Former Democratic Congresswoman Urges All NFL Players To Kneel During National Anthem

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Having left public office in January, former U.S. Congresswoman from Maryland, Donna Edwards, has decided to get involved in the current meme of the moment battle over respect and freedom of 'speech' between President Trump and The NFL...

We have to admit we are a little confused.

We thought that if you disrespected anything American, you were automatically a 'Russian puppet', but now it's 'cool' to bash America's flag, its anthem, and The White House?

For some reason, Edwards decided to tweet this shortly after...

So do as I say, not as I do?

This seemed to sum up what we suspect will occur should this former congresswoman get her wishes...

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Keep digging that HOLE, Dems.

knukles's picture

Oh fuckiety fuck fuckitie fuck
Please please run Hillary again.

If we all don't get incinerated, it's got some pretty good entertainment value.

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So this strategy of pissing off half of your potential customers has worked so well for Hollywood and the NFL, so go for it NBA!!!

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Geez… part of the Obama legacy…

..a bunch of privileged blacks who are angry about that which does not exist.


Keep the hate alive.

..but you could drive a bus through that angry pie hole.


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The NFL players should follow her advice.

Then the NFL games can slip just behind “I love Lucy” reruns in the TV ratings.

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Guarantee NFL owners are shitting their collective pants, right now.

They made a deal with the Devil...and let shitskins take over the rosters.

Now...they will pay the Fucking price. I'm in Maryland. I just heard on the radio, the Ravens are second most valued team, after the Cowpokes. Like close to $2 billion!

When these Billionaires start taking it in the shorts....haha! shit get real entertaining!

This is turning into the bestest football season in my 55 years!!!

Haha! by libs and shitskins! Ball is in your court, owners. ( pun intended)

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Try to imagine the outrage if a former white congressman urged all white players to kneel because of the raciss Obama in the Black House.  I can't take much more of these double-standards - tolerated and fomented by the jewish media.

strannick's picture

Soros formented division. Soros must be so happy to hear her speak/squawk. Soros and Satan

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This is a great platform for the democRats to kneel on going into the 2018 midterms.

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OMG, will this ever end? I'll pay the f@cking reparations on the condition that you must also take a one-way trip back to your ancestral homelands so you can finally live in peace in a racial safe-space away from us rayciss folk here.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

If we could get that deal, I would moonlight driving 'em to the airport or the closest dock, free of charge.

Wouldn't feel like work at all.

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kneeling used to be a symbol of humbling one's self in front of a king.
Since when has it become a symbol of defiance?

And one more thing - the Democrats are creating a precedence of disrespecting a president they don't like.
This will grant legitimacy to disrespect any Democratic president as well...

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let's start now shall we?



land_of_the_few's picture

Absolutely makes sense. The Democrats didn't even wait until there was a 45th to start "resisting" democracy, which they clearly despise, and do as much as possible to violate.



land_of_the_few's picture

Clearly they don't read history, in WWII and later, kneeling was usually the prelude to something quite different. It wasn't a sign of being in charge. They can confirm this with ISIS if they are not too sure.

Have they considered going on all fours and making baa-ing noises ? Maybe they could rainbow-lube themselves up just in case their NWO/MIC or jihadist Western masters drop by.

"on your feet soldier, and quit blubbering!"

Katos's picture

LET'S FACE it! Most of their brothers got THEIR drawers down around THEIR knees, they're ready to jave someone kneel IN front OR in back of them!

strannick's picture

@JSBach. Dont despair, be happy. Its like Trump said, when he went to Manhattan, as a non drinker. He saw he was surrounded by all these weak minded lushes and thought, ''wow, great. this is the competition?'' Libtards are the same as lushes. Ineffectuall, effete and soft minded, emotional, incapable of reason.

helloimjohnnycat's picture

No alky is one good thing about Trump.

Now, if the fat fuck would apply the same discipline & get serious, he might have enough time to shape up and lose a quick 20 pounds.

He's at least 30 #'s overweight and I wouldn't be surprised if he has a heart attack within 2 years.

By now, Melania's clawing the walls. Maybe desperate enough to email Carlos de Weiner !  lmao

One more observation :

What's bothering me about Trump....If he was truly fighting the commie rat bastards and not an overpaid actor, within six months those excess pounds would be gone forever. Instead, he's looking fatter.

BabaLooey's picture

Agreed as to the weight. Trump does need to get in better shape.

The "most beautiful piece of chocolate cake I've ever seen - trust me" - days are OVER.

Melania's re-decorating you even KNOW how the Trump family handles this (biz, deals, R.E. - etc.)?

Akin to doing biz with the hordes of NYC...just a different swamp address.....

Trump needs to do pushaways, and listen to as to the flab....

land_of_the_few's picture

Diplomats and politicians often have atrocious diets. Sometimes they need to just taste the over-rich stuff given by well-meaning hosts, and make sure their own people or family help them out with getting something a little more homely later on. At least he has the health benefit of not being heavily on the sauce unlike so many.

helloimjohnnycat's picture

Don't down vote me ya' fatt fukks.

I'm lean & mean with a strong grip.

Golf is not my game but I'll out drive Trump 9 outta' 10 !

What I wrote is the Truth and who wants Trump looking like that POS Gore ?



Jonas Parker's picture

"new helloimjohnnycat  helloimjohnnycat Sep 24, 2017 6:34 AM

Don't down vote me ya' fatt fukks.

I'm lean & mean with a strong grip.

Golf is not my game but I'll out drive Trump 9 outta' 10 !

What I wrote is the Truth and who wants Trump looking like that POS Gore ?"

You're an ass!


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Im sure they are. I genuinly hope these guys take her advice. Same with the NBA. Do it. I LOVE watching people I can't stand fuk up by the numbers, especially when I don't have to do anything I wasn't already doing, I just get to sit and watch. Its like they completely forgot that us normie white guys are THE key demographic for them. Not only are we the most likely to twatch the games, we are also who advertisers spend the most money to reach. Once we stop tuning in, why would bud light spend those millions to advertise? 


Every now and then something happens that makes me wish I still had cable(i admit it, Im weak) but everytime  I see something like this, I know I made the right choice. Doing my small, insignificant part to kick them in the teeth.

BabaLooey's picture

Well smote Carl.....well smote indeed...

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The entire US  sports industry is in flux now:  cable TV unbundling is coming. 

Unbundling prompts customers to consider what entertainment they want to pay for.  

The sports industry will lose the revenue stream from people who don't watch sports. 

All this controversy means they are going to lose revenue from people who like sports but hate assinine political posturing.

Less money to ESPN and the sports channels means less money to the leagues.

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Fuck Trump. I'll knee or stand as I please.

Gen. Ripper's picture

We don’t care, you’re prolly from Oregon or on some sort of dope

Adullam's picture

There's a difference? ;)

BlackChicken's picture

Yeah, bet you kneel a lot.

BlackChicken's picture

Sorry Florida, didn't see your comment before posting.

Gead's picture

You and that hypocritical Congressman woman need to be taught a lesson. Whereas I support your right to voice even the most idiotic of statements, you do not have the right to stand on the bodies of the many dead Americans who fought for and preserved that freedom for you. Taking a knee is that. You insult the very people that have given you the greatest gift mankind has ever known. A chance. A real chance at freedom. You spit on graves with your remarks. Okay - so be it. You continue and personally I'll consider it an act of war. Think you'll win? Really? I'd really consider that for a long long time. And by the way - Ken Andrews sucks & so do Pomeranians.

shining one's picture

You sheeply are all the same. Who exactly was trying to take your freedoms that you say those men died for? The Jews started ww2 and Churchill ramped it up. Besides, freedom! What freedom? Freedom to be in debt your entire life? That's called slavery. Debt slavery.

dogismycopilot's picture

i bet you got a purty mouth.

Stinkytofu's picture

NOT if you work for me, dumbass!

you'll do as you're told or get the fuck out.

LightBulb18's picture

Hopefully the American people unite in recognizing the hypocrisy, the lies, the endless accusations of black americans and black and muslim people around the world and shout out with A mighty voice, we are not guilty for your inequality, we are not guilty for your violence, you are guilty for your actions and for rejecting that G-d has not made all people equal. We will no longer put up with your lies, and endless stupid accusations, and we are not afraid. In G-d I trust.

shining one's picture

God save us from your followers !

Akzed's picture

Drudge showed 49ers/Rams game pics, the stands were half full in the 49ers new stadium. It was a sellout, but half the ticket holders just stayed home. Isn't that a waste of money? I dunno, they all saved $100 by not parking their cars there. $100 to park a car. At an NFL game. Please lecture us some more Roger.

helloimjohnnycat's picture

$100 ?

Seriously ?

One guess why I don't KNOW !!

greenskeeper carl's picture

Don't forget the 8$ hotdog, and 10$ beers. At least thats what I seem to remember. Haven't been to a game in years, mainly due to the fact that i haven't lived near a major sports team stadium in years. Now, I don't go for an entirely different reason. They've always been a ripoff, but now its just another thing Ill gleefully boycott.

E.F. Mutton's picture

About time this shit came to a head.

It's way overdue.

Cheka_Mate's picture

Black Dems:

Boycott White America!

Stop cashing your welfare checks


E.F. Mutton's picture

lol, I wouldn't be shorting Purple Drank Inc. anytime soon.

BeansMcGreens's picture

Last time a saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it. (Fishing for sand tigers off Shackleford Banks)

A tip of the hat to Rodney Dangefield.

Toxicosis's picture

Gotta tell ya, I really miss good ol' Rodney.  He was another great comedian who would always tell it like it is.  If he were alive today I have no doubt he would have a hay day with these anal retentive fucking people.

SixIsNinE's picture

it would be hard for the Supremacists to put a muzzle on Rodney -

they'd find a backdoor and get him to self-muzzle

stampman's picture

They'd be giving him respect, and that would be fatal.

stampman's picture

Last time I saw a post like that it was all rusty and stuck in some dirty back hole.