Sales To "Common Sense Preppers" Soar Amid Nukes, Quakes, Floods, & Storms

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With North Korea threatening to detonate a nuclear weapon over the Pacific Ocean as its leader and President Donald Trump casually bandy about threats of thermonuclear annihilation, people in the US and Japan are understandably starting to worry.

After all, US intelligence agencies revealed during the summer that they believe the North will soon possess a nuclear warhead-tipped ballistic missile capable of striking most of the continental US. In fact, chances are good that, with a little luck, the North already has missiles in its arsenal that could probably strike a large area of the western US.

But, aside from nuclear threats looming in North Korea and Iran, the worst hurricane season in the Atlantic in more than a decade, and the continuing rumblings underneath the Yellowstone caldera, which could signal a potentially humanity-extinguishing eruption, it’s understandable that Americans and Japanese are increasingly worrying about their safety, and have begun purchasing more “doomsday preparation” gear to help assuage those fears.

Now, Reuters is reporting that survivalists across the US are clearing store shelves to stock bunkers in anticipation of Earth’s final chapter. A few survivalists who spoke with Reuters said that North Korea’s threats, and the images of the destruction caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma, have inspired them to stock up.

“It’s been a very busy six or seven weeks here - sales tripled practically overnight,” said Keith Bansemer, vice president for marketing for Idaho-based My Patriot Supply, an online store catering to preppper needs.


“It all started when North Korea shot the missile that was capable of reaching the U.S. Then the hurricanes and two Mexican earthquakes increased sales from California and Cascadia in the Northwest,” he said, referring to the corner of the country where many survivalists have settled because of its relative isolation.

One guy on the west coast said he’s worried about a catastrophic earthquake. He has piled enough survival supplies in a closet that could last he, his wife and their dogs for a month, if necessary.

David Yellin, a self-described prepper who lives in California’s San Diego County, said his main concern was the long-expected “big earthquake” along the West Coast.


The 31-year-old police officer has piled enough survival supplies in a closet of the apartment he shares with his fiance and their two dogs to allow them to hunker down for a month.


“I‘m more of what I consider a common sense prepper,” Yellin said. “Because at the end of the day, we are responsible for our own safety.”

Both he and his wife have “bug out bags” prepared should disaster strike.

If disaster forces the couple to flee, each has a “bug-out bag” stuffed with three days of food, water, first aid and water purification supplies, fire-starting materials, a tent and sleeping bag, change of clothes and important documents.

One purveyor of survivalist gear said sales on items like gas masks have spiked over the last two months, a period which notably featured the US’s escalating war of words with North Korea and the catastrophic hurricanes.

At Ready To Go Survival, founder and chief executive Roman Zrazhevskiy said gas masks were quickly moving off the shelves and overall sales “are up like 700 percent over the last two months.”


A prepper himself, he said his greatest fear was a U.S. economic collapse as a result of the country’s unsustainable debt.


“Once people go hungry, they are going to get to the streets and look for food,” said Zrazhevskiy, 31, who grew up in New York City’s borough of Brooklyn and now lives in Texas.


Customers were snapping up $500 CBRN suits to withstand chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attack and $200 gas masks in sizes that fit children as young as 5.

Another prepper who has spent thousands of dollars on gear said he fears political and economic collapses as much or more than North Korea.

“Gas masks? I’ve got tons of those,” said prepper Jerry McMullin, 62, a retired risk assessment analyst whose bunker-like home in Yellow Jacket, Colorado, was built to withstand nuclear attack, biological warfare and a range of natural cataclysms.


Although North Korea is one of his biggest concerns, McMullin is also worried about political instability in Washington leading to riots and mayhem in the cities, he said.


“I‘m not a paranoid guy. I just want to be in a position that when it does go to Hell, I‘m in a good location to get whatever I need,” said McMullin, who has his own water filtration system and burns his own trash in his solar-powered home.

In addition to the obvious threats, many continue to believe in “doomsday" hoaxes like 7/7/2007 and end of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21, 2012.

Now, some Christians are touting a Bible prophecy that marks September 23, 2017 as the beginning of a seven-year period of catastrophic events that will bring humanity to its knees.

David Meade, a Christian numerologist and author, has said that, based on the Book of Revelations, a constellation would appear over Jerusalem on Saturday that would start the seven years of mayhem.


But McMullin said his own respect for Bible prophesy assures him that disaster is not around the corner.


“As far as getting wiped out this weekend, I‘m not too worried about that,” McMullin said.


“Maybe it’s a timeline marker and things are going to start getting really ramped up. We are not about to go through mass destruction and fatality. I think people are a little more stable - except for Kim,” he said, referring to North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un.

After spending thousands on gear, some preppers told Reuters that the flooding in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico have left them feeling vindicated.

We imagine that feeling will persist as economic and political tensions, coupled with the impending economic disenfranchisement of much of America’s working and middle classes, continue to simmer, while the US’s leaders continue to risk an unparalleled disaster by trading threats with unstable North Korea.

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Mr Pink's picture

I will be the technocratic takeover that kills us, not a hurricane

curbjob's picture

Anyone prepping for a Nork nuke is hardly someone I'd call common sensical .. more just your common garden variety sheep.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I recently bought a 14 gallon gas can on wheels, with a hand pump attached. I have a trailer hitch basket and will wrap that in a tarp and bungee it down in the basket. After hearing from friends and family about all the empty gas stations with everyone trying to leave for the storm, I won't let that be me. I live in a coastal area, and with that I can get to my family or my wife's family without needing a gas station. Much better than 5 gallon cans, and it will make fueling the generator easier if anything else makes us need it.

Manthong's picture


My emergency sun shower preps need a few hundred more M855’s and at least another 100 x .45 ACP personal defense rounds.

Manthong's picture


I might be threatened by someone with a deadly bumbershoot.

Mr 9x19's picture

numerologist... fucking crook.

Nobody For President's picture

Yeah. I want a GBU-43 and a really big slingshot...

buttmint's picture

...nothing to see here....

move along sheeple....

greenskeeper carl's picture

Too bad we don't live near each other. I'd sell you most of my 45 ammo. Since I started doing USPSA I pretty much only shoot 9mm now. It's what I carry too.

Manthong's picture

I sent you a contact request...

I have not used that comms channel before but let's try.

I am filthy with 9mm stuff.

My go-to's are really .40's, but I like shooting the .45's as well.

Distance should not be an object.

I will check it tomorrow pm.

Juggernaut x2's picture

Like the Sergeant  said in basic-  the only thing a pistol is for is to fight your way back to the rifle your dumb ass never should have dropped in the first place 

Knob Creek's picture

That's why I keep a loaded AR pistol with spare mags in my vehicle. It's legal wherever my ccw permit is and extends my effective range by a factor of ten....

Txpl9421's picture

Because having fourteen gallons of gas hanging off the back of your truck is a safe and good idea.

If you don't set yourself on fire, many people are going to be all over that in an Irma situation.

Gas tanks under a hard cover in the bed of a pickup is much better idea.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I'm not all that fond of it either, but it beats the alternative of running out of gas. I don't have a pickup, just a full sized SUV. It would be wrapped up, just a bundle in a tarp, not visible to an observer.. It would be emptied after a couple hundred miles anyways. I'm fairly certain I can find an out of the way place to transfer the fuel. Not really that worried about it.

Txpl9421's picture

Because having fourteen gallons of gas hanging off the back of your truck is a safe and good idea.

If you don't set yourself on fire, many people are going to be all over that in an Irma situation.

Gas tanks under a hard cover in the bed of a pickup is much better idea.

HRH Feant2's picture

Chill out. At least he is thinking and doing. Lay off.

Juggernaut x2's picture

Anything conspicuous marks you as a target

HRH Feant2's picture

He will learn. At least he is trying! I don't beat down anyone that is trying. Too many lazy asses that have no clue. We need to help everyone that is trying to prep, not beat them down!

Mr 9x19's picture

i find funny prepping to go beyond what is supposed to be an end.

you will regret to not have died with others. and the lonly bullet you would shoot whould be  on your own head to  terminate the agony.

when it's done, it's done, when it's gone, it's gone.
guns are for temp situation to be fixed.


talking about guns on nuke event when nobody survive, i don't see the point, better go fuck in massive orgy instead.

Powder's picture

Die with your boots on.

Mr 9x19's picture

you didn't get my point, the point is, when  missile hit the ground, you not gonna get the information.

you die, like anybody else.

if you announce a strike, you fuck your own change to go to your BOL -> all paths are saturated.


preppers... lol. check  average physionomy of americans. pure joke. 73% of your population are so idiot/fat they do not meet military requirments ...

HRH Feant2's picture

That is a start.

Here is another. Read the "Deep Winter" series. Second book is called "Shatter" and third is "Remnant."

If you think you are prepped this book is a wake up call to the fragility of the JIT (just in time) system. For starters. As if everything else in the US wasn't teetering on the edge of destruction.

Juggernaut x2's picture

The Turner Diaries is a must-read as well

Cloud9.5's picture

At the end of each hurricane season, I burn the gas I have stored the year before out of a 55 gallon drum and replace it with fresh gas.  Stabil gas treatment keeps it fresh for a year.  This year we burned 75 gallons keeping 3 generators running at three houses.  Our mothers are 94 and 87. Both are old school and both have freezers full of food.  We had to keep them and their food cool.  Neither of them could stand the 100 degree temps after the storm.  In addition I have kids on the coast that I may need to go fetch in the event of collapse.

Seventy five pounds of dried beans and rice store very easily in four Home Depot plastic buckets with sealable lids.  These are relatively cheap when bought in bulk. We cycle the beans and rice out every couple of years and donate it to the local food bank.  That is a cheap backstop to supply chain disruptions.

Can goods can be stored for seventy years.

When you are responsible for an extended family, you are responsible for taking cheap and reasonable precautions.



Food Loaf Junkie's picture

I keep 50 gals. of premium non ethynol on hand, 20 gals. diesel and 15 gal. off road diesel for the tractor (which can be used in the Jeep).  I just sleep better at night knowing I have that reserve.

algol_dog's picture

How deluded can you be to believe having prepper supply's will save you while living in a major city? Your only chance is to be as far away from a major population center as possible people. GL to the guy in San Diego ...

STP's picture

It didn't mention whether the Police Officer and his wife or family, whether or not, has the realistic means of leaving the area.  And by that, I'm talking a vehicle that is off roadable and alternative routes to what the typical masses would typically take.  I just ordered nearly $100 in USGS topo maps for my area and have been carefully analyzing the blue roads out of my town, on Google maps and where I can get fuel in the small burgs I'll be going through.

AGuy's picture

"It didn't mention whether the Police Officer and his wife or family, whether or not, has the realistic means of leaving the area. And by that, I'm talking a vehicle that is off roadable and alternative routes to what the typical masses would typically take. "

In a disaster or even a bit before it, roads will become impassible. Even side roads will become jammed, or dangerous. if there is a threat, Majority of first responders and LEO will leave. Panic or road rage drivers will have accidents causing total grid lock. It won't matter what vehicle you have.

"where I can get fuel in the small burgs I'll be going through."

When the Power goes out all those gas stations will be non-functional. Any that have backup generators will quickly sellout.

If your in a urban/suburb, your basically toast unless your extremely lucky. FWIW: I Dirt bike would be a better option, but there is the risk that everywhere you drive through there will be someone who wants your bike for themselves.

Really the only safe option is to relocate to a rural area, and set up a homestead and become self-reliant.

MrSteve's picture

Topo maps are free and with excellent usability from I use them to scout travel routes and land use, like south-facing hillsides where micro climates for longer growing seasons can be sited.

greenskeeper carl's picture

That was my thought as well. Best of luck. I'm not out in the boonies like I'd prefer, but I'm not very close to a major city either. Thinking you will be able to survive some kind of pandemonium in an apartment is nuts. But, for most situations that don't involve a complete collapse, he will be far better off than most. Anything that keeps one less person off the street begging or stealing shit after just a couple days is a good thing.

Michael Musashi's picture

Preppers are sissies, so are gun owners. Bunch of little homos who sit around and like to hold on to their penis shaped weapons for protection. LOL! Friggen $ussies!

not dead yet's picture

Maybe the preppers and gun owners are pussies and sissies. Or maybe not. But unlike a large contingent of Americans they are keeping to themselves and are not down at city hall or at your Congessmans office getting laws passed to fuck over you and the rest of us. The real pussies are the insecure emotionally fragile that love violence, when it's them being violent, who want to take away your right to speak and other freedoms, what few you have left thanks to these people, and limit your opportunities if you are a white male.

Cloud9.5's picture

It is strange that you would have this opinion considering that the government has spent billions securing its assets from nuclear attack.



HRH Feant2's picture

Tecknotronic. Written about in the Grand Chessboard.

junction's picture

No, it will occur when massive black transport submarines show up at coastal seaports to pick up the chosen few, to give them rides to the Antarctica bolthole.  The one Secretary of State John Kerry was visiting on Election Day 2016.

old naughty's picture

w,w,wait, you mean they prefer submerg-eables than cloaked flying devices (300m cigar shape) that the (alien ?) masters have?

Stuck on Zero's picture

It was prophesied correctly that Nov 4th 2008 would bring an 8 year period of catastrophe to the world.

tmosley's picture

Waste of money, tbh.

Things are looking better today than they ever have. EVER.

malek's picture

How come you leave out any mention about what you believe the near and middle-term future will be like, and with what probability?

curbjob's picture

"There is NOTHING wrong with Bear Stearns." hugs, Jim Cramer 

tmosley's picture

You can't see the grand sweeping vistas for the increasingly smaller trees and saplings.

We are entering an era where war becomes a thing of the past. Economic prosperity will follow. There will be small things that happen along the way, but overall the outlook is really, really good.

Doomboners hate this, so they downvote, as if that had any effect. Magical thinking. 

unsafe-space-time's picture

Right. looks so good yet you would be dead without petroleum even after more than a century you can't find a substitute. Go mine more cryptos and waste it faster

Mr 9x19's picture

yep, agree, 102 millions people not working in the US... definitivly sunny days comming...


you so fucked up man.

Stan Smith's picture

+1 and then some.

HRH Feant2's picture

Anyone that buys that crap deserves what they get. Too much salt and not enough fiber.

I have a small kit of that crap. I thought MREs were bad, damn that My Patriot crap is even worse.

People are better off learning how to cook. If you can't cook have canned goods on hand and a propane burner or alcohol stove or a basic rocket stove.

I have watched enough prepper videos that I don't worry. I can cook. It isn't that hard to make a basic earthen oven or a rocket stove with basic materials.

NoWayJose's picture

Agree with the food part - a couple days is OK - but if you buy a one year supply and eventually decide to eat it for a whole year- it will kill you!

HRH Feant2's picture

3-day kit is fine. Great learning experience. Better to have canned goods on hand. You can easily heat / warm and don't need to add water. Plenty of fiber / protein in canned beans.

People need to plan ahead.

I am expecting all hell to break loose, any day, with NK. 100% serious. Not being sarcastic.

I have been a prepper since 2005 and Hurricane Katrina. Not a newbie to prepping.