they don't ask...

OliverAnd's picture

Turkey is the source of terrorism, Russia has the Chechen issue, France and Germany have their Muslim population.  Why Great Britain/UK is not on the list with the largest Muslim population in Europe is beyond me; may be they are scared of the fading MI5-MI6... UK knows propaganda best!

Herodotus's picture

These are all countries with a history of authoritarian government.

sinbad2's picture

So why isn't the US at the top of the list?

moorewasthebestbond's picture

If you told me in back in 2007 that Twitter (which only gained any attention because it allowed cell phone blogging via SMS text in the days before Andriod/iOS smart phones) would become a global deep state news outlet and spy tool, I would have laughed in your face (and been dead wrong).

SmackDaddy's picture

I remember being caught off guard by how quickly it was adopted. One day I had never heard of it, the next literally every fucking news outlet and personality were begging to be 'followed on twatter'.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

All social media is deep state propaganda propaganda for the masses. What else is new. Most of them have been since their inception. The idea of a "gamed" political system like currently exists in the US having any form of social media without near constant political input for desired outcomes is preposterous. It's just too easy, you dump the propaganda on social media and it's immediately uptaken by the masses with near perfect belief for the large percent of the population who is not politically active. But hey, there's great pictures of your neighbors damn cat along with any other useless social interaction completely void of any form of critical thinking skills. Reminds me of an old Greyhound advert modified slightly. "Leave the thinking to us" Nothing describes social media more than that.

sinbad2's picture

And we know this is true, because Twitter is NSA approved.

GoyimUprising's picture

Fuck removal requests, Twitter removes 1000x more stuff voluntarily like the Jew censors they are

gdpetti's picture

Yeah, Israel, USA et al aren't listed because Twitter works for them.... so obviously their not going to be high on that list.

OutaTime43's picture

By the way, the 55% share of requests granted for Russia is because they are trying to shut down terrorist communications in the south. It has nothing to do with political opinion, etc. 

Turkey's 11% shows clearly that most of the requests are politically motivated. 

Fake Trump's picture

It is because the enormous amount of tweets from Trump has become a nuisance.

OliverAnd's picture

No surprise whatsoever for this banana 'republic'; in fact if you dare and travel into the heart of Turkey east of Ankara there are many Turks that still swing from tree to tree refusing to learn about Darwinian evolutionary theory.