NWS Declares "Extremely Dangerous Situation" After Puerto Rico Dam Fails

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With electricity and cell phone service still offline across most of hurricane-damaged island, NBC reports that a dam in northwest Puerto Rico has failed, causing even more flash flooding and prompting emergency evacuations.

Guajataca Dam operators said it failed at 2:10 pm ET, prompting the NWS to issue a flash flood emergency warning for Isabela and Quebradillas municipalities.

"This is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS SITUATION. Busses are currently evacuating people from the area as quickly as they can," NWS San Juan said.

A warning was also issued for residents living in areas surrounding the Guajataca River who, according to NEW San Juan "should evacuate NOW" as their lives are in danger.

According to federal reservoir data, the lake behind the dam, Lago de Guajataca, rose more than three feet between Tuesday and Wednesday, when the storm was still directly over the island. More recent data were unavailable.

More than 95% of Puerto Rico’s wireless cell sites are currently out of service, according to the FCC. That is worse than the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, which knocked out 56% of the island’s wireless network. Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long said restoring electricity to the island “could take weeks or many, many months.”

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More Keynesian stimulus.  Bullish

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NWS Declares "Extremely Dangerous Situation" After Puerto Rico Dam Fails

My response: While this is a real tragedy, I was expecting to hear of things like this because some of the rivers were 40 to 60+ feet above flood stage. Yes, you heard me correctly when I said 40 to 60+ feet.

Below is a video that discusses the subject.

Apocalyptic Flood: Puerto Rico River Rises 62ft ABOVE flood stage - Extreme Flash Flood


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Are we to assume the picture shown here is NOT of a dam failure, but a picture of when the dam was working as designed?   Many dam's are designed to be topped without eminent failure.

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Dam failure = bye bye fresh water storage....

In a few weeks the situation in Puerto Rico will be described as "biblical".

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... try days.  Or hours. :)

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Will never forget, stayed up all night watching TV after the Fukushima tsunami hit -  absolutely horrific video, waves and waves of carnage in Sendai was looping on nearly every channel. I flip the channel to CNBC and here was Larry Summers, up at 4am, just a few hours after the tsunami hit, here he was, on live TV beaming about all of the opportunities surrounding Japan's future. Talking like he'd just done some lines.

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While watching the same thing I channel flipped to see what else was going on and ran into an old Godzilla film. I watched that instead.

I am not kidding.

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only if the feds engage in aid.


Otherwise it's just a tragedy in a third world country

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Do beaners float as well as Cuban rafters?

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Evacuate America now. Go to China. 

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What do expect from a country run by spics.

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If this is punishment for sins in a prior lifetime, you have to wonder what those poor sobs were quilty of..... 

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3.2 million people racking in $70b debt?

RagaMuffin's picture

I assume that you had zilch to do with the $20 TRN US debt. I certainly did not. probably ditto for a number of folks in PR

Omen IV's picture

The entire $20 Trillion was accumulated since 1950 when the USA SPENT -$20 Trillion on war and the preparation for war- only decisions were in Washington - Americans had nothing to do with that

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quilty? ugh, time to find the JD........

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Being Puerto Rican.

Screwed by their Govt. Screwed by God and his hurricanes and screwed by a dambreak.


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Surpassing ignorance on this thread!

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Guess they should have spent some of that borrowed money on dam maintenance instead of government worker bonuses.

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Built by California engineers

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Two broken Windows are, in theory, better than one. Just ask Paul Krugman.

All you have to do is give raises prior to the people who will fix the dam.

Every one gets rich!...unless you're country is in Bk...PR in a shit storm now.

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Why wasn't Jesus born in Puerto Rico? 

God could not find a virgin nor 3 wise men there. 

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holy crap
thats a great joke. surprised i missed it earlier....

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Billions of sperm....and you were the fastest one.



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Send them all to FL with .gov checks, solve the real estate bubble! (I wish this were a joke, and not what will probably actually happen)

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Yupp, mass migration is solving Europe's problems right now. /s

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they already get the .gov checks.  Welfare is HUGE in PR

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PR was not a viable entity before the big destruction.

PR should be desettled because there is not enough money in the world to keep going. Don't repair anything. 

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PR, you wanted to be a protectorate and territory of the US, dont bitch

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No, they haev ALWAYS wanted to be a State, or their independence.  I don't think you'll find many people in PR that are happy with their limbo status.

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No one in their right mind would make them a state of the union

It would be a permanent state of ...welfare

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

If PR became a state, there would forever be 2 more Democratic Senators and one more Democratic Representative. This will not happen so long as there are enough Republican Senators to filibuster.

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Poor Puerto Ricans...

I think Fred G Sanford. said it best:


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that dam looks okay to me.

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There are no solutions to PR

$75 billion in bonds / $50 Billion in pensions and no cash flow- operating costs cannot beat Mexico

Call a force majeur and tell everyone to get fucked
Get rid of the Ricans and maybe in 50 years there is a solution

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   I recall that the big pharma fellas tested the first "Pill" in Puerto Rico (years ago).

No threat of lawsuits, the ladies would have signed a release from litigation anyway,

and they were desperate for reliable contraception (aside from coitus interruptus).

There seems to be a concentration of the PR debt bonds in a small sector of mutual funds,

as if someone expects a bailout from Congress.

They have stalled on debt renegotiation for years now,and now they won't be able to kick the

can any further.

 So, let's recap: PR not fixed,now demolished. Venezuela not fixed, de facto hyper-inflation,

Greece not fixed, Cyprus not fixed, Spain not fixed and Catalan secession movement growing,

Portugal not fixed,Libya not fixed and a point of departure for people smugglers.

Syria destroyed, and religiously polarized to a much higher degree than before.


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No problem.  Puerto Rico can

Float a bond to repair the dam.

Float a bond to repair the electric grid.

Float a bond to import gasoline.

Float a bond to repair the roads.

Float a bond to repair the bridges.

Float a bond to repair the schools.