Defiant Catalans Block Spain's Military Boats From Landing; Spain Seizes ".CAT" Domain

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Spain’s plan to send boatloads of military police to Catalonia to prevent its independence referendum has backfired with dockers in two ports staging a boycott and a third refusing access.

The Express writes Police boats Blocked by Catalan ports as unrest threatens to Rip Spain Apart.

More than 4,000 members of Spain’s Guardia Civil are being dispatched to the troubled region amid concerns over divided loyalties in the autonomous community’s own police force, the Mossos d’ Esquadra.


Spanish authorities wanted to house the Guardia Civil officers on four cruise ships – two in Barcelona, one in Tarragona and another in Palamos.


But as thousands took to the streets to protest against the detention of Catalan officials, local dock workers joined the backlash.


The Assembly of Stevedores of the Port of Barcelona announced that workers would not provide any services to boats carrying security forces, a decision it said was taken “in defence of civil rights”.


Colleagues in Tarragona quickly followed suit and the Catalan government then denied permission to dock in Palamos – which, unlike Barcelona and Tarragona, falls under regional rather than national control.


More than 40,000 people have gathered in Barcelona to protest over the arrests and the intervention of the Spanish government in the Catalan independence vote.


Many of the angry protesters have been waving Catalonia’s red and yellow flag while chanting “We will vote” and “Hello Democracy!”


In a television address, Catalan’s President Carles Puigdemont said: “The Spanish state has by all rights intervened in Catalonia’s government and has established emergency rule.


“We condemn and reject the anti-democratic and totalitarian actions of the Spanish state.”


A spokesman for the Catalan National Assembly said: “They made a big mistake; we wanted to vote and they declared war.”


Catalans are split on the issue of independence but support for a vote is high and few are happy with Spanish police arresting Catalan leaders.


Tensions have been further fuelled by reports that some of those detained are likely to face charges of sedition, which carries a lengthy prison sentence.

Support for a Vote

The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia (via Mish translation) notes ‘The Times’ joins foreign dailies asking for a referendum for Catalonia.

The Times joins the list foreign newspapers that support a referendum. Le Monde and the New York Times also support a referendum.

In an editorial, The Times, a historic British conservative daily, accuses prime minister Mariano Rajoy of “repression.”

The text of the British newspaper is especially blunt against the reaction of the Spanish state. The editorial maintains that Spain is in a serious “constitutional crisis” with risk of “rupture”, the greatest since “the end of the Franco dictatorship.”

The editorial also accuses Rajoy of “feeding the crisis”. The Times ventures to ask the central government to allow the referendum even if it is contrary to the Spanish Magna Carta.

Spain Seizes “.CAT” Domain

The New York Times reports In Catalonia, Spain Seizes the .Cat Internet Domain

On the same day this week that the Spanish authorities stormed the offices of the Catalan regional government, detaining at least 14 people, a less-noticed raid took place.


The puntCat foundation, which oversees the registry of websites with the “.cat” domain, tweeted Wednesday that its offices had also been raided and that one of its senior executives had been arrested.


Given the web’s rich cat history, you’d think that domain names ending in .cat would be another online feline gold mine. [But] almost all sites with the .cat suffix belong to the Catalan-speaking community thanks to the efforts of the puntCAT (“dot-cat” in Catalan), the foundation approved in 2005 to manage its registry by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a global organization. That made it one of the first domain suffixes to explicitly refer to a language and culture, paving the way for others, when it first appeared online in 2006.


In a letter to ICANN, the foundation said that the Spanish authorities had asked it to “block all .cat domain names that may contain any kind of information about the forthcoming independence referendum.”


“We are being requested to censor content and suppress freedom of speech,” the organization added.


The internet naming corporation said, “We are aware of the reports about Fundacio PuntCAT, the registry operator for .CAT, and we continue to monitor the situation.”


The Catalan President says “We Will Vote on Independence Whether Spain Likes it or Not”.

Carles Puigdemont is the 130th president of Catalonia.


What follows is Puigdemont’s message in the Washington Post


After three centuries under Spanish rule, on Oct. 1, citizens of Catalonia will finally have the chance to exercise their right to self-determination. More than 5 million eligible voters will have the right to decide on a simple question: “Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?”


The way to this historic referendum was paved by a majority decision of the Catalonian parliament. In our last regional election in September 2015, pro-independence parties won 47.8 percent of the vote, which gave them an absolute majority of seats. Unionist parties won 39.1 percent of the votes, a clear defeat, while the rest of the votes went to parties that defend the right to self-determination but are not necessarily in favor of independence. So there can be no denying the democratic legitimacy of our current Catalonian government. For this reason, after making several unsuccessful efforts to agree on the terms of the referendum with Spanish President Mariano Rajoy, I initiated the referendum.


In stark contrast to the governments of Canada or Britain, Madrid has refused to accept this democratic challenge, and has opted instead for the path of authoritarian repression. In most parts of the developed world, police protect ballot boxes, polling stations, and voters. In Catalonia today, the situation is the opposite. Spanish security forces are confiscating ballots and ballot boxes, stripping campaign posters from the walls, and intimidating citizens. They have arrested officials of the Catalan government, tapped telephones, raided private residences, and banned political rallies.


It seems incredible that this could happen in Spain in the 21st century. One French journalist recently noted that the Spanish government is acting more like Nicolás Maduro’s Venezuelan dictatorship than a healthy European democracy. And consider the fact that Catalonia, Spain, and other European countries are currently on maximum alert against jihadi terrorism. Instead of working to prevent possible attacks, Spain’s police forces are working to prevent the exercise of democracy. This is profoundly irresponsible.


The Spanish government has also gravely violated the freedom of expression and of information. Not only has it prohibited both public and private media from broadcasting advertisements about the referendum, it has also moved to block Catalan government websites that inform the public about the vote. Madrid has even blocked proxy servers, a procedure employed by only the most totalitarian regimes. The Spanish government not only wants to keep Catalans from voting, but also to prevent them from being informed.


The Spanish government has to understand that its behavior is unacceptable from the point of view of democracy and civil rights. Four decades after the death of the dictator Francisco Franco, we still find that authoritarian instincts rule at the heart of the Madrid government. Respect for minorities is a fundamental human right, and the right of self-determination is an irrevocable right of all nations.


Our commitment to the right of self-determination and to the will of the Catalan people to decide its own future remains unshaken. The repression of the Spanish government will not be able to change that. On Oct. 1, citizens of Catalonia will exercise their right to decide whether they want to become a new independent republic, just like other peoples of the world have done before them. This is the moment of the people of Catalonia, but we are not alone in this fight. We call on democrats around the world to give support to this long struggle between freedom and authoritarianism.


Carles Puigdemont

I support Catalonia Independence and apparently so do most Mish readers.

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HenryHall's picture

Will Catalonia be the first Western European country to join the EAEU?

land_of_the_few's picture

Probably :D They'll have Boko Haram as the ruling party in the blink of an eye.

Xena fobe's picture

Preview of future events in the US.

Déjà view's picture

Total debt/gdp ratio...

España: 100%
U.S. : 107%

España flu...very contagious!

Joe A's picture

Spanish gov has taken over .cat domain? Oh dear, now they've done it. This will provoke hackers to attack anything that is Spanish government related.

Cluster_Frak's picture

Silence from the 'champions of democracy' in Brussels is deafening.

These fucking aparatchiks will make all of Europe hold referedums until their anti-democracy ideas are passed. Yet, when someone who is not a member of politbiuro wants to hold an election, the answer is fuck off an die. The sooner the failed EU experiment dies the better for people of Europe. Let's not forget that the leaders of EU, all these presidents, were elected by the politbiuro. There was never an open and free election.

Rubicon727's picture

Interesting that NO MENTION is made in the article of the vast powers of the EU/Central Bank. The draconian push by the Spanish government is directed BY and FOR the EU financial hegemon. THAT is the KEY to understanding the odds Catalonian Independents have in passing this measure.

Disgruntled Goat's picture

Do it Catalonia. Make your own future.

Next up, a Patriot Homeland here in the USA.

Sky flyer's picture

Wake me when the bloodshed starts. Until then it's a non event.

DEMIZEN's picture

where can i register ?

flyingcaveman's picture or would be some good ones.

Disgruntled Goat's picture

Again, Spain cannot "seize" .cat .... it had to be in cooperation with the hosting services.... who are they? Anybody know?

DEMIZEN's picture

it depends on who control the routers and dns servers

Joe A's picture

They would be member of ICANN. Governments taking over part of the domain name system will piss off a lot of people that are in favor of open internet access.

Joe A's picture

The Spanish state prosecutor ordered that the Catalan police -Mossos de Esquadra- will be put under the command of the Guardia Civil. The Generalitat is of course against this. Considering the role the Guardia Civil played during Franco times in oppressing the Catalans and the Basques, this is a pretty bad development. It will be interesting to see what the Mossos will do now. Will they accept this? Will it split the Mossos into who is loyal to the Spanish government or the Catalan one? Not good.

Overflow's picture

OMG!  Where did you read Spain History?   I thought only spanish leftists could swallow those lies...

Take a look at this:


Anyway.... I remind you Franco died 42 years ago, and we have a Constitution, voted by ALL Spain in 1978, and it was in Catalonia where it had best results with >90% acceptance.


¿Or do you pretend Spanish gov can choose to follow the law or not?


Joe A's picture

What I know of Spanish history? I know that once you were a great empire, that you conquered Latin America; that you basically committed genocide there and stole all their silver and gold which you then subsequently wasted on building big cathedrals and waging stupid religious wars; that you not once but twice lost a big armada (once against England and once against Holland, countries that on other occassions also whooped your ass); that countries that embraced the reformation left you far behind with your catholic dogma and that you from that moment on became a rather underdeveloped and insignificant country in Europe.

And then came Franco. He might be dead for 42 years but in certain circles Franquismo is still very much alive.

Regarding the vote on the constitution: I already responsed on that in another thread. So, what should have people voted then in 1978? Against a constitution that for the first time gave them freedom and democracy? On top of that, Catalans got something that they hadn't had for a long time: autonomy. What do you expect, that all these people should have voted against and then what......go back to autocracy?

The government in Madrid is really stupid. Before their interference, polls showed that the vote would probably not get 50%. Madrid just should have said "we are against the referendum and will not accept the outcome". Catalans perhaps would lose the vote and no consequence for Madrid. If Catalunya would win the vote then Madrid could intervene. Anyway, a one side declaration of independence by Catalunya would not be recognized by anybody in Europe. Not even Kosovo would do that.

Overflow's picture

1. Genocide in south America?  You probably never been there.   LOL  The real genocide happened in North America, don`t you thik so?

2. We steal all their gold and silver...  sure...   Only 2015 production of Mexico, one year, is more than what Spain took from all America in the whole time we ruled there.


and so on... but history apart,  you say Spain gov. could allow an inconstitutional poll (how?) but,  if seccesion wins, then intervene.

amazing plan.


No, Spainsh gov, MUST follow the law.  So easy. And that's what they are doing and using the minimum strenght.


Joe A's picture

I lived in South America so yes, I do know what I am talking about. The Spanish basically wiped out whole indigenous communities there, enslaved them and treated them as 3rd rate citizens. The gold and silver they stole were tremendous. On top that, the Spanish introduced catholicism and corruption that both had and have a strangling effect on society.

BarkingCat's picture

You forgot the other christian pass time from past centuries - wiping out the conquered population's culture. 

The people conquered by the Spanish already had developed written language but after the Spaniards were done with them there was no one who could read anything that survived. 

In this aspect the Spanish were worse than the English.  Imagine the damage they woukd have done if they colonized India and China instead if the British.

JPMorgan's picture

The EU's silence on the matter is deafening.

They are just sitting on the fence, not condoning or condemning the Spanish governments actions, waiting to see if Rajoy can get the situation back under control. 

Basically they don't want to be seen backing the oppression of Catalonia.



Overflow's picture

1. There's no such  "oppresion of Catalonia".     Naive victimism.  Gov, judges and police are calmly following the laws that Catalans voted with >90% acceptance.

In fact, they're still using the minimum strenght needed. Constitution and law allows the Spanish Gov to be much much more forceful than this. 


2.  UE has spoken a lot, every single time to make clear they will ALWAYS support spanish Constitution.

Truthseeker20's picture

I wouldnt be surprised the globalists are behind this. Next will be scotland. What is the point of this when you will still be ruled by globalist EU? Globalists would love to start this seccession movement to move over to the US to fragment US and break it up and then to reconstitute US under a north american union via nafta. California already has movement to succeed from the US. California is slowly following UN agendas i.e sustainable. California is moving to become a socialist state for anyone paying attention. Recently california became a sanctuary state to resist fake anti globalist trump.

just the tip's picture

FFS states, regions, political entities secede from a sovereign.

Clock Crasher's picture

This would actually match Bo Polny's Monday, October 2nd call for equities market obliteration lvl biblical.

wolf pup's picture

I'm a bit torn here, as I support people having their rights to select true national destinies.

But this instance stinks of a Soros-style purchased, maestro-organized takeover; perhaps originally a group of like-minded patriot types, but now infiltrated by the horde of locusts that are called now the Marxist Left, to simply cause as much chaos and upheaval, but not toward a Catalonian future at all, instead toward collapsing social controls which they do not fully own just yet. A handshake, uneasy but accomplished, between desperate Catalonians and the Lurking Evil.

And with a very nihilistic short term misdirection/disinformation campaign of "Go on, then. Trash it all. We can use your idiocy to our benefit. We do so all the time. Any true freedom lovers who join the revolt will be consumed via their own wilful blindness as to the true endgame - nothing to do with a Free anything.

All Euro eyeballs gaping your way - we love the use of melodrama and use it whenever we can, thanks; as we continue on our Panzer-rolling march toward OUR Totalitarianism - a Statism you've never imagined could exist in the year 2018.

We will, in the end and when it's expedient, squash you as the bugs you remain and have always been, but as with our created Euro-Muslim "problems", we will use your EmoLand desires (overriding your sense of righteous suspicions toward our handouts of protest signage, cameras with duffuser lenses, etc), quite well, having no doubt our superior powers will command your obedience - willful or otherwise - once the bigger international fish have been reeled in".

Stinks like that to me.

zvzzt's picture

Kinda agree. I does smell fishy. Break up the small countries which are even more likely to focus on the Big EU Daddy to keep everyone safe. Don't need those big countries with independent interests... 100 years ago I would have supported them as well, but nowadays... not sure (from a practical standpoint). 

DjangoCat's picture

We don't need big countries with independent interests, we need small countries with independent interests.  Independence of interest is what makes the earth go round.  A homogenised, dumbed down serfdom is what we need to avoid.

land_of_the_few's picture

If I was an enemy of the EU, or one of its competitors, or a war criminal in danger of being prosecuted, or trying to impose control over it from overseas, this is absolutely the kind of thing I would be pushing for.

DjangoCat's picture

It is a difficult question.  I agree with breaking up the states into smaller pieces, more able to share interests and values together.  I see the Soros chaos drift and his interest in breaking apart states to further the uber state.

Any move by the Catalans to embrace the EU would strengthen your thesis, but, IMO, the EU is doomed anyway,  Soros dream will be dashed if I have anything to do with it.

The immigrant hoards are the Soros knife to the heart of social community and it is that which needs to be solved.


Overflow's picture

"I'm a bit torn here, as I support people having their rights to select true national destinies"


Then, where would you set the limit for that?


Can my city block claim for independence?

the Hamptons? Silicon Valley?


Think it carefully, it's a very important question.  You'll find the relation between Sovereignity,  Force and HIstory.

wolf pup's picture

I know precisely what you're saying and agree it's a rather utopian dream. Tribes will always be sought after by human beings. However I'd think taking it to that level is a bit absurdist in today's Spain or any 2nd/1st world nation. Common sense would at some point preclude such minute and hence powerless propositions.

Everyone has some ideology of how it "could" be for all, lol and yet each of us "all" has our own stake. It's the endless game of thrones?

I'm adamantly against Totalitarianism, though. The grip with which certain factions of Intel and much higher are squeezing everything now is shocking in its worldwide oneness. We've been lax, apathetic; too cozy.

If Catalonia as a whole that is sustainable wants out, my bent is to say see ya; enjoy, and go about my day. If 3 -5 residents want to call themselves a nation... lol. Homeowners associations on crack. God spare us all.

Overflow's picture

Catalonia is where all Spain has been investing, paying infastructures, sending workforce for Centuries.   Is one of the two spanish industrial centers with the effort and sacrifice of all Spain.  That's why they are "sustainable".  

No, defending the right of the privileged to steal the territory and industry to the idiots that paid for it and lost their blood to defend it for centiries is not cool. Is inmoral, actually.


We have a Constitution and the gov. MUST make it rule.  That's all.   

The UN  "people's right to self-determination" is explicitly writen for colonies, occupied territories or oprressed ethnias or cultures.  Not the case, obviously.

zeroboris's picture

This referendum thing looks like a clever britbob's plot to distract Spain from Gibraltar.

makinbacon's picture

We would be far better off without Governments and back to something more sensible warring tribes....

Clock Crasher's picture

Catalans secede from Spain

Spain debt fails

Counter parties start to crumble

Contagion spreads

Stocks limit down & circuit break

Growth gets sold for Value (on heavy volume)

Gold miners H1 2016 the sequel


directaction's picture

The near-term hope is that the Spanish soldiers sent to repress the vote refuse to fire on soon-to-be armed Catalonians. 

The long-term picture for Catalonia (and the rest of Spain and the EU) is utterly hopeless due to the millions of (mostly) fake refugees pouring in. The women refugees are few, the sub-Saharan black males warmly embraced by young Catalonian women, the Muslims treated like royalty by decree, all of this swarming sea of Third World humanity fanatically worshipped like sacred cows of India, allowed to commit all manner of crimes without fear due to elected officials, the police and the courts being ever-frightful of career-ending allegations of racism  

land_of_the_few's picture

They should stay on the boats, and then any 3rd party planning on doing any covert sniping provocations to precipitate a war between the 2 sides would be SOL.

saldulilem's picture

Missing from the story is whether puntcat complied with the request

Herdee's picture

Next on deck, California and the Western States.

smacker's picture

Is this revenge after they were all thrown out of Spain c1492?

subversion's picture

Always look at how the MSM frames a narrative to find out who is really behind most of these events.

Let them vote, let them leave....Catalonia.
Don't let them vote, don't let them leave.....Brexit.

Jerusalem Cats's picture

The Cats in Spain need to take the .CAT Domain back. Show then your claws and take action.

css1971's picture

distributed name service is required.

smacker's picture

[Junkett Diary Note: Monday 08:00]

  • "Must send message to Mariano Rajoy in Madrid to put him on notice that Spain will be expelled from the EU if it continues to ignore the democratic rights of people in Catalonia."