"It's Really Hard In China" - Sex Doll Rental Business Withdraws From Market After Just A Week

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As we warned over the weekend, when we first learned of Beijing's new sex doll rental business, China's sharing economy may have just jumped the shark.

Now, just 4 days later, after its business model elicited a flood of complaints and criticism, Chinese company Ta Qu – or “Touch” in English – has announced that it will close its week-old sex-doll rental business, inspiring budget-focused silicon slammers in the world’s second-largest economy to issue a collective groan.

Touch began offering five different sex doll types for daily or longer-term rent last Thursday in Beijing. But according to the BBC,“it quickly drew complaints and criticism.”

The company said in a statement on Weibo that it "sincerely apologized for the negative impact" of its business model.

But the company added that sex is "not vulgar" and said it would keep working towards more people enjoying it. The company said it had generated “a lot of interest and requests” during its short-lived run.

Unfortunately for entrepreneurs hoping to enter China’s thriving sex-toy industry, the company noted that succeeding in that industry “is really hard in China.”

"We prepared ten dolls for the trial operation," a company spokesperson said via email, adding that they received very positive feedback from users.

"But it's really hard in China," the firm wrote, saying there had been a lot of controversy with the police over the issue.

The company had offered the sex dolls for a daily fee of 298 yuan (about $50), according to Chinese media. It also sells an array of sex toys and dolls, according to the BBC.

Here's what that would've bought you:




In its Weibo statement, the firm said its original intention had been to make expensive silicone dolls more affordable but conceded that the service triggered a heated public debate. The company also said it would pay out compensation to users worth double the amount they had paid as a deposit for reserving a doll.

The statement added that Touch would in future pay more attention to its "social duty", and would actively promote a "healthier and more harmonious sex lifestyle".

The Chinese app was launched in 2015 as a platform for discussing issues about sex and sexuality before “pivoting” into sales.

As we reported earlier in the week, the company planned to offer five models to choose from: "Greek bikini model," "US Wonder Woman," "Korean housewife," "Russian teenager" and "Hong Kong car race cheerleader." Users can customize the dolls to their liking by picking out hair and eye color, as well as their outfits.

For those asking the obvious question, the company states that it also has hygiene on its mind, as explained by their official policy.

"The dolls' lower parts are changed for every customer," reads the app. "Please remove the lower parts before returning. After the lower parts are cleaned, the doll can be used repeatedly."

The company hoped to capitalize on China’s notorious gender imbalance favoring men, as well as the country’s thriving online gaming culture, which breeds hordes of lonely young men.

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wisehiney's picture

Stop the tease Tyler.

Show us some authentic quality.


Ignatius's picture

Shutting down?  Weird.  And it seemed like such a great idea....

Mr 9x19's picture

is there any pizza model ?

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

1 week eh? So i'm guessing, they were rented out for a 1st time, no 2nd takers?

Who woulda thunk sloppy seconds was such a bad business model?

beemasters's picture

".... there had been a lot of controversy with the police over the issue."

Like? Sex doll trafficking? Rapes by dolls?

There are probably complaints filed by prostitution rings and the police are under their payroll.

SWRichmond's picture

There are two Wars which are constantly being fought throughout history.  One is the war between old money and new money.  The other is the war between men and women.

Déjà view's picture

Wanted to place an order...DISCLAIMER 8" MAX !

The Blank Stare's picture

What happened to the Japanese high school girl?

Wasn't returned?

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

All of a sudden I've had a very "off-putting" image of these "dolls" on the secondary market.

Can you say "EEEEUUUUWWWWWW!!!!!"?

How much is a "slightly soiled" ex sex-doll going for these days anyway? Can you get STDs from silicone?

Martian Moon's picture

It's one and the same war

Elites use the foibles of women to attack uppity competition (mostly lower class men)

There has never been war by men against women (that might change soon)

Lore's picture

They all look like pre-teens.  Does China have as many pedophiles as they do in Pizza country?

any_mouse's picture

Asian women always look much younger.

NewHugh's picture

... until that one day they CHANGE, and then they're very OLD looking...

NoDecaf's picture

They'd make great ISIS wives. They launched in the wrong market

Giant Meteor's picture

Sinister ..

Rigged with IUD's ...

Boom Boom ..

Big Creek Rising's picture

Doubt it

Just guessing but theres probably a big difference between silicon lady parts and real genuine goat parts

Lost in translation's picture

No, those would be livestock dolls.


DosZap's picture

Gotta go to the sand people for that..........

Joyo Bliss's picture

They boned themselves by returning twice the deposit. And they actually had 5 business models. And if you get to keep the jiz-box, why would you want to rent again? It smells fishy to me.

Giant Meteor's picture

I believe boning themselves was a large part of the business model ..

neilhorn's picture

I'd fuck that.

and then wish I hadn't.

vato poco's picture

they've been talking about robots and sex dolls breaking the 'uncanny valley' of not looking like robots & sex dolls for 30 years now. 

by those pics, they're getting closer & closer, but ... they're gonna need a breakthrough from an unexpected direction to solve the problem, I think. even the horniest guys on earth don't wanna fuck a plastic doll with a wig that looks like a plastic doll with a wig.

Mile High Perv's picture

Turn off the lights please .... (that's in the instruction manual)

nationstates's picture

I am positive there is a Cankles model.


totenkopf88's picture

I would rent that one just to run it over w/ my car

vato poco's picture

.... for horny masochists??

kommissar's picture

they just haven't gotten the smell or voicedown just yet.

Dogman57's picture

I just vomited in my mouth...

subversion's picture

"It's Really Hard In China"
...and it's going to stay hard

Laughing.Man's picture

"But the company added that sex is "not vulgar" and said it would keep working towards more people enjoying it."

By looking at their population size, I'm pretty sure they enjoy it.  However, they draw the line on perversion.  It would be interesting to know who's behind the company.

totenkopf88's picture

Sex is disgusting and demeaning- but only if it's done right.

Lost in translation's picture

My guess is they're from New York.

Prominent investors/VCs in Rome.

Juggernaut x2's picture

No blondes w/blue eyes- then who are the black and jewish guys going to fuck? 

saldulilem's picture

"It's really hard in China"

That's what she said

williambanzai7's picture

They came they went, I mean rent.

otschelnik's picture

Can you imagine putting your member into a polyurethane cavity where a 100 chinamen ejaculated before you? 

saldulilem's picture

I believe it's called Sloppy Zhou's 

DetectiveStern's picture

You could get a lot of real sex in China for 50 USD

just the tip's picture

but an hour later you're still horny.

abyssinian's picture

Cum yum some guy

are we there yet's picture

Wonder woman's copyright was violated.

Fundies's picture

Why didn't they team up with TOYS R US ?


P.S. I like the busty nurse.