Crowd Boos As Entire Cowboys Team, Owner, & G.M. 'Take A Knee' In Arizona

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In an apparent demonstration of unity, the entire Dallas Cowboys team, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones, as well as executive vice presidents Stephen Jones, Charlotte Anderson and Jerry Jones Jr., all decided to 'take a knee', notably before the national anthem was sung.

Boos were heard from the crowd in Arizona which reportedly included a large number of Dallas fans...

" they take a knee collectively, boos can be heard from this sell-out crowd in Arizona..."

As ESPN reports, Jerry Jones and his daughter, Charlotte Jones Anderson, said their players wanted to take a knee as a statement for equality and unity, but also wanted to separate that message from the national anthem.

A little less than an hour before kickoff, Jerry Jones said he respected the players "individually and collectively," but he did not want to get into the political element of the debate.

"We want them to do what's in the best interest of the Dallas Cowboys," Jones said.


"That's where the obligation is and again I don't want to get into this area of debate but I do want to emphasize how important it is to me that we respect the sanctity of the flag."

Jones was one of seven NFL owners to donate to Trump's inauguration.

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skinwalker's picture

I am proud to say I have never watched a football game.

Watching professional sports is about as dumb as counting angels on the head of a pin.

yrat's picture

>muh oppression

>makes $10M/yr playing a game

847328_3527's picture

I notice no one "took a knee" when BLM murdered all those police.


That's odd?

tmosley's picture

Looks like the white guy in the second picture there just realized that they just killed the league and that he would soon be out of a job and probably unemployable.

Freddie's picture

Only thing dumber than the NFL and it's vile players is the dumb white shitbirds who watch NFL, NBA and NCAA Trayvon rapist and thug ball games. 

Dumb whites who watch that Trayvon thug ball game shit are pathetic.   The white college ball team fans are the most pathetic.  Supporting rapists like Jameis Winston. 

JungleCat's picture

 Jameis Winston did not rape that woman....Ms. Kisman.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Why didn't you clowns take a knee when we invaded Iraq on falses pretenses killing thousands of us and millions of them. 

TBT or not TBT's picture

That was one of our prouder moments, until it turned into nation building.   And then got turned over to a pro third world Marxist commander in chief.   

CheapBastard's picture

The Dallas Cowboys used to be called, "America's football team."

Now they are the Dallas, "Anti-American football team."

Wasn't it in Dallas all those cops were killed by a black?

My how times change. At least the crowd Booed these ungrateful assholes.

runswithscissors's picture

They are all violent thugs who would be robbing, raping, murdering, and selling drugs if they didn't have dumbfucks who worship them for being able to play with a fucking foooball.

IH8OBAMA's picture

Adios Muchachos!  The NFL is dead.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Maybe they have brain damage and it is not their fault.  Who would knowingly alienate their fans unless they had a brain injury?

Manthong's picture

 I had multiple windows open and posted his to the wrong thread..


You can kiss that “America’s Team” label goodbye.

BLM’s Team  ?????

Al Sharpton’s Team ???     whatever.

I cannot believe the idiocy there.


Q: So, how did you lose most of your customer base?

A: Slowly at first and then all at once.


But it was the ESPN thread and kind of blended right in.    :-)


HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

they are all getting unemployed...

either they have some GREAT retirement plans

or they are been offered GREAT retirement plans

Occident Mortal's picture

Wow, this is pretty dumb of the Cowboys.

This imagine will last forever, do they realise that?

Taking a knee is going to become toxically associated with why America has become bloated and weak.

Get of the floor and get to fucking work, you entitled self-righteous brat.

Dukes's picture

"Who would knowingly alienate their fans unless they had a brain injury?"

Jerry Jones

Probably right on both accounts.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Green Day and Dixie Chicks both alienated their core customer base

Peak Finance's picture


Who would knowingly alienate their fans unless they had a brain injury?

(((THEY))) always overreach. Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

109 times to be exact

110 and never again. 

Dancing Disraeli's picture

This has the same feel as watching Sweden commit suicide.


SULax's picture

From your lips to Gods ears

3LockBox's picture

I guess they really believe we need them that bad and we will be like that fratboy in Animal House getting spanked...

"Thank you sir! May I have another!"

3LockBox's picture

Damn I wish I could short the NFL right now!

3LockBox's picture

Wonder how Vegas is feeling about their decision to bring in the NFL now....

You can just flush that money down the toilet!

Froman's picture

Was thinking the exact same thing.  It will also be interesting to see how many taxpayers are still dumb enough to vote for $260mm - $300mm stadium referendums for these "convicts in a cow yard" to run around in 8 times a year.

Nostradumbass's picture

That is a sweeping generalization.

But without channeling their native, natural aggression into sportsball, you are probably correct - they would act out just as their inner city brethren do.

jeff montanye's picture

i like both sides of this brawl: 

one faction sides with the players, owners and becomes less susceptible to flag and anthem symbolism and, perhaps, the military, wars, clandestine services and operations often mixed up with flag and anthem.  good.

the other sides with flag and anthem symbolism and opposes the spectator sports cash cow that so nourishes the legacy media, making all these interdependent parts of the political establishment weaker.  also good.

fattail's picture

What other important worldly developments are we being distracted from by having this non-important, discussion of symbolism, sucking up the airwaves and sticking as the number three story on zero hedge?

I personally, can think of a dozen reasons why no one should stand for the anthem or US flag, and especiallly the pledge of allegiance.  It takes just about every fiber in my bones to stand up for the anthem, but I  am not that brave, and do not want to create a scene for those I am with.  But i don't cover my heart.

OT:  Why is the concept of less government, less government force, never advanced as a solution to problems created by the government's monopoly of force?  



Oh yeah....  Nevermind.

Nostradumbass's picture

What other important worldly developments are we being distracted from by having this non-important, discussion of symbolism, sucking up the airwaves...

I constantly have this in mind with any 'news' being trotted out for us to focus on.

pilager's picture

Bunch of assholes. Fuck football.... better things to do with my time. MLB lost me years ago with the strike. 

Montani Semper Liberi's picture

 You speak for me as well regarding the MLB. There were some great pennant races going on when they suspended play in eatly August of 1994, along with many players who had major MLB records in their sights such as Frank Thomas, Tony Gwynne and Matt Williams. I'm still pissed.


SULax's picture

Agreed, I never came back after the strike either...except when my Red Sox ran for the pennant bc that's like what, 1 in a billion years ????

Froman's picture

Agree 100%.  It has become so boring it is like wathcing paint dry and there are three minutes of commercials for every 3-4 minutes of actual sports viewing.  MLB and NBA lost me long ago, NHL, NFL and College last year.  If it is not doping or performance enhancing drugs it is very questionable officiating and coaching that effects the outcome of games.

JSBach1's picture

Boos are hypocritical...

Unless they are followed up by walking out of the stadium, cancelling season tickets/not buying another ticket again, not watching the games, not buying any NFL merchandise, not advertising and thus not paying the NFL.

Anything less is HYPOCRISY!

3LockBox's picture

I agree...

However I think it takes awhile for all this to sink in...

That audience has been in a trance for soooo long and they paid money.

As they watch they will begin to see how stupid it all is...Like a South Park episode...

They will then begin to see what a pathetic waste of time it is...

They have to go through all the stages like an alcoholic!

JSBach1's picture

No! If it takes time to sink in then one is NOT vested in the struggle to begin with. WAKE THE F' UP! you're being infiltrated and manipulated at every step of the way. MAKE A STAND FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!

Archibald Buttle's picture

i've refused to spend a single red cent in any way on professional sports for years because the billionaire owners have their hand out for taxpayer funding for a new stadium every few years. during the peak of the whole detroit bankruptcy fiasco, when they were saying they would have to auction off the art museum's works, the city still found a way to pony up something like $400 mil for a fucking stadium. i am the SHEPWAVE of boycotting, i guess.

JSBach1's picture


Who else is willing to join?

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Think about it. You dropped hundreds on tickets and drove all the way through traffic to get're not going to just leave five minutes into it it will be interesting to see how many empty seats there will be later in the season

Froman's picture

I could not have said it better Arch....look at Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston.  Cities that were and are a mess; high murder rates, extreme poverty in certain portions of the city, outdated sewer and water systems, crumbling roads and bridges and unfunded pension plans yet all of them bowed to billionaire owners and had the taxpayers foot $250mm - $300mm publically financed stadiums where the owners did not put in one dime.  All on the promise from the politicians that "it is good for the city, it brings in $xx dollars of revenue" 8 weekends out of the year and spurs the local economy. 

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Those stadiums in the middle of the ghetto provide target-rich environments for the usual suspects to rob, rape, and murder their white cuck victims.  Niggaz in the hood LOVE these white taxpayer-funded projects.  It's like a free candy store just down the block.  The niggaz on the field rob, rape, and murder.  the niggaz on the street rob, rape, and murder.  The owners of these teams indirectly rob, rape, and murder.  GUESS WHO IS BEING ROBBED, RAPED, AND MURDERED?!? 

Lanka's picture

Money talks. Boycott their advertisers.

JRobby's picture

Starve the beasts, they die.

drendebe10's picture

Yup, Booooooofuknoooooooo to those muktimillionaire fukn ungrateful fukn entertainers.  Fukemall.  If they want to do something meaningful donate  some of their millions to Wounded Warriors.  Fukemall

drendebe10's picture

Yup, Booooooofuknoooooooo to those muktimillionaire fukn ungrateful fukn entertainers.  Fukemall.  If they want to do something meaningful donate  some of their millions to Wounded Warriors.  Fukemall

Keyser's picture

Prouder moments? Err, did you ever find those WMD's? I didn't think so... 

EddieLomax's picture

Iraq was a third world hellhole run by a ruthless dictator who was holding down the Islamic barbarism of its inhabitants.

The only way to really make that country a success would have been to Christianize it, maybe we would have had the moral strength to do that in 1800, but not today.  So based on that understanding the best we could have done was leave it well alone and hope Saddam was replaced by a reformer like Assad, then perhaps Iraq might slowly become less Islamic and hence more civilized.