"We Will Not Seek Permission": Defiant Iran Unveils New Ballistic Missile

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani delivered another snub to the Trump administration on Friday when he said that Iran would continue its missile program in defiance of US sanctions, and to underscore the determination, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard unveiled its newest long-range ballistic missile during a military parade in Tehran.

The new missile that was introduced at the parade is capable of reaching much of the Middle East, including Israel, with a range of 1,200 miles. It's also capable of carrying several warheads. The parade in Tehran commemorated the 1980s Iraq-Iran war. Though Iran has long boasted of having missiles in the same range in its arsenal, it was the first time that the new Khoramshahr missile was displayed in public, the AP reported adding that in February, Iran test-fired the same medium-range type of missile, prompting Trump to say that the United States is "putting Iran on notice."

Friday's parade also showcased various Iranian army units and Revolutionary Guard forces, as well as the police, according to the Associated Press. Similar parades were held in other Iranian cities.

Rouhani addressed the parade in Tehran, saying that Iran would not halt its missile program but continue to boost military capabilities, despite U.S. demands.

“We will increase our military power as a deterrent. We will strengthen our missile capabilities ... We will not seek permission from anyone to defend our country.


“All countries in the world supported the nuclear deal in the United Nations General Assembly this year ... except the United States and the Zionist regime (Israel),” Rouhani said.

During his address to the general assembly earlier in the week, Rouhani slammed the US and Trump for reneging, and claimed that the Iran deal belongs “to the world” and “cannot be renegotiated.” He criticized Trump’s “ugly, ignorant words” made during Trump's own address where he urged world powers to come together and pressure the Iranian regime. Rouhani added that the country’s missile program is vital to national security, citing the country's long-running war with Iraq in the 1980s as justification for the program.

Iran has continued its ballistic missiles program in defiance of sanctions signed into law by US President Donald Trump in August that targeted any person or company that does business with any entity designated by the administration as having a connection to Iran's missile program. The White House said the sanctions were also levied in response to the country’s purported support of terrorists and alleged human rights violations.

Trump said earlier this week that he has made up his mind about whether to re-certify Iran’s compliance with the deal, but has yet to reveal his decision publicly. The administration has until Oct. 15 to decide whether to label Iran compliant or not. The White House certified in July that Iran was in compliance with the nuclear deal, but would “face consequences” for violating the “spirit” of the deal.

In a press conference Wednesday night, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson repeated the administration’s line that Iran, while technically in compliance with the deal's terms, has continued to engage in destabilizing behaviors like funding Hezbollah, and Shia militias fighting on behalf of embattled Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, and by continuing its ballistic weapons program. Tillerson said the agreement must be altered, or the US wouldn’t be able to abide by its terms.

Other signatories to the deal have expressed reluctance to renegotiate. According to Reuters, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said tensions on the Korean peninsula underlined the importance of the Iranian deal, and that China would continue to support it. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the US imposition of unilateral sanctions on Iran was “illegitimate and undermines the collective nature of international efforts.”

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"We Will Not Seek Permission"


That works 2 ways.....

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I guess the Iranians are pretty sure that their man is a lock in the new Chinese Party Congress.

Didn't have to spend much on Faceplant advertising either.

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"We Will Not Seek Permission": Defiant Iran Unveils New Ballistic Missile

My response: IRAN to the USA: See, we are breaking the rules of the Nuclear agreement!!! What are you going to do about it???


Folks of Zero Hedge: The STAGE is being set for the GOG/MAGOG conflict (Eze38-39) at some point in the future. Stay tuned, it is going to get real interesting in the months/years ahead.

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Like NK, did Iran get their rocket motors from the US installed regime in the Ukraine?

Arnold's picture

Will it be like sky writing, Gus?

I'm pretty sure you and I and this venue, and a whole lot of digital, will be early casualties.

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This Zog-MAGOG religious bullshit is a self fulfilling prophecy. The asswipes in charge are wanting to fulfill their little fairy tales, so, they'll make them happen. Doesn't take a genius to figure out what an ouroborus the whole sham is.

Abrahamic faith is fundamentally bearish on world peace. Dump this shit in the toilet and evolve.

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Had to log in to upvote your post. I live in the bible belt and finally said goodbye to the Babtist about a decade ago. I have heard this End-Time fear story since the late  70's . What makes  me so  put out with them is that they are for  the most part detached from world events. They see  everything from a rapture/tribulation what me worry perspective. Human death  and suffering is  just part of  the  grand storyline. I guess in a way they are correct in the sense that at the time  the  bible was written if you looked at the  past and considered the  future you would see that war was always the way that humans worked things out  and any new technology would mean  greater destruction. Still doesn't justify the  Apathy and lack of real effort to  get involved. Today there is a way to peace I truly believe, (thanks to modern technology) I believe we can evolve. Something the Bible  never considered. I put in a book on Amazon and free on Medium, It  is titled  "Viable" by Race Caffee. Not a great book but my small  effort to  find a solution  that would really work as opposed to all the anarchist, never  gonna happen idealist non-sense going around.

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how 'bout some 'zamples there little buddy.

just how IS iran "breaking the rules"?

and does the monthly certification by the iaea that

iran is indeed compliant mean nothing to you?


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Iran has been foretold to rise out of nowhere and Europe will join them to destroy the financial powers as we know it. Check out the latest developments this last week. It's happening right before our very eyes

Iran gaining influence and likability worldwide


Europe opening up to Iran on financial interests all in last couple weeks




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Thanks Obunghole, YOU built that! (along with giving them $158 billion in mixed cash!!)

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Who does the US give more to...Israhell or Iran?

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That's another lie that has become "true" after infinite MSM repetition (aka propoganda a la Goebbels). In fact, the funds were Iran's own money which had been frozen as part of the earlier sanctions regimen. Get the facts straight at least then we can discuss whether the funds should have been released or not?

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Iran ran into the Texas Hwy Patrol?

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Your fine if you do not boycott Israel...

Anti-Israel Policies Are Anti-Texas Policies

May 2, 2017 | Press Release | Legislative - Signature Statement

Governor Abbott Proudly Signs Anti-BDS Legislation Into Law

Action Signals Texas’ Strong Support For Israel




Spinelli's picture

Was sure you were trolling till you posted shitty links.


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Its was not the money, you are right it was theirs but its the CASH... no reason to give cash.  Major red flag That my good Sir is the facts.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The other lie, which keeps growing bigger (literally) every time I see it, is the amount of money returned to Iran. The idiot above spouted the figure $158 billion, which isn't even close to correct.

The amount actually returned to Iran (another example of the US tradition of not living up to its side of any agreement it makes) was about $3 billion.


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So now North Korea and Iran join to antagonize Trump.

youngman's picture

and gold and silver are down.....go figure

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Ideal partnership. Congratulations. Keep on digging Trump's ass.

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I'm 54 now, and I have been watching this crap for 40 years. The faces change but everything else remains the same.

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Yep,,,only way to change the picture is kill every male in that country and start over.....

U.S. Military today is 95%  bunch of pussified liberals that don't have the stomach for winning.

Biology runs this planet, so if you are not the apex predator, you are lunch.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Yep,,,only way to change the picture is kill every male in that country and start over.....

That's probably Hillary's dream, but it's a little drastic, don't you think? What do you think the country will look like when it's populated only by American women?

Perhaps something like going back to the Articles of Confederation would work better.

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Different hat,, George Carlin

BarkingCat's picture

Queue in John McCain singing old Beach Boys songs

GodHelpAmerica's picture

How many hot conflicts can Washington get us into simultaneously?

Bill of Rights's picture

Did you just arrive? these conflicts are decades old...

GodHelpAmerica's picture

Read, and don't be so quick to patronize.

Operative word is "hot" you imbecile.

Bill of Rights's picture

That was not patronizing, that was more in the form  of a question...dumb ass.

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it is interesting time.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

No need to reach or target the USA.


Blowing up the USA's military-economic colonies like South Korea, Japan, and Saudi Arabia would do the trick.

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Fuck Trump the hair-do'tard...and his Israeli overlords.

Mementoil's picture

Don't tell me, you support the crazy theocratic dictatorship of Iran, in which women are forced to cover themselves from head to toe, and gay 16 y/o are hanged by the neck...

Vageling's picture

Just like Gatestone. Your hidden agenda is showing. For most of us. Bitten by the cat or the dog. (((They))) are not allies either. Deal with your own problems. 

Mementoil's picture

I'm a Libertarian.
My agenda is liberty. Not just for me but to all man kind.
It doesn't mean that I support wars in middle east or "nation building" as the Americans like to call it.
Especially because in most instances they end up achieving the exact opposite of freedom.
But I'm not going to pretend that the Iranian regime is anything other than evil, either.
You can do both, you know.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

No, you're not a libertarian, you're just another self-deluded authoritarian who thinks he knows what is best for everyone else.

That you believe the Iranian government is evil is simply confirmation that you're delusional.

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Like women forced to take "cover" in Gaza...aka Warsaw Ghetto controlled by Master Racists...

GodHelpAmerica's picture

John McCain will give the go ahead on the health care bill once Trump adds "missiles destined for Iran" to the deal.

Fireman's picture

That USSANS are unwilling to fight Iran and die for the "shitty little country" in apartheid, occupied Palestine can only be construed as the worst type of "antisemiti$m"! Shocking to realize that USSAN Goyim will tolerate the "shitty little country" getting bitch slapped by Iran. Shocking!

More hollow cost rhetoric and fast!

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There are no co-incidences in geopolitik.

This is all being orchestrated to overextend the empire.

Somebody is working their plan.

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Oye vey ! We need our American goyim shock troops to "liberate" Iran !

Mementoil's picture

Don't tell me, you support the crazy theocratic dictatorship of Iran, in which women are forced to cover themselves from head to toe, and gay 16 y/o are hanged by the neck...

Vageling's picture

Nor do I support those chosenites who see the gentiles as their slaves. The pot calling the kettle black. Get of your one trick pony. 

Mementoil's picture

I don't see you as my slave.
It's just your imagination.

11b40's picture

Are you conflating Iran and Isreal's good friend Saudi Arabia?

medium giraffe's picture

Hold the fuck on, the US was responsible for turning the country over to radicals.
And now you're crying about it?

Any chance of getting your boy Trump to build a wall all the way round the US?

Mementoil's picture

The US is responsible for a lot of things, but turning Iran into a crazy theocratic dictatorship isn't one them.
They have acomplished that all by themselves.
And the proof of that is that the Iranian people had decades and decades without any American presence to change the regime, and yet they haven't.

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I’ve started referring to Trump as ‘dotard.’ It’s really growing on me and I like the way it sounds. Not even sure if it’s a real word but ol’ dotard sure is a good little goy.