Friday Humor: Russell 2000 Reaches New Record High

Tyler Durden's picture 2017 earnings expectations hit year-to-date lows...

And yes, we know financials are a major driver of the Russell 2000... so here's some more humor...


But VIX doesn't appear to be in on the joke...

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That's what Sept 23rd is all about isn't it. 

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Looking at that chart above by HH, then thinking of Yellen saying "the fed doesn't fully understand inflation...".






Why is it that anyone working in the financial sector, or banking, or lending, or money.... is a friggin' liar?


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in terms of egregious scams & ponzis:


r2k > snb

r2k > btc

r2k > "marketz"

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#1 job requirement they look for on a resume.  The more full of shite it is, the more likely you will become part of the team.

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Friday Humor: Russell 2000 Reaches New Record High

My response: This article presents clear and compelling evidence that someone with nefarious intentions is buying to create an illusion that everything is AWESOME.

This is NOT a GOD honoring activity by any stretch of the imagination because it is dishonest.

This will NOT END WELL whether it is next week, next month or next year.

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as i said before.........the index manipulation is glaringly obvious......keep spinning those plates until everyone has sold out and let the retail bagholders dangle.

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His name is Simon Potter.

Executive Vice President 
Markets Group 
Federal Reserve Bank of New York 
33 Liberty Street 
New York, NY 10045 

Phone (212) 720-6309

When the Federal Reserve finally decides to raise short-term interest rates from near zero, it will be Simon Potter’s job to make it happen.

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Saw that photo, and I thought of the "Harry Potter" character with his wand.  Maybe today's economists see themselves as the wizards of our time.

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+1, but I would add that market control ultimately leads to the oligarchs using .gov to impose social control.  We're already seeing it with the destruction of statues, etc.

In fact, isn't market control really about social control to keep the sheeple ignoring the real economic situation, pop another Prozac, and check their stocks.  Everything is OK - until it isn't!

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New "record highs" with "full employment" and yet still the bankers and financiers keep getting access to essentially FREE MONEY (near ZIRP Federal Funds Rate)!!!!!!


Time to raise those rates Janet!!!!!!!


"Full Faith and Credit"

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Captain Bernanko already admitted that the Fed loves buying the RUT, so no surprises, I used to short that fucker like a mad man in 08. I have been retreating under fire before but nothing like it when you are facing the Mad Jew who loves Blue Horseshoe.

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leave the fives thirties alone bitchez!

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"Earnings, to god-damned hell with Earnings! We have no Earnings. In fact, we don’t need Earnings. I don’t have to show you any stinking Earnings, you god-damned cabron and ching’ tu madre!"

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As a person who used to trade this beast daily, staring at every bar for years, it appears a turnabout may have started around 10:45 as it hit the Weekly Keltner 1.5 top, remains to be seen whether this is just an interim VWAP retrace before blasting thru later, or if ZH top-ticked it.

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BTFD opportunity.  No need for market to take a dump when infinite Fed bux can buy every stock certificate on the planet with money created from electrons.  SMH

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What a house of cards we have here...

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remember when the market traded based on people's and company's perceptions and not central bank manipulation?

yea me either

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Time to get a home equity loan and buy one of them there Russell 2000 ETF's.

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how they can manipulate indices and entire markets is beyond my compregension, but it would not surprise me to see SPX close at exactly 2,500,00 for weekly option expiration pin.

this market will not see another 10% drop in my lifetime unless central bsnks grt out of the business of market manipulation