Pat Buchanan: "America Has No Divinely-Mandated Mission To Democratize Mankind"

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Authored by Patrick Buchanan via,

If a U.S. president calls an adversary “Rocket Man … on a mission to suicide,” and warns his nation may be “totally destroyed,” other ideas in his speech will tend to get lost.

Which is unfortunate.

For buried in Donald Trump’s address is a clarion call to reject transnationalism and to re-embrace a world of sovereign nation-states that cherish their independence and unique identities.

Western man has engaged in this great quarrel since Woodrow Wilson declared America would fight in the Great War, not for any selfish interests, but “to make the world safe for democracy.”

Our imperialist allies, Britain, France, Russia, Japan, regarded this as self-righteous claptrap and proceeded to rip apart Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Ottoman Empire and to feast on their colonies.

After World War II, Jean Monnet, father of the EU, wanted Europe’s nations to yield up their sovereignty and form a federal union like the USA.

Europe’s nations would slowly sink and dissolve in a single polity that would mark a giant leap forward toward world government - Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s “Parliament of man, the Federation of the world.”

Charles De Gaulle lead the resistance, calling for “a Europe of nation-states from the Atlantic to the Urals.”

For 50 years, the Gaullists were in constant retreat. The Germans especially, given their past, seemed desirous of losing their national identity and disappearing inside the new Europe.

Today, the Gaullist vision is ascendant.

“We do not expect diverse countries to share the same cultures, traditions, or even systems of government,” said Trump at the U.N.


“Strong sovereign nations let diverse countries with different values, different cultures, and different dreams not just coexist, but work side by side on the basis of mutual respect. …


“In America, we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to watch.”

Translation: We Americans have created something unique in history. But we do not assert that we should serve as a model for mankind. Among the 190 nations, others have evolved in different ways from diverse cultures, histories, traditions. We may reject their values but we have no God-given right to impose ours upon them.

It is difficult to reconcile Trump’s belief in self-determination with a National Endowment for Democracy whose reason for being is to interfere in the politics of other nations to make them more like us.

Trump’s idea of patriotism has deep roots in America’s past.

After the uprisings of 1848 against the royal houses of Europe failed, Lajos Kossuth came to seek support for the cause of Hungarian democracy. He was wildly welcomed and hailed by Secretary of State Daniel Webster.

But Henry Clay, more true to the principles of Washington’s Farewell Address, admonished Kossuth:

“Far better is it for ourselves, for Hungary, and for the cause of liberty that, adhering to our wise, pacific system, and avoiding the distant wars of Europe, we should keep our lamp burning brightly on the western shore as a light to all nations, than to hazard its utter extinction amid the ruins of fallen or falling republics in Europe.”

Trump’s U.N. address echoed Clay: “In foreign affairs, we are renewing this founding principle of sovereignty. Our government’s first duty is to its people … to serve their needs, to ensure their safety, to preserve their rights, and to defend their values.”

Trump is saying with John Quincy Adams that our mission is not to go “abroad in search of monsters to destroy,” but to “put America first.”

He is repudiating the New World Order of Bush I, the democracy crusades of the neocons of the Bush II era, and the globaloney of Obama.

Trump’s rhetoric implies intent; and action is evident from Rex Tillerson’s directive to his department to rewrite its mission statement — and drop the bit about making the world democratic.

The current statement reads: “The Department’s mission is to shape and sustain a peaceful, prosperous, just, and democratic world.”

Tillerson should stand his ground. For America has no divinely mandated mission to democratize mankind. And the hubristic idea that we do has been a cause of all the wars and disasters that have lately befallen the republic.

If we do not cure ourselves of this interventionist addiction, it will end our republic. When did we dethrone our God and divinize democracy?

And are 21st-century American values really universal values?

Should all nations embrace same-sex marriage, abortion on demand, and the separation of church and state if that means, as it has come to mean here, the paganization of public education and the public square?

If freedom of speech and the press here have produced a popular culture that is an open sewer and a politics of vilification and venom, why would we seek to impose this upon other peoples?

For the State Department to declare America’s mission to be to make all nations look more like us might well be regarded as a uniquely American form of moral imperialism.

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Turin Turambar's picture

Republic?  LOL Where exactly is this Republic you speak of?  SMH


NoDecaf's picture

No Pat we're not democratizing them we just want them to use our quatloos

ParkAveFlasher's picture

They hate us for our quatloos!

sickavme's picture


Democratize Mankind"


Lol, thats just a joke that they tell the gung-ho types to convince them that all the killing we are doing is "good"...


However, even cursury research on the behind-the-scenes dealings behind this shit shows that all we are doing is helping out our "friends" by doing their dirty work for them... We aren't even doing "world policing".


We are going in and bombing the shit out of someone, so that someone else can come in and take all their shit...


Essentially hired thugs...

Blue Steel 309's picture

Any thinking person will conclude the Republic was officially ended in 1865.

You can't have a Republic without consent of the member States. That is just an empire.

serotonindumptruck's picture

Lincoln was an absolute dictator and tyrant.

His actions while POTUS made the US Constitution null and void.

The Southern States had the resources and industry (i.e., slavery) to provide much of the developed world with textiles and other coveted goods of the era.

The Northern States, including the tyrants in Washington DC, made war against the Southern States in a successful effort to steal those resources.

The so-called "Republic" has not existed since.

HRClinton's picture

Hey THUMP,  "They hate us for our (((Global-Lusts)))".  Savvy?

The same Xenophobic Zionuts who supported you (Adelson, etc), and the same ones you vowed to support (AIPAC, Nuttyackpoo...)

You are losing your Libertarian base. Good luck with the Zio-Christian droids and wing-nuts. You'll need it.

unsafe-space-time's picture

Democracy leads to libtardism. Republics lead to degeneracy. The only form of government that always works goes like this: follow the laws of common sense,nature and conscience or be executed. All threats to decency, private property, and life must be exterminated. Worked for Moses.

esum's picture

NSA FBI CIA violate the CONSTITUTION daily and when not directly via "contractors' or foreign cooperating intel agencies...


What fucking democracy are we talking about...?
Oligarchy or Plutocracy Police state is more like it....

serotonindumptruck's picture

Is Pat having second thoughts about Trump?

Welcome to The New World Order.

DC Beastie Boy's picture

Hell yes we have, the US has Democratized (bombed) 68 countries since WWII.

Cambodia like five times!

Jim in MN's picture

Except that since the election, peace has broken out across the globe.

Find me a hot war with mass civilian casualites today, besides Yemen and some ISIS mop-up.  Bet both of those are over in a few weeks.  Too embarrasing for the Saudis to be the only ones on Earth incinerating babies for power and profit.


No one is allowed to notice or mention it.  No one you know knows this.


What if it lasts 'til Christmas?   Someone might notice.

Now who's gonna step up to end this terrible, terrible PEACE ON EARTH we're having all of a sudden????

tion's picture

It amuses me how in one speech he can talk to 6 different groups, and each one hears that which they have the ears to hear.  

And they each respond as they ought to.  As it should be :)

assistedliving's picture

luv Pat's historicity....just some of his interpretations give me a headache

he is one very smart man and witness to power

Bill of Rights's picture

We are looking at the failures of Democracy, head on like a run away locomotive.

affirmed_78's picture

But then what about LMT and RTN stock?!

roadhazard's picture

It's about the money.

Herdee's picture

I think that all that American talk is all a lot of just plain shit to everyone that they've bombed in the MiddleEast. Don't forget, they bombed North Korea just like they did to Vietnam.

SnatchnGrab's picture

Yes, in the context of a WAR.

Big Creek Rising's picture

Congress did not declare war on Korea or Vietnam. We bombed the Norks into the stone age as a "police action". We dropped more bomb tonnage on North Vietnam in 9 months than we did on japan thru all of WWII based on a "Resolution", and that resolution was predicated on a false flag, followup lies and a complicit media.

Not that theres a pattern or anything

Jim in MN's picture

All talk and no bombs makes Donald a very bad boy. 

nevertheless's picture

America was great until it was taken over by the Zionist Jews. 


Behind America's race to militarization, you will find neo-liberal/conservatism, in other words Zionism. 


Look at Hollywood, Clinton, MSM, Pentagon, State Department, NYTimes (MSM including Fox News), while on many issues (gays, guns, God) there may be some variation, variation that is used as a mask for a united tribe. because when it comes to war, Israel, "capitalism", they are united.  


Trump, like Clinton, Bush, and Obama, are all servants to the tribe, this is incontrovertible. 

Boubou's picture

I am inclined to believe that, but where can I see evidence?

UselessEater's picture

You are either trolling or new to the concept of researching.

Here is a start:

"The circle of Jews around Roosevelt encouraged him [to divert attention to foreign policy]. With Old Testament vindictiveness they regarded the United States as the instrument which they and he could use to prepare a second Purim against the nations of Europe, which were increasingly anti-Jewish. So it was that the Jews, in all of their satanic baseness, gathered around this man, and he relied on them…"

“Roosevelt himself brought into his immediate circle more Jews than any other President before or after him.”

redmudhooch's picture

Listen to his UN speech from a day ago.

Bush0bamaClinton in one.

Bobportlandor's picture

HP to kicks 5k 2 curb B4 xmas. Happy Holidays Heathens!

HRClinton's picture

I know HP peeps in Vancouver WA and in Corvallis OR.

They all say that the old timers and those who don't make the grade on PC points, are getting whacked with each successive wave.

In recent waves they even replaced Chinese guys with Indian guys and gals.

If you're a Mulatto chick with an Ashkenazi last name, that you kept after the juicy divorce (because you put on 100 lbs and decided that you're a Lesbian), you're set for life.

Blue Steel 309's picture

1) Democracy is the worst form of government ever devised for large populations

2) America has never been a democracy

3) America (and EU members) have never had less representative governments in their history (defined by present borders), than they do right now.

There is one group over-represented in wealth, influence, control of institutions (media, entertainment, financial, banking, governmental, education, NGO's) that has been objectively working towards authoritarianism in the West. This group shall not be named, because they either control these institutions directly, indirectly, or some combination these. They will not be criticized, and if they are they will SHUT IT DOWN. They will not debate the accusations or issues. They will shut down discussion using all of the power and influence they have amassed. In much of the EU they have made it illegal to criticize them.

veritas semper vinces's picture

I would agree that "Democracy is the worst form of government ever devised for large populations" if your Constitutional Republic and Bill of Rights have prevented the PARASITOCRACY that we have here today.A Government of the Banks,by the Banks and for the Banks. BUT it did not.

I would also agree that Capitalism is the "best form of society" if we didn't have the total ,abject failure we have today:predatory capitalism,with the destruction of the entire world,with poisoning of air,water,soil and pauperization of a desappearing middle class ,and all these in the name of PROFIT,which is the back bone of Capitalism.A mad society based on CONSUMPTION(aka Gluttony),with no moral and spiritual values.Total depravity and degeneracy. All the so called "western values" are the result of this Capitalism,even worse ,the result of the ultimate form of Capitalism,which is Imperialism.When a society consumes everything there is within it ,it needs to expand and starts consuming whole countries ,for PROFIT. Indiferent of the fact that this may lead to its own destruction in the end.

This is where we are now.

It took me a long time to understand this,as I used to think the best forms are a Constitutional Republic and Capitalism.

I think we need to rethink all these. We have the proof that it didn't work.

The Constitution needs to be written by the people,not "representatives",because they will always write it in their favor,to protect the ruling class.

And if you look closely to all the Masonic symbols in Washington DC,on the dollar bill,the Statue of Liberty,etc. A Masonic construction from the very beginning.

   The Statue of Liberty was a Masonic concept conceived from within Freemasonry. The chief promoter and fundraiser for the

project was Edward Laboulaye and he collaborated with the sculptor Frederic Bartholdi to develop a statue of Masonic

enlightenment.He also raised the money needed.

The statue represents a Godess that the Freemasons worship=The Roman Godess Libertas aka Babylonian Ishtar

Libertas was the name of an ancient Roman goddess adopted by the Romans perhaps as early as the 5th century BC and certainly by

the 4th Century BC.

She was referred to as the goddess of personal freedom and liberty. In fact Libertas meant freedom.She was called the matron

goddess of prostitution because she promoted sexual freedom. Indeed, she had invented the concept. Slaves considered her their

goddess in the hopes of winning their freedom.

Libertas was also a goddess of war in order to fight for freedom. The whole idea of immigration connoted the idea of freedom.

We know of Libertas being referred to as the Mother of Harlots by the famous Roman historian (and senator) Cicero’s writings.

Isis was the name the Egyptians gave to her.Ishtar was introduced to the Greeks as Astarte through the Phoenicians.

It seems that the allure of Ishtar was her doctrine of holy sex or salvation by holy sexual relations with a temple priestess or

priest as a means of purification and holiness.This is why she was referred to as the Mother of Harlots. Harlots had been deemed

to be social outcasts so she was also referred to as the Mother of exiles.

The Biblical references to “daughter of Babylon” always refers to Ishtar of Babylon. She was a Mother of Harlots and also a

daughter of Babylon.

The Mother of Harlots comes from the ancient practice(Sumer,the Babylon) of the future king needing to sexually please the

godess ,and if he failed,he was killed by her and another candidate was needed.

The crown of seven spikes is a symbol   representing the enlightenment of the Babylonian sun god Shamesh/Utu. The idea was that

this sun god’s occultic illumination could be focused by each of the 7 spikes of the crown. Each spike would flash this occultic

enlightenment to each of the 7 “horas” or large landmasses of the world,each spike would flash occultic enlightenment to a

continent on planet earth.

In the original planning, the Statue of Liberty was designed in the initial stages to be in color. She was to be wearing the

royal robes of scarlet and purple.

It became obvious that for reasons of monetary purposes the statue must be made from copper. The use of copper precluded the use

of any color schemes. Thus the original plans for scarlet and purple robes were abandoned.

The torch:This item was originally designed to be a golden cup filled with the wine of freedom.The torch we see today is

actually the same type of cup design used in ancient times for drinking wine,the wine of liberty.The actual, original golden cup

was later sold by the project to the Czar of Russia, Czar Nicholas. In 1917 during the Russian revolution the Communist

government took possession of it.

The are just too many coincidences when we compare the characteristics in the scriptures relating to the woman called “Mystery

Babylon — “Mother of Harlots” with that of Ishtar of Babylon and the Statue of Liberty.

I say this because  the Statue of Liberty is actually the artist/sculpture’s vision of Ishtar, the goddess of Babylon.

So,it seems that the statue is not what you thought it was.

me or you's picture

USA is run by Jewish parasites. 

HRClinton's picture

Technically, that's good for your venting or trolling, but not correct.

It is run by the Deep State, where certain players have Totempole dominance.

Currently the guys at the top of the American Totempole are Ashkenazi/Zionists, the Kazarian Mafia, with an STD-sized dose of Global-Lust cravings of all things that their beady eyes covet: Other People's things, money, ideas resources, lands... Everything. Their Talmudic black hearts do not worry about the 10 Commandments of Moses, because those Laws do not apply when it comes to the Goyim.

They are a highly organized species of pathological crime gangs, that can indeed be likened to a worm, virus, parasite or invasive species.

Alas there us only ONE effective way of countering such a bio-threat and avoid re-infestation.

HRClinton's picture

Better to be a Beowolf of Odin, than a Lamb of God.


HRClinton's picture

Maybe "Jesus loves you".  But Odin demands that you grow TF up!

Neochrome's picture


taketheredpill's picture



Democratize the U.S.A. first....then call me.


Deep Snorkeler's picture

Trump, Emperor of Walmartia and All Walmartians

His cartoonization of America is complete:

he presides over a coven of Elmer Fudd billionaires,

bombards our enemies with Daffy Duck tweets,

gropes Petunia Pig's teats, 

and suffers daily Wiley Coyote defeats.

Sanity-averse Americans are pleased.


FlKeysFisherman's picture

"If freedom of speech and the press here have produced a popular culture that is an open sewer and a politics of vilification and venom, why would we seek to impose this upon other peoples?"

That sums it up nicely. American culture is and open sewer and our democracy is a farce ruled by oligarchs and bankers.

Boubou's picture

True. What country could possibly want to emulate America and its institutions?

Mike Masr's picture
"Mandated Mission To Democratize Mankind"

How do we do this one might ask? With violent regime change and the overthrow of legitimately elected governments.

How democratic is any of this?

I can only imagine the hell that would break loose if Russia fomented, paid for, and assisted in a violent overthrow of the legitimately and democratically elected government in Mexico, a neighbor sharing a common border with the US. Imagine Russian spymasters working from the Russian Embassy in Mexico City  helping and training  radicals how to use social media to bring out angry people and foment violent pubic unrest. Then Russian Duma members in Mexico City handing out tacos, and tamales emboldening and urging these angry people to riot, and overthrow the government and toss the bums out. Then Putin's executive group hand picking all the new (anti-USA) drug cartel junta puppet leaders of Mexico and a Russian senator, John MiKainlev in Mexico City stating on RT, there are no drug cartels here!

On the other side of the world Obama's neocon warmongers spent billions doing exactly this. Instead of drug cartels it was Banderist Neo-Nazis. Obama and our neocons, including John McCain whom intentionally caused all of this fucking mess, civil war and horrific death in Ukraine on Russia’s border and then placed all the blame for it on Putin and Russia. WTF!!!    

Thanks to John McCain and our evil fucking neocons - the regime change policy implemented by Obama, Clinton and Nuland's minions, like Geoffrey Pyatt, the Ukraine today is totally fucked. It is now a banana republic embroiled in a civil war. For the US and NATO the golden prize of this violent undemocratic regime change was supposed to be the Crimea. This scheme did not play out as intended. No matter what sanctions the warmongering neocons place on Russia they will NEVER give back the Crimea!

Our neocon fuck heads spent billions of our hard earned taxpayer dollars to create pain, suffering, death and a civil war inside Ukraine on Russia's border!

This is a case of don't do what we do [meddle and interfere], only do what we tell you to do! The moral of the story here is its perfectly okay when we do it. We don't like it when we think it's been done to us. It's hypocrisy and duplicity at its finest! 


Tech Camp NGO operating out of US Embassy in Kiev (using social media to help bring out radicals-

cause civil war-pre Maidan 2013) 

Nuland talks about $5 billion spent on Ukraine 

Nuland plotting on intercepted phone call the hand picked post coop Junta leaders. 

US Support of Banderist Neo-Nazis in Ukraine 

Remember When The U.S. Interfered In The 2012 Russian Election?


Faeriedust's picture

You speak as one personally offended by American corruption.  Did  you just discover this in the last three years?  Wait forty, you cool down and come to realize that it's nothing new.  America hasn't been a nation of idealistic and godly men since WR Hearst started the Spanish-American War.  Bankers and their media tools have controlled the country since Ulysses S. Grant took the hot seat and sold half the country to the railroad barons.

FixItAgainTony's picture

Offence is most meaningful when it is taken personally.

Felix da Kat's picture

This is one of Pat's best articles. Unfortunately America has a million-man army of America-haters within the media (and elsewhere) who will cover-up Pat's truths. Those people hate traditional America. They want unbridled liberalism to be the law of the land. Their only god is cultural Marxism and its implementation. They do not permit anything that might hinder their perverse vision for America (and ultimately, the world). America has been gently taken by the nape of the neck and with silk gloves it is being led most assuredly down a darkening path toward its destruction. 

Berspankme's picture

Democracy only works when the masses are well educated and can make good and reasonable decisions. The dumbing down of America has rendered democracy useless. America is now a country of childish adults begging for uncle sugar to bail them out of every bad decision they make. Evidence on a daily basis

Duc888's picture



I like PjB.  I agree with PjB most of the time but he still has to come clean and ADMIT when ever some Toady President comes forward and blabs about "spreading Democracy"'s a code word for the Banks keeping countries in line and addicted to the petro-dollar.... as well as masking our true intentions of going in, toppling governments and strip mining the country and it's eCONomy.

Alananda's picture

Took the words right out of my mouth -- though I do not agree with PJB, caught up as he is in the left-right, liberal-conservative dialectic.

Boubou's picture

Democracy only works if the officials elected by the people actually run the country. Not some shadowy behind the scenes muscle group.

Democracy only works with a diverse free press reporting the truth, and not just pushing the agenda of the government and their corporate owners.


Boubou's picture

When you are sending kids out to kill and be killed, you need a rallying cry. It cant be  " we want to control every move they make, every breath they take and all their resources"

I am starting to think the real cold war, USSR, MAD etc was better than this one sided evil empire of ours.


historian40's picture

What real cold war?  You don't know that was just a propaganda driven scheme between the Jews who ran Russia and those who run the US, as the cover for the spread of their global military empire?  Just like the "war on terror" and whatever newly labeled Acme Terrorist group is their cover for stamping out resistance today.  The US helped create the Soviet Union and the Communist takeover of China.  Then they claim to be fighting them for decades as an excuse to build military bases globally, and to grow their globalist control.

Just like now, they claim to be fighting terrorists, then get caught red-handed actually training and equipping them, and those terrorists attack the same targets the empire goes after at any given time, or they use them to terrorize the sheeple populations and never quality military and government targets.

Faeriedust's picture

Personally, I don't see what the problem is with paganization.  I *am* a Pagan, and perfectly proud and happy with the fact.  Now, PB has it wrong in assuming that this has anything whatsoever to do with supporting Big Government, let alone imperialist interventions overseas.  Pagan means "country bumpkin" or "hick", because in late Rome, the cities Christianized while the countryside continued to hold on to their traditional religions. Likewise "provincials", or subject peoples who had never given up their own lands and ways of life to seek power and fortune in the Roman urbs, remained freer of imported ideas and customs, and still saw no good reason to switch to some fad that had swept through their overlords.  Now think about a farmer from Minnesota or Alabama, and ask yourself, just because New York and California decide to convert to Buddhism, is he going to follow suit?  Of course not!  He's a solid, conservative, pagan.  And one of the characteristics of paganism is that it isn't one religion, one tradition, or One Way, Truth, or Life.  It's different in every little village or small town.  It doesn't take part in international "isms".  It doesn't preach to people outside its limited sphere of influence, and when it decides to go to war, it does so for practical reasons like profit or self-defense, not to ram its priesthood down somebody else's throat.  Paganization of the US would mean, California doesn't make decisions for Georgia, and Georgia doesn't plant Confederate flags in New York and insist that New Yorkers salute them.  Little churches in Mississippi don't take orders from Grand  Poobahs in Philadelphia, and megachurches in Nevada don't make rules for 300-year-old stone churches in Vermont.  Paganization would mean, enough of this centralized, one-size-fits-all government, religon, even economic system.  Let Texas mint gold coins and New York hand out hedge fund promissory notes and West Virginia accept whiskey for back taxes.  Unity is boring.  Diversity is the key to a vibrant and functional society.