In Historic Speech, Macron Makes "Radical" Appeal For United Europe, Calls For "Military Intervention Force"

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Just two days after the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party won a larger-than-expected 13% of the vote in Germany’s federal elections over the weekend - dealing a staggering defeat to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat-led coalition which suffered its worst electoral showing since 1949 – French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a lesson in contrasts when he gave what the Financial Times described as “the most integrationist speech by a French leader since the creation of the euro.”

Speaking to students at the Sorbonne in Paris, Macron said that "the challenge is vital: the sea walls behind which Europe has thrived have gone,” adding that “we need to trace the only path ensuring our future; it is the refoundation of a sovereign, united and democratic Europe.

In other words, a United States of Europe.

The dissonance between Macron’s words, and the expression of defiance by German voters, who elevated a right-wing party to Parliament for the first time since World War II, is remarkable considering the unprecedented showing of France’s own nationalist party, the Marine Le Pen-led National Front, in parliamentary elections earlier this year, according to the Financial Times.

Put another way, while voters on the continent are expressing serious reservations about further integration, Macron is proposing that the EU develop a joint “military intervention force”, a shared military budget, and a common budget funded by aggregated tax receipts and supervised by a single finance minister, along the lines of what last week's "State of the Union" speech by Jean-Claude Juncker proposed.

“Among the French president’s numerous proposals were the creation of a “military intervention force” and a common military budget by 2020, a European agency to deal with counter-terrorism intelligence and another to drive “radical innovation” in the economy.

Macron also proposed reviving talks about a financial-transaction tax and a stronger carbon-tax mechanism, while also proposing that every student in France learn to speak at least two foreign EU languages. 

In his wide-ranging address, Mr Macron said he wanted to revive talks on the introduction of a financial transaction tax to fund development aid to Africa, sought to introduce a carbon-pricing mechanism and outlined a plan for each youngster to speak at least two foreign EU languages by 2024.

In what was perhaps Macron’s boldest proposal, he pushed for the adoption of pan-European lists of candidates during the next EU parliamentary election, slated for 2019.

He also broke a French taboo by proposing an overhaul of the common agriculture policy and pushed for pan-European lists of candidates for 2019 European parliamentary elections.


However, Mr Macron was more restrained on the question of bolstering the eurozone, which had been billed as the centrepiece of his speech, in spite of a disappointing election result for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and the historic breakthrough of the rightwing Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany party.

And while Macron has, in the past, expressed support for a shared eurozone budget – a policy goal that is vehemently opposed by politicians in Germany, the eurozone’s largest constituent economy – he stopped short of calling for one in Tuesday’s speech.

He did take an implicit swipe at critics in Berlin who have opposed the idea of a significant eurozone budget because it would imply more risk sharing and fiscal transfers, he added: “I have no red lines, I only have horizons.”


But he stopped short of laying out specific demand on the eurozone, only reiterating his wish for a common budget funded by corporate tax receipts and supervised by a finance minister.

As the FT notes, Merkel and Macron share a diplomatic relationship, and the German Chancellor has said she would consider “small budget” and a common fund to help weaker economies carry out tough reforms, although in light of the post-election reality in which Merkel will have to share power with vehemently anti-integrationist parties, this now looks like a pipe dream.

As for his own constituents, Macron promised the French people that painful budget cuts to public spending, and more business-friendly labor and welfare laws would be offset by more aid from the EU, which of course is the whole point behind this pinnacle in "globalist" thought: while all can share in the growth, other European nations can also jointly fund France's chronic deficits while also sharing sovereignty, an idea which has zero chance of passing now or for the foreseeable future.

Watch the full speech below:


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Auberge's picture

Could you explain your statement, please?

I didn't get your message.

Sparehead's picture

He's paraphrasing for that French idiot.

RICKYBIRD's picture

Do you understand what a "Sovereign Europe" is? RB doesn't, and neither do I.

bunkers's picture

He means European countries will cease to exist. All that exists will be Europe and whatever, else, the Rothchilds etc want to exist. Rothschilds do not want individual countries or peace or patriotism or a thriving population. They want chaos, death, famine, pestilence... The Four Horsemen kind of world.

bunkers's picture

At some point, the French are going to find the backbone they had in the eighteenth century.

BarkingCat's picture

I think it might be a reference to the Bush quote from the financial crisis.


Auberge's picture

Everybody knows that Macron is a Rothschild operative.

Merkel is weak now.

Good times to rock 'n roll.

Herodotus's picture

Ein volk, ein reich, ein fuhrer!

Auberge's picture

Good morning.

It is 26 September 2017, not 26 September 1933.

Where have you been during the last 84+ years?


johnnycanuck's picture

Europe should form it's own defense alliance, separate from each countries own military then dump NATO which is just another US Foreign Expeditionary Force now anyway.

Vimes's picture

They should, but Europe is even more lost than the U.S...

Sparehead's picture

It seems we agree after all. The US is facing certain decline and I expect an eventual break-up, but Europe is way ahead of us in that regard. By the same token they may (hopefully should) recover first as well.

SRV's picture

Mommie (his handler) will love this speech and may give him some of those pics of Melania she found in the bottom drawer back to him for good behavior. 

Interesting that the given name of a sitting FLOTUS shows as a spelling error...

bh2's picture

Angela's lapdog yaps again.

Ink Pusher's picture

Gotta love Macron,In one sentence he screams for sovereignty and in the next threatens to kill it starting with "common agriculture" laws being abandoned in favor of EU mandates...

and... " Merkel and Macron share a diplomatic relationship, and the German Chancellor has said she would consider “small budget” and a common fund to help weaker economies carry out tough reforms," 

While volunteering their nations to pay for the deadwood ,broke as a joke leeches among the EU membership nations.

I see the Visegrad nations as the only strong nations in the region, the rest are all following the Franco-Germanic nonsense dancers.

BarkingCat's picture

 Unfortunately the Slovaks have folded like a cheap lawn chair with regard to the refugees when they were threatened with court action.

Sparehead's picture

Do any of you still doubt Europe collapses first, or that you, your children, or grandchildren will be sent over to "save" Europe once again?

Vimes's picture

And yet without those pesky Europeans, you would not exist. And stop playing that altruistic card, like it wasn't about making the New World Order happen. 

Auberge's picture

Those pesky prepositions and governments should go to hell, imho.

Sparehead's picture

I am well aware of how much bullshit is passed on as history. My comment was directed at other Americans and my intent was not to gleefully crap on Europe. I've lived there and was very fond of most of the parts I’ve seen. If anything I'm sympathetic to the worsening position much of Europe finds itself in. As for the globalists intent on destroying the continent or the mooching hostile foreigners flooding the place, they can fuck off and die.

Auberge's picture

You, your children and your grand-children will be sent over here, when the Rothschilds have decided to do so.

We all are chess pieces on their huge chess board.

If the Rothschilds think you should go to heaven, for their profits, you have to leave us.

Jesus Christ is waiting for you - over there.


taketheredpill's picture



But...but...they said it was a Trade Agreement!!


Sparehead's picture

For a time it was, but of course "they" always lie.

Freedumb's picture

Meanwhile, whenever I have questioned people on why they want to give up sovereignty and lessen their democratic control over their government by advocating for the EU, they typically insist that the EU is just a "framework of common standards and cooperation". Right.

Sparehead's picture

I surprised they don't just say "Ba-a-a-a-a-ah!"

historian40's picture

One might ask Americans why they pretend to have a Republic of sovereign States despite the takeover by a "sovereign" federal Union dominating out of D.C..  Those in other countries should see a warning sign of what will happen to their nations if they allow the growth of the EU.  It's tough for someone from the States to lecture them, as most of us don't realize we already live in the trap, while the EU is a trap in the making.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

  Economic aid for Africa. Always comes down to money. Welfare for foreign blacks, what a great idea! I am certain that will work. /s. They did that in S. Africa and turned the place around. Then the boons rose up and took it right back to 3rd World shithole status. The Chinese already have it covered. Save your Euros and fix Europe first. MEGA.

shortonoil's picture


Hay Vlad, should I cut the gas off now?


Not yet. Wait until Macron tells them how great a combined EU military will be three more times.

RICKYBIRD's picture

WTH is a "Sovereign Europe"?

historian40's picture

The same thing a "sovereign United States" is.  We used to be sovereign States cooperating through a limited Constitutional government in a Republic, but that was destroyed and replaced with a Federal Union dominating the States 151 years ago.  The people of the nations of Europe should take note.

historian40's picture

They want to establish a dominating Federal Union that will totally subjugate and destroy the sovereignty of the member States, just like was done to We the People and our States 151 years ago here.

Brazen Heist's picture

Intervention in what? The only intervention I see is needed is with EU governments themselves.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Fag boy is surely clowning.

RealityCheque's picture

He must've been rehearsing that bullshit for weeks.

6/10. Serviceable repetiton of his masters voice. Cunt.

Thoresen's picture

Learn two EU languages? Well I guess after Brexit one of those languages will have to be Irish English.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Typical NWO globalist, plucked from obscurity and within no time gets elected a President of France. All above board of course.

hooligan2009's picture

the solution for Europe is to partition an area within Europe that the libtard social demonrats can go live in (modelled on Baltimore) whilst the rest of Europe can get on with being who they are, not what some libtard demonRat socialist wants them to be (funded by people that work for a living rather then suck on the government teat).

a USE (United States of Europe) would be just that - a bunch of users with the number of producers disappearing at a great rate of kots.

oma fuck macron is delusional and slightly mad. in his case, this does not support his legitmacy, or make him some great messianc statesman leading europe forward.

he is what i call a toilet politician. europe is infested with them.

Joe A's picture

Fuck you Macron, you're not my leader.

Joe A's picture

Who the fuck are you with your 6 weeks, 2 days and a big mouth?

Auberge's picture

Sorry, I should not write such a nonsense.

Auberge's picture

Accept my excuse, please.

writeround's picture

This guy (Macron) hasn`t got past infatuation with the school teacher. Smile

Kat Daddy's picture

Macron wants a pan EU military prevent the secession of any rogue groups; i.e., Catalonia.

historian40's picture

Not only that, but to prevent nations from leaving the EU entirely as they realize it is a trap to steal their sovereignty and dominate.  Much as the Federalists destroyed the Republic and subjugated the States in the former Republic of the united States of America.  Oh, it wasn't all about slavery?  Nope, that was the excuse that got the mob enflamed for war.

Auberge's picture

he is a Rothschild operative who spends 15,000 US$ on perfume, wigs, creames  per year.




falak pema's picture

Crossing of lines; the US goes back to pre 1861 under loose cannon Bannon's call to Deplore ! And the EU marches to Jean Monnet's vision as first expressed by VICTOR HUGO...way back then.

All the while the Duck *ucks up Twitter by making it his bugle to outbugle the Nork.

Who'dav thought dat possible !

As for ADF its in tatters and divided; not a force more a headless anarchy ;  and Mutti has to find the right combination :

Mutti is now facing a historical choice. Surrounded by Putin, Ottoman Erdogan, defiant Hungary/Poland; and China bugling silk road; Africa becoming an immigration route. Some new world of shattered pieces of a huge puzzle. 

What will the next decade be about ?

Armageddon or new Paradigm?

What the world needs is less wars and more renewables infrastructure. To save the air oceans etc.

Let the Duck's US be an island of troglodites, looking for swamp creatures crawling out of hurricane cycles; as they are dead to science.

Auberge's picture

Mutti is dead, because von Guttenberg is challenging Mutti.

Von Guttenberg, a transatlantic operative, will be our next chancellor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope so!

Although he commited deception with his doctoral thesis.

But he is such a cute guy. My sister would like to have a child with him. And not only my sister.

He is as attractive as our Fuehrer, Adolf the Schittler.

At the moment, he is wearing a bandage on his right hand.

One more sign that the Rothschilds have chosen him.

Go, Gutte, go.

Merkel is a lesbian and he should replace her as soon as possible.

Go, Gutte, go.