California Residents Stunned As Ominous "End-Of-World Prediction" Takes Over TV Broadcasts

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Residents of Southern California were stunned yesterday morning when their avocado toast breakfast was suddenly interrupted by an ominous "end-of-world prediction" that took over their TV's, interrupting their normal programming for a full minute.  Among other things, the broadcast predicted that "extremely violent times will come."

“Realize this, that in the last day extremely violent times will come."


"The term means hard.  Harsh. Hard to deal with.  Vicious. Dangerous. Menacing."


Not surprisingly, the triggered Californians flooded social media with clips of the warning and their personal horror stories which were summarized by The Orange County Register:

Erin Mireles of Diamond Bar was watching the Bravo channel on Spectrum’s cable system when her show was interrupted by the alert.


“I was definitely startled, ’cause the volume increased exponentially,” she said. “I wasn’t alarmed in the sense of thinking something was wrong, ’cause I assumed it was some sort of hack. My channel changed back to Bravo after a couple minutes.”


Stacy Laflamme of Lake Forest said she was watching the HGTV channel via Cox Communications about 11:05 a.m. when suddenly an emergency alert flashed across her screen followed by a voice.


“It almost sounded like Hitler talking,” she said. “It sounded like a radio broadcast coming through the television.”

Of course, the "Emergency Alert" was made all the more alarming given that Christian numerologist David Meade has made news throughout this week with his own prediction that the end of the world will come please adjust your party plans for tonight accordingly.

According to Christian numerologist David Meade, verses in Luke 21:25 to 26 signify that recent events, such as the recent solar eclipse and Hurricane Harvey, portend the apocalypse.


The verses read:


“25: There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.'


"'26: Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.'


Saturday's date, Sept. 23 was pinpointed using codes from the Bible, as well as a "date marker" in the pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Unfortunately, in the end, the whole thing was just a technical glitch that resulted in a local radio broadcast being sent out over television stations during what should have been a regular test of the emergency alert system.

The problem occurred because of one or more radio stations conducting an emergency test, Joe Camero, a spokesman for Cox, said Thursday.


Cable systems pick up such alerts, and viewers should have seen just a typical emergency-broadcast test.


“With these tests, an emergency tone is sent out to initiate the test,”  Camero said. “After the tone is transmitted, another tone is sent to end the message. It appears that the radio station (or stations) did not transmit the end tone to complete the test.”


Then the broadcast picked up some audio feed that bled into the alert.


Camero said Cox technicians shut down the emergency test as soon as they became aware of the problem.


“We don’t want to alarm anyone with any false emergency alerts,” he said.

That said, you should probably still plan to party tonight like the end of the world will come tomorrow...just in case.

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Bill of Rights's picture

Liberals Stunned? Im surprised they didn't cheer for it.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Obviously the man isn't Christian, but a doom-idolator: 

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. - Mt 24:36

JRobby's picture

As far as they know, it is the end of the world in CA

Jim in MN's picture

I thought that was Altamont. 

toady's picture

I heard a bunch of kids talking this shit this morning.... "nibiru" or some such nonsense...

IH8OBAMA's picture

Yeah, planet X is supposed to hit us Saturday (again).  It must be moving pretty fast if we can't see it.

I would settle for a 100 ft. tsunami to hit the Los Angeles area.  That place needs a good liberal cleaning.

JimT's picture

Yeah, I remember when I had my first joint.

claytonmoore50's picture

"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine..."

"That's great, it starts with an earthquake

Birds and snakes, and aeroplanes
And Lenny Bruce is not afraid Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn
World serves its own needs,
Don't mis-serve your own needs
Speed it up a notch, speed, grunt, no, strength,
The ladder starts to clatter
With a fear of height, down, height
Wire in a fire, represent the seven games
And a government for hire and a combat site
Left her, wasn't coming in a hurry
With the Furies breathing down your neck"...
Luc X. Ifer's picture

WTF is that 'Christian numerology' never encountered it since my 1st math class ...

jefferson32's picture

This was a drill or an experiment part of the larger occult war being waged against the people.

Shropshire Lad's picture

Planet X has never been on course to hit the Earth.  But flying past at 20 million miles is enough to cause some major damage from its gravitational pull and magnetic fields.  But this is quite a few months away, based on visual sightings -- definitely getting closer though.

idontcare's picture

OK, I'm outside with my 14" Dobsonian.   Where do I look for this planet 7-10x the size of Jupiter buzzing through the neighborhood?  Coordinates please!

abyssinian's picture

time traveler posting hints? 

Implied Violins's picture

I dunno, but these Satanist FUCKS often tell people what they are going to do before they do it. It's some kind of sick "code of honor" for them. They often do this with movies and TV shows, like The Simpsons and the Batman franchise.

I'm gonna take it semi-seriously and prepare in case an earthquake hits. Those Mexico ones could be a sign and they usually migrate north. These days it's better to be prepared than not.

EDIT: and no sooner do I post this, than this happens:

Could be a foreshock. I can't get off work fast enough...

Mr Hankey's picture

Yes, those Mexico ones usually do migrate north.

Common_Law's picture

I can't get over the "oops we sent the radio over the TV..." Excuse?

techpriest's picture

Obviously the man isn't Christian, but a doom-idolator:

Yes. Also, the last time we had a really popular idolater of this kind, we got the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Shropshire Lad's picture

David Meade is neither a Christian nor a professional numerologist.  He has been hired as a scaremonger to dissuade people from looking into the implications of the rapidly increasing number of earthquakes.  Once there is "no end of world event" he gets his payoff and even fewer people will take seriosly the major changes affecting planet Earth and her relations with neighbouring planets which are actually hotting up.

Mr Hankey's picture

Lesson learned the hard way. Please peeps,check with your local BBB& only deal with licenced professional numerologists.

Tallest Skil's picture

Oy vey, it was Hitler himself speaking to me! I swear!

general ambivalent's picture

Only the end of the world for dotards. For anyone with any sense it all ended long ago.

serotonindumptruck's picture

So when do they vote for secession?

Enceladus's picture

Your all doomed 

idontcare's picture

"You're" - just saying!!!

Gardentoolnumber5's picture

There, their, they're are the ones that get me but I always refrain. Never ending job.

BarkingCat's picture

I thought those were bad, until I started seeing "should of" and "could of".


Eye don't no about ewe butt that's really bed.

ThanksChump's picture

*MY* all doomed? Awesome. I'm calling it "George". Purina Doom Chow is OK, right?

VWAndy's picture

 Cali weed will be keeping most right in front of the boobtube.

1835jackson's picture

Do some more home work. There is an anligment in the constellations of Virgo and Leo that represents a passage in Revelation 12. Also coincides with Feast of Trumpets. Of course all of this makes no sense to non bible readers. Something may happen tomorrow but then again it may not.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

I read the Bible; you just don't make sense.

Firstly, it was, in Mosaic Law, clearly not the will of God to use the stars to forecast.  Prophecy is by God's word only, never by some arcane divining technique.

Secondly, to claim hidden knowledge "of the day" is to claim wisdom beyond Jesus himself.  That's simply blasphemy.

Thirdly, which Bible are you referring to?

1835jackson's picture

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

The bolded part is the constellation alingment that happens tomorrow, like I said it could mean something or not. Do yer home work. Also as a bonus Jupiter has been in the constellation Virgo for 9 months. It very well could mean something but again I really don't know.

Remember Jesus said he did know now the day or hour when on Earth. Revelation was written around 95AD AFTER the Gospel of John. Using KJV. 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

That verse is prophetic.  You interpretation of it is not. 

Knowing the difference = discernment

1835jackson's picture

In 3–2 BC, there was a series of seven conjunctions, including three between Jupiter and Regulus and a strikingly close conjunction between Jupiter and Venus near Regulus on June 17, 2 BC. Some say this was the star that the Magi followed for Jesus's birth. Maybe my interpretation is off but I do not think you can ignore it. God made it all.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

"Some say" is not Biblical.  I can certainly ignore it.

WillyGroper's picture

that pesky number 33 appears again.

9-23 is 33 days from the eclipse on 8-21.


the verse is from KJV, Rev. 12:1,2.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Seven crowns upon his head could refer to a military coalition. Oh shit. Now I am doing it. Prophecy speculation is kinda fun. I know nothing.

subversion's picture

I have studied for decades and have even had a chance to have some very well studied friends over the years and this interpretation is wrong. How did we suddenly jump all the other events in Revelation to get to this point?

The constellation has nothing to do with those verses and tomorrow will amount to nothing more than another evil day on this planet. The real problem is people want signs and wonders and will go out of their way to see them in anything they can (which is why your churches are filled with false prophets and "healers" whose only miracle is much their wallets fill yet their lives are filled with every type of degeneracy).

You want to see the forest, but yet you do not know what a tree looks like. The church is a mess. It is filled with hypocrisy, degeneracy, and a lust for power and money. They are blinded and the candlestick has been removed. You embrace a traitorous, lying nation as Israel and pour more love upon them then you do the church itself. The household of faith was suppose to be FIRST when it came to your love, but instead they backbite and destroy each other while promoting a race of people who have deceived them and have set out to destroy you. Spend some time in Israel and find out how much they love you. You want to know who they are?

Well they embrace the Babylonian Talmud before any other scripture (you got that Babylonian part right?). They worship a feminine god called Shekhinah whose name does not appear in the Bible EVER. They base their lineage after their mothers unlike true Israel who MUST receive their lineage from their fathers. They speak Yiddish, not Hebrew. They created Marxism (whose God is atheism), feminism, and at one time the church actually use to fight against them.

Answer me this. What one race of people on the planet today have the power to limit what men can buy or sell and force all to receive a mark to do business. Who controls the worlds banks? Did you know Jerusalem is a city that sits on seven hills? Strong delusion? Many shall fall away.

It is the church that is calling evil good and good evil. I've talked to many Christians who are "confused" because according to Bible prophecy if Israel is back well what about "this verse" or "that verse". Confusion? Trying to place a false nation into the role of Israel while funded them with tax dollars, church donations and filling graves in their name is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Jerusalem is the whore. Expect great things from her.

Newbie lurker's picture

You, sir, speak the truth.

This 9/23 stuff is complete hogwash. The reinterpretation of Revelation is a dispensational heresay. It is the same Scofield and Darby-esque nonsense about a rapture of the church that has lead to Christian fatalism and a defeatist mindset about this world.

We are to be salt and light, but instead with these heresies of the rapture and money making end times theology, Christians just close ranks and throw their hands up when evils befalls the earth because ‘that’s what the Bible says will happen’ instead of reaching out with love to combat evil.

And further more....American Christians (I being one) absolutely kill me when it comes to our politics and current events. Somehow American Christians believe we are at the center of the end we times. Because suddenly evil is happening in America....ohhhhhh now must be the end. How about the millions of Christian martyrs from years past around the globe.....they didn’t matter. It’s only now end times because gay marriage is legal in the US.

The fuck outta here....

I could go on and on.

And please nobody reply with Thessalonians about the rapture. Paul is simply describing the second coming...not a secret rapture of the church.

Also. All the verses about being left behind. If you read the context and what Jesus was comparing to and what was happening at the time with the Romans taking religious and political prisoners. You WANT to be left behind in context of those verses. It isn’t good to be taken..

Jacobra's picture

The synagouge of satan. Only one people have synogogues.

Village-idiot's picture

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven, to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.

Gen. 1:14 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Hebrew "leotot" (sp) means "banner, mark", as in signs in the sky to navigate by night.

Surely, God never contradicts Himself:

Isaiah 47:13-15 NIV. "All the counsel you have received has only worn you out. Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you. Surely they are like stubble; the fire will burn them up. They cannot even save themselves from the flame… Each of them goes on in his error; there is not one that can save you."

Daniel 2:2 NIV, "So the king summoned the magicians, enchanters, sorcerers and astrologers to tell him what he had dreamed." (they could not do so)

Deuteronomy 18:9, 12 & 14 NIV, "Do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there… The nations you will dispossess listen to those who practice sorcery or divination. But as for you, the Lord your God has not permitted you to do so… Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord."

1 Samuel 15:23 NIV, "Rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry."

WillyGroper's picture

rupert murdoch owns the copyright to the NIV.

it's been reengineered.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

No doubt.  Run it in KJV, same content.  I just jumped on google and picked off verses.

For you:

  • Leviticus 19:26, 31; Leviticus 20:6, 27
  • Deuteronomy 18:9-14
  • II Kings 21:6
  • Isaiah 8:19; Isaiah 47:13-14
  • Daniel 2:27; Daniel 4:7, 19

KJV in this case would be not be meaningfully different.

And if I'd dropped KJV, I would have gotten the opposite response.

31And the Lord said, Whereunto then shall I liken the men of this generation? and to what are they like? 32They are like unto children sitting in the marketplace, and calling one to another, and saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned to you, and ye have not wept. 33For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine; and ye say, He hath a devil. 34The Son of man is come eating and drinking; and ye say, Behold a gluttonous man, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners! 35But wisdom is justified of all her children.

Luke 7

ParkAveFlasher's picture

10For thou hast trusted in thy wickedness: thou hast said, None seeth me. Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hath perverted thee; and thou hast said in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me.

11Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know.

12Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.

13Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.

14Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame: there shall not be a coal to warm at, nor fire to sit before it.

Isaiah 47 - KJV

I did the scamps a favor by not dropping KJV first, which is typically more impactful.  I don't want to scare anyone.

Again, God doesn't contradict Himself.

loves the truth's picture

nor does he speak in 16th century english