Jim Kunstler On "The Devastating Effect Of 'Multiculturalism'"

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Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

There’s a lot to complain about in this deranged republic - if it even still is one - but the burdens of being a multimillionaire football player would not be at the top of my list.

Personally, I find it a little peculiar that we have to play the national anthem before any sporting event. All it really shows is how insecure we are as a nation that we have to display our love of country in this obsessive manner.

Same with congressmen and their stupid flag lapel pins, or the flag in front of Denny’s chain restaurants. Are eaters of the “lumberjack slam” so disoriented when they leave the place that they need to be reminded what country they’re in? “Oh, look hon, were in the USA after all….”

What burns my ass is seeing baseball players in camo uniforms, as if they were an extension of the US military. What’s up with that? Is San Diego suddenly a theater of war? And why do US soldiers need to wear camo uniforms when shopping for eyeglasses? There used to be a distinction between battle dress and what you wore the rest of the time, even during a world war. And why on earth is it necessary to fly Air Force fighter jets over the stadium before the Super Bowl? Who authorizes the spend for that? Who are we trying to scare?

Of course, this new gale of ill-feeling stirred up by our intemperate president, the Golden Golem of Greatness, is driven by the oceanic currents of racial animus that are drowning the country more ruinously than the recent spate of hurricanes. The #Take the Knee campaign was already there, and getting hotter, even before Mr. Trump chimed in. At least he didn’t issue the usual sort of vapid nostrum about “diversity” and all of us getting along. In his blunt, blundering way, he may force the nation to clarify exactly what the beef is.

Surely it’s not about the woes of professional athletes. They are representing the grievances of a different realm in black America, perhaps the places they came from, the city ghettos or the rural backwaters of Dixieland, or maybe even boring black suburbs like Prince George County, Maryland. And the lingering question, to be equally blunt, is: how much is non-black America keeping black America down?

I say non-black because there are plenty of other ethnic groups in the mix besides the dwindling majority of “white folks.” I daresay there is as much, perhaps more real animus between Asian-Americans and black Americans than between white and black. But Asian-Americans did not enslave black Africans, so they’re off-the-hook for that original sin.

Mostly what Asian newcomers do is demonstrate that it’s possible to succeed economically and educationally in this country even if you start out with a culture and language completely alien to American ways. This is especially noticeable in places of exacting achievement like Silicon Valley. If anything, Asians complain that they do so well in school that the universities have to tamp down their admission numbers to give other ethnic groups a chance.

There seems to be so much psychological displacement in the feelings between black and white America that it is next to impossible to sort out what to do next.

White Dem-Progs (formerly “liberals”) appear to be so consumed with anxious consternation over the outcome of the long civil rights struggle that they are ready to commit a sort of hara-kiri to atone for their unforgivable cis-whiteness. To some extent, they have attempted to compensate by campaigning for an ever-growing list of other “marginalized” groups in the hopes of showing some positive results for social change — it’s just easier to get significant numbers of homosexuals into the corporate executive suites than to get blacks in there — but the Dem-Progs are still left with the grinding reality of a large, dysfunctional black underclass. They certainly can’t admit that their own contrived “remedies,” such as subsidizing out-of-wedlock births, has anything to do with it, or the devastating effect of “Multiculturalism” on some sort of unifying common culture based on values that everybody can agree on.

Similarly, black America displaces their oppositionality to whatever remains of a national common culture into the memes of “systemic racism and injustice.”

It has evolved insidiously in their own culture since the 1960s, probably (I believe) as a reaction to the anxiety provoked by the civil rights legislation of 1964-65. It’s really about behavior, especially in school. Are you interested in speaking English? Believe me, that would help a lot in this society. Consider this: Ella Fitzgerald was not singing black or white back in the day. She was just singing.

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Is the whitebread in the photo caption making a statement, or going along wid it so as to not be labeled a rayciss...?

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Mostly what Asian newcomers do is demonstrate that it’s possible to succeed economically and educationally in this country even if you start out with a culture and language completely alien to American ways.

This is because Asians, as a group, have a much higher IQ than Africans.

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Football players are OVERPAID thugs!!!

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Does the data make me a yellow supremacist?

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Is there anything we should know about the ethnocultural background of the NFL owners?

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Does posting this data make me a black supremacist?



Top Ten Fastest 100 Meter Sprinters in History

Sprinters – Men’s 100 Metres (World Record: 9.58) by Usain Bolt at the ’09 World Championships)


1. Usain Bolt (Jamaica) – Fastest Time: 9.58 seconds

The 100m Olympic record (9.69) was set by Bolt at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.


2. Tyson Gay (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.69 seconds

During the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials, Gay also ran a wind-aided 9.68 (once the fastest 100 m under any condition).


3. Asafa Powell (Jamaica) – Fastest Time: 9.72 seconds

Asafa Powell ran his fastest time, once the world record, during heats at the 2007 IAAF Rieti Grand Prix.


4. Maurice Greene (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.79 seconds

By the widest margin since electronic timing, Greene ran this since passed world record time in 1999.


5. Donovan Bailey (Canada) – Fastest Time: 9.84 seconds

Bailey returned Canada to glory with his 9.84 record-breaking run at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.


6. Bruny Surin (Canada) – Fastest Time: 9.84 seconds

Surin’s second place finish of 9.84 at the 1999 World Championships was the fastest silver medal time ever.


7. Leroy Burrell (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.85 seconds

Burrell had twice set the world record in the 100 metres with a 9.90 in 1991 and a 9.85 in 1994.


8. Justin Gatlin (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.85 seconds

Gatlin’s fastest time was set at the 2004 Olympics with a gold metal winning 9.85 second run.


9. Olusoji Fasuba (Nigeria) – Fastest Time: 9.85 seconds

Fasuba holds the African 100 metre sprinting mark with a 9.85 at the Doha Grand Prix in 2006.


10. Carl Lewis (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.86 seconds

Track and Field star Carl Lewis has won nine Olympic gold medals and eight World Championship gold medals.

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What if the new generations just don't want to integrate? What is so wrong with that?

Why is this grand social experiment of multiculturism (which defies history and common sense) so sacrosanct?

You are right. The Boomers are worried they fucked up, but instead of accepting grievances as legitimate, they are lashing out in a desperate attempt to save it.

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Blacks have no legitimate grievances. They have been given every opportunity and still fuck up. Reason: stupidity and laziness. They have low IQs and went for welfare. Suck it up asshole.

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I went to college on the GI Bill in the mid-60s.  At that time it seemed like there were perks everywhere under the affirmative action programs to give afro-americans a step ahead of the rest of us to make up for the "past injustices".  Well it is over 40 years later and they still need affirmative action like lower scores and reserved openings.  When the hell are they going to have books in the homes so the kids can read and write and have the qualifications like the rest of us.  Asian kids get out of the last day of class and immediately show up at the tutoring schools on Monday to spend their summers getting ahead.  Latinos absolutely work their butts off in jobs. Shesh

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Contributing factors to the problem: IQ/Genetic, "The System", Apathy.

When "The System" works against you, it's impossible to get ahead.  A good getto kid is way more likely to get shafted by a corrupt police officer who plants drug or weapons on the perp, and causes this person to now be a felon.  Once you are a felon, you are fucked!  Recent example, Baltimore cops on camera planting bogus evidence.  You will never get a good job (unless you own your own business or something like that).  Someone growing up in a nice neighborhood VS a bad neighborhood has a lot more opportunities to gain valuable contacts and learn skills and to learn, as opposed to a ghetto kid who has to watch his back on the way to and from school everyday.  In a nice neighborhood, officers are more likely to let you off your offense with a warning (not always though).

To make matters worse, there is loads of psych evidence that shows kids who are worried about basic survival (like getting knifed, robbed, shot, beat up, etc) are much less likely to learn, compounding the problem of getting out of poverty.  

The liberal answer is that its the republicans fault for not paying enough tax money for good schools and free services for low income folks... but this is not the problem.  Example, King Drew hospital in LA got massive funding, yet had the worst record for patient deaths.  Unfortunately this liberal victim mentality is corrosive and contributes to people sucking off the welfare system and falling hopelessly into a skilless all-day-oprah-watching-human couch detrius.

Not withstanding, it's better to have a good work ethic.  Nobody is going to hand out high paying jobs to dipshits.  Running your own business is risky hard work!   But even for people that are "doing well", don't get me started on how the FED steals your hard earned savings with printing, and so you have to play games to find investments that yield a relatively higher return than bank / cash savings while not exposing yourself to undue risk, while also avoiding getting taxed back into poverty.  That is the other trick to learn.

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Pretty much.

The US is not enjoying the level of wealth that it did. The people on the bottom have always been under pressures that people on the top don't experience - the demand for their person as a resource is such that they simply cannot spend time being quiet and thoughtful. {And a problem at the top is that people there don't believe that they need to spend time being quiet and thoughtful - so no-one is being q&t, how about that?}

Anyway, the number of people at the bottom is growing and set to grow further. The people on their way to the bottom are lucky enough to have a pretty good view of the way their lives are headed. Like them, I would seek to learn from history the likeliest outcomes to have a clue about the future and try to determine my success, however limited, there. Late USSR and early Modern Russia is looking most likely.

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59 languages...spoken from Ivory Tower Of Babel...how many in 20/20 U.S. Census?

Success of census credited to hiring highly skilled unemployed and help in 59 languages



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In the middle of Baltimore's east side there stands a FREE book exchange.  All books are donated, some several times over as indicated by the stamp they receive upon processing.  This book exchange provides perhaps a half dozen part time jobs for some local black folks.  There is no cost and the exchange only requests that you do not resell the books.  Of course since books have little to no resale value (especially in black hoods) the resident population does not raid books like they raid every other business in the area.

Anyway, you would think that being located on Greenmount street, near neighborhoods that hover between 80-100% black (depending on the direction) the exchange would have mostly black customers, somewhere in the range of 80% perhaps.  But.....that is not the case.  While I haven't been in a few years I can't say I've seen more than a handful of black faces patronizing the completely FREE books, many tens of thousands sorted by genre to choose from.  I've found some gems and discovered new (to me) authors simply by perusing the stacks.

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Lets be real here.   The left NEVER WANTS RACISM TO END!   If it did, what issues do they have to stand beside?   When their actual issues are polled, they are rejected over and over and over again.   They NEED to have the angry black man out there stickin' it to whitey even though studies show most blacks have NEVER experienced racism at any point in their lives.  The NEED to have Shwonda mad at both whitey and men.  They are drug addicts dependent upon the gov't for their next fix in the form of welfare and unemployment checks.  What happens when they start voting for conservatives (not republicans, most republicans are liberals) and their situation imoroves?   Why do they need the liberals any more?   Marx knew that they had to destroy the family unit to get full dependency on the gov't, and look at what liberals have done to the black family.   They don't have families.   They breed like animals, literally, unfortunately.  

NiggaPleeze's picture

studies show most blacks have NEVER experienced racism at any point in their lives

LOL .... and the link for this phantastic study is ....

Marx knew that they had to destroy the family unit to get full dependency on the gov't

While there might be a non-zero chance the study you claim exists above does exist, it is 100% without doubt that Marx wrote no such thing at all, or anything close to it.

You just make crap up and post it as fact on an internet comment board ... isn't that special?

Akzed's picture
NiggaPleeze's picture


And which part of that was written by Marx?  it's all Engels and others.  (P.S.  Communist Manifesto was written by Engels, even though Marx's name was placed on it years later.)

Instead of pasting the ToC to a long compendium, back up the accusation with something written by Marx, not by others who (in your mind) may have similar opinions.

And news flash:  if you take what you did post from Engels at face value, he certainly was not writing about dependency on government!  The whole point of Communist theory was to abolish government (that's right - Communism was anarchistic - the small detail that the Illuminati sponsors of Communism left out is once they got their Global Government, it most certainly was not going to "wither away", but that was part of the bill of goods). 

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Why strain your brain readimg any of this tripe unless you want to become, or are already married to, a commie cunt feminazi?  In both cases, shoot yourself.

Far more enjoyable and enlightening to read "In Defense of Women" by JL Menken. Its all still true today!

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Racism is the measurable effect of a fragmenting larger community seeking to maintain some degree of cohesion - we split up and join smaller groups in an effort to simplify (maximise the efficiency of) the various complex systems we utitlise in order to survive and procreate. Language, for example - if we all speak the same language stuff is so much easier to do. Language is a complex example - a derived and manufactured representation of reality, whereas hormones and pheremones are far more basic to the way we perceive other people - much more powerful in shaping the course of our dealings with them. So relatively speaking, skin colour is just the irony of a visually captured society squawking about how important their eyes are - after the advent of the technologies of film and television you would expect the bias to be evident and descriptive of an average 'low' level of individual development. Easy to see, must be a thing.

Religion and the fiction of laws have been used to temper the natural tendencies of groups to fragment - the imposition of an hierarchy on a group (usually a imposition by the group on an individual) is a mechanism that grants status to experience and wisdom (a better description is capability of accurate prediction) in return for the assumption of ownership of the outcomes of decisions made on behalf of the group - responsibility. After all, if you can claim that future events and consequences can be foreseen, you better be able to account for the unforeseen consequences too.

Where the appointed hierarchy has decided to usurp the [efficient] complex systems for their own benefit (to the exclusion of the group they have been required to take responsibility for) they will seek to capitalise on the processes of destruction: lies will be deliberately and cynically used, laws will be deliberately and cynically broken. The import of known lies from the top cannot be under-estimated - every person hearing and learning of the lie now knows that they are on their own - that "leader" isn't theirs, that "leader" has broken the language by making it so inefficient as to be useless. So, the relationship between the "leader" and the 'led' is acknowledged to be one of pure exploitation with no display of the personally held values of respect, honesty, dignity, love, fairness or courage. Maybe courage - believing that lies will never be found out is the courage of stupidity. It is this fact that engenders rage in the non-stupid and their descent into the wished-for eradication of their 'leaders'.

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Excellent piece by Kunstler. Indeed,  what the Fuck is wrong with Americans to display the star spangled banner at every occasion? 

cynicalskeptic's picture

The pentagon spends big bucks to have a positive military presence in US sporting events.....  

Keep in mind that modern sports were created as a way to let males focus 'tribal' loyalties in a controllable way......   Part of the modern bread and circuses approach to controlling your populace.   

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Strongly disagree; Kuntsler has had one decent article in his past eight. 

"Similarly, black America displaces their oppositionality to whatever ..."

"oppositionality"?  Really? what is he auditioning for some New England liberal arts college with $40,000 tuition and 1200 students that get to choose their grades at the end of the semester?

Let's deconstruct this quote.  It appears that there is a unique three way intersectionality between Kunstler's white liberal privilege, his postmodern concepts of masculinity, and the contents of his anus.


Blue Steel 309's picture

(((Kunstler))) isn't white, according to his own people.

ZD1's picture

Kunstler? The liberal who was born in New York City to Jewish parents and attended the State University of New York at Brockport, where he majored in theater?

Big Creek Rising's picture

I disagreed with the gpod Cap'n who called this am "excellent piece". 

Kuntsler often does string words together in an effective and amusing manner but his polemics are limited and usually overwrought.

That theatre major info explains it all.

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There is an old joke about how black men would walk around with hand in their pants or at least on the dick. When asked why, the black man responded that he was protecting the only think the white man hadn't yet took.

For white America, they are defending their flag, perceiving that it's the only thing of their country that the government ain't took yet.

Lines are being drawn, and not in sand.

CRM114's picture

Now go look at the swimming records and medals. How often do you see a black person in a final?

Simone Manuel; that's it.

Type in swimming olympic podium to google and have a scan of the images.

Syrin's picture

Let's list all the major inventions and contributions to society to come from white men versus the entire black community of the world.   Shall we?

CRM114's picture

What would be the point?

I'm a highly intelligent white guy, but I invent and develop things because it interests me, not because it's a racial/gender/religious/any other identity you like competition. People should be given opportunities and jobs because they meet the grade. I don't have a problem with affirmative action for a while, and in non-lethal situations. However, there's probably enough evidence now in most fields to come to some conclusions, and we should be doing that.

That said, the problem is not identity politics, it is who is playing it. And that's mostly socialists, but also politicians on the right.

Oldwood's picture

That's right. While genetics are used to predict predispositions for every aspect of every living thing on this planet, from dog breeds to corn disease resistance, and include much of human diseases, even our physical attributes and propensity to drink coffee, but NEVER have we, WILL we, EVER use this science to predict human behavior, not  our propensity to violence, intelligence, insecurity or simple aggression. Not even addictions. NOPE. CANT HAPPEN. Because no scientist who wants to keep their career, or even likely stay alive would attempt to even outline such data.

Science the progressive "holy Grail" that they use as a hammer on common sense, is easily dismissed when in conflict with "the agenda".

It's how religion works. Science is what the "church" says it is, all else is heresy. The Church of Progressive Political Correctness. Go against the church and you will pay for it.

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According to Google, most American Inventors were black.  Link below...



Moustache Rides's picture

Most American white inventors were black also.  According to google.

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Blacks run from the lions while whites stand and fight the bears...

CRM114's picture

Blacks hunt lions, it was the classic mark of manhood across much of Africa.

cheech_wizard's picture

Blacks hunted each other, and then ate them, or enslaved them...

Spare us the bullshit... I spent the weekend reading this, and the modern day parallels still continue on. (i.e. witchcraft, cannabalism, etc.)


markovchainey's picture

That's pretty heavy there cheech. 


Without getting into the content, the writing style makes modern writing appear to be monkey scribblings. 

Oldwood's picture

Is the fact that Africa is virtually all black due to "white flight" a dozen or so thousand years back?

What's next, the moon?

Oldwood's picture

Damn, and I thought it was selling their brothers into slavery.

Syrin's picture

And as soon as running fast contributes to society as much as electricity, PCs, the comsutible engine, democracy, etc. we can celebrate them accordingly.

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It's funny how Disney's 'It's a small world' attraction depicts africa versus switzerland.  Africa: niggers bangin on bongos and wild animals running around.  Switz: architecture, clothes, culture.  Disney's got it right!

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Just a doping supremecist.

All drug assisted there.

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XX.  Christophe Le Maitre - Fastest Time:  9.98 seconds

On 9 July 2010, Lemaitre officially became the first man purely of European descent to run 100 metres in under 10 seconds, with a time of 9.98 s at the 2010 French National Championships in the city of Valence.



...so the white man isn't that far off.

Probably running from some Germans?  (Couldn't resist).

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They're the Red line...at least they want us to think they are not as smart as they seem.

Falconsixone's picture

Their iq drags down the us avg.

MD's picture

This graph is hilarious. Got a source? I don't believe it one bit, but it's funny.

CRM114's picture

Try this



This source puts Kenya at 80, not 70 like this graph, but countries like Rwanda and Botswana have a mean IQ of 70.

I have a friend in Botswana. His stories would seem to back up the IQ evidence.

However, having spent some time myself in countries down the bottom end of the scale, it's often difficult to work out whether someone fails to solve a problem because they 

1) are low IQ

2) are lazy

3) don't consider it a problem

4) don't consider it their problem

5) aren't inclined to help you

and of course the same would apply to the IQ tests which yield the data.

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Kenyans seem more clever than others.  Lush, diverse environment