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We certainly don't need Donald Trump to remind us that the charade called professional sports is one big commerical exploitation. That alone should be enough reason not to watch...before you even get to this performance.

And why do they play the National Anthem before every game? 

If this clueless moron had the principle and sense to consider that question properly, he would simply walk away from the game. But he doesn't, because in the end it all boils down to show me the money.

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I like your music inclusion s better than your philosophy.

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ph the philosophy, just go for the music.
i agree.

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the life revolves around two concepts.
one is 'time' and the other is 'sovereignty'.
fortunately, for the control elites, the average
person has no idea concerning the significance
of either of these two terms.
controlling the financing of technology does that
, solves all that, for the elites.
so it was believed.
the people of the world burn and drown
in that space between god and the mind of human kind,
that space where the perpetually deluded declare war
and go to kill the opposition.

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the thing is the bigotry and violence
is local and intimate t the minds of the
individuals. it is not a "federal" , naturally
acted on, impulse. the association of "federal"
doctrine and individual impulse, act or behavior
is the last refuge of a scoundrel when it results
in homicide.
that happens all to frequently and is either
psychopathic or institutional population control,
sociopaths in armor and for hire. they have multiple
t.v. channels now for indoctrinating the children and
such to their ideology. oh my, what a wonderful world
they will build and bring.
some people and things just can't be 'fixed',
i am one among all the rest.

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there are no games anymoar, it is all just
monetary nickles and dimes in a slave matrix
resulting in repeated concussive forces to the heads
of the pawns in the game/s.
that kind of culture is doomed by design,
enforced to benefit some and eat others;
human meat factory diplomacy on board here.
they sell it as freedom and glory. are you in or do you
think much about it?
american football and the crowds can't drink enough
no moar games, it is all business controlled
by the mob and rightly doomed for the glory
of the cunning. peace on earth or piece of earth,
please, please, please.
please do not drive drunk. oh, but they always do,
and with no skills, man.

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this original second string footballer
quarterback made an association and linked
racial bigotry and oppression with the
concept of a federal government and its
symbolic rituals in the year 2016. all right
and so what? this is not new or news.
one knee, oh my god, i think i might shit myself.
and on the t.v. man. 'why does the world
go on spinning'? it was a song. "end of the world".
2/3 of a human being, that is in the constitution.
the funny fuckers have always ruled the roost and,
likely, they always will, by hook or by crook;
resorting to genocide and murder when it pleases
their concerns. i know, it is sickening to the soul,
these are the ways of the world.
Flag Decal - John Prine

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So a washed up ex-employee is costing the NFL a loss in customer viewership, a serious damage to the NFL brand, caught the attention of the President of the USA - who called bullshit, and with that the entire world. Roger Goodell may finally earn his money, dealing with this steaming pile of turds. Gotta love it. Can't make this shit up.


Oh make the NFL pay taxes



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Since when doesw Trump get to decide why someone takes a knee at the anthem. Fuck him.

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Time to re-define "All-American" where sports is concerned.

If NFL had their ideal unicorn way, we would have:

Uniforms and colors of the player's choice.

Multiple anthems, sung in multiple languages.

Stand, sit, or dance during recitation.

Paychecks for players available in multiple currencies.

Every game ends with a tie score.

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Jimmy Dore gives a lesson to patriotards who have no fuckin' idea of freedom of speech and liberty.

Here's Why Trump Is Wrong On Colin Kaepernick

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j.d. has an eye for the truth, a platform
to speak it and nearly no audience to
hear it, ok. there are always a flood of distractions
amplified by a "culture" to alienate and derail
the people from their innate sovereign brilliance.
they steal that from the individual from the craddle
to the grave. have you noticed?
9/11 was an international inside job. the usa became
the wounded cop on the global stage unleashed to do
abomination, obama-nation, for the sake of slavery
to protect the guilty and their criminal claims at the expense
of the manipulated and contrived fiat monetary standard.
funny how evil can just do shit like that to humanity, no?
the way of the world.
Powerful Remarks On Colin Kaepernick Will Make You Rethink The National Anthem
prolly' not. everyone has better things to do than
think about the simple, stupid truth of the matter, yes?

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Trump has turned up the volume, no doubt. But it would not be a "protest" if they weren't in someone's face. All protests are getting up into someone's face. You have to ask yourself, who's face are they in? The flag doesn't care, it is a piece of cloth. 

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So insulting people listening to him and swearing, is his schtick? Next.

Aristofani's picture

never insults people, just patriotards.

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I'll believe these guys are serious when they start missing games (and the paychecks that come with them) for their 'cause'. Until then, ef em.

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Trump appears to be a nationalist. The globalists do not like nationalism. They want presidents like Emmanuel Macron of France who recently fired the head of the military and who openly disrespects French culture and traditions.

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'isms' are the ephemera of control and manipulation. The real struggle, as it has ever been, is between those that lie, cheat, steal, murder, hold themselves in great esteem and sumptuously line their nests, and those with a different sense of what is truly important - family, friendship, peace, freedom, morality and responsibility to their fellow beings.

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Slow down there, Mr.'re making waaaay too much sense this early on a Monday in the USSA. 

medium giraffe's picture

You're probably right, I'll take a knee.

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You could never be more wrong.  They, meaning Rothschild Corporation & Co, love nationalists.  Nationalists rouse the unruly masses and give them a fake sense of identity and unity - nationalism is the last refuge of scoundrels.  Then the masses approve of war,war, war.  Arms manufacturers grow fat on money borrowed by the state from private banksters.  Then after all is laid waste, more money-out-of-thin-air with interest attached, is borrowed to rebuild.  It worked like a charm with Mussolilni and Hitler, so why not with Trump?  He has all of the gestures, all of the rhetoric and an adoring base already.  Another Reichstag, oops Pearl Harbor, oops 9/11 would get at least 80% of the population chanting USA, USA, USA all the way to oblivion.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

The issue nowadays is nationalism vs globlaism. You prefer globalism?

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I wonder if the Deep State had permited fair primaries and Ron Paul were now president in his second term, if we would be involved in this bullshit.  Let's have an argument on the deck of the Titanic so we won't notice the economy and the once mighty dollar sink below the waves.  Fuck professional sports. If the typical WalMart shopper wiggled their fat asses on a field of play occasionally, they wouldn't look the way they do.

Setarcos's picture

No, of course not.  I prefer neither.  What makes you think it is either National Socialism/Nazism (which has zilch to do with socialism) or the New World Order?  Hitler was after a World Reich, Trump is after Global Hegemon, both were/are backed by corporate globalists.  They are "the same difference".  What I have hope for is the Russo-Sino Eurasian One Road sets of initiatives, with all participants retaining sovereignty.

To be clear: Fascism is the bundle of private corporate, state and military interests which, when augmented by intense nationalism, is globalist in aspiration.  Mussolini sought to recreate the Roman Empire, Hitler wanted a 1,000 year German Empire, Trump wants to make the Washington Empire great again, though already having about 1,000 overseas military bases!!  Think man!!


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USA launched 26 Bankers' wars since your WW2 cartoon.

Trump is a 'Fire and Fury' Globalist through and through!

His inner circle is entirely Goldman-Pentagon Globalists!!

He has not kept a single promise he made to get elected!

He supports UNLIMITED immigration and NO debt ceiling!

He is the International Banker's Executor, in totalimente!!

"And lo, the People called Donald of Queens the Prince of Populism,

and they strew palm fronds in front of his ass!" (he was riding on ;)

The New Befudled-Christian Testament, Gospel of Mnuchin 08:21


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I supported Trump, still do. Most people I talk to have reservations about him, rightly so, there are real question marks. However, much of my continued support, watchful though it is, is based on my observation that the insane media campaign against him proves he has fierce opposition from the establishment. Since we're talking NFL, if a star qornerback gets beaten on a play by a star wide receiver, does that mean the cornerback is useless? No. Same with Trump. Game's not over. Used to be, the saying was "believe none of what you hear, half of what you see". The propaganda is so polished these days, I think we need to reduce it to maybe a quarter of what we see. Antshiteater is obviously part of that propaganda effort, or is so mindless he's beyond hope. Either way, ignore (he, she, it, whatever).

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Oh, go eat ants and quit lying on ZH

Setarcos's picture

Amen ... and women too.  Too few can see what the Strumpet Whore of Wall Street really is.  Supporters are truly duped, whilst most of the opposition flounders with pointless, often groundless accusations.

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Donald Trump has been a barometer when it comes to this sort of shit. The NFL is going to be in serious financial troubles soon, bigly.

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Boycott FORD one of the biggest sponsersof the NFL

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Tax the NFL like any business.  The owners, the stadiums, the food franchises, advertising, anything where the football is depicted.

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Tax the NFL who is subsidized by tax payer money? A brilliant idea...! NFL has to be unrigged off the teats of the taxpayers. Then watch it falter and ultimately die out or become more localized which underlies the symbolism of Donald Trump. Remember, it was Bush 1 who killed public access TV by defunding it because that's where all the real shit was happening.

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If Blacks ever decide to give up sports in the USA, then the US is F#cked.

if Blacks ever decide to stop fighting in Wars for the White House, then the US is F#cked.

If Blacks ever decide to give up Porn, well you can see where it's going


Aristofani's picture

was going to upvote you, but you fucked up with that last line.

JackieG's picture

Them there black dudes playing for millions/billions better take notice it is whitey paying the bills.

Any arena whether football, basketball or baseball look into the crowd and its a sea of white.

Those white folk will just walk out if these dufus's keep it up.


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NFL is no longer supported by the DOD. Playing the anthem is just a silly hold-over from the good-ole days.

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The head of the NFL salary is over $40 million and the NFL portion he works for is a 'non-profit', so i think playing the anthem should be included for this tax dodging institution as a partial tribute to its non-profit entity.

Grandad Grumps's picture

We don't need to be reminded of the charade called war.

tangent's picture

Petition to rename the Patriots as the Compatriots.

Yuefo's picture

In the 80s, there was always some numbnut in the endzone with a John 3:16 sign, but the NFL finally saw fit to get religion out of the stadium. Too bad they didn't see fit get rid of the military/patriotic references as well. I never got the connection between that and football, except of course as it relates to advertising and $$.

headhunt's picture

The NFL has a 'non-profit' status and the NFL commish is paid over $40 million a year, so I think maybe they owe a tribute to a country that makes this possible. Not to mention their ability to steal tax dollars, that is money from productive citizens paychecks, to put up stadiums all paid for by working citizens.

el buitre's picture

What's not to get?  Football is symbplic war where the participants usually do not kill each other though commonly maim each other.  The US national anthem is about a battle against the British in the War of 1812 where the British blew the shit out of a US coastal fort from their gunboats.  Thus comingling the two is rational.

Manipuflation's picture

I did it again.  Smokers see everything.  There I had a young black man living in Merica today and his car is just clicking when he was trying to start it.  What a lucky time for him for me to be out smoking a cigerette.  

I knocked on his window and asked if he needed help.  Of course and was already on the smart phone looking for help.  He said didn't know much about cars but had been having a problem lately.  I DO know about cars so let's take a look and he agreed.  I checked the connections.

Let's try my jump pack I offered since it was right there in my truck.  I made no guarantees but when he turned the key it started.  The young guy was so happy.  I hope he remembers that a white man living in Merica today helped him when he was fucked.

My work was done.   

Two Theives and a Liar's picture

He will. And may return the favor to someone else sometime. See, that is the America no one wants to see. A real world where people actually help each other and (more or less) don't give much of a sh*t about skin color, who you sleep with or much of anything else. Plenty of YT videos of this during the hurricanes but not much "togetherness coverage" in the presstitute media. That's the reality. Too bad we live in unreal times.

Aristofani's picture

If you think Kaepernick is being anti-white and anti-Merican, best you stick to fixing people's cars and not thinking too much.

ANiceDepolorable's picture

The only conflict is online and onscreen.  On the streets we all get along.

el buitre's picture

But Georgi Schwartz and his Rothschild and Rockefeller handlers don't want us to get along.  Let's make them happy.