Obamacare Repeal Officially Dead After Cruz Says No

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In a sudden change of heart that kills senate Republicans’ effort to pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare before a rule allowing Republicans to circumvent a Democratic filibuster expires at the end of the month, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is now saying he won’t support the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bill.

Cruz, who revealed his position during a panel discussion at a Texas Tribune conference in Austin, suggested that the proposal also lacks the vote of Sen. Mike Lee, according to Politico. The Texas Republican said he and Lee offered amendments to the Graham-Cassidy proposal last week that would go further in bringing down Obamacare premiums but that the changes weren’t included in the latest draft of the bill.

The latest blow to the seven-year-long Obamacare repeal effort comes as President Donald Trump escalates feuds with Both North Korea and US professional sports leagues. Cruz’s opposition means that, with both he and McCain saying know and at least two other moderates leaning toward a no, that even if Trump manages to flip Sen. Rand Paul, he wouldn’t be able to muster the 50 votes needed for Vice President Mike Pence to break a tie.

“Right now, they don’t have my vote and I don't think they have Mike Lee’s vote either,” Cruz said during a panel discussion at the Texas Tribune festival in Austin that also included Sen. John Cornyn.

Both Cruz and Cornyn – a member of senate Republican leadership - had said they back the way the bill would convert Obamacare funding into a system of block grants to states. But while Cornyn said he would vote for the bill as it stands, Cruz said that he wants to see more changes, but declined to elaborate.

Ironically, Texas and other states that didn't expand coverage under Obamacare would fare well under the Graham-Cassidy plan, according to Politico, which cited an independent analyses of the bill showing it would save the state some $35 billion between 2020 and 2026.

Rand Paul reiterated his opposition to the bill during an appearance on “Meet the Press” Sunday morning, saying he would only support the bill if the block-grant provision that Cruz purportedly supports (or at least, once supported) is dropped.

"What it sets up is a perpetual food fight over the formula," he said. "What happens when Democrats win? They're going to claw back that money from Republican states to give to Democrat states."

Trump had said during a rally on Friday that Paul might “come around” then tweeted Saturday that he might’ve found a way to gain the Kentucky Republican’s support. News of Cruz’s opposition must’ve pleased the dozens of protesters who gathered outside the University of Texas auditorium where Cruz was speaking to protest repealing the bill.

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Here's a roundup of where key senators stand on Graham-Cassidy. As it suggests, the bill now has a very low chance of passing.



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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Once you give candy to the children there is no taking it back. Just try pulling that lollipop from the suckers mouth.

south40_dreams's picture

Once the government begins spending money on something, it NEVER stops

Croesus's picture

Worthless Shitbag Politicians strike again...

Wake me up when it's pitchfork and torch time.

drendebe10's picture

Fukemall. Wutta buncha do nothing overentitled overpaid self aggrandizing corrupt elected political turds..  Fukemall. Rice bowl haircut fatso boy needs tocsend a nuke to dc when all the corrupt elected political turds are in session. Fukemall

localsavage's picture

I would be mad if I had any faith that this new bill would fix anything.  My gut tells me that it will just reward another set of sociopaths instead of the originals.

bigkahuna's picture

if it were an actual repeal - I would be mad at Cruz too.

Ramesees's picture

Cruz disappointed me when he rebuked Trump after Charlottesville (and Trump was proven right, of course), but Cruz is a pretty good Senator and can defend conservative principles. For that, he is useful.

Also - any legislation sponsored by Queen of the Swamp Graham is suspect.

TuPhat's picture

As a Texan I have no use for Cruz at all.  He is a lying scumbag like the rest.

political_proxy's picture

Too tough to just let ØbamaTax implode on it's own, as it was designed to do. Then to watch the Dems scurry about blaming everyone and everything
except themselves as the reason.

AGuy's picture

"Worthless Shitbag Politicians strike again...Wake me up when it's pitchfork and torch time."

FWIW: this bill isn't better than Obozocare. It also would have been a disaster, but its irrevelvent. Next Year Obozocare collapes since few will be able to afford the premium increases.

Next up is Single Payer that will end up getting bi-Partisan support as the GOP will be desperate to pass something to avoid getting the blame. Single Payer has been the plan all along. Obozocare is just the step in-between to crush the semi-free market system.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Ha and people still believe there's two parties.

The fact they call themselves a party.

Uummm, we didn't get an invitation to no party. They're having a grand ole time. Because it's a party.

So who's going to the polls the next time?

Tiwin's picture

NO difference between Republicans and Democrats, NONE.

All peices of shit.

Look! A tranny in the ladies room!!!

political_proxy's picture

US vets are a glaring exception from that rule.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Most probably don't realize it, but it is much better for everyone that this doesn't go forward. Obamacare is going to collapse regardless of anything this bill would have done. This would have allowed the left to blame them for its collapse, and would not have actually solved anything. This was toothless. Its sole purpose was to allow republicans and trump to lie to their supporters and say they were fulfilling a campaign promise without actually doing so.

Selly2k's picture

I wonder if that would be your thoughts, if you or a loved one of yours had a pre-existing condition and had to get care.

in4mayshun's picture

There's fallen soldiers in every fight. Regretful, but that is the way of things.

Tallest Skil's picture

I have a preexisting condition (it’s called being alive, dipshit; we’re not falling for your jewish newspeak weasel words here) and I think this way. My sister is permanently in my medical care and on my bills and I think this way. Nothing you say or do will EVER make me support your commie bullshit.

Omen IV's picture

ObamaCare is designed to bleed the middle class and transfer the funds for  free medical care to his people on welfare


no more no less

redmudhooch's picture

Make a few rich as fuck yes, with the bonus of pitting whites vs. blacks, rich vs. poor, this is (((their))) favorite part of 0care.

Hail Spode's picture

It would and has torn me up, but it does not justify robbing the next generation by using unsustainable debt to provide able-bodied adults heath care. All DC plans suck. This one doesn't, and addresses pre-existing conditions in a just way, but it starts with a flat repeal of Obamacare and leaves everything else to the states so I don't see the special interests who control today's politicians going for it... https://www.arneighbors.org/what-should-replace-obamacare/

SDShack's picture

Your statement is a non-sequitur because the premise you state existed before 0zer0care, exists now with 0zer0care, and will exist after 0zer0care. It is a non-sequitur because the very condition you speak of is failing more and more people now, even with 0zer0care in place because 0zer0care is failing. As such your statement is circular logic because you advocate using a failed system to address a problem that the current system is failing to address more and more.

I can sympathize with your plight because my wife has a pre-existing condition that has made insurance difficult to get in the past. But 0zer0care was destined to fail providing care for pre-existing conditions, as well as care for everything else, because the entire premise of 0zer0care was NEVER healthcare for patients, but ONLY government redistributing wealth to private insurance using TAXES.

Anyone that studied 0zer0care knows that is was DESIGNED by the libtards to fail so it could be replaced by Single Payer. But that has all blown up because libtards are not in charge now. At this point, 0zer0care will die on it's own as intended, but now there is no contender to replace it because consumers are demanding a system driven to address real patient needs, and not market forces driven by insurance companies or govt taxes. At this point, trying to prop up a failed system that was designed to fail in the first place is ludicrous.

FixItAgainTony's picture

Correct as MIT economist Jon Gruber modeled 0care and Pelosi's didn't-give-a-shit attitude of pass it 1st, figure it out later.

“Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, you know, call it the ‘stupidity of the American voter’ or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.” -- J. Gruber, October 2013

malek's picture

Look, the pre-existing condition scarecrow again!

Why don't you ask about the folks who -now with subsidies- were able to pay for a bronze or silver plan,
but now after an illness or accident realize they can't afford the $5000 deductible??

dchang0's picture

Some people have enough honor, dignity, and self-respect to not push their own personal misfortunes onto the rest of society.

I was listening to the town hall call hosted by my local Congressman about the last Obamacare repeal attempt. One of the callers spoke up to ask about raising the annual maximum claim limit from $1 million to $3 million for her baby, born with some sort of condition. (Apparently it is not an "essential health benefit" as described here: https://obamacarefacts.com/dollar-limits/ It was probably under some sort of dollar limit imposed by the private insurer, not currently subject to gov't control. Without knowing the caller's details, we can only go on what she asked for.)

$1 million claim limit increased to $3 million!

Will this baby ever be able to pay $3 million (non-hyper-inflated) back into the healthcare pool that he took $3 million from in his first year? What if that baby takes another $3 million the next year and the next?

Why should the rest of the people in the pool, who had nothing to do with causing that baby's condition, have to pay for this?

If that woman had gone into Fort Knox and robbed the public of $3 million in gold for her baby, she'd be hunted down by law enforcement. But she can steal $3 million with everyone's sympathies via the wealth transfer mechanism called Obamacare.


TuPhat's picture

Why do people like you think it is my responsibility to pay for your pre-existing condition or for any of your health care.  Perhaps you could make friends and be a usefull contributor in your community, then others would want to help you without gov. force.  I have seen that done many times in my small community and it works.  Your desire to force others to help people makes you undeserving and good for nothing.  The more the gov destroys individual responsibility and initiative through forceful menthods the closer we get to complete destruction which the libtards will celebrate.  At least they will celebrate until the more sane portion of the population destroys them.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Your ideology blinds you of how an industrial society function.

Every industrial society, name, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, South Korea, and could go on, state plays a key and major role.

Second, who cares about Obamacare collapsing. Our biggest problems are energy and population overshot.

Anyway, Ted Cruz probably saw the latest healthcare polls as well as Trump ratings  over his district and he is dodging both as fast as he can.   


Tallest Skil's picture

>>every industrial society

Sounds like you’re naming “successful” socialist countries (who get their bills paid by the US) as “proof” that your bullshit is real.

>>energy and population overshoot

Malthus was mentally ill. There is no such thing as overpopulation. Energy is no problem, either.

Escrava Isaura's picture

(who get their bills paid by the US)

Are you serious?

Didn’t Zero Hedge have an article the other day about the world want to get out from under the dollar?

I guess you missed it.

But let me summarized it to you: It’s an economic Armageddon to sell their resources in dollars, but great for America.

Check it “educate” yourself.



Energy is no problem, either. 


Venango County, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the US oil industry. To this day Venango still pumping oil out of it. Can you tell how many barrels of oil it’s pumped? 

David Harshbarger: "One, over and over and over."



redmudhooch's picture

Anyone who would trust our current "govt" to provide them with good healthcare is a fool.

Remember Flint Mich. water poisoning?


malek's picture

But your nihilism doesn't blind you of how ANY society functions?

"Waaaah! It's all the conservatives fault!"

puzzling's picture

Exactly. From day one the press coverage for Trumpcare would be all about people losing coverage due to unaffordable rate increases, lack of network access, failed outcomes due to low reimbursements and everything else that they never covered with Obamacare itself. The republicans would own healthcare under a "you break it, you buy it" construct reinforced by the media, and then be even more likely to fold under the publicity storm for single payer. Sad that only a few republicans get this. There is not enough public outcry yet for a full repeal. Obamacare needs to collapse entirely, and it will. I figure about two years.

AGuy's picture

"This would have allowed the left to blame them for its collapse, and would not have actually solved anything."

GOP will still get blamed, since the DNC will state that the GOP refused to fully fund it.

This is just part of the process to get Single Payer. Once Obozocar collapses GOP will come to the table to support Single payer.

GETrDun's picture

90% of our healthcare dollars go to the middlemen. Cut the fat!

AGuy's picture

"90% of our healthcare dollars go to the middlemen. Cut the fat!"

90% of the healthcare costs are for patients that don't take care of themselves (obese, alohcol, smoking, drug addiction, eat junk/processed foods). For most patients, Healthcare costs explode to extend the life of a dying patient for a few extra months after neglecting their health for decades: Cancer treatment, Heart surgery, organ replacement, and other intensive care services.

The last part in our statement would help: "Cut the fat"

south40_dreams's picture

I predict both Cruz and Cronyn get primaried in the next round

redmudhooch's picture

Won't matter one way or another, the same puppet master will be there to pull whoevers strings.

Juggernaut x2's picture

Haha-  keep voting- shit will really change with one of these elections!

Got The Wrong No's picture

Your 32 week ass keeps pushing the don't vote shit here at ZH, then you go out and encourage Libs and Illegals to vote and vote often.

Vote out the Libs and Rinos. If that doesn't work then it's time for the Guns. 

dizzyfingers's picture

If voting would change anything they'd make it illegal. USA needs legislator recall (ousting) and national voting on any matters relating to revenue. Only taxpayers vote.

Rick Cerone's picture

Ted Cruz has no future as President.

Only in the wet dreams of elite pedophile Nazis from Texas.

NoWayJose's picture

He just lost any chance of getting my vote. If we are stuck with liberal programs we cannot repeal, I’ll back Bernie just because he wants to cut aid to Israel and will stop warmongering.

Rick Cerone's picture

Ted is a globalist prostitute.

any_mouse's picture

Jew really think Bernie would do that?

Rick Cerone's picture

You're trapped in a vortex of false duality.

We are up against non-human entities.

Lost in translation's picture

Why are you voting at all?

Seriously. Why?

ClickNLook's picture

'Cause it is safer than rioting.

ClickNLook's picture

Bernie is a lost cause after he demonstrated his rubber spine.

I personally, have never trusted that court jester.

Dickguzinya's picture

Says the dumb paisan who ran the Newark Bears into bankruptcy, and was a two bit catcher who couldn't hit.