Trump Responds To NFL, NBA Player Backlash: "Find Something Else To Do!"

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Having set social media on fire following his withdrawal of Golden State Warriors' NBA super star Stephen Curry's invitation to The White House and for slamming NFL players for kneeling during the National Anthem (and the reactions of the NFL owners), President Trump has responded to the outpouring of abuse for his demands...

We suspect this is far from over!!

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start with Goodell - "You're Fired !

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In my very humpable opinion, the National Anthem should be performed only during International Sporting Events.

Many public events, from concerts and movies to political rallies, go perfectly well without it and no one has a problem with that.

I attended two Trump Campaign Rallies and there was no Anthem, but nobody seemed to even notice or whine about that.

The National Anthem shouldn’t be performed during Hotdog Eating Competitions or Mud-Wrestling Contests, Drag-Queen/Beauty Pageants or Dog Shows and Sporting Events, televised or not.  ;-)


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Make Love, not twitter War ...

... Nah, On second though, Tweet On...

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Trump Responds To NFL, NBA Player Backlash: "Find Something Else To Do!"

NFL, NBA Players Respond To Trump: "Ditto!"

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i'm reading of earthquakes and volcanos all over the planet.  can we get to some real news?

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this is fresh & fun & REAL; no one forces you to visit zh

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There might be something Freudian going on when those black guys go down on their knees.


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Trump is right again. No one wants to see this shit expect SJW, antifags, and other useless pieces of shit liberals.

I always hated the stupid jungle dance in the end zone.

Barry Sanders said it best. He nevered danced like an idiot in the end zone, because he wated to act like he'd been there before. Nothing special, boring, done it many times before. Why dance like a fucktard.

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The ever-increasing amounts of looksatme antics by NFL playas is what drove me away, years ago.


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Possibly with the other players, but women I have dated complain black men don't like to do (((that))).

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It's just a way of him saying everyone should respect him as the president of the US in a subtle but crude way possible.

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The US is in a deep shit.

On one side, Zionist Banking Mafia wants Americal people to fight and die for America (specifically for them) but, on another side, they want to destroy America. In other words, they are making their stake on mercenary army forces. The only problem with mercenary forces is that such army sells their services to highest bidders and have no any desire to die. This makes such arm-forces a very poor and highly unreliable fighting army.

Today, America spends zillions US$$ on weapon systems but people who will be using them are ONLY ready to be in a safety of computer games environment.

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Welcome to USA gotta stirred up some controversy to keep the masses distracted. Look over there and not here. US is the new Roman Empire.

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It's all reminiscent of Professional Wrestling. There's a very good chance our next President will be a Professional Wrestler.

I'm starting to think Mike Judge fucking time traveled before he wrote Idiocracy.

opport.knocks's picture

Jessie Ventura? As long as he released the truth about 911 I am good with it.

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President Trump is one of the most amazing nihilists I've ever seen.  

It would be just awesome if this gets out of hand, if every single NFL player kneels for the National Anthem, forcing NFL owners to decide whether to give up their money-printing enterprise to show fealty to Trump, or to join the Generals in simply ignoring the President of the United States.

If this whole thing is just going to turn into a parody, let's have it on.  Let's put the phony super-patriotism of the NFL right where it belongs.  Let's have the utterly amoral narcissism of Trump's behavior on full display.  Let's make sports fans choose between racism, public virtue-signaling, maudlin patriotism, cartoonish machismo, the incomparable bullshit of football coaches; let's puke all this noxious shit stew right on the table in front of everybody and watch which chunks they want to lick up.

I don't think there's any sacred cow of American cultural mythology that Trump won't piss on to flatter himself.  This is simply fantastic.  At my most debased, debauched and cynical, I couldn't have imagined this shitshow.

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Greatest Show on Earth and you're bitching.

swmnguy's picture


From time to time I forget and fall back on my conditioning.  I know that wherever the show is, that's not where the real action is, but sometimes I do forget.

Freddie's picture

The dumbest cucks are American white males, particularly white southern males, who love their Traqyvonrapist college ball. 

Total idiots.  FSU fans lovesjameis the rapist quarterback. These dumb whites love their Trayvon thugs and rapists.  Same with white NFL and NBA fans. 

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Can't/won't watch two minutes of this crap.

Now, I love some NASCAR, but even they are trying their utmost to " darken" it up. They even had a black sportscaster a few weeks ago, it was his first race. What a fuckin buffoon.

And I can really get into the last hour of a good golf tournament.

All the "ball" games....they can shove em.

These " luckiest guys on the planet " are making bank, playing, running and jumping. And then rub it our face what terrible country this is. Fuck these assholes...and everyone who supports them with their dollars.

Justin Case's picture

I'd like to see the black guys in ski jumping and slalom events. Also with elimination of all gender olympic events. No segragation or discrimination, we're all equal right?

MagicHandPuppet's picture

I am with Trump on this one. To hell with the NFL. I've never liked that crap but I'll never attend another game. Clients will get the teetee bars instead!

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haha you do know Trump is just sad that they won't come visit him in the white house... on that note, why in the world do sports athletes who win a championship even visit the white house. This country is really one big bad joke and these athletes and Trump are a big reason why.

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Your wordsmithing highlights your education, or lack there of...why are you here?

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Maybe you're right Looney, but that's irrelevant here.

Trump has been a little wobbly lately, but holy shit, today has been a day for the ages. Sportsball is getting the kick in the nuts that it has richly deserved for years, and Trump has proved he's the MAN FOR THE JOB

beemasters's picture

Only if his job was an NFL/NBA manager. I'd rather he'd really drain the swamp, jail Hillary like he promised to. That'd be a real president with balls.

C'mon...National anthem at a sports event? Really??? That's the best he could do? Man for the job? I can name a few he could insist on firing in DC instead.

Freddie's picture

Don't forget that the team owners are crony capitalists tax welfare cheats with their free stadiums paid for by taxpayers.

Whitre male NCCAA, NFL and NBA fans are the dumbest fuxx in the world.   They love their Trayvon rapist thugs especially college alumni retards.

They love their rapist Trayvon ball players. Dumb whites.

HockeyFool's picture

How many times you got to post the same drivel. You hate guys from hate south who like college football. We get it. Move on.

grizfish's picture

Got nothing against sports.  Piched baseball for 9 years.  Played football in HS.  Enjoyed competing in field events for track.  But, have no desire to waste time watching someone else play, except for maybe a World Series or Super Bowl if it doesn't interfere with something important.  

Bottom line is that these overpaid, underworked, mostly perverted half-wits would not be getting $mega-million paychecks if more people felt the same way I do.  The thing that bothers me is how local governments subsidize building sports facilities for the billionaire owners of these teams.  I never could understand why so many people in this country openly display their ignorance and stupidity by listening to the political views of these mental midgets, not to mention the egotistical hollyweirdos.

Give-em Hell Trump!

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At Indian cinemas you must stand as the national anthem plays before the movie starts. Or get arrested.

toady's picture


Gotta teach those fuckers with dots on their foreheads some God damn respect!

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

And those are people that shit in the streets on the regular, yet even they have the common decency to stand for a national anthem.

Freddie's picture

Standing for amthems and the pledge of alliegance is stupid bullshit.  The NFL and sports crony capitalist and rapist Trayvon ball teams push this fake ass patriotism. 

They get money from Deep State and MIC for this crap too. I agree with the Framers of The constitution that rights are given to men by God.  Fu*k the state especially Deep State.  I may love America but I loath Deep State/zio-Mic/ZWO which pushes endless wars and other bullshit.

Until the Deep State and zio cons are arrested and hung plus all the othe rtraitors - fu*k the state.   I don't pledge alliegance to a flag.  I would pledge to defend fellow Americans from tyranny and any invaders.

Until we see vermin like George Soros and some top banksters swinging from a lamp post and the endless fake proxy wars ended then  it is all bullshit.

HockeyFool's picture

You forgot to mention you hate guys from the south who like collge football.

HopefulCynic's picture

You are not doing very well. How many NSA listening posts have you burned down? How about how many FBI agents have you put in their place? Tyranny is all over the US, it has been for more than a hundred years.

overbet's picture

Thailand too, when you go to a movie, they play a tribute video of the King's life and youre legally supposed to stand. Never seen anyone not comply. I comply out of respect, I am a guest. 

Cluster_Frak's picture

If I recall correctly from history class, the national athem being played at everything from high school chess competition to major sport events i sbrought about to bring national unity and allow masses of immigrants to assimlate in the late XIX early XX century. I bet national spirit building was also brought about to fight some colonial wars, example Cuba.

Scanderbeg's picture

I agree. It always seemed insane to me that we're singing the national anthem during some debauched spectacle with whores shaking their asses and stuff like that. It's disgraceful. The end for me was when the crack dealers wife was doing black militant dances at the superbowl with her white woman hairdo. That was it.

Trump is simply launching another salvo in the culture war. It's red meat for his supporters who hate these pampered, faggot athletes and will distract the media with an unimportant controversy for a short news cycle. Nothing more. 

He should continue doing stuff like this because as long as they're distracted with bullshit more important things can be getting done. It's really not that hard for Trump to call CaperDick an SOB at a rally or tell them to fuck off on Twatter.

Trump will bank all this culture war shit to reelection even as he budges on his core campaign promises. The alternative is just so much worse.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Trumps the one that need to find something better to do, like actually fulfilling some of his campaign promises instead of wasting his time on these pampered fucktards. Why he could possibly give a shit is beyond me. Just let them destroy themselves and their organizations. The country will be a better place without them anyways.

totenkopf88's picture

This Trump/pro player thing is like BLM vs Cops- I like to watch them destroy one another.

Mr Hankey's picture

Not enough pigs getting roasted. 

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Destroying the shitty Sacred Diversity Cow that sportsball has become in the last fifteen years is simply a magnificent use of the bully pulpit. This is possibly one of the greatest days of the Trump presidency so far. HAIL VICTORY

totenkopf88's picture

If you like your Obamacare, DACA,  Fed Reserve, no Wall, never-ending wars, fealty and $ to Israel, tc- Trump will let you keep those- but get yourself into a tizzy over some overpaid niggerballers. TPTB must be sitting on their yachts laughing their asses off.

greenskeeper carl's picture

That's pretty much my point above. This is something to feed to his base that costs him nothing politically. This will make them like him more and give them a reason to talk about how awesome he is rather than complain that he hasn't done a fucking thing he said he would.

HockeyFool's picture

Its only been 8 fucking months you ignorant assholes.

Give the guy a chance. Let's see what he's got done 4 years from now.

Or i supposed you'd rather Hillary be in charge?