Caught On Video: Americans Beaten By Erdogan Supporters In New York City

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Once again supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have roughed up American protesters on American soil. As Erdogan delivered a speech to supporters in New York City at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square on Thursday, a handful of protesters began holding up signs and yelling anti-Erdogan slogans. Men in black suits immediately rushed the protesters and began violently removing them while the crowd punched and shoved those being carried out.

Video released by Turkish media present at the event clearly shows at least two of the protesters being repeatedly punched in the face by Erdogan supporters as they were taken out of the room. And it appears that Erdogan actually encouraged the violence from the podium, calling the protesters - which included Americans - "terrorists". 

Violence erupts at an Erdogan speech Thursday: After American protesters were beaten by Erdogan supporters, he called the protesters "terrorists" from the podium (see 1:40 mark). 

The disruption appears to have started when Lucas Chapman - a young American activist and former YPG volunteer fighter (Kurdish "People's Protection Units") - yelled out in the middle of Erdogan's speech: "Murderer! You're a terrorist, get out of my country!"

Video shows Chapman immediately being shoved to the ground from behind, just before being seized by what appear to be security guards, though it's not confirmed if any of the guards were part of Erdogan's presidential security detail. Chapman was punched in the face by an unidentified man wearing a suit before disappearing off camera as he was carried out of the room.

Chapman told Zero Hedge that the moment the protest began, he was assaulted by the crowd. "Erdogan's supporters jumped on me almost immediately, shoving me out of my chair and eventually throwing me to the floor," he said. "They kicked and punched me repeatedly until the security guards lifted me and dragged me out. As I was being dragged out, Turks leaned into the aisle and continued punching me in the head and stomach."

Chapman is uncertain whether or not Erdogan's body guards were directly involved as he says his face was quickly pressed to the floor and was thus unable to see while being beaten in the initial moments of the event. There were seven protesters total in the group and they escaped with only minor injuries. 

The ordeal caused Erdogan to pause his speech while the entire room erupted in pandemonium as body guards rushed through the crowd. The Turkish president leaned over to one of his aides in confusion and was visibly angry while glaring out at the audience.

Another man, carried out after Chapman, was shown on video being viciously assaulted by Erdogan loyalists waiving Turkish flags. Footage shows the man initially on the ground being kicked while what appears to be hotel security attempted to hold the crowd back. The protester was repeatedly punched in the face while being escorted out.

In addition, Erdogan seems to have encouraged the violence in the very moments it was taking place by calling the protesters "terrorists". Erdogan announced from the podium: "My dear brothers, my dear brothers, my dear brothers, I have an important request from you: don't let three to five impertinent people, three to five hall terrorists ruin our lovely gathering."

Referencing a familiar theme, Erdogan's speech singled out the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Gülen movement as "terrorists" while equating both groups with ISIS. Thursday's violence follows a major incident last May in which at least 12 people were seriously injured after Erdogan's personal security detail attacked peaceful protesters outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC. Turkey has a history of aggressively cracking down on both protests and journalists, especially in relation to Kurdish issues. US federal indictments have been issued for 15 of the Turkish security officials involved in the May attacks, which occurred on American soil. 

Meanwhile, it appears that Erdogan was caught lying about the May incident this week. He claimed in an interview on Monday that Trump personally apologized to him for the violent encounter, which Turkey blames on Kurdish groups and DC police: "President Trump called me about a week ago about this issue. He said that he was sorry, and he told me that he was going to follow up on this issue when we come to the United States within the framework of an official visit." However, the White House denied that any apology had been issued over the embassy violence.

On Wednesday the Turkish president shocked an audience at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York when he said that the hundreds of journalists currently imprisoned in Turkey after a recent crackdown on government critics are "not journalists, they're terrorists." When asked by Bloomberg News editor-in-chief John Micklethwait why his country has put more journalists in jail than any other nation, Erdogan responded, “The ones who have been sentenced, who have been imprisoned, are not journalists." He then made the bizarre claim that, "Many have been involved in burglaries and some have been caught red handed as they were trying to empty ATM machines.” And added, “Everyone else seems to think they’re journalists just because they say so."

Turkey has recently topped the list of countries routinely engaged in Twitter censorship and has over the past years completely blocked social media platforms nation-wide at various times. 

All of this causes us to ask: how long before both American leadership and the media begin acknowledging Erdogan for the thuggish tin pot dictator that he truly is? Apparently, he's no longer content to crackdown on speech in his own country, but now willingly sics his fanatical mob even on Americans exercising free speech on American soil.

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takeaction's picture

Let a can of that Bear Mace from Ebay rip in this situation...


It will shut down the entire mob...


How can these people from Turkey start punching Americans in NY??

shankster's picture

Is NY still part of America?

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Zionist Jews have been raping Americans everyday since they set up the Fed. Where's the outrage?

Post-Truth Society's picture

Vile Muslim Trump loves Erdogan.  The proof continues to mount.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Fuck both groups. No need to rehash what we all know about Erdogan, and I guarantee you those people making the stink are the same communist scum we see across college campuses. Bear mace for everyone.

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Thanks for your insightful "guarantee" dude. We'll use it as collateral for a program of infrastructural renewal for Merika, along with the creation of thousands of "new jobs" -

in point of fact, a person with the balls to actually go and fight with the folka who picked up guns and stood up to the (Sraeli-Merikan o/o) ISIS scum has nothing at all in common with your common merikan commie scum...

who, like typical merikan "alt-right" factionalists, prefer to stay close to home, pontificating bout everything under the sun, whilst doing incredibly little of value to anyone else, and would not dream of being caught in an actual war zone--- xcept in their internet tuff guy uniforms they done for battle on internet forums.

"Commies" are statists... most of those who came to fight alongside the men and women of the SDF resistance are anarchist-aligned, and believe that the political program of the cantons... to rollback state oppression of all forms... is worth fighting for. In real life.

Now back in your box, time it's time for another master of the universe exceptionalist to offer sweeping summaations of something they know nothing at all about.

Conscious Reviver's picture

SDF = ISIS. SDF/ISIS is shelling the Syrian Army and Russians in Deir Ezzor, on the East bank of the Euphrates according to Russian Military.

This will not end well for SDF/ISIS.

OliverAnd's picture

AKP = Muslim Brotherhood = ISIS  

How can you talk about your former allies who helped you commit genocide against the Assyrians?  There was a time when you sat together drinking and eating in celebration for killing thousands if not millions of people.

BuddyEffed's picture

Enough detail in those videos to bring lawsuits and charges?

Some likely to get rich?

giovanni_f's picture

After the purchase of S-400 systems from Russia, CIA-Media now focussed on Turkey.

When will we see footage about the "anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty" in MSM?

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Vile jew/cryptojew Trump loves his useful idiot/ dumb muscle muzzies. FIFY.

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So far, only Ivanka is out of the (((closet))).

Chupacabra-322's picture

It's an embarrassment to know New York as one of the original 13 Colonies.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Seriously.  Who let these fuckers in?  Have fun terrorizing disarmed Yankees.  I can't say I give a shit.

nmewn's picture

The signage was clear! In seven different languages for crissakes!

No smoking. No guns. No brawling. No spitting. Don't pick the flowers. Pick up after your dog. No littering. No loitering. No jaywalking. Stay off the grass. No parking.

Hell it was clear as day! ;-)

mkkby's picture

Good job turks. This is how leftist scum should be treated. Let them listen politely or break their jaws and carry them to a cage for animals.

It's a shame US cities have become such a nest of rabble.

Soros hires terrorists and sends them to disrupt democratic processes. Calling them protestors is a lie. They are dangerous and Erdogan's security detail were right to step up when the cops chickened out.

BarkingCat's picture

I have to say I do admire the Turks.

They still seems to have some testosterone in them and behave like normal men behaved since dawn of time.


Vageling's picture

Even if they tripped over those signs, they still don't care. Scream terrorists, ya know. Or call anyone who criticize a nazi (my favorite, openly admiring Hitler but using nazi to apply pressure). The great midget with the mustache will not tolerate any resistance in his invasion. Acts like he already owns the place. 

booboo's picture

and Wall Street was a hog yard, no really. At least some things never change.

Mr Hankey's picture

No. Hence, no poo-prints given for the Global Village.Like carrying   coals to Newcastle.

HopefulCynic's picture

Leftist tactic, they were baited and the stupid Turks bought it. I am surprised that there aren't any more angles.


Now that Turkey is going aligned or 3rd world, the Talmudists will do anything againt Turkey. 


Good they deserve all the bad reputation for being untrustworthy and lackeys. 

Fish Gone Bad's picture

So the protester did not do his homework.  Erdogan's people knew EXACTLY who he was, it was their job.  What an amateur, and then to go crying about it.  Next time try not to be so unprepared ...

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Not a sin IMO.


Erdogan is a rat but ypg and all kurdish groups have proven to be in league with Israel and the "Deep State", Erdogan appears to be moving away from that so I prefer Edrogan for now, and again punching an American in the USA is not a sin, Americans have KILLED and RAPED people from all over the world while being in their own countries. 


SoDamnMad's picture

Because the scum in Washington wants them to. Anything to grovel at the feet of Erdogen to stop him from buying Russians weapons.

BarkingCat's picture

Kurdish People Protection Units?

These incompetent fools cannot even protect themselves

steve2241's picture

Turkish-Americans, no doubt.  There is a difference, you know. 

shankster's picture

I'm happy to be an American-American.

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Hulk Hogan? You must be one proud,murican.Perfect analog. 'Murica= WWF.Except 10 million women& children ain't getting back up.

Mr Hankey's picture

Whats that,half Cherokee, half Choctaw, half nigger?

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Math not your strong point?

Mr Hankey's picture

'Murican maff.sarcasm detection not your strong suit?

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De Blasio's admonition that we should really "try and understand them better" is no doubt forthcoming ;-)

The Management's picture

When's Thanksgiving ?

CompassionateConservative's picture

I have no problem with this violence at this protest.  The only violent protesters we need to be concerned with are the white supremacist nazis who showed up in Charlottesville.  You have no right to resist a beating if you are a white male and have assaulted a Person of Color with hate speech.  I demand that Zerohedge post an article denouncing the evil white male supremacists at least five times a day or we're going to have this site's domain name yanked!  Don't make me call the SPLC and ADL on you nazi bastards!!!

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Ah,padi-wan.You are almost ready to carry MDB's light saber!

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Almost ready, MDB was much more subtle until he saw that people actually beleived the BS sarcasm so he decided to make money out of it with his own site. 

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You forgot bigot, misogynists, racists and monotheists.
(There must be others)

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Oh, shit. Erdogan and the upper crust Turks are plain old Sabataens. This is why they push refugees all over the place for one thing.

I couldn't stress this video enough.

We need to understand Turkey as well as Gladio. There is good reason which becomes clear upon consideration. Erdogan is no friend. They might say they are "muslim" but they are liars.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

The enemy of my enemy is... probably my enemy as well.  Erdogan is friendly with people who are connected and have guns.

Is-Be's picture

So race mixing creates an ideal of the Golum?

Is-Be's picture

An excellent video.
I see Robert Sheppir's book "Redemption through Sin" mentioned.
So Turkey has a parasite.
I still think that he pays the price for this conniving.
Bloody Golem.

The answer is to give monotheism back to the rightful owners, the Jews.

We must retreat back to the safe hearths of pur own native religions.
Are you listening, Arabs and Arians?

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I have a .45 with hollow points.. I am American!

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right, and there you are.

say, would you help me out on your organizing experience you mentioned? I was twice a delegate for RP, been trying to pump up the AUMF repeal since then but it's all uphill - the mind fuck has made everyone complacent; not *everyone*, actually ... I left you a contact request for that reason.

.38 hammerless. it's lightweight. I excel at speed and surprise. It couldn't be helped -becuz the turf ...

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Americans? IN NYC? No way. Communists, socialists, Sorosists, sure. But Americans? In NYC? No way. 

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It’s easy to bully someone when you are in the group of thugs.

Glad to see the true colours of the crowd – this just shows no matter what qualification, suit, shoe you wear – in the end an immature culture will do what nincompoops do