Blowback? - Mizzou Enrollment Tumbles To Lowest Since 2008

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Amid ongoing fallout from the negative media attention and student (and faculty) protests that rocked campus in 2015, the University of Missouri recently welcomed its smallest student body since 2008.

As Campus Reform has repeatedly reported, the embattled university has taken hit after hit, starting with a $32 million budget shortfall and a five-percent budget cut, followed by a seven-percent drop in freshmen enrollment heading into last school year.

As some may remember Mizzou hit the headlines after Melissa Click, a journalism professor, won infamy nationwide for her behavior during race-related protests at MU in November 2015.

When a student journalist tried to cover the public protests, Click physically confronted him, saying he had no right to be there and needed to “get out.”

When the journalist resisted, Click called for “some muscle” to try forcing him back.

The student’s video of Click quickly went viral, and attracted the attention of Missouri lawmakers, more than 100 of whom signed a petition demanding Click’s termination. Click herself was eventually hit with misdemeanor assault charges, which were dropped after she agreed to perform community service. Initially, the school said Click’s fate would be decided during her tenure hearing in August, but in February the school’s board gave in to outside pressure and fired her.

And, as Campus Reform's Anthony Gockowski reports, since then it has been downhill for the University...

More recently, Mizzou shuttered seven residence halls due to a drastic drop in enrollment, renting some of the vacant rooms out to sports fans to help make up for the school’s many financial woes, and cut 474 jobs.

Now, The Dothan Eagle reports that the university is facing the lowest levels of enrollment since 2008, with official numbers showing that enrollment is down 12.9 percent.

Additionally, the Eagle notes that, with the exception of the senior class, every incoming class is smaller than last year’s, and even international enrollment fell by 12.1 percent.

This year's freshman class is the smallest since 2008, with enrollment down about 33% from its peak in 2015.

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HelluvaEngineer's picture

Divide by zero error.

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Is that a chick or Carrot top?.......

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Whitey has been triggered. A no fuss fuck you. 

DieselChadron's picture

possible that "whitey" has been triggered.. also possible that young people are waking up to the idea that college is a huge waste of time and money.

The_Juggernaut's picture

Their football team really went to shit, too.

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These left wing radical colleges like Mizzou, Brown, Berkley, etc will see their enrollment plunge as the more conservative students chose wisely and attend a finer institution. I know I do NOT donate to my two colleges since last year when they showed ties to Far Left hate groups like BLM and the DNC.

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Yet another example of how the free market corrects a problem all on its own.
Colleges want to promote crazy SJW ideas?
No problem, crazy SJWs are the only students they will be left with.
As a business, you get the kind of customers you cater for.

glenlloyd's picture

There you have it, let the market take care of the problem and it'll fix itself without intervention.

Uni's left with SJW's won't be able to cover the costs, most I'm sure are riding along on some type of wacko scholarships or grants.

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I doubt that the sons and daughters of our politicians and tycoons have to endure the same mandatory diversity re-education Gulag when paying for their titles. I wonder how monkey with pretzel, GWB, managed to get a title at one of the most respected institutions - am sure based on his academic merits and intellectual qualities, just like Donal Covfefe Trump.

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just three years ago they were division champions in SEC football; then they glorified, sanctified, coddled that  black FAGGOT michael sam; now their footbal progam, uh, Sucks, they have two lopsided losses to mediocre teams, and their only victory is against cream puff missouri valley state; today, at home, they are 14 point underdogs to a weak auburn team.


go figure

BarkingCat's picture

Even more interesting will be the result of employers learning that those schools produce only SJW types.

What sane company will want to hire them?

Whatwill their degree be worth once that happens?



Keyser's picture

Get rid of government subsidized student loans and watch enrollment drop at these bastions of liberalism by over 50%... Do it now, do it today!!!

Handful of Dust's picture

You can be sure that most of the sjw's and 100% of the BLM students are on scholarships.

No students will be left to actually pay tuition since they'll choose better colleges to attend then these radical left brainwashing centers of lower education.

Grumbleduke's picture

an institution of higher learning providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees; specifically :one made up of an undergraduate division which confers bachelor's degrees and a graduate division which comprises a graduate school and professional schools each of which may confer master's degrees and doctorates

What kind of degrees are provided by playing childrens games?

PhD in football and baseball?

cheka's picture

that skank (melissa click?) is teaching communication at a college in the nw - gonzaga i think

Fish Gone Bad's picture

That is true.  That and that bitch who irons her hair is yyyyyuuuuuugggggggglllllllyyyyyy. Missouri has 'dem hook worms an' ugly white wymen.

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$140k for snowflake training... yeah, folks eventually figure it out.

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I am happy to see this article.  A couple of weeks ago I thought about this college and went to their website to see what the administration has done to change the campus culture.  But there was nothing.  Absolutely nothing on the issue.  Just some nice pictures of young, almost ALL white people and their nice ALL white parents.  Marketing, even on websites, is targeted to a desired demographic.  So in this case, it is being targeted at whitey, probably because that is where the money is.  Based on the enrollment drop, their marketing is not effective.  Fuck them.  If you want to help ensure their demise, write letters to their campus newspaper about how racist their college website is.

PS:  Also went to the Wikipedia page - no mention of "the troubles".

Keyser's picture

And there we have it... The racial divide has never been greater in the US... What comes next is never pretty...

bloofer's picture

If their college website gave the impression that even 10% of the student body was black, no white parents would send their kids there.

phatfawzi's picture

if this can only be repeated at every university, you would see liberalism wither away. No more fresh crop of new imbeciles to indoctrinate. 

MoreFreedom's picture

If the government wasn't subsidizing and controlling university education, there wouldn't be a problem.  Heck if they didn't monopolize K-12 education, people would be smart enough to not let the government get involved in education. 

Freddie's picture

I bet she is a chosen-ite and dual shitizen type.  Click?   My guess is her real name is cohen. 

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White, naive, no experience, no character liberals who've spent their learning years in books instead of trouble, adventures, and/or alcohol fueled sex parties. God I hate these people... Milo is completely right about all of them!



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Nah.  She should have a brain if she was reading all the time, but maybe she was just reading modern trash.  But more likely she was glued to the boob tube because her PhD thesis was a joke and she basically taught glorifed tv watching. 


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Milo?  The self-proclaimed jew who bathes in blood and likes black cock?  That Milo?

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Isn't "Blowback" a SeeIAye exclusive descriptive?

StychoKiller's picture

Like "Stoopidity," the CIA has NO monopoly on "BlowBack!" :>D

apocalypticbrother's picture

No home for old leftys

Aussiekiwi's picture

The regressive left has taken over.

natxlaw's picture

What should scare you is that this place has a renouned journalism program. These people want to join the 4th estate.

D-REGZ's picture

Perhaps at capacity dorms have been re-nouned to vacant?

SoDamnMad's picture

Where did Melissa slink off to?  You have to watch out for these types. Leopards never change their spots.

konadog's picture

Gonzaga. Obviously. another place not to send your kids unless you want them "educated" by libtard lunatics.

yarpos's picture

Thought that was a town in Africa

PGR88's picture

Another low-grade, left-wing puppy mill that should go bankrutpt when the education-industrial complex massive debt bubble pops.

totenkopf88's picture

For some reason kids from here in IL love to go to school at Mizzou- it's weird. 

Freddie's picture

When will American white amles stop supporting NCAA, NFL and NBA Trayvons?   The Mizzou football team got the white coach fired for speaking out on the Michael Brown riots or some shit.   I think they also got the college Pres fired or something. 

Dumb white fan boys love their NCAA, NFL and NBA Trayvon rapists and thugs.

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Stop treating her like a political ideologue. She is a ju.

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Lots of other left wing institutions starting to hurt as well. Enrollment down, gifts from alum down, etc. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.