Iran Closes Airspace To Iraqi Kurdistan Ahead Of Historic Independence Vote

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The diplomatic and economic noose is tightening around Iraqi Kurdistan one day ahead of its historic independence referendum. On Sunday, the Iranian government announced closure of its airspace to northern Iraq's Sulaimani and Erbil Airports, at the request of Iraqi authorities. The Baghdad government has repeatedly threatened military intervention in Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region should the vote proceed on Monday, which Baghdad warns could provoke invasion by neighboring states. The United States too has warned that the non-binding referendum will be “particularly provocative and destabilizing” - this as Turkey musters tanks along its border with Iraqi Kurdistan. 

On Sunday the Iranian Supreme Security Council announced through state media that, “At the request of the Iraqi central government, Iranian airspace has been closed on all flights that originate from Kurdistan Region.” The move comes after a month's worth of warnings that Iran could close its borders to Iraqi Kurdistan should the independence vote proceed. Iranian government officials had previously warned that, “The republic of Iran has opened its legitimate border gates on the premise of the consent of the federal government of the Iraqi state. If such an event [referendum] happens, these border gates from the perspective of the Islamic Republic of Iran would lose its legitimacy."

Kurdistan referendum ballot book held by an employee from the Independent High Electoral Referendum Commission. Image source: AFP

Iran worries that an independent Kurdistan at its border would be a destabilizing force concerning Iran's own sizable Kurdish minority. Iran also reportedly launched Revolutionary Guard led military drills in its northwest region bordering Iraqi Kurdistan on Sunday.

Likewise Turkey has for the past week amassed tanks and troops along its border with Iraq, while reportedly conducting "anti-terror operations" in Kurdish areas of the country. In a geographic sense Turkey would play a key economic lifeline for the completely landlocked Iraqi Kurdistan region. But Turkey's Parliament voted Saturday to renew for one year a mandate authorizing military intervention across Iraq's border should Turkey's national security come under threat.

Over the weekend the Kurdish regional capital of Erbil saw tens of thousands of Kurds flood the streets demonstrating in support of an independent Kurdistan. However, protests against the planned referendum broke out in other areas of Iraq. Violence also began to hit the region as an IED killed four Iraqi Kurdish soldiers and injured over a dozen more in the province of Kirkuk, an area where the referendum is set to be held. 

Arab parts of the country have voiced frustration that such a divisive move would come at a key moment in the fight against ISIS. The fact that Israel is the only outside country voicing official support for Kurdish independence is also deeply controversial. 

Map source: International Iran Times

On Sept. 13 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stunned the region when he commented specifically of the referendum saying, "Israel supports the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to achieve their own state" (though he's made similar statements starting in 2014). Netanyahu noted further that Israel still considers the Turkey-based Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) a terrorist group.

Other current and former Israeli officials have made bolder and more detailed statements, however. The former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Major General Yair Golan told a national security policy conference in Washington D.C. in early September that he believes establishing a Greater Kurdistan (a state that will include the Kurdish-populated territories of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey) in the Middle East could be a positive stabilizing force in the region. He also said that he personally does not be believe the PKK to be a terrorist organization. 

Israel's public stance provoked a quiet diplomatic war with Turkey, which Israel accuses of supporting Hamas. Turkey has for years accused Israel of forging a secretive vengeful alliance with the PKK due to Turkey's pro-Palestine statehood position. But Israel has consistently pointed to what it perceives as Turkish hypocrisy in failing to designated Hamas a terror organization. Furthermore, Iranian state media has frequently equated an independent Kurdistan with Israeli plans to Balkanize the region as part of a "divide and rule" policy in the region. 

But despite signs of looming destabilization ahead of Monday's vote, it appears Kurdish authorities in Erbil are determined to see the referendum through, no matter the consequences.

Quoted by Bloomberg, Kurdistan Regional Government President Massoud Barzani said in televised news conference that Iraq’s Kurds "reached conclusion that only through independence can we secure our future" and said he is ready to engage in "very long" talks with Iraq govt on borders, oil, gas, water after the vote. He also added that the Iraq, Kurdistan partnership failed after Baghdad violated the constitution.

Like in Germany, Barzani urged voters to head to polls and maintain a "peaceful process" while saying that Peshmerga forces will continue cooperation with Iraqi troops and the U.S.-led coalition in the "fight against terror."

Barzani also said that referendum is not a threat to Turkey’s national security, and added that he "doesn’t expect military confrontation with Iraq after referendum", a rather clear hint that military confrontation with Iraq after the expected vote to break away may be inevitable. To be sure, Iraq Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said in televised speech that Kurdistan’s problems are "a result of corruption, mismanagement of public money" adding that a referendum would only exacerbate such issues.

Finally, addressing Iran's closure of airspace, he said that it was Tehran’s decision.

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Today is GOLD Star Mothers Day.  Overpaid players spitting on the Gold Star Mothers

Gold Star Mother’s Day is observed in the United States on the last Sunday of September each year. It is a day for people to recognize and honor those who have lost a son or daughter while serving the United States Armed Forces.

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Should be April 1st and renamed War Crimes day.

The SS had mothers as well.

PS Happy 10th birthday today for you.

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        Churchill was a War Criminal over several decades

        Drunken, Gambling Indebted

        War Lover Churchill served his masters




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Winston's full name is "Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill".

As in Diana Spencer aka Princess Diana aka Lady Di.

The Prime Minister was a member of the Peerage.

He was a Master.

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He is also long dead, ergo I'm not him.

Choosing that avator is a private joke,and private it remains.

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WTF is a "Gold Star Mother" and who came up with the term? It sounds trite and condescending in the extreme.

Anything to avoid saying "Mothers whose children died in wars for Israel and Bankers", I guess. Right?

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Primary school semantics to appeal to the non thinking brain.

Sadly, seems to work on the majority and far too many still on ZH.

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I think if the government wanted to give me a gold star because they killed my child I would tell them to stick it up their ass. Just the same, if it makes some of them feel better I guess it's OK.

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Here ya go, we'll swap your son for a gold painted bit of tin, it will comfort you in your old age, when you realize you are the last of your line, and nobody gives a fuck about you.

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Of course Israel would be in support of anything that Balkanizes the Shia Crescent.  interesting US play here.  Turkey is the wild card.

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Kuridstan is a done deal.  They've already printed their new currency and after the referendum - its going into circulation. 


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you're correct, they are done >>---> no way in, no way out ;)

I hope kurd leadership enjoy spending those shekels.

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Do they have a Goldmanite as the head of their Rothschild Central Bank?

What, or Who, backs their currency?

They better sell oil for USD, if they want to live.

Not so much about Self-Determination, as it is about who gets the rights to sell the oil and take the profits.

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Ooops . The kurd cash was in this truck .

Kurdish Truck driver killed after losing control - crashing into a checkpoint

 The comments and avatars are  funny .

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The first thing I always look at is the position of the Juden. They are neck and neck with Saudi Arabia as the most destabilizing force in the region. Apparently the Juden are pro Kurd independence.  But on the positive side, it is encouraging the Iraqi's and Iranian Government appear to be moving closer.  And the best move in all of this is the announcement that Turkish forces are mobilizing. If Turkey leads the way in crushing any attempt at land appropriation, there is no way NATO would dare interfere with another NATO country.  But if that is not the case we may be on the precipice of the formation of a powerful new regional union that should have major regional impact. On one side the Coalition of Courage - Russia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria - facing off against the Coalition of Clowns - America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and whatever regional pickaninny Arab states the Clownage can cooerce into putting on clown paint.   

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Turkey's move is key.  Their geopolitial interests coincide indirectly wiith Russia.  if they play the game well, they might stay in NATO and become part of a Russian-Iranian alliance. i think Erdogan has some intel on US support for the coup which is driving them closer to the Russian side.

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"The first thing I always look at is the position of the Juden."  Me too!!  And you can bet your bottom shekel that whoever they support are the bad guys.

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The Syrian PM outlined the huge role Israel played in helping ISIS/AlQaeda in Syria,when he spoke at UNGA.he said it was no surprize as Israel's goals are similar with the terrorists ' goals.Haha!

The Russian army spokeman showed pictures of US personnel and assets in ISIS held territories in Deir Ezzor and asked "how come there is no attack on these?".He said US is just pretending it is fighting terrorists,instead it is colluding with them.

As for Kurdistan,if Turkey closes its border to them,they are done.And Turkey is going to do it,as a Kurdish state is the biggest threat for them.Erdogan might try to gain something from this sad show,but ,Kurdistan is a dead end for US/Israel.

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of course the juden are pro-kurdistan... their oil comes from there, and what's stolen from Syria... barzani and nutty-yahoo are twin sons of different moms

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Barzani: "BiBi is my brother from a whore mother."

BiBi:" Shut the fuck up and hand over your oil and sheckels."

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What will the UN Secretary General say? 

 Catalonia and Gibraltar,

Catalonia’s push for independence from Spain is illegitimate, as the region has not been recognized by the United Nations as a non-autonomous territory, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told Spanish media.

When one speaks of self-determination, certain areas have been recognized by the United Nations as non-autonomous territories. But Catalonia does not fall into this category,” Ban said in an interview with Spanish newspapers El Pais, El Mundo, ABC and La Vanguardia. (31 Oct 2015)


Gibraltar – Self-Determination (single page):

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Who needs a UN stamp of approval?

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights.

What happened with Self-Determination in Palestine in 1948?

The UN has its own Agendas.

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Bobbt,I want to see other comments from you,like for example,the right of Northern Ireland  to self determination.

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""doesn’t expect military confrontation with Iraq after referendum", a rather clear hint that military confrontation with Iraq after the expected vote to break away may be inevitable."

"Doesn't expect" equates to "may be inevitable"

I have to get a decoder ring like the author's.

Does a box of Cracker Jack still come with a toy?

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Kurds exist as pawns of Israel.

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Netenyahu practically  makes evil, lying, manipulation, division, and terrorism as common as coffee and tea.

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US Troops Embedded With ISIS, Russia Issues Blunt Warning: “Leave Syria Now, Or Die”

AntiMatter's picture
Russian Satellite Proof, America is ISIS!

ISIS positions north of Deir Ezzor manned by US Special Forces. Photos prove America is ISIS

any_mouse's picture

How do they get Special Forces out of some vehicles tagged as "HUMMER"?

Is there a translation for all of the captions on the images?

I do not doubt the story, but would like to know exactly what leads to the conclusion.

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It seems US/ISIS troops have killed a Russian General, expect to hear about a lot of US troops being killed in, er Afghanistan(Syria) in the next few days.

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It is now 1944 hours in Kurdistan, Fly Baghdad 712  departed for Tehran at 1500 from Sulaymaniyah International airport today.

edit: it was Qeshm Air 2258


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Good point.  Might take a day for announcement to take affect.  If yu had clicked over to the 25th or 26th you would notice a couple things:

1.) No more flights to Iran

2.) All Qatar Airways flights are cancelled.  Qatar flies up into Turkey and down the same route as all of the jets going to the UAE.  Guess they wont fly over Iraq or aren't allowed.


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Didn't they try that independence stuff here about 160 or so years ago? How'sd that turn out?

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it is going to escalate. quickly. in no time. forces rolling in as we speak. 

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Freedom.  Tell it to the Catalonians as well as the Kurds.  The right to self-determination is subject to the will of the ruling class and their military goons.  (I.E. it doesn't exist.)

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(((They))) know the gig is up.

False flags are coming, to trick us into turning on each other.

They're trying hard to get us to kill each other, take your eyes off of them.

Don't let them trick you into turning on your neighbors.

They know we're onto them.

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That's what the endless efforts to embroil America in a war with Iran are all about.

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How many barrels of Oil will Israel-BP-Exxon get their grubby bloodstained mitts on in an Independent Kurdistan, that is the question?

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" Iran told Iraq"is like me telling myself something.  Iran controls Iraq.    I feel sorry for Kurds as they seem reasonable and share our values.  

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Yes,they do. Pretend to fight ISIS+Murder,theft,lies.