"We Are In A State Of Siege": Spanish Police Arrest Top Catalan Officials In Referendum Raids

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Spanish police arrested top-ranking Catalan officials including the region’s junior economy minister Josep Maria Jove, as Madrid launched a crackdown on Catalonia over the upcoming Independence referendum Reuters reported. Jove, who is a senior member of the Republican Left of Catalonia political party, was detained following a Wednesday morning raid carried out by Spain’s Civil Guard, which has the authority of both the Interior and the Defence ministries.

At least a dozen high-ranking local officials were arrested, La Vanguardia newspaper said. Among those detained are Josue Sallent Rivas from the Centre of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Xavier Puig Farré from the Office of Social Affairs and Josep Maria Salvat Tenesa from the Ministry of Economics and Finance.

Police, acting under court orders, have stepped up raids on printers, newspaper offices and private delivery companies in recent days in a search for campaign literature, instruction manuals for manning voting stations and ballot boxes.


On Tuesday, Spain’s Civil Guard, a national police force, seized more than 45,000 envelopes packed in cardboard boxes that the Catalan government was ready to send to notify people around the region about the referendum.

"Catalonia is now in a state of siege ”, Catalonia’s Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Family Dolors Bassa said on Twitter, confirming that the Civil Guard has also entered her department.

Meanwhile, the fiercely pro-independence leader of the regional government, Carles Puigdemont, has called an emergency meeting of his cabinet for 10:30 CET (8:30 GMT), the sources said.

Police efforts to stop the planned Oct. 1 referendum on splitting from Spain have intensified in recent days as the wealthy northeastern region shows no signs of halting the vote which the central government says is illegal.  Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the offices of the regional government’s economy ministry in the center of Barcelona’s tourist district, chanting “They will not pass” and “We will vote”, a Reuters witness said.

That did not stop the Civil Guard from conducting searches of the Catalonian government buildings including the region’s economy, interior, foreign affairs, welfare, telecommunications and tax departments.

“They are attacking the institutions of this country and attacking the citizens. We will not allow it” Oriol Junqueras, the Vice President of the Catalan Government, wrote on Twitter.

On Wednesday, a protest has been staged in front of the Economic Department of the Catalonian Government, according to photos and videos on Twitter. People were reportedly shouting “We want to vote” and “democracy.”

Earlier in the month, Catalonia’s Parliament passed a bill paving the way for an independence referendum to be held on October 1. However, the Constitutional Court has suspended the vote after the central government challenged its legality. Spain’s central government says the referendum goes against the country’s 1978 constitution which states Spain is indivisible.

As reported previously, the Spanish state prosecutor ordered a criminal investigation of 712 Catalan mayors for co-operating with the process. Catalonia previously held an independence referendum in 2014, which saw 80 percent of voters choose independence. Nevertheless, it was ruled unconstitutional by Madrid.

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quick q - why is AMZN the zh isp?


Hostname www.zerohedge.com   ISP Amazon.com, Inc. (AS14618) Continent North America   Flag Country United States   Country Code US (USA) Region VA   Local time 20 Sep 2017 08:09 EDT Metropolis* Washington   Postal Code 20149 City Ashburn   Latitude 39.048 IP Address   Longitude -77.473
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because it runs on AWS

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If you can say you live in a fascist country and you are not arrested, you demonstrate two things:


- your country is not fascist.

- you're idiot.


No country allows secession of the privileged. Period. 


The catalonian independence issue is just a farce, an smoke screen so nobody talks about the real issues: Debt,  Pensions, Public Admon. hipertropy, inmigration, housing insanity, crazy unemployment...  


Spain is Greece 2009 and ZH is being fooled with the independence hoax, as many catalonian sheep.

wildbad's picture

Franco 2.0

get me Ernest Hemingway!

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I said for years now that if they want a United States of Europe they're going to have to go through a European Civil War first.  Looks like they're headed that way.  Crushing minor rebellions is a good start down that path.


HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

“If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.”  Mark Twain

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

NATO had to bomb catalonia into democracy ashes because their super-villain separatist trrrist leader was gasing their own people and he was making nuclear yellow cake and because ... fuck the EU!

eforce's picture

They are fake nationalists like those in Scotland, they serve the EU, their sole purpose it to break up the nation states for the EU to gobble up.

Spain's poor handling of this is likely to make the problem worse, they should have done what the UK government did.

Ghordius's picture

the article is about Catalonian independence or not from Spain. the Nation State called Kingdom of Spain

nothing, really nothing about anything like Churchill's 1947 vision of the "United States of Europe" or anything similar

so why do you harp about this?

the very first thing that the leadership of the Catalan independence movement would do, if they gain it, is to apply for EU membership. they have often stated this, and the expectation/hope that it would be automatic

same as the Basque, same as the Scots, same as the Venetians, same as the Flames, etc. etc.

for some reason, you must equate the EU to the US, or something. again: why?

what is so frigging difficult to understand about all this? because there is no equivalent something to something in the US?

there is no Federal European Police involved in this Catalonian Affair. actually, the major involvement is not even of the Spanish "Federal" Police, but the Catalan Police

seriously: why? 

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This is a problem that can only be fixed by importing another 5 million African muzlims.

NoDebt's picture

They're just getting warmed up, Ghordo.  Spain is protecting it's sovereignty against a rebellious province.  The day will come they are protecting it from the EU.  And they will lose along with most of the rest of Southern Europe.  And then you'll have the United States of Europe that you've so desperately sought.



Mr 9x19's picture

you don't have all the informations on the situation.

spain has cut the  revenues for september to catalonia public services,  and they have whined like hell.


so, they want independance, but also to keep revenues paid by the country they try to go away.

in spain they live up to 4 generations under same roof to make saves, how the fuck can they quit europ & instore sovereingty and make their own money, they would go zimbabwe within a year...

they just want to be another country, keep the EU scheme for  borders & currency facilities...

the 1st thing to do when you  gtfo is to be financiary independant. it is not going to happen because if they  did so,  euro money would have already collapsed because countries would have quit this shit.


it is all about local governors  not getting enought subzidises... will be fixed with a 0 added to somes documents.

God Emperor's picture

Catalonia is the retarded leftist province that had ~200K lefturds taking to the streets in February asking for more rapefugees.


I'm always pro independence IF the people that push it have a NATIONALIST point of view. In Catalonia there's no Right Wing party whatsoever. They are govern by the Republican Left in an aliance with CUP (ANTIFA).

Give them hell MADRID !

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Assuming they are "allowed" to leave, how would the remainder of Spain possibly agree to allowing the newly independent  Catalonia an equal place in the European Union?Would the EU enforce a majority decision on Spain, even if Spain was actively trying to stop secession, and or accession to the EU?

If they are not allowed to leave, possibly by by increasingly undemocratic methods as it would now appear, how will the EU stand by? Spain has always been a fragmented, enforced unity; none of the disparate parts like each other much, and there is a fair amount of antipathy to boot.

If Spain does descend in to Civil War (not for the first time), what does the EU do? What does NATO do, for that matter? Stand back and watch? Or take an active stance on one side or the other? Would the EU be pro-Spain, or pro-dissolution, so as to create more, smaller states which can be more easily hoodwinked, controlled etc?How would other countries with similar problems view all of this?

Last I heard, the Catalans were losing enthusiasm for independence, but this could turn things around.

Lots of questions here, and very few comfortable answers. Glad I don't have to make policy.

BTW, welcome back, Ghordius. An extensive holiday? Or are the Brexit negotiations taking up too much of your time? Either way, good to have your input again.

Jacks Creation's picture

Ghordius wrote :-

"the article is about Catalonian independence or not from BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH..the EU is GREAT..



How much are you paid to post this shit on here Ghordius? Where are you based in Brussels? I'm assuming it's probably here?

European Union External Action Dept

EEAS Building, 9A Rond Point Schuman
1046 Brussels

You appear to be a paid EU Shill and you aren't even any fucking good at it. Up you pop like some foul Genie every time Europe get's a mention on here. I'm gussing you're in the press dept (or you could be attached to StratComms). Are you this guy?

Adam Kaznowski

Press Officer for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Office: BERL 03/323
Tel: +32 (0) 2 29 89359
Mobile: +32 (0)460 768 088
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  • Russia, Eastern Partnership, Central Asia, Afghanistan
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  • Multilateral fora (G7, G20, OSCE)
  • EEAS and FPI (as service)
  • CSDP: missions and operations in the region
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That's kinda how the idea started no?

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Hi all, in Barcelona now on business. It's getting hot with tension

land_of_the_few's picture

He liked a lot of bull, that Mr Hemingway.

wildbad's picture

driven to suicide by the IRS

7thGenMO's picture

+1, but I would add that just before committing suicide, he phoned a friend to complain he was being watched.  Years later, after the records were released, his friend wrote an article explaining that Hoover's FBI had indeed been watching him for years.  His friend felt sorry that he thought Ernest was somewhat mental and had not taken his complaint seriously.

Although I'm far to the right of Hemingway's politics, I have to admit the man was a literary genius, and I've been a fan ever since reading "A Farewell to Arms."  I give him credit that he wasn't afraid to involve himself in a dangerous situation.  If Catalonia does secede, I doubt few Americans today would bother to get involved.


HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

Kewl !!! EUrope is back to the start

land_of_the_few's picture

Wasn't there some deal about them pulling this stunt for years, because basically they mismanage their finances?

OK that's pretty much what you were saying :D

Plus, wouldn't it be interesting if some foreign NGOs were funding this behind the scenes ..... the Spanish tried to prosecute various Gulf War officials, right? Same with various other human rights abusers.

DetectiveStern's picture

You don't seem to know much Spanish history. Spain, like most European countries, in an amalgamation of many historic smaller countries. For example in the 1400s the Iberian peninsula was made up of Portugal, Castile and Aragon. Catalonia was independent in the 1930s and it was only the victory of Franco that lead to the modern Spanish state.

Benjamin123's picture

That can be said of most of the world. Countries are always either breaking apart or merging with one another.

Overflow's picture

Catalonia was independent in the 30`s... for twelve hours.  The time it took to the government of the Spanish Republic to put them al in jail.

Benjamin123's picture

Why would any fascist government take offense at being called fascists? It would be like a calling grass "vegetation".

land_of_the_few's picture

Well, perhaps in the situation where they were getting a great deal of funding from other countries where the voters had been assured they were not sending money to fascists, just supporting the budgets of "new democracy"..... they might rename themselves "Socialist Nationalists", or something :D

fleur de lis's picture

All of Spain should have focused on getting out of the EU after the Brexit but they thought they could weather the storm.

All this chaos leads back to Brussels.

It might be too late for Spexit but other nations should take note and look for the exits while they can.

It is unfortunate that Greece is still a memeber of the EU which has only brought disaster.



SeuMadruga's picture

hummn..."SPExit"...great idea for the secession of brazilian state of São Paulo !  ;-)

holgerdanske's picture

Call it what you will.

If people decide they want to live on their own, it should be their right. Anything else is occupation.

The democratic vote in Spain has been denied the people of Catalonia.

There is thus no peaceful way to sort this out.

You accept occupation, or you fight.



HumanMan's picture

The way I see it, this vote would be even more legitimate than Crimea. 

Mr 9x19's picture

there is subtle levels of fascism, especially with the modern era.


but i mainly agree with your vision of spain compared to greece. catalonia will be crushed badly.

VD's picture

'twas a rhetorical question. extrapolate as you wish...

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Free Amazon Prime membership for all ZH members?

hoist the bs flag's picture

 because its run by the illuminutty...duh

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with Gurgle analyticz, 2

StarGate's picture

Looks like Amazon owns ZH,
at least since 9-12-2016.

thevekja's picture

Unfortunately the Catalans never bothered to gain 2nd amendment rights. Now they are powerless against those that are armed.

European civilization lost its last vestiges of 'freedom' post-WW2, under the guise of progressivism

hoytmonger's picture

Deer rifles aren't much of a defense against the MIC.

thevekja's picture

1 deer rifle yes, but 300 million deer rifles...

There's a reason (((they))) are all fiercely anti-gun

New_Meat's picture

Yamamoto, who graduated the US Naval War College, made this point to the Imperial Japanese Navy Staff in the late 1930s.  Following Weimar, the German government enforced the anti-gun thing with the death penalty.  Might be ))) dem ((( don't like guns.

land_of_the_few's picture

They would have been better off making it mandatory to shoot all Austrians on sight :P

hoytmonger's picture

300 million deer rifles owned by how many people? How many of those are willing to shoot at the "heroes in blue" or military "heroes" armed with machine guns, bombs, missiles, aircraft and armored vehicles.

Not to mention the mass surveillance of civilians, which would allow the state to intervein before any action took place.

In 1861 there was an attempt to secede from the US and it was met with a war of attrition. Civilians don't stand a chance against the state in armed conflict.

m96's picture

They do if enough people engage. And they will if things get bad enough. Its hell of a lot easier to smash a surveilance cam than to put one up. Just look at recent wars US has engaged in. Complete failure when ordinary people is against them. Impossible to hunt down so many individuals.

hoytmonger's picture

You are woefully ignorant of the capabilities of the US state. Open revolt has been an impossibility since the mid '70's.

The gov't has all sim card keys, that's how they drone people. Tech companies are basically arms of the state. How will people communicate and organize?

Tough guys think they'll stand against the MIC with rifles...you haven't thought this through.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

How will people communicate and organize?

Occupy the COs and unhook and spoof the MIC spy crap and control all the phone lines?

Monitor all bands and disable unauthorized transmitters?

Broadcast to the people on the AM and FM bands?

Occupy the high ground and lay fire on any enemy movements.

Take bases and armories by force. Ask the military to side with the people.

Use our God given brains.

Conscious Reviver's picture

Keep telling yourself that. You sound worried.