"Seems Like An Inside Job" - Brazen Thief Steals $2 Million From Courier Van

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One lucky thief stole an ATM courier van containing $1.8 million in cash from the parking lot of a Georgia bank after two careless couriers left it running while making a routine stop. And two weeks later, federal authorities haven’t found their suspect.

Surveillance cameras at Citizens Trust Bank in the 25000 hundred block of South Harriston were able to capture a blurry image of the suspect – a man wearing dark pants and a baggy gray long-sleeve shirt with a black backpack -as he smashed the window of the van and drove off while the two couriers were inside. The drivers were gone for ten minutes - meaning the thief netted approximately $180,000 a minute, tax free.

The couriers had left the van running, but locked both doors. When they returned from their drop off, the van was gone. All they found was broken glass. Later that day, DeKalb County marshals found the van ditched in a neighborhood up the street. But the cash and suspect were missing, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

About 6:45 a.m., two ATM Response Inc. employees pulled into the bank parking lot and went inside with an unspecified amount of money.


“The driver locked the vehicle doors but left the keys in the ignition and the vehicle running,” Emmett said. The couriers were inside the bank between 10 and 15 minutes. They returned to find the van gone. All that was left was broken glass.

The ease with which the theif succeeded in pulling off the heist prompted some to question whether the thief had been tipped off by one of the couriers, according to Atlanta's WSB-TV 2.

“I can't believe he managed to do this,” one woman who did not identify herself told Jaquez. “Seems like an inside job."

Since Sept. 8, the day of the heist, the FBI and DeKalb County officials have been searching for the perpetrator, but have yet to stumble on any leads. Of course, it's possible that federal agents might be able to trace the cash back to whomever spent it if it reenters the banking system.

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serotonindumptruck's picture

What were the ethnicities of the couriers?

That'll tell me everything I need to know to make an informed opinion on the "inside job" aspect.

Déjà view's picture

Currently...$20 Tn has been stolen from future generations...move along...nothing to see...
Perspective...all generations combined from founding fathers until Carter left office...only stole $1 Tn.

Mr 9x19's picture

don't worry, one decade more, 2 at max, then you will not have to manage counting anylonger.

beemasters's picture

9/11 was an inside job.
This was probably just a collusion.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Here's some updated info:

The photo of the thief is a profile shot--he was definately not a dindu. 

It just so happens, all of the big security cameras at the bank were facing in the opposite direction of where the van was parked.


A couple of hours after the theft, police tracked down the van to an overgrown bend on Galleon Crossing, about a mile away. Police questioned everyone coming in and out of the neighborhood, but they have no leads yet.


The ATM at the bank only gives out twenty dollar bills, so assuming that's what the money was made up of, the total weight of that many bills would be about 200 lbs. It would fill several duffel bag-sized containers, and it would be very difficult to travel with that amount on foot.




Itinerant's picture

Maybe he lives nearby and used his car to ship off the loot.

Maybe the opportunity created the thief, seeing how this happened at 6:45 am, not a time thieves put in too much work.

Sky flyer's picture

Whoa! Whoa now. Those couriers dindu nuffin.

WTFUD's picture

Oh come on, surely your not jumping on the bandwagon and blaming this on the Russians?

serotonindumptruck's picture

I was thinking maybe the Georgians.

Moscow is always picking on the poor Georgians.

moneymathsandmotorcycles's picture

You tell us, what if they were white? Or black? Or asian? Whats your conclusion sherlock?


Im dying to know

shocktherapy's picture

Members of Congress were routinely exploiting legal loopholes to engage in insider trading and line their own pockets — a criminal offense for regular citizens.


Have fun with the hell, You Build !

any_mouse's picture

Odd. Two person team. Both go inside for ten minutes?

Usually one goes in and the other stays with the vehicle watching the exterior as well.

"Careless" means they weren't supposed to leave it running as well?

Father ¢hristmas's picture

White folks furious lol

Fourteen days later, "Why, it must be an inside job!". No shit, you dumb sonofabitch.

Y'all got an elite squad of supersleuths on this motherfucker lol

SixIsNinE's picture

i was coming out of the bank a couple days ago as the armored truck guy had just arrived and had the back open and he was there...

i advanced just a step or two, to make sure he knew i was not coming close or anything, and asked him, "Hey, you don't happen to have a bucket of gold leaf in there do you?"

he got it immediately and said that guy was an idiot (*referring to the guy in NY who happened on the bucket of gold by the money truck and stole it) -  i said yeah,  you know they caught him, and he said he knew about it - so i guess that story got around quite a bit.

Montani Semper Liberi's picture

 It would be a tough job to hide that kind of money for a single person, if it really was a lone opportunist. What would you do, slowly spend it by paying cash for all your daily purchases such as groceries, gasoline and women? Perhaps make small deposits into your bank account over a long period of time? It will be next to impossible to hide if more than one person is involved.

 As for me, I think a trip to Vegas would be in the cards (pun intended). Come back home and tell everyone how you hit it big time at the craps table.


jeff montanye's picture

better pay taxes on it and hope you don't get audited.

GreatUncle's picture

Got to launder it in case it is traceable.


SoDamnMad's picture

Visit to every coin store in a 500 mile raduis.

shizzledizzle's picture

Visit to every coin store in a 500 mile raduis 500 miles from where you live. 

helloimjohnnycat's picture

TNB = the bluegumz niggs will post flash pics leading the gumpigz right to the nig nest / nigwam.

Just wait.  It will come to pass.

Dey wuz kangs for a day !

Robert of Ottawa's picture

I would have though the glass in those vans would have been unbreakable.

jeff montanye's picture

maybe the guy just happened to have one of these in his backpack.  with the reciprocating diamond hammer attachment.


Calculus99's picture

I always smell a rat with these CCTV pictures because 90% of them are always cloudy and grainy whereas this is the year 2017 and cameras ain't that shit anymore.

Go down to a local electronic store and see how good the images are on the CCTV cameras they sell, so clean and crisp yet everytime we see pictures on the TV you can hardly make out anything. And look at the prices, very cheap.

I don't know why, but something is up. 

roddy6667's picture

For at least  10 years now, if you look at the monitors for the CCTV's in any gas station or convenience store you see full color razor sharp images. If a bank gets robbed, it's a grainy B&W picture. WTF???

Donate Moar's picture

"cloudy and grainy"

Listen Lester, if the images were crystal clear do you think they need to release them to the public? No.

They just pick the dude up and stay quiet about the mess.


b-sugar's picture

Ever tried storing HD 24/7 for years? 

You are an idiot who read that shit somewhere and decided to vomit it again because you are, as said before, an idiot. 

Mile High Perv's picture

Don't need to store it for years. A 30-day retention period should suffice. Most modern CCTV systems are built that way.

wisehiney's picture

Bullsit trap.

Do not be enticed.

Who is zooomin who?

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Steal a million, become a license plate maker in prison.


Steal a billion, become a law maker in Washington.

jeff montanye's picture

steal a trillion be one of jamie dimon and the banksters.

wisehiney's picture

Such boring phony BS.


Sudden Debt's picture

That's like B movie style bad.


ZeroLounger's picture

The Trailer Park Boys strike again.

Helix-Heavy Metal Love (from the movie)


roddy6667's picture

Back in the Seventies I knew this ghetto dude named Kool-Aid. He was driving an armored car that unfortunately went off the road and crashed and burned. Most of the money burned. Fortunately, he survived. A few years later, the janitor in his apartment building found in the trash a lot of those bands that go around stacks of new money. He reported it to the police, who realized that Kool-Aid lived in the building.

He had to move to a new residence, one run by the state. No rent, though.

Goibhniu's picture

I would think that 90,000 twenty dollar bills would be hard to carry away.

Donate Moar's picture

"...hard to carry away."

Shit, my adreneline rush would solve that problem quickly. 

200 pounds of cash would feel like a hot balloon, sailing away into the sunset.


headhunt's picture

Lesa than two hundred pounds

PoorWhiteMan's picture

How is money (cash) traceable after it leaves the FED?

Muppet's picture

Every bill at every bank is tracked.   These bills each have their history known.  Some will have histories showing them passing thru more than a dozen banks.   

Most importantly, their history will update at the next bank they pass through.  

If TPTB know one serial number involved, they could wait to see where its next passed and then try to get video footage.   The trouble is that the money will likely reappear as part of a merchant deposit and chasing down the video footage is less likely and more so, a hassle.

Overall, TPTB will just let it go.  No big deal.   Once at COSTCO, my credit card was spied and then used for many thousands in fake charges.  The COSTCO video showed the perp.  The local police didn't want to see the video and didn't care in the slighest saying "Its a credit card company ooncern, not ours... just be sure to report it to them.  Its not really something we pursue."

Thats how money/currencey has become viewed.  Entirely meaningless.




Sorry_about_Dresden's picture

My credit card got lifted from McDonald's in Georgia, then used to make purchase on Newark w/in an hour.

When I called a detective he also has his identity stolen, had t the video, charged three preps, and I got notices from the court following their many court appearances.

It was quite satisfying, U was most pleased!

koan's picture

Yep, inside job or someone that was very observant also familiar with routes and driver habits.

helloimjohnnycat's picture

Company owner - probably named Silverman or Goldstein - was in on it.

Claims losses at 10x, 20x, 50x, then sends the cash to Israel and collects insurance dinero.

Otherwise, Franklins are easily traceable in USA.

Tell me I'm wrong !

stormsailor's picture

the loomis fargo dance of dunces happened in and around where i lived.  the people that did it were simpletons and it took 5 months for the feds to start making arrest.  there is still 2 million unaccounted for and the perp is getting out in about a year.

these people were stupid, trailerpark, inbreds that were buying boobs, bmw's, furniture stores, and hyper expensive houses paying cash for all.  there is a movie about them and it is no where near as stupid as the actual perps and what actually happened.



cheech_wizard's picture

I wonder if this thief was related to Julio Nivelo?