Bay Area Sues Big Oil For Billions

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The cities of San Francisco and Oakland have filed lawsuits against Chevron, Exxon, ConocoPhillips, BP, and Shell for the effect of their activities on climate change: higher sea levels. The cities seek billions in damages to counteract the effects of the changing climate.

Reuters quoted San Francisco officials as saying that the five oil companies “knowingly and recklessly created an ongoing public nuisance that is causing harm now and in the future risks catastrophic harm to human life and property.”

The companies themselves were restrained in their comments, with Chevron saying the lawsuits would only serve special interests rather than effect a real change, and Exxon finding the claims made by the cities lacking in merit. Conoco and BP did not comment, and Shell said climate change should be addressed by government policy and cultural change rather than by litigation.

This is not the first time that communities decided to sue Big Oil like they sued Big Tobacco 30 years ago.

Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish is pursuing 21 different lawsuits against Big Oil for damage to the state’s wetlands, which is causing coastal erosion. Five of the lawsuits have already been scheduled for 2019.

Chevron is the defendant in 19 of the 21 cases.

California itself is no stranger to such legal action. In July, three coastal communities—Marin and San Mateo Counties, and City of Imperial Beach—filed suits against 37 oil, gas, and coal companies for damage done to the environment through carbon dioxide pollution.

The plaintiffs claim the companies have know for half a century that greenhouse gas emissions are conducive to climate change but have deliberately concealed this, leaving the local communities to pick up the check for remedial measures.

In all likelihood, this is just the start of a flood of lawsuits as the debate about who should bear the costs of climate change heats up. The dominant opinion seems to be shifting away from taxpayers and towards energy companies, as research-based evidence suggests that some of the emissions causing climatic change can be traced back to companies producing oil and gas.

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Stan Smith's picture

The awesomeness of this insanity will never cease.    Give California credit,  they've got the market cornered on crazy.

The level of bullshit and vanity coming from the left coast has to be at an all time high.

BaBaBouy's picture

""Bay Area Sues Big Oil For Billions""

Soo in the meantime, just cut off all Gas & Oil products to them ...


Bastiat's picture

None of the settlement money will be used for unfunded pension obligations.

El Vaquero's picture

Fucking idiots.  Last I heard, 60% of our CO2 emissions were from electricity generation, and those faggots have a lifestyle that depends on the oil produced by the companies they're suing to the point where many would die if they got cut off from said oil.  But lets all go strip mine for lithium and sing Kumbaya while driving around in our electric cars, paid for by Chevron. 

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Fucking California.  If they really cared about pollution, they would be suing China for the daily cloud of coal dust that blows into San Fran Bay.  Or Japan, for irradiating the Pacific Ocean via Fuckushima.

Richard Chesler's picture

and that ladies and gents is the "science" behind climate change.

The_Juggernaut's picture

If San Fransisco really cared about the environment they wouldn't get their drinking water from one of the most beautiful valleys in the world that was dammed up INSIDE OF A NATIONAL PARK.

sickavme's picture

"The cities seek billions in "legally" robbing all the companies they can under the guise of an environmental scam and other leftist bullshit sjw schemes, in order to counteract the effects of bad government spending/budgetting/corruption/etc etc and to prop up the teachers union pention fund(their biggest expense, and the worlds largest "authorized" ponzi scheme)."


There, fixed it for ya...

Stuck on Zero's picture

Half a century ago Ronald Reagan called the bluff of the San Francisco eco-crazies. He declared that the Hetch Hetchy Valley and river should be returned to a free flowing river and wilderness. The Hetch Hetchy, of course, was a valley as beautiful as Yosemite Valley before it was dammed and destroyed to supply San Francisco with water. It worked. The city went silent. Perhaps some enterprising attorney could file suit aginst San Francisco for destroying the Hetch Hetchy.

DWD-MOVIE's picture

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Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Sucking dick can be FAR more profitable than $14k a month.  Just ask Lindsey Graham.

knukles's picture

Several years ago there was a big movement by ecologists to undam the Carmel River which moved forward.
All was well until a bunch of eco-freaks from SF (itself, city dwellers) went down to Carmel/PB/Monterrey and started protests, etc., to make sure Monterey Bay remained clean.
The locals there told the SF folks to GTFO, go home and clean up SF bay before you go elsewhere to tell the locals how do do things right.

So, does this mean Chevron will move their headquarters out of SF?  Just think of all those revenues, city fathers!


Stackers's picture

I will be starting a Class action lawsuit against California lawmakers for the climate damage caused by the Co2 and methane spewed from their orifices 

adanata's picture

Hilariously... this puts the oil company oligarchs in the position of having to prove 'global warming' is a propaganda hoax.  Among other points of interest, NASA has already demonstrated sea levels are actually going down...not up.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

These kind of lawsuits require factual numbers, do they have measurement numbers proving their point for the decades they claim, like so much inches or centimeters etc. of sea level increase at their seashores?!

Omen IV's picture

California has killed the goose that is called climate change politics


So we are hopefully headed for a show down - even the whores who run Billion $$ corporations can't roll over - perfect

The entire scam is to put thru a tax on energy so Goldman Sachs can trade the credits in lieu of production which will yield a spread to the trader and market maker

But the tax will go to fund the Military Industrial Complex for Permanent war everywhere outside of the USA & NATO

This is how the intellect and engenuity of the Russians and the inexpensive production of arms of the Chinese are overwhelmed by trillions in worldwide taxes administered by?

We are witnessing the end game - the Judges in the 9th Circuit are political whores- who will do as told on Any subject

The middle class is the real payer!!!

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Ha ha ha ha ha - the middle class *are meant to be the payer* by the design of the system :)

SmallerGovNow2's picture

MAN is responsible for 5% of CO2 emissions, that's no typo, mother nature accounts for 95% !!!  FACT

CO2 is plant food...

No Time for Fishing's picture

Well sue Mother Nature too. She is damaging these cities. 

mkkby's picture

Anybody remember when CA tried to regulate power companies? They got shortages, huge rate hikes and power plants closed and rebuilt just outside the state.

Libtards are no match for moderately intelligent people. I hope the oil companies lose and pass on 10x the cost to CA customers. If you live there you deserve the self inflicted pain.

InflammatoryResponse's picture

 I would LOVE to see big oil say.  "well we don't sell oil into areas with pending litigation".




beemasters's picture

That would be nice, but unlikely to happen. They are 'addicted' to profit as much as the people are 'addicted' to oil.

They should consider suing the end users (as well)....really.

carbonmutant's picture

Actually, the oil companies should just raise the price of gas and oil to California to cover the cost of the pending damages.

Big Creek Rising's picture

Not to mention all the taxes they've paid over the decades. Chevron could pull out of the bay area to start. Before there was a silicon valley (and long before all those silicone boobs) the oil companies and defens e industries were most of the tax base. Chevron has a major brain trust that is an island amidst the squalor and crime of greater Oakland. 

land_of_the_few's picture

Deny them any engine oil apart from Castrol R. Stick THAT in your giant-turbo-ed Miatas! :P

Occident Mortal's picture

Oh the hypocrisy.

Maybe I should look at suing Google for reading my emails, or Facebook for selling my metadata?

Maybe I should explore suing the whole state of California for being too rich and bidding up the price of wine and cheese, thus forcing me to pay more.

Mr. Universe's picture

Our very own favorite son, Governor Moonfuck had this to say about his constituents who don't agree with him and his liberal brethren.

“They’re both kind of very similar,” Brown said at a climate change event in New York. “You should check out the derivation of ‘Trump-ite’ and ‘troglodyte,’ because they both refer to people who dwell in deep, dark caves.”  and of course this classic

“Roads require money to fix,” Brown said. “Republicans say there’s a magic source of money (but) it doesn’t exist. “You want to borrow money and pay double? Or do nothing? Or take money from universities?”

“The freeloaders, I’ve had enough of them,” Brown continued, arguing that the tax and fee hikes merely adjust those charges to what motorists were paying 30 years ago with inflation.

Instead of working to balance the budget, cutting waste and spending responsibly he is building an obsolete obscenely expensive choo-choo to nowheresville, trying to get approval for an even bigger water project boondoggle, and spending around 24 billion a year to provide the dreamers with a life. 

I try to tell them this this is a bad idea, but they don't speak caveman.    

knukles's picture

I hold the very same concerns.  As a matter of fact, Mrs K and I are tossing about relocating and we're cutting our financial exposure to the state as well.
For the life of me, I cannot see how CA can persist along this fiscal path.  It's a nightmare of open ended spending.
And my guess is that CA and other state, counties and cities will be getting some Federal monies cut off with their desired immigration policies at variance with the Feds.
Meaning some serious tension in spending.

Look, this is a basic credit analysis problem people, and I can tell you both taxes and expenditures are in dire need of adult supervision

It's not sustainable.  Tell that to a prog.  They'll answer either more taxes or print more money.
That means it's not sustainable, by the very definition of sustainability itself.


Big Creek Rising's picture

Well, its not just Gov "Moonfuck". Be sure to celebrate and raise your awareness tomorrow.  Thanks to RINO Susan Collins and Turtledum this is one of three things the United States Senate did this week (they also confirmed a Trump appointment from June and passed a MCStain amendment about stormwater to the defense spending bill). And these fossils make like 180 grand a year plus congressional bennies


malek's picture

Utter bullshit, as less than 30% of expended primary energy is used for electricity generation...

JRobby's picture

Except for the pension plans of the lawyers involved.

Don't want to forget them!

The Ram's picture

Fuck these libtards.  Let them pay $10/gal for gas.  Let's see how that works out for their climate change.  We will just make it too expensive to ship in food and bottled water to the Bay area.  

JRobby's picture

Circus world of non-stop shrieking clown parades. It's like a nightmare that even the most ambitious fiction writer dare not attempt much less imagine.

You don't know what they will "proclaim" next. What will the testimony be like that attemps to prove the date the defendants became aware of the "conditions defendants caused" which can not even be proved scientifically without falsifying numbers?

Total Bizzarro World

Finally, where is slack jack or jack off or whatever that global warming troll calls itself?

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

If the Bay Area was that big on preventing climate change, they'd put their money where their mouths are and just ban all petroleum-fueled vehicles from the city streets.  But they won't do that because it's solely about chasing $$$$$$$$$.

mkkby's picture

The case will be dismissed as without merit. Oil companies will just point out SF owns lots of cars/trucks.

Diatom's picture

In case Big Oil needs people to her defense, look no further:

More than 90% of ZH users don´t believe climate change...

Internet: Hidden agendas everywhere.

Clean cars?? Clean power generation??


It's fun to keep on burning shit!

Froman's picture

If this is in Federal Court it will go before the 9th Circuit which is crazier than an bag of rats in a burning meth lab.  So it will get appealed to the Supreme Court eventually.  All of those named in the suit should just pull all retail outlets out of California.  Let the snowflakes and moon beams figure out how to get on without oil, coal, and nuclear which they have previously outlawed. 

SubjectivObject's picture

gasoling/diesel prices will increase in california in the future

as refinery capacity is shut down in the state

OverTheHedge's picture

I believe that us oil corporation's will be found entirely innocent, and in fact to be helping the environment and fish and cute, cuddly animals like otters. However, rapacious, evil foreign oil companies, especially BP, will be found responsible for all global warming, and earthquakes and volcanoes, and Reg's, sorry, "Loretta's" inability to have children. These companies will be forced to pay, or have their countries of domicile invaded for reparations and profit.

Mclovin's picture

California will have to prove it was "harmed" by the use of oil and natural gas products in order to justify the lawsuit, it will be interesting to see them try to prove mnamade global warming in the courts! This is exactly what needs to happen. Let them try and prove higher sea levels too!

Sparkey's picture

I agree with you McLovin, let the court decide who'se evidence is irrefutable! I dfon't believe in ACW or globalism, but where I live those things are sacrosant, there is talk of making the denial of the AGW theory a crime, around here people have gone to jail for questioning thing it is against the law to question!

Bernie Madolf's picture

Pretty sure the CA district court doesn't need proof

lincolnsteffens's picture

"I have met the enemy and he is us"

Everybodys All American's picture

Its got a fairly common name. Its called extortion. Thts what you do if you are commie socialists. hmm. Venezuala comes to mind.

Cloud9.5's picture

It’s real simple really, first off big oil should stop delivery of product to California.  Second the municipalizes involved should be enjoined as coconspirators with big oil in their impact on climate chage in as much as they as political entities consume a prodigious amount of oil and petroleum products.