50,000 Evacuated From Bali As Nation Faces Imminent Volcanic Eruption

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Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

Fears of an imminent eruption on the Indonesian tourist island of Bali have led to the evacuation of an estimated 50,000 people.  

The Mount Agung volcano is going to erupt, scientists say.

Waskita Sutadewa, the spokesman for the disaster mitigation agency in Bali, said people have scattered to all corners of the island and some have crossed to the neighboring island of Lombok.

Indonesian authorities raised the volcano’s alert status to the highest level on Friday following a dramatic increase in seismic activity. It last erupted in 1963, killing about 1,100 people.

Villagers are staying in temporary camps, sports centers, village halls, or with friends and relatives. Some do return to the exclusion zone during the day to tend to their livestock or shift the animals to areas further from the volcano for their safety. Others say they are selling their cows because they don’t know when they’ll be able to return.

“It’s obviously an awful thing. We want to be out of here just to be safe,” said an Australian woman at Bali’s airport who identified herself as Miriam. National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said hundreds of thousands of face masks will be distributed in Bali as part of government humanitarian assistance that includes thousands of mattresses and blankets. Indonesia is prone to seismic upheaval due to its location on the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” an arc of volcanoes and fault lines encircling the Pacific Basin.

Government volcanologist Surono, who uses one name, said the feared eruption could be huge and potentially also close airports in East Java and Lombok, according to local media reports. Agung is in the north of the island about 43 miles from the tourist hotspot of Kuta. People have been told to stay at least 6 miles from the crater, but to stay 7.5 miles away when to the north, northeast, southeast, and south-southwest.

Over the past 5,000 years, Agung has erupted once a century on average and about a quarter of its eruptions have been a similar or stronger strength than 1963. Macquarie University volcanologist Heather Handley said the eruptions in 1843 and 1963 had a Volcanic Explosivity Index of about 5 on a scale where 8 would be the strength of an ancient supervolcano eruption such as Yellowstone in the U.S. or Toba in Indonesia.

Although officials have said there is no immediate threat to tourists, a significant eruption would force the closure of Bali’s international airport, stranding thousands. The island is famous for its surfing, beaches and its elegant Hindu culture is still safe to visit. Bali’s Ngurah rai International Airport has been operating normally since the alert status for Mount Agung was raised to the highest level on Friday.

Nearly 5 million tourists visited Bali last year.

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Bigly's picture

Did dutchsinse predict this one? Checking.....

thesonandheir's picture

Shepwave nailed this ages ago. 

Newsboy's picture

How to forget Puerto Rico...

Deathrips's picture

Wait the fuck a minute....if they all leave whos going to pay the carbon tax?



TBT or not TBT's picture

Or the sulfur dioxide tax?   This really blows.  

Stackers's picture

Obviously another cause of global warming, sorry climate change

serotonindumptruck's picture

So I guess sacrificing a virgin to appease the volcano gods has not been considered?

J S Bach's picture

Oh, joy!  Now we have seismic doom porn!

cossack55's picture

I hope someone is making sure they don't all evacuate to the same side of the island cause...you know.

philipat's picture

I live in Bali and find this report a little OTT. The South of the Island, where most tourism is centred, remains (And will remain whatever) unaffected by Agung and completely safe. The (now very busy) International airport is also located in the far South.

Agung, sacred to the Balinese, is located at the far North East of the island. At this time of year, the dry season, winds are from the South-East bringing cooler air up from the Australian Winter/Fall. So volcanic ash would disperse to the North and West depending on precise wind directions at the time. This means that the International airport and most tourism are unlikely to be affected by Agung unless there is a massive eruption which disperses volcanic ash over a larger area, possibly moving up towards Malaysia and Singapore.

Rusty Shorts's picture

"winds are from the South-East bringing cooler air up from the Australian Winter/Fall"


Wait, it should be Winter/Spring in Australia.

philipat's picture

Yes correct and I attempted to correct that error but the ZH correction time limits are set to "fierce" today for some reason. Actually the statement is correct in the sense that the dry season (Generally March-October but can vary by a couple of months at each end) here is coming to and end and the cooler South-Easterly winds do indeed largely influence Bali primarily during the Australian Fall and WInter. With a longer dry season, they can extend into the Australian Spring (now). Temperatures in Sydney are already up into the high 20"s.

beemasters's picture

Glad to see someone on the ground debunking the usual media hypes. :)

That said, you can't be too careful. Take care!

philipat's picture

Thanks and yes will do. I plan to jump in the ocean on Sanur Beach if all else fails!

But unless there is an epic eruption, perhaps similar to Krakatoa (Immortalized in the movie "Krakatau, East of Java"; one of the early MSM hypes because "East" sounded more exotic than "West" where Kakatoa is actually located in relation to Java) proportions, we should be OK in the South.

Withnail's picture

I live in Bali and find this report a little OTT. The South of the Island, where most tourism is centred, remains (And will remain whatever) unaffected by Agung and completely safe. The (now very busy) International airport is also located in the far South. 

Let's not forget what happened to Krakatoa. After it erupted, it destroyed the entire island which it was a part of. 

cyberfossil's picture

I also have been living in Bali 4 1/2 years now--agree with your analysis.  It's 70 km to the main tourist area from the volcano and most tourism is actually unaffected.

Implied Violins's picture

If you just give it some time, we will soon have porn doom porn. Until then, keep your palms shaved just in case.

Nobody For President's picture

Oh Johann, been happening with the Yellowstone Caladara for some time this year.

Only that one take out the entire westeren US! Or maybe the world!

Bali needs to do some serious zoning and declare a bunch of square miles a no-build, no habitate area. OK for day tourists, but no living there = allow it to revert to wilderness permanently. It is quite possible it could grumble and rumble for several years, then die back down - a year ain't an eyeblink in geologic time, and to run people out, then allow then to come back in, then run 'em out again in six months (or two years or whatever) ain't too smart.

philipat's picture

Unlikely. The Russians were kicked out of Indonesia after the attempted "Communist coup" in 1965 which overthrew Soekarno and resulted in the coming to power of the kleptocratic Soeharto regimen in 1967. Yet another coup in which everyone's favorite alphabet soup Agency, the see eye aye was involved. Nothing changes?

Rusty Shorts's picture

Anybody ever heard of the Volcano Mount Erebus in the Antartica? It's been spewing pure monotomic gold for millions of years. I just don't understand why we would have a base right next to it. 


cynicalskeptic's picture




They just keep coming

Oldwood's picture

I thought "end of times" would look more Charlton Heston-ish.

Osmium's picture

Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!

Rapunzal's picture

It looks more like a brown dwarf in our solar system. Since 10 years exponentially weakened our electromagnetic shield, exponentially increased earthquakes, exponentially increased volcanoes. It seems like Dr. Harrington was right after all.

Bigern's picture

Not to mention exponentially increased meteor fireballs. The American Meteor Society has been tracking the stats and incoming is way up in the last six years.

GeezerGeek's picture

Go stand in the corner until you come up with a less non-PC term than "brown dwarf". What kind of a raycissss sizist are you, anyway?

Might I suggest something like "height-challenged obamanoid"?

LetThemEatRand's picture

That would work, but I think "small stature planetoids of color" is preferred.

Don Watcher's picture


Yeah, but that would raise the issue of true origin of said  "height-challenged obamanoid".

Implied Violins's picture

Do you follow SOTT.NET? I bought that book by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadcyzyck (sp?) - "Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection" and was totally bowled over (and last time I checked it had 55 reviews on Amazon, every one of them five stars).

There is definitely something to the Electric Universe theory. It is MUCH more believable and provable than the "Gravity-Centric" model. And there is DEFINITELY something "out there" that sends waves of comets this way.

I wonder: could all of this Nork nuke/Syria woar bullshit be cover, in case a comet/asteroid THAT 'THEY' KNOW ABOUT is about to hit us?

Just sayin'...

Raffie's picture

My friend is traveling the EU and going to Bali tomorrow knowing the active volcano. LOL... what an adventure I guess.

Hope he gets some good pics.

NurseRatched's picture

I hope your friend has the good sense not to play Scrabble with any of the Bali refugees.  He (or she) will get their clocks cleaned!  Look at the words in the top of this story!  Bali-ites have an unfair advantage in Scrabble!

Michael Musashi's picture

I love Bali. But you know who ruined the place besides drunk tourists? Muslims. They come over from the surrounding islands and have phucked the whole place up. The Balinese are some of the nicest, most hospitable people around, but get a bad reputation from all the Muslims that go there and blend in and cause trouble.

HRH Feant2's picture

Mt. Shasta, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Rainier are next!

HRH Feant2's picture

If that place goes, damn . . . that probably would cause a mini ice age.

Overflow-admin's picture

What if you took into account all the CO2 that would be released? Heheeeeeeeehehehe


HRH Feant2's picture

There is some nice obsidian at Lassen. Picked up a few chunks as a kid.

The whole west coast is full of volcanoes, so sure, that one could pop off too.

Raffie's picture

Don't forget Long Valley. Thats a BIG one. 

Mt Rainer would destroy Seattle, not seeing a down side there. Good bye Libtards. They will just blame global warming and President Trump for it. 

fredquimby's picture

Etna also getting swarms and has been quite smokey these last 12 months....

About time the tri-plate boundary at the Azores also shifted imo. Heads up Lisbon. 

wintermute's picture

I feel like hiking this volcano just after I finish exploring below that Puerto Rico dam.

It's a lot safer than being near the nuke alley of the North Pacific.

nmewn's picture

Kinda puts the whole Kaepernick vs the national anthem in a completely new perspective doesn't it? ;-)