Russia Releases Photos Showing US Special Ops At ISIS Positions In Syria

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The Russian Defense Ministry has released aerial images allegedly showing ISIS, the SDF, and US special forces working side-by-side on the battlefield against Syrian and Russian forces in Dier ez-Zor, Syria.

As Adam Garrie reports, via The Duran,it has long been thought that the US proxy militia SDF is operating in collusion with ISIS in various parts of Syria. This has especially been the case in respect of Deir ez-Zor. In Deir ez-Zor, the Russian Defense Ministry has previously stated that the Syrian Arab Army and their allies are fired on most intensely from positions known to be held by the SDF.

Furthermore, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov recently stated,

“SDF militants work to the same objectives as Daesh terrorists. Russian drones and intelligence have not recorded any confrontations between Daesh and the ‘third force’, SDF”.

He added that Russia will not hesitate to target SDF forces that threaten the battle field progress and personal safety of Russia’s allies, namely the Syrian Arab Army.

Other reports surfaced of US military helicopters airlifting known ISIS commanders to safety as the Syrian Arab Army made its advance on the former ISIS stronghold of Deir ez-Zor. All of this has happened as the US is moving its proxy Kurdish led SDF forces from Raqqa to Deir ez-Zor, in a move that appears to be an attempt to stop Syrian forces from liberating their own country’s legally recognised territory.

Now, the Russian Defense Ministry has released a statement followed by 12 photos showing how SDF forces work alongside US special forces in ISIS controlled areas without facing any resistance from ISIS. Furthermore, none of the US or Kurdish led forces even take defensive positions which indicate that they are cooperating with ISIS rather than engaging in a perverse truce. In other words, the SDF, US special forces and ISIS move among each other in the same manner as allies do.

The following is the statement from the Russian Defense Ministry on the matter:

#US Special Operations Forces (#SOF) units enable US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (#SDF) units to smoothly advance through the ISIS formations.


Facing no resistance of the ISIS militants, the #SDF units are advancing along the left shore of the #Euphrates towards #Deir_ez_Zor.


The aerial photos made on September 8-12 over the ISIS locations recorded a large number of American #Hummer vehicles, which are in service with the #America‘s #SOF.


The shots clearly show the US SOF units located at strongholds that had been equipped by the ISIS terrorists. Though there is no evidence of assault, struggle or any US-led coalition airstrikes to drive out the militants.


Despite that the US strongholds being located in the ISIS areas, no screening patrol has been organized at them. This suggests that the#US_troops feel safe in terrorist controlled regions”.

This demonstrates that in spite of Donald Trump’s apparent wiliness to abandon the policy of aiding jihadist groups, not only has this policy not changed, but such a reality now includes full scale battlefield collusion with ISIS.

This also helps explain why in June of this year, SDF forces allowed ISIS terrorists to peacefully leave Raqqa and head towards Deir ez-Zor, a place which is now unquestionably the largest remaining ISIS stronghold in east of Libya.

But now, not only are US proxies allowing ISIS to peacefully retreat but they are visibly coalescing on the battle field. These realities also corroborate the story of SDF fighters being wounded in a Syrian led strike on known ISIS targets. As I wrote previously in The Duran, this is because SDF militants are fighting beside ISIS.

The fact of the matter is that, the Kurdish led SDF and ISIS now share the same strategic goals, in spite of apparent ideological differences. Both seek to aggressively and illegally prevent Syria from liberating her sovereignty territory and in so doing, both are challenging the territorial unity and integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. Likewise, each group’s ideology is opposed to the Arabist Constitution of Syria, seeking instead to lay the ground work for sectarian ideologies in the areas they seek to illegally annex.

Most worryingly, both militant groups are clearly collaborating and colluding with each other and with the United States, in a proxy war against Syria and the interests and safety of her allies, including Russia and Iran.

What once was only partly clear, is now as clear as the following colour photographs from the Russian Defense Ministry.

The images released by the Russian Defense Ministry encourage speculation that the US and SDF forces have some sort of “understanding” with IS terrorists operating in the region, according to Ammar Waqqaf, the director of the Gnosos think tank.

“From the footage, the Americans seem to be and the SDF seem to be quite at leisure, they are not expecting any attack any time soon,” Waqqaf told RT.

“The reason why this may be the case is that there has been some sort of understandings with ISIS over there. Probably they were given some amnesty, that they are not going to be prosecuted, … or they were given guarantees that they would not be given back to the state.”

The SDF, ISIS and the United States are fighting on the same side of the conflict in Syria, it is the side of terrorism which seeks to destroy the secular, modern, pluralistic and independent Syrian Arab Republic.

Earlier in September, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov accused the SDF of collusion with ISIS terrorists. “SDF militants work to the same objectives as IS terrorists. Russian drones and intelligence have not recorded any confrontations between IS and the ‘third force,’ the SDF,” Konashenkov said.

This proves that the Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman was correct. The US and Russia are at war, albeit a proxy war which includes ISIS.

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redmudhooch's picture

False flags are coming, to trick us into turning on each other.

They're trying hard to get us to kill each other, take your eyes off of them.

Don't let them trick you into turning on your neighbors.

They know we're onto them.


AnimalSpirits's picture

To God's ears, Redmud! I agree with you, but I doubt many will be very "neighbourly" I think it will be more like a national US version of Sarajevo or Rwanda.

Too many angry people...."ethnic" cleansing is inevitable. Plus, the elitie want to unload the excess weight of all the mouth breather snowflakes. Prep and stay out of their way - it's the only way to avoid becoming a monster like them. 

HRClinton's picture

There's nothing like keeping your cross-hair on multiple targets. Time-sharing.

seataka's picture

Link added to Quora: This is the Plan

"“War is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the culprits. Those who pay, who incite, who use the media to make people turn against each other – this is who we should fight against.” – Alexey Mozgovoy, commander of the “Ghost” brigade, killed May 23, 2015

Conscious Reviver's picture

He was a genuine anarchist and I mean that in a good way. The genuine anarchists are always among the first people killed.

drugranker's picture

I wouldn't take this report too seriously, North of DierEzzor, specially on the East bank of Euphrates, there are hardly any major towns or villages. SDF at this point is basically taking over empty land. If there was real cooperation between ISIS and SDF, they should have been at Mayadin by now.

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Itsarap's picture

USA,SDF,ISIS,(all the same btw!)DO in fact control Mayadin.LOL at the (AI)bots!!!!!!

BobEore's picture

And right on cue...
it begins.

SDF... a tactical alliance on the battlefield between the Kurds of northern Syria and various Arab tribes whose alliances shift with the winds of opportunity...

must now be destroyed. Discredited... according to the script followed by the ONEMEDIA in its msm and 'alt-media' formats, so as to produce the appropriate smoke and mirrors by which the arrangements already made behind closed doors can be brought quickly to fruition. Kurds of the cantons, fighting against "the STATE" in its' multifarious manifestations, will be hopelessly confused with the Barzani gang IDF proxy force in Kikestan...all the better to get the cheering hordes of witless exceptionalist zheeple to witness their own assisted suicide.

This is gonna be fun! Bring on the psyops bouys! We ready.

Eyes Opened's picture

Bob... I'm just a simple country guy living in Eire... whilst I appreciate your floral prose, I have no fucking idea what u are REALLY saying.... any chance u can dumb it down a bit and be a bit less cerebral & more transparent ??


Are u sayin the russians are good/bad ? 

Are u sayin its all a one-sided mind-fuck to control us ?

I'm genuinely lost here guys... & I don't mind admitting it....    :-(

Tiwin's picture

JIDF in da house...go back to your bagels and foreskins fucker.

Itsarap's picture

But the NFL blacks didnt stand for the flag!!!!!

navy62802's picture

I do not believe that the governmental structure we all believe exists as voting citizens actually exists in practice. I believe that the president of the US has not effectively had command of the armed forces and the covert forces for decades now. I do not know who does, but I am certain that it is not the president. And because the President does not have command of the military forces or the covert forces, as a citizen, I have to wonder what exactly are our forces doing? Who's interests are they executing and protecting? It doesn't seem to be the American interest. It doesn't seem to be anything remotely related to freedom or democracy or Christianity. It seems that US military and covert forces are operating in support of an evil power which values death, drug addiction, money, power, human trafficking/slavery ... in short, evil.

Itsarap's picture

LOL?????WTF are u talking about????

DjangoCat's picture

Seems to be having trouble understanding. 

A bit dim, maybe, but excitable.

valjoux7750's picture

Clearly he is talking about the jooze

WernerHeisenberg's picture

debt serfs < elected government < corporations, media < big banks (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan) < The Fed and other reserve banks < IMF, World Bank < Bank for International Settlements (a sovereign state!) in Switzerland < The old families who are the shareholders of the BIS < their god, Lucifer

opport.knocks's picture

There are no longer private shareholders of the BIS, unless they lied to me. Also, many Central Banks are wholely owned by their native countries, like here in Canada. The US model is, well, exceptional ;-)

bunkers's picture

You're missing the point. The Central Banks, your politicians, your country, almost all countries are owned, NOT "by their native countries, like here in Canada".

Any country, that does NOT have a Central Bank, is being destroyed.

opport.knocks's picture

Wrong, Syria and Libya both had Central Banks. The reason that they were destroyed is that their Central Banks were not playing by the rules of the Washington Concensus / BIS / IMF / World Bank, etc. 

In the case of Libya, they were using a Gold backed Dinar that was going to be spread across the Pan-African Union.

MK ULTRA Alpha's picture

Israel admitted being behind creation of ISIS to destabilize Syria. US CIA worked with Israel funded by Saudi/Qatar. USA enabled genocide of over 500K Syrian Christians and not one word from NYC main stream media. ZioChristians are brainwashed in tribal racial caste system of Jews on top, then whites and everyone else below. It allows mass murder by US. ZioChristians are a death cult led by Zionist controlled mind control media systems and no one cares about the truth. America is a death culture worshiping murder for Israel. It is impossible to wake anyone up because they've been lied to for so long the truth sounds like a lie.

redmudhooch's picture

Open Letter from Christian Palestinians to the World Council of Churches and the ecumenical movement

As we meet this month in Bethlehem in occupied Palestine, we are still suffering from 100 years of injustice and oppression that were inflicted on the Palestinian people beginning with the unjust and unlawful Balfour declaration, intensified through the Nakba and the influx of refugees, followed by the Israeli occupation of the West Bank including East Jerusalem and Gaza and the fragmentation of our people and our land through policies of isolation and confiscation of land, and the building of Jewish-only settlements and the Apartheid Wall.


Was Otto Warmbier an American Student or an Israeli Spy?

The Jewish press announced that Warmbier was a Jewish boy, active with Hillel and visited Israel

opport.knocks's picture

He was a spy and likely is not even dead. Ditto for Seth Rich IMHO. Getting new identities in Tel Aviv for their next gig.

Duc888's picture


The President is allowed to fuck shit up inside USA.  Outside USA he can suggest that this be done or that be done... but he's got no horsepower out there.  Been that way for 40+ years.  Same shit different decade.


As far as who US Forces "work for", look no further than Wall street and the Multinationals.  Again, stop thinking of USA as a Country...ok?  It's a JUNIOR corporation that is completely subservient to the MAJOR banks and the LARGEST Multinational corporations.  USA is a shell, a scam, not a country.  Once you get over that hump, things begin to make more sense.  Every one of our Federal Politicians is a foreign agent in the corporation called USA.  Think about that for a minute and then everything becomes clear.  Look who they take their money from.

Libtard's picture

Whos running the show? The Vatican/Jesuits a.k.a. the anti-messiah beast of Revelation.

Jack Oliver's picture

That would be - of course - ISRAEL !!

veritas semper vinces's picture

A Government of the Banks,by the Banks and for the Banks.Biggest thieves. Protected by the biggest criminals,the Pentagram.

Look at the US Government and tell me I'm wrong.

HRClinton's picture

Navy62802, if you are correct -- and I suspect that you are -- then the logical conclusion is that we should ALL "Lock arms and take a knee".

If your Government is actually a VICHY REGIME (((ZOG))), what else is there to do?

Surprising or shocking as that might be.

Crap, the cognitive dissonance is climbing into the amber region!

back to basics's picture

The release of the photographs by the Russians is to give them the moral high ground in the eyes of the international community for what they are about to do,  wipe out the US special forces in the area and their proxies. No tear shed here, we have gone beyond disgusting at this point with our foreign policy and military illegal operations.  

WTFUD's picture

Forgive them Lord for they know perfectly well what they do! FUD, Chapter 9, verse 666.

ZeroLounger's picture

Nowadays in the USA, it's more like Chapter 7, versus 11.

opport.knocks's picture

+ 100 - right over most heads I expect.

Wahooo's picture

Kill em all. God won't bother to sort em out.

HRClinton's picture

If you do, All-Father Odin will let you into Valhalla. 

Where you will not be met with 72 virgins, but with 2 virgins and 70 sluts. Now that is what I call Heaven.

DeathMerchant's picture

I wouldn't give a fuck about that. Any SOPs Americans that are actually there are well aware of the shit that these ISIS fucks have pulled and if they still willingly fight along side of them or support them, then let them all fry.

HRClinton's picture

These US mercs are the "AFAB Psychos", they are "Psychos R Us".

In which case, it's time to cheer for them getting wasted. 

"Die, you gravy-sucking pigs!" -Steve Martin 

shimmy's picture

What a surprise but yeah, all of us who say ISIS is nothing but a proxy of the U.S intelligence community are kooks. Same with the previous boogeyman group of Al Qaeda. 

The U.S. created these groups, trained these groups, funded these groups and ultimately control these groups but yeah, they're the big bad enemy. Too bad for the foot soldiers who join those groups actually thinking they are fighting for the cause rather than just being used as pawns.

Duc888's picture



As far as Muslims go... it's been going on since Jimmy Carter.  Nothing new under the sun.  It's just that MIC / MSM creates a new name for their dumb ass Muslim mercenaries every few years when the old nickname gets played out.

HominyTwin's picture

The U.S. created these groups, trained these groups, funded these groups and ultimately control these groups but yeah, they're the big bad enemy. Too bad for the foot soldiers who join those groups actually thinking they are fighting for the cause rather than just being used as pawns."


They're stupid Jihadist scum, from Saudi. Fuck em. Here is a nice video of a few of them taking a direct hit from a Syrian Army tank shell. Hahahaha. Love their dying cries at the end. Comedy gold!

WTFUD's picture

Most of DAESH/ISIS Commanders are trained in Langley or by the Israel, French & UK Special Forces.

A year ago Russia took out a mountain command post with all of the above dug in, which infuriated NATO & Israel, losing all their best & brightest, lol.

Then the recent loss of Langley's no.1 trained Tajik born ISIS Commander, 3 CIA Stooges and a boat-bunker full of other Operational Command Filth.

Happy Days! NO PRISONERS VLAD! Do not allow Deep State to lift them into any other poor cunt's Backyard.

Duc888's picture



The funniest shit is that you have US Air Farce taking off from bases in Turkey pretend bombing of ISIS.  Then five minutes later you have more US Air Farce jets taking off from the same runways in Turkey doing bombing raids to support ISIS.  Must be some strange conversations going on in the Officers club in Incirilk

Wahooo's picture

It's Catch-22 all over again.

Duc888's picture



Damn, you're right.


Green2Delta's picture

This story isn't important. I want more coverage of people kneeling during the anthem at the beginning of a sport I don't watch. 

HRClinton's picture

At the risk of having seen one episode too many with Mr Spock, if all this is true, then...

Everybody needs to take a knee, and thus object to the ZOG Regime on DC.

Is that Red Pill too strong?  Then you'd better stick to the Blue Pill, sunshine..

cherry picker's picture

This story will never get the comments than not standing for an anthem, yet the America's leaders are criminally insane.