DirecTV Will Allow Angry Customers To Request NFL Refunds

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In the first reported case of corporate blowback involving the ongoing Trump vs NFL feud, the WSJ reports that DirecTV is letting some angry customers cancel subscriptions to its Sunday Ticket package of NFL games and obtain refunds "if they cite players’ national anthem protests as the reason", according to customer service representatives. While DirecTV's regular Sunday Ticket policy doesn’t allow refunds once the season is under way, the representatives said they are making exceptions this season, which began in September, in response to the player's growing protests, either kneeling or linking arms during the national anthem.

DirecTV service representatives contacted by The Wall Street Journal had different understandings of the policy. One said refunds to those concerned about the anthem protests were only offered to subscribers with certain offers or plans. One representative said full refunds were available for those who complained about anthem protests. Another said such people could only get prorated refunds for the remainder of the season.

While other representatives said the policy hadn’t changed and that no refunds were allowed for any reason, DirecTV subscribers contacted by the WSJ showed the satellite broadcaster was offering at least some refunds.

Marc Hoffman, a longtime subscriber to Sunday Ticket, which gives sports fans the ability to watch every Sunday game, said in an interview he was able to cancel his subscription and receive a refund on Monday. The package costs around $280 per season. “I honestly didn’t think I’d get a refund,” Mr. Hoffman said. “I know their guidelines, I just wanted to make a point.”

Chris Baker, who lives in Indiana, told the WSJ that he reluctantly canceled his Sunday Ticket subscription, but not precisely as a response to the protests. “I explained to them I was tired of politics in sports, and it’s not how I want to spend my Sunday, watching all that transpire,” he said he told a DirecTV representative. He said the representative “insinuated there was a high volume of calls calling in to cancel.”

The shift is the latest twist in a controversy that has divided the nation after President Donald Trump blasted players who took a knee during the anthem and said they should be fired. He has called on people to walk out of stadiums when players are kneeling.

To be sure, Trump added to the fire on Tuesday saying that “for people to disrespect that by kneeling during the playing of our national anthem, I think is disgraceful.”

While several teams have issued statements defending the rights of their players to express their opinion - and the NFL also has shown solidarity with them - the stakes are much higher, and go beyond just the political. As the WSJ reports, football draws the biggest TV audiences of American sports and is a vital income source for a host of major media companies. For DirecTV, Sunday Ticket is a major customer draw and one of the NFL’s premier franchises, earning it $1.5 billion a year in licensing revenue.

Aside from DirecTV, the NFL-owned channel RedZone, which provides live action and scoring from every game on Sundays, is also experiencing some cancellations due to the protests.

Chuck Plavk, a veteran who resides in Wisconsin, canceled his subscription to the channel from Charter Communications ’ Spectrum Cable. He said when he called, the customer service representative said, “everybody’s calling about that today.” Unlike Sunday Ticket, which is only available through DirecTV, RedZone is available through a number of cable providers and streaming outlets.

Needless to say, a spike in cancellations risk further damage to both viewership and revenues as the league tries to stem an ongoing decline in ratings. Viewership fell last year and, as Trump pointed out, continues to do so this year.

Network executives and league officials attributed last year’s declines in part to viewing competition from the presidential election, consumer distaste with the pace and quality of games.

And now, based on DirecTV's announcement, one can add anthem protests to the list.

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National Felon League


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There’s only one way the NFL can fix the Kneeling Fuckup – collect all recently removed Confederate Statues and install them in the middle of each field, PERMANENTLY!   ;-)


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They should have to means test the rebates. (s/giggle)

Lot of America's gonna be finding new hobbies; hiking, camping, canoeing, shooting, cooking, canning, hunting and the like.
All the things non-electronic that the Propagandists cannot touch

Oh the pain of being ignored

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You can bet that will come right out of the NFL’s hide.

vato poco's picture

NFL owners change their tunes & become superpatriotic hardasses in 5,4,3 ...

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Police: LA Rams' Dindu Ethan Westbrooks arrested   Michael savage is right -- the “NFL” is the “National Felons League.”

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zh readers are, for sure, aware of george webb; these vids today pertain to young black females being kidnapped, raped, murdered a short distance from where that hideous black creature sheila jackson lee took a knee today, Disgusting;media Silence, Congressional Silence, DOJ Silence, these soulless hypocrites shall burn in hell
janus's picture

niggers have absolutely no appreciation for irony.

there they were, kneeling like halflings, wearing "redskin" jerseys, protesting institutional racism.

holy shit is this shit rich.

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Did they not watch Game of Thrones during the off season? I never thought GOT was highbrow but maybe they thought it was too white for them to watch? Bending a knee means one thing, and one thing only, submission to royal authority.

Upvote for using the word, halfling. Long time Tolkien reader / fan.

Has anyone told them they can own slaves if they move to the majority nigger country of Mauritania, Africa? Of course they would have to convert to Islam. Mauritania is 95% nigger and Islamic. No one talks about the poor nigger slaves in Africa. No one except for me and one of those groups that keeps an eye on modern day slavery.

HopefulCynical's picture

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Witness the effect of living in a globalist Marxist echo chmber for decades. Fuckwit owners probably thought the proles would just "simmah down" after a few grumbles.

jin187's picture

Not only is slavery still practiced in Africa more so than anywhere else, but most people forget how the slaves got here in the first place. I bet if you asked the average college kid nowadays how the slaves got on the ships, they'd spin you some tale akin to Alex Haley's Kunta Kinte having a net thrown over him, and dragged to the shore.

The truth is nearly all slaves were traded for. The slavers brought furs, spices, guns, tools, etc, and the villages would hand over their prisoners, criminals, or even their own slaves to the white traders, just like cattle. When the slave trade was in its prime, you'd even have tribes raiding one another for the sole purpose of capturing people to sell to the whites.

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Irony doesn't pay as well as victimhood.

Freddie's picture

The only thing dumber is white American males who watch this NFL, NBA and NCAA Trayvon thug ball shit. Dumb whites cheering Trayvon rapists like dumb goobers.

Southern whites cheering Texas team or SEC college ball are among the biggest morons who support these Trayvons.

jin187's picture

I thought I was the only one that got a kick out of the "Redskins" protesting.

It's the sad state of the country in general, and the black community in particular. I bet most of the people on that field have no idea of the controversy surrounding the Redskins trademark. It's like they have this little world in their head where nothing exists to them but their indoctrination since birth, that they are oppressed, can't escape that oppression, and it's not their fault. No matter how privileged they are, how much money and fame they have, every time a cop looks at them, it's profiling. Every time someone disagrees with them it's bigotry. Every time they don't get what they want, it's discrimination.

IIRC, Kaperprick was asked awhile back about his personal experiences with racism. The only thing he could come up with was that he went into a gas station with a friend one time when he was a teenager, and the guy at the cash register thought he was stealing, and he assumed it was because the guy was racist. It's just mindblowing what passes for "oppression" nowadays.

DeadFred's picture

The real pain would come if Trump called for a boycott of the advertisers.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

All of this is really entertaining.  Stupid can fix itself.

847328_3527's picture

Boycotting the advertizers like Nike, Ford, Anheuser-Busch, Bud, etc is common sense hopefully. I already wrote to each of them telling them what I think if they support a bunch of ungrateful anti-American people.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Nigger thug criminals dont deserve commercial support.  This applies to the sponsors of nigger thug criminal sports.

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Dumb kids play football because all the smart kids are on the baseball team.


jin187's picture


Those are just guys trying to sell products. They don't give a fuck about this shit, and trying to harm 3rd and 4th party associates in a backdoor effort to snuff out someone's politics is exactly the kind of tactics the radical left uses.

All you have to do is not watch the game, don't buy the merchandise, don't subscribe to the channels the games air on. Problem solved. All the corporate sponsorships and advertisers will dry up like a puddle in the desert once they realize no one is watching.

Stopping them from kneeling by forcing their employers to take away their money makes them martyrs. If their employers simply run out of money because no one cares anymore, then they become tragic idiots we all get to point and laugh at for pissing away their futures.

ebworthen's picture

I emailed Hyundai and Volkswagen yesterday that I wasn't going to be buying anything they made until they pulled the adds and stopped supporting the N.F.L. and players kneeling during the National Anthem.



No "SUVW" for me!

fishpoem's picture

"Ethan Westbrooks signed a 2 year, $3,050,000 contract with the Los Angeles Rams, including an average annual salary of $1,525,000."

"Westbrooks was stopped for speeding along Interstate 5 near Bakersfield on Friday and an officer spotted a gun in the glove box as Westbrooks was looking for his car's registration document…The gun, which had been reported stolen in Sacramento in 2009, was loaded with a high-capacity clip that held 13 rounds."


Rabidcephalopod's picture

Lol - $3M contract and he still wants to thug-out. Good luck, dumbass!

Ditch's picture

I dont know about his past but a citizen carrying a gun does not equal a thug.I wish my constitutional right to bear arms was enforced so why not his. Can't pick and choose who get rights, it's all or nothing because they'll take mine and yours later.

jin187's picture

Unfortunately for him, he lives in the "Golden State", where the 2nd amendment is something to be worked around, not something to be cherished.

Going solely by the color of his skin, and his profession, I'm guessing there's a 99% chance this guy supports Obama, Clinton, Brown, Feinstein, Boxer, etc. All the people that want to make it illegal for someone to carry a gun in their glove box without a nearly impossible and costly mountain of paperwork, phony government training, and background checks.

He's getting his just desserts.

Stinkytofu's picture

okay!  let's do the keep and bare arms checklist.

YOU tell us how many of these apply to you:


1.  dumbass negro.

2.  concealed weapon.

3.  high-capacity clip (that's bad m'kay)

4.  caught speeding with a concealed high-capacity STOLEN gun.


let me scored zero.  am i right?

erkme73's picture

A high-capacity "clip"?  Since when do guns small enough to fit in a glove box come with clips.  Musta been one hell of a glovebox.

Stinkytofu's picture

you know what a "clip" is????

bluez's picture

I have never attended a football game in my entire life. Have not owned a TV in at least 40 years.

Do I still qualify for a rebate?

I really don't give a shit about this drama. They can do headstands. What do I care?

Isn't anything real happening out there?

bluez's picture

Furthermore, this TV thing where it's all "supported" by ads? That has got to be fake. I never bought a single damn thing because of some stupid commercial.

And Google makes trillions of ads? In-fucking-possible. I don't see any ads anyway. My computer has more weird filters than there even are commecials.

I can only just barely make out real content on Zero Hedge. I can hardly see any content at all.

I'm a freakin' digital survivalist.

CheapBastard's picture

NO rebate for you if you're a honkey. Now go sit in the back of the bus!

jin187's picture

It's a holdover from the golden age of television. Back then, there was no internet, so people got their information almost strictly from broadcasts and newspapers. With only 3 channels, and a local paper, advertising got serious bang for its buck.

I personally think ads affect most people now the way they do with you, but telling the old curmudgeons that run most media industries this is pretty pointless. That's why the young tech guys like Google are starting to dominate advertising, because they have all our data, and target much more effectively than just tossing something out on TV because 20 million people are watching.

bluez's picture

In fact my operating system is "Plan 9".

Barfetto's picture

Your one up one me. I threw out my telly only 37 years ago. The only times that I went to football games was when I went to preach the gospel to the Seahawk bird worshipers at Century Link stadium on Occidental ave. in Seattle.

Gatto's picture

Well you need to get back out there and preach Matthew 5:34 to all the flag worshipers that want to force everyone into their CULT and make them swear and oath to fabric!

Deplorable's picture

You got me beat....I actually attended a Cardinals game about 30 years ago.

My excuse, the tickets were given to me by my girlfriends father. 

I had to go unfortunately.

Blue Steel 309's picture

Rich jews use their wealth to destroy white christians. Sports is propaganda, not enterprise.

Bigly's picture

They are doing the smart thing...from their perspective. Don't lose the customer entirely.  Make the nfl take it. They should not want to get in the middle of this. Let people boycott sports stations.


But because we already know this, kill your tv in its entirety. 

Ben A Drill's picture

Already doing most of them already. I have no place to keep a canoe.

Don’t forget to cut your cable. Saves me $110.00 a month.

jin187's picture

I recently got DirectTV for $90, and $50 of that is just internet. Every time I realize I don't have ESPN, and that it's making the libtards lose money, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Hell, I don't think I'd ever turn on my TV if not for Rick & Morty.

USofAzzDownWeGo's picture

I moved to California and that's all I do is outdoor activities!! Hiking, desert roadtrips, beaches, wineries, etc. Anything outdoors and away from the TV. My life is much better off too!!! 

kommissar's picture

i'm done the fuck done.  watched half of the games i usually do last season, done this year.

jin187's picture

I watched two a couple weeks ago. That's two more than I watched last season. I won't be making that mistake again.

It's sad really. I love the fuck out of football. The fact that I can't turn on a game, or watch a football show on ESPN without hearing liberal dogma for half of it is a disservice not just to the fans that disagree politically, but to the game itself.

dogismycopilot's picture

Tune out the NFL

Tune in Alex Jones!

Squid Viscous's picture

yes Looney! halftime show can be confederate generals playing the Electro football board game, I might even hold my piss for that,