VIX Set For Calmest September In History (Despite Nukes, Fed, Quakes, And Storms)

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September has seen...

More missile tests from a nuclear-capable nation than ever before.

The biggest storms ever in America (a quarter of all Atlantic Cat 5 landfalls on record have occurred in the last two weeks).

The worst quake in Mexico in over 30 years.

US threats to cut China from the global financial system.

The Fed attempting to do what no central bank has done before.

And economic data disappointments worldwide.



After the Fed announced the monetary-policy shift sent the average to 10.78...VIX has plunged today to 9.54...


And so amid all this turmoil, if this holds up, as Bloomberg notes, VIX is headed for its lowest daily average in any September since calculations begin in 1990.

Which is odd given that the 30 year seasonal trend is very dramatic...


But what happens next?

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lester1's picture

The ViX knows the Fed's PPT is in full control of these nationalized markets.

lester1's picture

Oh yes they are. PPT outed themselves on August 24 2015 when they magically reversed a -500 point drop in just 15 minutes !!

AR15AU's picture

RIght, we also know about central bank discount rates offered by trading platforms ... Janet Yellen has Draghi and Kuroda lick her asshole and in return she licks theirs. Etc.

bobsmith5's picture

you must be the down voter troll who lives in a total fantasy world, remaincalm or is that remain comatose?

Clowns on Acid's picture

Until they are not.... When the "people" realize the Ponzi schema of the Fed....all the kings horses and all the kings men.... you know the rest.

Just Take It All's picture

yes, that.  the ponz always looks great, right up until the moment it doesn't.

The Management's picture

VIX = Fed Interest Rates

No interest in volatility.

Nothing but smooth sailing in the vast ocean of currency debasement.

bobsmith5's picture

Yet another super stupid down vote on a comment that could not be more descriptive of the real world. What an idiot you are down voter. FU A-hole moron.

Clock Crasher's picture

What happens next?  Consolidate for weeks before either starting the long awaited bear market from hell or the real blow off top Nasdaq 7,000.

Stay tuned. 

The Duke of New York A No.1's picture

The Casino operators need to keep selling the VIX to keep the sheep from fleeing.



AR15AU's picture

Yes and now the funny thing they've noticed is that the notial amount they have to keep selling gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger... just like with gold, central banks now need to sell about $3 billion in gold per day, $1 billion in silver per day, and $5 billion in VIX per day. EVERY DAY otherwise all of their other shorts up to this point implode.

Hkan's picture

So....who cares....

Clowns on Acid's picture

So...Master Yellen and the rest of the Fed Stars War bar scene crew finally announce , after 10 years of 3D printing (with no value or demand behind the print) that they are going to reverse, albeit slowly, the failed program (which has never been done before...because of obvious reasons) and start to sell MBS and UST into the markets ,as well as tick rates UP....25%. Ok whats an investor to do when ther markets are at all time highs and VIX at all time lows.....

I know...SELL VIX !! Brilliant...... nothing like an idea whose time has come. 

AR15AU's picture

Its because the Fed is lying. They have bought trillions in bonds and they will sell like $5 million dollars worth and claim deleveraging. Everyone knows it. They are money printers pure and simple. 

assistedliving's picture

algo's measure what's important:  FED/CB printing.  

Place everything else under :  Ignore 

bobsmith5's picture

I'd like to smack that down voter in the head. You comment assistedliving could not be more accurate or correct.

assistedliving's picture

why thank you Bob...but i'm getting used to it!

Bryan's picture

This is more proof that the Central Banks own (almost?) all markets.

mily's picture

Nothing happens, same shit, different day

mily's picture

Joking aside, VIX calls looks so attractive at the moment, similar pattern as in 2007, when vol was crushed and everybody and their dog was selling vol to generate yield. Remember last "vix ETPs vega" article from Morgan Stanley in july? and VIX spike shortly afterwards? And guess wha, there was another article yesterday from BofA and it's got even more ridiculous, 375mio. Technically, it starting to look like we are getting close to a spike, final confirmation would be Marko Kolanovic opening his mouth

Fundies's picture

In VIX we trust. 

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Is Said to Plan About 5,000 Job Cuts----------Why? because the economy is so FED FUCKER RESERVE GOOD!