Over 1.1 Million Refugees Remain In Limbo Across Europe

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The majority - 52 percent - of asylum applications received by EU countries, Norway and Switzerland in 2015 and 2016 are still awaiting a decision.

Infographic: Europe: Refugees in Limbo | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

As Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, due to the historic influx of people over this period, that share accounts for roughly 1.1 million people, according to new analysis of Eurostat data by Pew Research Center.

Aside from those still in limbo over their future, 880,000 have had their applications accepted - the majority of such applicants came from Syria (about 520,000).

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There are only small percentage of the immigrants that come from war-torn countries, the majority are Pakistanis, Morrocans, Sub-Saharans and Kosovo Albanians - the herpes of Europe

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According to UN internacional law, refugees from war zones only have the right of asylum in the nearest safe country. The real refugees are in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan. The moment they leave those countries to collect welfare in Europe, they become illegals.

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"in limbo" but with full medical support, a free smart phone and money to go around and protect the host country's girls from being raped by one of those primitive, fair-skinned northern aboriginal tribe members who do not believe in the benefits of a open world society and the advatages that come along with diversity.

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It Is(IS) Time to Send is-is-isis..these Oded Yinion Plan refugees to their creator ........Is-A-Hell and the USofAIPAC.

Is-A-Hell loves isis.

The CEO-BB and his subordinate Don the Chump-crypto, along with the goyim master-COB Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, can pay the bill and transport. 

They have the real estate in the eastern Mediterranean & Chumpy's Mara Lago + Trump National Golf Club Bedminster NJ.

Plenty of room and $$$ + £££ too.

It's payback time.

Cohn the CON can get GS to do the investment portfolio.












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An (ex-)patriot acquaintance of mine, -Christopher Bollyn- who lives with his family in exile in Sweden,....

...tells the bonefide FACTS about 9-11/Isahell/BB and, The War on TERROR , on 9/11-2017,


*Christopher Bollyn DC 9/11/2017 “The War on Terror among Truth Seekers”*



BB knew there was a 350-ton bomb in the WTC #1 & #2.

BB says it here, from his own mouth 2 days after 9/11 !!! :

*"WTC Was Destroyed By A 350 Ton Bomb" • Benjamin Netanyahu interview, NBC, 9/13/2001*



Fight terrorism. Learn. Know.


Additional Sources:



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Bravo  Many Syrian Christian families who might be readily accepted in Christian countries are stuck in Jordanian refugee camps, unable to leave.  Obama gladly accepted Muslims while almost blatantly turning his back on Christians. I defy State Department officials show me statistics to prove me wrong.

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And, of course, with Fearless Leader in charge, the State Department no longer turns its back on Christians, right?

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Most of the refugees come from countries the US has attacked.

Pakistan 105,000

Morocco  2,230

Kosovo 0

Albania  11,000


Now lets look at Americas handy work.

Afghanistan 2,500,000

Iraq  316,000

Syria 5,500,000


Don't try to blame others for your country's crimes.

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nobody wants that filth, not even wealthy muslim countries.

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Correction, a few of the refugees are the result of Jew Wars.

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The USA attacked Kosovo??? Albanian?


Are you retarded? The USA HELPED the Albanian muslims against the Serbs.


Pakistan? When did the USA attack Pakistan? Attacks on Taliban within Pakistan were approved by the Pakistani government.



How convenient that Bangladesh, Chechnya (Russia), Senegal and other countries are off your list. There are more Bangladeshis than Moroccans.


And they are not 'refugees' until they have been determined to be so. Most are invaders.

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Weapons of Mass Migration
for the destruction of European Western culture

and for building a New World Order run by bankers & their whore technocrats in its place

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You mean rapefugees and welfare seekers.

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Near the Swiss village where I live they want to turn a large Kasern (base) into a holding center for "refugees" who have not yet been granted asylum.  The Kanton is fighting it took and nail, but the globalist run Bund will not let up.

On the streets here one sees a constantly increasing number of blacks.  Most of the women seem to be wearing hijabs and pushing strollers.  The men are all hanging out all day, none of them work (they can't).  Virtually every train station across Switzerland has become infested with them.  I am pretty sure most of these blacks are awaiting decisions on their refugee status.

Lately I have seen a few blacks heading north on back roads, apparently from over the alps.  Since they are not wearing new clothes or grunting on their new cell phones, I assume that they have come over the alps.

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It is White Genocide and people still do not get it! From WW1, WW2, Cultural Marxism to reapfugees...the definition fits:

“Genocide has two phases: one, destruction of the national pattern of the oppressed group; the other, the imposition of the national pattern of the oppressor.”

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Well, the Swiss need the blacks to do all the science and engineering that the Swiss are terrible at. 




Blacks fail in every country that lets them in. Canada, England, Sweden, etc.

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Imagine if on Sept 11th just how mad you would have got if I told you a million of the people who attacked is were now infiltrating Europe. But now thanks to the equality of the left people will embrace it. Just give it a few generations and it will be much much worse. They will try and out breed the rest the population and mob rule Islam to power

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When the US is defeated in Syria, a lot of the refugees will be able to return home.

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Unless they cut off their welfare they will never leave.

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I pray that the many who have not had their asylum applications accepted will be shown the door when Russia prevails in Syrian and the peace and rebuilding starts.  Of course they will all suddenly disappear from their last known address.

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nobody wants muslim filth...

jbwilson24's picture

Why would they? They can get welfare in europe and return on vacation.

Plus, this is hijra. They are following the Prophet's commands to emigrate and take over other countries.

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Europe will become a single Islamic state, which will know nothing but "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger." This will happen whether they like it or not.

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Thank you oh great father of the Pedophile Politburo, Herr Count Richard Von Coudenhove Kalergi and your genocidal blueprint for the Europeons.

  "Practical Idealism" 1925


The daily toll of cultural enrichment brought to Europeons by the Pedophilke Politburo in Natostan sewer Brussels.


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They have to go back.

It's really that simple.

And I don't even blame the third world vermin. Rape, murder and criminality comes naturally to them.

White Liberals, Globalists and Jews created this problem.

And if they keep it up they'll be first against the wall when the time comes.

We've had enough of this shit. They don't belong in the West.


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Genuine refugees should always be welcome but most - are just economic migrants - More than half of all migrants to Europe are motivated by “economic reasons” and are not fleeing war or persecution, the vice-president of the European Commission has said.

Dutch politician Frans Timmermans said the majority of migrants to Europe are from North African countries such as Morocco or Tunisia, where there is no conflict.

“More than half of the people now coming to Europe come from countries where you can assume they have no reason whatsoever to ask for refugee status... more than half, 60 per cent,” he told Dutch broadcaster NOS.


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"Genuine refugees should always be welcome


No, they should be helped in their country or in a neighbouring safe country.


Tiny minority countries like Sweden have ZERO obligation to embrace genocide in order to take in hordes of africans and pakistanis with irresponsible birthrates.

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Who the hell needs them, those economic migrants, whose bearded male "children" never put a fight for their own family members. They are not persecuted, but a part of the system, that favours their misogony of supressing and exploiting females of their own heritage.

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Europe is stuffed, sorry 'stuffed' seemed like the most accurate word to use. it is interesting watching the situation slowly deteriorate, I probably wont be alive by the time of the end game, but all the pieces are in place.

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The vast majority of these people are not refilugees at all, even if the masochistic host states' corrupt adjudicators let them stay

Fred123's picture

I'm sure there are plenty of ovens for these invaders.

Johnny_is_already_taken's picture

ovens are there waiting


but furst we must deal with the TRAITORS who open the door for this scum

Those are far far far more dangerous than muslim terrorists

Musmil are bacteria, traitors are CANCER

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Give these people in limbo to Germany. Bonehead Germans just voted for more immigration by voting in their globalist cunt Merkel again!   

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I am truly sorry for Europe and the hordes that are invading it.  On an individual basis, who can argue with a man who simply wants to better the living conditions of his family?  Unfortunately, irreconcilable forces are converging once again in Western Europe.  This is nothing more than another act of a thousand year old drama.  The same conflict has played out over and over again in places like Tours, Covadonga and Kosovo.

Moderate Muslims can only affect policy as long as the Muslim population remains an insignificant minority.  The moment Muslims secure a local majority, the moderates are silenced with public executions of apostates. The fundamentalists take over and the war is on.

Europeans you will in time be forced into one of two camps.  You will either fall under the dictates of the caliphate or you will form independent Christian states.  Ethnic cleansing and genocide unfortunately is as much a part of your future as it has been a part of your past.  White Europeans, the forests and mountains have historically been your redoubts in time of Islamic invasion.


 There is no political solution to this dilemma. Forget what your politicians are promising you.  Any truce between these irreconcilable forces is temporary.   Look to your families.  Arm yourselves and if at all possible relocate to areas that are dominated by likeminded folk.

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You assume the muslim hordes want to better their lives. You assume that this is not hijra, conquest by emigration.

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How Loooo can you go, everybod-ay Limbo


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The so-called holocaust has been proven to the biggest jew supremacist lie put upon the world.

The whole holocaust narrative has been a contrived money and blame scheme from the very beginning. Your own zionist heads at the jwc was a prime supporter of the massive subterfuge you like to call the holocaust.

holocaust narrative as presented to the world is and has been FALSE, but it twisted the world into granting the sovereign land of Palestine over to a a proven bunch of rabidly murdurous thugs, thanks to rothschild monies and jew supremacists in America & Britain. 

There Is No White Guilt !  thats just another jew supremacist created canard.

By far since 1913, THE guilty party has always been the jew supremacists-Period.

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There's a major conceptual error in the article.


Refugee is a person whose asylum application has been approved. 

If they are in a limbo, they are asylum seekers.

If their application is rejected, they are illegal immigrants that should be repatriated.