Will The Deep State's War On Trump Lead To An Actual Civil War?

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Authored by Andrew Karybko via Oriental Review,

Oriental Review is publishing the English original of Andrew Korybko’s interview with an Iranian newspaper from earlier this month.

After only eight months after entering into office, we have witnessed the resignation and dismissal of 15 high-ranked people from the White House. In view of this, do you think that Trump will be able to finish his first term? Some analysts suggest that he won’t, so how unstable do you think the political situation in the US, and how serious of a threat does it pose to Trump’s presidency?

There have been over a dozen high-level and much-publicized personnel shifts in the Trump Administration in the past 9 months, but they shouldn’t be interpreted as signaling that the President himself will be leaving anytime soon. These are all just casualties of Trump’s war with the “deep state” (permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies), whereby the vested power interests in the US are fighting to defeat the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement. Throughout the course of this conflict, Trump has clearly been thrown on the defensive as he’s had to compromise on his promised foreign policy platforms in order to retain a chance at succeeding on the domestic front, but even that looks uncertain right now in some respects as the “deep state”, aided by the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), relentlessly continues to chip away at MAGA in order to retain their power and influence.

If they can force Trump into submission and turn him into their puppet, as they’re trying to do, then there would be no need to attempt to remove him from office; likewise, if he continues to resist in some capacities, as he’s doing on domestic issues, then this scenario because more possible. Even so, it’s unlikely to succeed except in the event that Trump’s enemies can pull off turning him into the “fascist dictator” that they’ve fear mongered he’d become even before he was elected.

The only conceivable way for this to happen is if the domestic unrest in the US between the Alt-Left and Alt-Right becomes so uncontrollable that Trump is forced to implement limited martial law, and if (or likely when) a racial minority or group thereof is killed during this time, regardless of the circumstances, this would be used to swiftly bring about attempted impeachment charges on whatever trumped-up pretext can be made. It’s not being implied that this will succeed, but just that if one talks about the impeachment scenario, then this is the only one out of the wide array that are being bandied about which has any realistic chance of succeeding, though the odds are nevertheless still slim.

“The New Yorker” recently published an article which said that racism and fascism have been on the rise after Trump’s election, pointing to the incident in Charlottesville as proof of that. In your view, what’s the risk that this will spark a war between the left and right in the US?

“The New Yorker”, given its liberal-progressive and endemic anti-Trump bias, shouldn’t be trusted as a reliable source of information, but the fact that it’s pushing the Mainstream Media narrative about Trump coming to power on the backs of racists and fascists deserves to be elaborated on. This is a false stereotype which suggests that “white” (Caucasian) people are racists simply because of their skin color, and therefore voted for Trump on that basis alone, which isn’t the case at all and is condescending to the tens of millions of people who supported him for his policies.

That being said, there are indeed some actual racists and fascists who openly support Trump, but they’re such a small minority of the population as to be statistically irrelevant. For instance, the notorious Ku Klux Klan only has several thousand members nationwide, which pales in comparison to the at least 100,000-200,000 members of the Alt-Left militant group “Antifa”, which has proven to be much more violent and dangerous than their Alt-Right counterparts.

The reason why the “deep state” is trying to link racists and fascists to Trump is to discredit his election victory, so their affiliated Mainstream Media proxies amplify the voices and numbers of a tiny minority of a minority of individuals in order to promote this perception. Nevertheless, they are dangerous and deserve to be condemned, though to be fair, so too should most of their Alt-Left counter-protesters, and for even more urgent reasons.

When “Antifa” is heralded as “heroes” despite their wanton destruction and actual fascist-like violent intolerance for any dissenting views, this lends “legitimacy” to their tactics and “normalizes” them, essentially turning Far-Left street destabilizations into an accepted part of life for the elite because of their weaponized instrumentalization in intimidating the vast majority of Trump’s non-racist non-fascist base.

In turn, this can only provoke a defensive reaction from these people which spikes the chances of Left-Right clashes becoming as common in the future in America’s cities as gangland shootings are today.

To tie all of this in with the previous question, the reason why the “deep state” and Soros-affiliated Alt-Left groups want to spark such pronounced disorder and chaos in the US is to fuel a Color Revolution which would then rapidly descend into an Unconventional War of urban terrorism and political killings, all with the intent of driving Trump to become the “fascist dictator” that they fear mongered he’d become so as to have a basis for pushing through impeachment proceedings against him should racial minorities be killed if he implements limited martial law in response.

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Yen Cross's picture

 NO.  Long live the Independents. 


old naughty's picture

"... so as to..." ?

that's the inaccurate assumption...THEY have an old agenda and are executing right on target.

we are simply US-eful idiots.

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"Will The Deep State's War On Trump Lead To An Actual Civil War?"

Absolutely, if they try to "take him out."

And those who support him are ARMED!

Bad Attitude's picture

And, the Trump supporters have been stocking up in ernest for eight years. Obama was the nation's best gun salesman for eight years running.

Forward (over the cliff)!

Blue Steel 309's picture

Correct. The "Deep State" is essentially the Jews and those people that the Jews have bribed or extorted. That is all it is.

Oldwood's picture

"The people that Jews have bribed or extorted"

Does that include all of us?

Blue Steel 309's picture

In the most general sense, that is how we implicitly allowed ourselves to ruled by them via Banksters.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Will The Deep State's War On Trump Lead To An Actual Civil War?

No, because Trump is giving the deep state, pretty much, all that they want. The Pentagon got 10% increase without even asking for it.

The danger with Trump is not that he cannot focus but, the promises that he made to his base and his base won’t get.

Trump is not a political fascist but, an economic fascist. Let’s put fascism into perspective: Hitler.

Hitler was a political fascist, meaning, Hitler cares about jobs so he spent heavily on Germany. Hitler wasn’t looking for profits, for the economic side. Hitler even created another currency to bypass the German Mark. Hitler cared about the welfare of the German people, such as in job creation (military buildup, Volkswagen, autobahn), public healthcare, and public education. Even land had no rights. Land to be expropriate for public utilities.

Trump is the opposite.

That’s why the jobs are not going to be there for these conservatives that voted for Trump, in my opinion.

And that is the danger, not the deep state.


BennyBoy's picture


"Will The Deep State's War On Trump Lead To An Actual Civil War?"


Just more sensationalist, fear based, lame headlines from ZH to bring eyeballs for their advertisers. Exactly like the MSM.

Tarzan's picture

The deep State is in full blown panic.  It's only a matter of time before they pull the cord, and wall street joins the panic.  The flash crash cometh.....


“Woe, woe to the great city, clothed in fine linen and purple and scarlet, adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls! For in a single hour such fabulous wealth has been destroyed!”

MillionDollarButter's picture

"fine linen and purple and scarlet"

It's amazing that this is the flag and the FRN.  So it will take one hour.  Seems about right.

Turn the business cycle into some eternally escalating M.C. Escher staircase of denial, and have the algos accelerate everything to maximum greed and it is a certainty that we will flash crash.

Every other form of unimaginable "fear mongering" this site is accused of becomes thinkable once that happens.

gatorengineer's picture

Trump has been an EPIC failure to his base.....  the question really is, is there a Trump 2.0 out there for 2020 or 2024 that will actually do what Trump promised.

Which is worse - bankers or terrorists's picture

Yes. I think Ted Cruz will convert himself into that guy.

Arrow4Truth's picture

Cruz is gay? Oh wait... guy... he's converting to a guy. Got it.

HockeyFool's picture

But Trump is not losing his base. Check any poll you want to. Talk to his real supporters. His base is with him.

lil dirtball's picture

His 'base' are a bunch of fuckwit mouthbreathers who don't know jack about squat.

They also believe 'polls'.

swmnguy's picture

Here's one for Trump's "base."

Trump says he's going to bring back manufacturing jobs.  He says US companies were "tricked" into closing down US manufacturing, and importing cheap foreign products made by slave labor, and selling them at First World prices, as if the goods were made by US labor.  Trump's arguing that China, Mexico, Vietnam etc. tricked US corporations into slashing their labor costs 80% and more while keeping prices steady.

Even having slashed their labor costs 80%, US corporate interests say they can barely stay afloat and need huge tax breaks and the elimination of any restrictions on pollution, hiring illegal labor, insider trading and the like.

It's obvious those manufacturing jobs won't be coming back to the US until manufacturing labor in the US costs the same $5,000/yr. as it does in China or Mexico.  Currently that labor costs about $35,000 US.  So, obviously, roughly an 80% pay cut.

Seems unlikely, right?

Well, on the foreign policy front, Trump is continuing and ramping up the Obama/Clinton policy of using the global reserve status of the US dollar and US control of the SWIFT banking system as geo-political weapons in pursuit of the Zbigniew Brzezinski "Grand Chessboard" policy.  Trump is forcing Russia, China and Iran to join together in a new banking system, which will by necessity include the rest of the world as well.  Trump is using North Korea at the moment to try to force other nations to follow US policy.

The rest of the world is slowly and cautiously backing away from the SWIFT system, starting to use other currencies to pay for oil and bilateral trade.  Currently about 8 out of 10 US Dollars in existence are used in the global trade in petroleum and other goods between third-party nations.  When they stop doing that, 80% of US Dollars will have no function.  That will be the end of the US's ability to simply print money while exportiing inflation.

So, an 80% pay cut for the US.  Manufacturing jobs might as well come back, because US workers will be living on the current equivalent of...$5,000 a year.


There's a reason Trump has surrounded himself with GS squids, Generals, and Wilbur Ross, the bankruptcy and liquidation takedown artist.  They're going after the biggest prize to ever be looted, the US economy.

Escrava Isaura's picture

gatorengineer: Trump has been an EPIC failure to his base..... is there a Trump 2.0?

His failure is yet to come. No, there won’t be a Trump 2.0. There will be, most likely, a Trump neocon by going to war to save face. And might even bring Bannon back. Time will tell.

There won’t be no Trump 2.0 because Trump is not an ideologist. Trump is an opportunist. And very astute and driven opportunist.

Trump base are ideologists more so than the liberals. A large streak downright fanatics that have the wrong perception of how the world works. Trump base is stubborn. They have a narrow back, meaning, very little tolerance. The way Obama got away with the liberal is because, again, the liberals have a wider back than the conservatives. Liberal can tolerate a little more.

In the ideal world, that I realized during this summer by reading and researching Chomsky, the industrial society should have never have been run by the anarchists/socialists, because they have the widest back of all.

However, as a liberal, I don’t believe that the anarchist/socialists form would had work either, because, especially on the anarchist side, no power and no inequality can be established.

In any event, the anarchist/socialist approach would have done less damage to society than the current liberal/conservative social contract. And, it’s too late to find out if they could have been better, because the anarchists/socialists lost after WW2.


Trogdor's picture

"The liberals have a wider back (more tolerant) than conservatives"

lol - Aparently you haven't been paying attention. The Left is the source of virtually all recent violence.

As long as you want to walk around with your dick hanging out of your pants, deride and destroy traditional culture, fuck your cat/dog live on FakeBook, demand MORE free shit from the productive members of society, etc, etc, then yes, Liberals are more tolerant - they are extremely "tolerant" of perversion in all it's forms.

Except there is that word "tolerant" ... to a Conservative, it means "to tolerate - to put up with that which you may not agree with" - but to a Liberal, "tolerance" means "You not only have to accept it, but give it preferential treatment, celebrate it, glorify it, hold it higher than your beliefs and force it on others."

Where Liberals are the most intolerant is when it comes to other people living their lives in ways they don't approve of, or, in others expressing ideas they don't approve of.

Liberals are by far the most INTOLERANT in the ways that it matters most.

Billy the Poet's picture

Liberals are very tolerant. They can tolerate killing a half million Iraqi kids for no legitimate purpose.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Neocons are to the right of liberals and conservatives. Way to the right.


Billy the Poet's picture

So you've finally admitted that your policy of taking from others at the point of a gun makes you a neocon. That's a good first step. 


The Neoconservative Movement is Trotskyism | Veterans Today




Jan 22, 2013 - Leon Trotsky. Former neoconservative luminary Francis Fukuyama of Stanford (formerly of Johns Hopkins) compares the neoconservative ...



Escrava Isaura's picture

Neoconism is the modern view of colonization. The conservatives Neoconism is force and intimidation. The liberals use financial strangulation.

Neoconism could never have been established in a socialist/anarchist social contract.

The term "neoconservative" refers to those who made the ideological journey from the anti-Stalinist Left to the camp of American conservatism. Neoconservatives typically advocate the promotion of democracy and American national interest in international affairs, including by means of military force and are known for espousing disdain for communism and for political radicalism. The movement had its intellectual roots in the Jewish monthly review magazine Commentary, published by the American Jewish Committee. They spoke out against the New Left and in that way helped define the movement. C. Bradley Thompson, a professor at Clemson University, claims that most influential neoconservatives refer explicitly to the theoretical ideas in the philosophy of Leo Strauss (1899–1973), though in doing so they may draw upon meaning that Strauss himself did not endorse.




Mr Hankey's picture

Mass murdering children should only be done for legitimate  purposes.

Escrava Isaura's picture

You post just reminded me of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-Ydoh_5EjU


SilverRhino's picture

Trump 2.0 will come in with a short mustache and will be bringing people with blood in their eyes to the WH. 


StarGate's picture

Yes, let's review Trump's failures:

*Terrorist travel ban
*Repeal of TTP Obama treaty giving control over US to corporations
*Conservative to replace pillowed to death Supreme Court Judge
*Stopping UN world control via "Paris Accord" - US tax payers funding 3rd world dictators who agree not to promise to implement ecological measures
*Decrease in unlawful alien border crossings and increase in deportation of same as convicted criminals
*Making Europe pay for NATO
*Joint cease fire with Russia in Syrian war
*Blocking CIA theft of US funds channeled to Syrian terrorists
*China agreeing to slow imports to North Korea
*FEMA fully supported response to Harvey in TX and Irma in FL

His base should be really disgruntled...

deepfriedbrain's picture

The only epic failure has been your assinine pundentry.

Bonaparte's picture

Seems like he has kept his promises. He got companies to come to the Us, many new jobs already, TPP killed,  and etc. He has been in office 8 months and done more tan the commie Obama, and GW Bush the Lord of the Never Trump stooges.  Her has done everything he can by executive order, but the demo commies and Never Trump swine in the GOP have done nothing on ending Obama Care, building the wall or investigations of the Obama-Clinton Axis of Evil crime families !


Salzburg1756's picture

So, you know the truth about Hitler! Congratulations! Me too!

Escrava Isaura's picture


I just read Chris Hedges. I recommend that you do the same.


Yog Soggoth's picture

Even if half your spew were God's honest truth it's still better than Hilary.

Scuba Steve's picture

Quite possibly, the dumbest summation on ZH ... ever.


7thGenMO's picture

Excellent point that most have allowed themselves to be ruled by the money god, willfully ignorant that they are actually allowing themselves to be enslaved to the oligarchs that own The Fed - the debt money monopolists.   It is this money creation power which is being used (along with the useful idiots) to install a society of control.  The preliminary infrastructure is already in place - surveillance state, MSM propaganda, etc.  Those who don't think money creation is such a big deal need to honestly ask themselves how quickly white, conservative namaws and papaws would start singing The Internationale (left-wing anthem) once their Social Security check was cut off.  This is why traditional America may not survive unless a few economically independent states (perhaps Alaska?) with their own currency secede from the Swamp.

Dr. Tungsten's picture

Those aren't real Jewish people. Real ones are hard working and very honest to the bone. Do your research over again 

Dr. Tungsten's picture

What's this double post thing 

max2205's picture

I haven't read the NY times in 20 years.....

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Will The Deep State's War On Trump Lead To An Actual Civil War?

My response: I don't know about everyone else, but I am very tired of the CORRUPTION, LYING, THEFT, MURDER and IMMORALITY in general. The American government is a VILE MESS in many areas and I am not sure MAN can fix Her issues.

I will leave everyone with a prophetic quote from George Washington that says it all.

George Washington shared his vision and prediction of doom for America’s future as a great nation in the following text: “Until the people of America shall have lost all virtue: until they shall have become totally insensible to the difference between freedom and slavery: until they shall have been reduced to such poverty of spirit as to be willing to sell that pre-eminent blessing, the birthright of a freeman, for a mess of pottage: in short, until they have been found incapable of governing themselves and ripe for a master…”

Oldwood's picture

Hey, we at least held out for an iPhone in trade for our liberties. The Manhattan Indians traded their lands and freedom for some glass beads. We are SO much smarter.

Billy the Poet's picture

Those Indians just happened to be passing by and were more than happy to take a mess of swag in exchange for something they didn't own. I'm also willing to sell you the island of Manhattan in exchange for twenty-four inflation adjusted dollars.

Arrow4Truth's picture

Horhey spoke from knowledge. Wasn't he part of the freemason cult? 

Akzed's picture

"How miserable that man is who governs a people where six parts of seven at least are poor, endebted, discontented, and armed." -Gov. Berkley, Jamestown, VA 1676

Yog Soggoth's picture

He was referring to the Edomites in your favorite book.  True in many aspects, it is still an allegory. What really happened around that bowl of soup or stew is obscured by local politics, time, revisionist history, and human nature. I suspect that was the point of the narrative from the beginning, to confuse in an endless way. Edomite in modern times means white people as akin to the devil hisself. Don't believe me? Look it up on urban dictionary. Get with the times Gus.

Scanderbeg's picture

War or separation is inevitable. The left has almost achieved a majority faction. Open conflict will break out shortly after it does. The US will probably start breaking up within 10-20 years. I believe the nationalists will ultimately win but it's going to be ugly.

Nobody should count on the police or military. We've seen wanton cuckery from both institutions in the last 6 months. The cops will do whatever the local politicians say. The Military Brass and Officer Corps are heavily converged.

However, the lefts lurch to radicalism is a welcome development. They will eventually push the moderate institutions to the right and essentially proscribe themselves. If a state like CA were to secede they would be crushed.

Hopefully they'll blink first but if they hold out long enough the power of the state will eventually be used against us and not them because of the demographic changes.

Therefore the most important thing we can do right now is fight illegal immigration and elect hardliners that will push for reductions in the influx of migrants or eliminate it altogether.  Every other issue is secondary.

Demographics is destiny.

malcolmevans's picture

We need to stop conceeding the immigrants to the Left. Bring them over to our side and quit marginalizing them. I know a lot of Hispanics who hate the Left and everything it stands for.

Scanderbeg's picture

Sure, there are always exceptions.

But overall they can't really be assimilated if they continue to flood in at this rate. We don't even have a chance right now. There needs to be a long pause. The overwhelming majority of them vote for the left and likely always will. In Europe Muslim migration is basically ruining the continent and driving it to civil war. Along with the rise of nationalist political parties. Afd is polling third right now in Germany which would have been unthinkable 10 years ago.

Those are the facts. Unfortunately we are now in an era of identity politics. Libertarianism, Objectivism and Modern Conservatism have failed.

Either face the demographic issues honestly or go the way of South Africa. That's really the choice the west is facing right now.