RoCKeT MaN...

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Nmewn's Highly Caffeinated Morning Musings

Remember when Obama said "We could, obviously, destroy North Korea with our arsenals." and socialists/communists worldwide along with the Alinsky media freaked-the-fuck-out calling him a war mongering fascist? 

Yeah, me neither. 


So, I noticed we haven't heard anything from Antifa since a few newspapers & "progressive pols" dissed them for being nothing more than privileged little white faggots who go around sucker punching people while wearing black pajamas. 

I mean, thats it? They're basically ordered to disperse by their pedigreed corporate & political masters and "the revolution" is over? Sociology & poli-sci exams due soon? Mom & dad say they killed all the rats in the basement & its been thoroughly disinfected therefore fit for human habitation again or what?

Well, just imagine my shocked


Happened to stumble across a football game last night (USF beating the dog snot out of Temple) where one of the announcers talked about his friggin hawt maff teacher back in high school for what seemed like a solid ten minutes. 

And this guy wonders why he'll never make it as a play-by-play announcer and corporate can't figure out why their ratings always suck when he's in the booth. 


Oh and by the way...Sharyl Attkinsson is still ripping the perjurer Clapper, the communist Brennan, the narcissist Obama, the butt hurt Comey, Mrs. Cass Sunstein (Samantha Power) and moar generally, the entire Deep State for being the anti-constitutionalist, proto-Stasi, paranoid schizophrenic bastards they are.

So, there is that ;-)

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Ground control to General Kim. Ground control to General Kim. Trump is growing dim. Light up the sky or you're going to die. Ziomedia is now preparing America for war. The latest news articles stated you kidnapped school girls, rape them and kill them. At least three ziopropaganda articles vilifying Kim to the nth degree, America must attack, and we all know how much Dear Leader Trump has stated justification for attack is to save the children. ie. Syria cruise missile attack to save the children, after America worked with terrorist to kill over 300K to 500K Syrian Christians. General Kim is going to be hit in a failed surgical strike. The after shocks will be enough to get a lot of people killed. Ground control to General Kim. Ground control to General Kim. Put your helmet on, take your nuclear protein pills and light up the sky or you're going to die.

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"I warned you, Banzai .... leave the literary stuff to us .... stick to your drawing board .... you're pretty good at that ?" Rebellion Leader 1

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I think you should take your marbles out of your mouth and stick them back in your head.

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Have you ever tried to connect with an art gallery in Manhattan?

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Hong kong - lovely chemtrail free city. Here over Germany they are spraying like fuck this morning.

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I read Elton John is a good piano player, but he sucks on the organ.

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If there was NO jUSA in the World Today, would there be a Rocket Man. I don't think so.

If there was NO N Korea in the World Today, would the jUSA still gunning for a War with anynody. I Zinc so, Ja.


The jUSA are trying to make out like "Rocket Man" is threat to the whole world, just like Saddam, Ghadafi, Assad and OBL. But they weren't, they are/were only ever a threat to America and Americas control of the Planet. And none of them were even the least bit interested in Global Domination, only America is.

So ... who's the bad guy ?


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Beautiful, awesome work William!

Makes me want to re-read John Burdett's book "The Last Six Million Seconds"

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I thought Benny and the Inkjets was better. But that's just me.

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If I had my printer I would print your picture out, maybe 4 my bDay.


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Hey ah, WB7...see if you can make up something from this pyramidal poster at the top of this page.:

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Dang WB7.

I was just trying to wind it down.

Then I catch up with this.

You sir, are an unsung hero.

And I, am a General in the War on Boredom.

Thank you.

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So the subtext here is that KJU is the lunatic? We're just fine?

This kind of nonsense only gives comfort to the warmongering establishment.

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I wish there was a daily alotment of up and down arrows based upon a formula tied to one's seniority at Zerohedge, so I could spend all my allotment of down arrows on you.  Anyone who could put 250,000 to 500,000 of his fellow human beings in the conditions of the North Korean gulag is a raving lunatic.  The Air Force every once in a while reminds me of my rank (LtCol) and commitments under IRR.  I have been VERY tempted to go active so I can play a role in deposing this maniac and liberating his people.

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I think you'd better enroll in Sister Teresa's School of Satire. Tell them George sent you.

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Your humor Intrigue's me. But, I am bad @ understanding jokes. I think male's like jokes more than FeMaLe S. My brother always wanted to tell me jokes. Not dirty jokes just stupid ones, go fly a kite.

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Yeah, you're a real funny guy. Very original stuff. Ching chong and wong wong. Hilarious.

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I have neither the time, crayons or inclnation to explain this to you. I suggest you dotard your way back to wherever it is you came from.

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Yeah, your jokes are such high level it's hard to explain.

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Musum: One Word for all you LIBERAL -BERNIE SANDER EMOs - FUCK YOU !...Shag Dog, You brainwashed "Zombies" are just lost your "CREATIVE MIND"  and are incapable of "CRITICAL THINKING" morons, Brain washed by the your Cult Leader - BERNIE SANDER and HITLIARY CLITORIS


Get out your Mummy basement and come to real world- You will be F****TARD

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Let me explain it to you moron.

I have been ching chang'ed, sayonara'd and Joe Jitsu'd all my life and I don't give a flying fuck about it.

If you don't like what you see here, go and spend some quality time here:

Now dotard your way out of here.

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The new trolls are intelligent sounding but after a few posts its obvious they are emo parrots.

The Story Of Kimmy and Hilly and Jimmy and Billy and Barry and Moochie and Johnny, 1966

Its got everything. Hofmann lenses, microwave subliminal slavery, rats and lies, lies, lies. Liiies!

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That's quite a tantrum, kiddo.

You made a joke. I slammed your joke. Now, you could just ignore my comment (since not everyone is going to like your jokes). Or, like a bratty toddler, go beRZerK.

Cheers, Rocket Man.

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Your attention seeking behavior is significantly abnormal.

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I bet your that social worker that is employed in a nursing home and hates old people.  This also leads me to believe you are childless.  Only self important individuals as yourself chose to be childless therefore also hate old people.  All your troll bs is on a 8th grade level and is the reason you will always stick around to have the last pathetic shot at someone.  Find a bridge and leap from it, preferably one that is 50 to 80 foot from the ground, your leaving no one behind that cares anyway.

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Please, just GTFOH.........

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Thats funny. I want to squeeze his cheeks.

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Fantastic. He even looks like Elton John on a good day ;-)

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Amen smack

To better days of Queen Elton (

Fucking ruthless greedy British Faggot!

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Here's a little snippet of gossip ...

Back in the 80s I used to live in a house in a NW London suburb and about 1 mile down the road was a large house buried in a small area of trees. That house was the home of EJ's manager and it's where EJ used to take some of his boys for undisturbed fun and games. I'm told he was into rough sex, S&M.


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Not surprised by that revelation at all smack

I mean lets face it when you have as much "baggage" as Sir Elton has on him in the "fun & games" department no wonder he's a target for his own managers and attorneys extricating him from his own legal problems -which brings us to the blackmail of doing appearances with mass murdering freaks like Nadiya Savchenko and relegated to doing birthday parties "ironically" for the likes of Rush Limbaugh for $6 million?!!!

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I'm sure she can pick up some Trump joysticks in the JC Whitney Cata-rogue.

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Now if we could just get 3 million of those jet packs for the North Korean Army to invade Washington D.C. and finish what the American people refuse to?!!!


I bet Melania doesn't have one of those Trump "joysticks" in her "arsenal" let alone "2"!!!

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yes to the first premise. projecting proxies , but in reverse. it's inspired!

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Melania needs to get a strap-on and stimulate her husband's brain.  Can you imagine her in that type of battle gear? YuM! 

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If that makes you happy.

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Perhaps honorabre Banzai-san do forrow-up rikeness of hermit king with "Don't Ret the Sun Go Down on Me", "Goodbye Yerrow Brick Road" or "I'm Stirr Standing" theme...


Hard to deal with such a psychopath who makes such ridiculous quotes such as:

“The ladies love me because I have a two foot long shlong, and can go at it for 50 hours straight, baby!”
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See what you did, there

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Reminded me to check out the hilarious VW "Rocket Man" commercial.  A classic.



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That is awesome Williiam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have to get out the Snarley Coststoomuchason and ride it with my Cheech and Chong shirt on.  That is too much flashy metal for me to ignore.  I like pissing off the bitchy neighbors anyway.  Black on Chrome my friends.

Ray Bans on.  Let's ride.


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when did you buy your RayBans? Mine cost $15.  ... no, of course I don't remember when. It was the price at the time i remeber- spendy!

... everything else is a blur ...

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JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel is looking to hire university students to post pro-Israel messages on social media networks — without needing to identify themselves as government-linked, officials said Wednesday.

The Israeli prime minister's office said in a statement that students on Israeli university campuses would receive full or partial scholarships to combat anti-Semitism and calls to boycott Israel online. It said students' messages would parallel statements by government officials.

"This is a groundbreaking project aimed at strengthening Israeli national diplomacy and adapting it to changes in information consumption," the statement said.

An Israeli official said Wednesday that scholarship recipients would be free to decide whether or not to identify themselves as part of the program, which would begin within months.

"Everyone who believes in the cause, and wants to join, can join," he told The Associated Press. He said the office was looking to budget $778,000 for the project, and that the national Israeli student association would select participants from a pool of applicants.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity as the project is still under development and he wasn't authorized to speak publicly about it.

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they'll be ripped a new one.

have a link?