Trump Stumped As Bannon-Backed Roy Moore Wins Alabama Republican Primary By Landslide

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President Trump congratulates Moore for his victory...

In a serious rebuke for President Trump (and perhaps moreso for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell), ousted judge and alt-right favorite Roy Moore has won the Alabama Republican Primary by a landslide.


The Steve Bannon-backed candidate, who defied court orders to remove the Ten Commandments from his courtroom and refused to recognize gay marriage after the Supreme Court’s June 2015 ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, is leading by 9.6 points with 92% of the votes counted...

Source: NYTimes

Interestingly, former Trump deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka, who backed Moore, said despite Trump backing the establishment favorite, a Moore victory strengthens Trump...

“But guess what happens – when Judge Moore wins on Tuesday, it will strengthen the president because now he’ll be able to go to the establishment GOP – to the swamp dwellers and say, ‘Hey guys, we are back on my agenda. This wasn’t worth it.’


So, the president is going to stay – he’s going to return to the Make America Great Again agenda. We just have to help him, and we’re going to do it from the outside by endorsing people like Judge Moore.

*  *  *

As we detailed earlier, after weeks of increasingly bitter and expensive campaigning pitching Steve Bannon-backed former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore (well-known anti-establismentarian) against President Trump-backed Senator Luther Strange (establishmentarian), judgment day has finally arrived.

Heading in the polls had Moore a strong favorite (but Strange showing well in recent weeks)

With polls having closed at 8pmET, early results favored Moore heavily.

However, as Politco reported this evening, President Donald Trump began distancing himself from a Luther Strange loss before ballots were even cast, telling conservative activists Monday night the candidate he’s backing in Alabama’s GOP Senate primary was likely to lose — and suggesting he'd done everything he could do given the circumstances.

Trump told conservative activists who visited the White House for dinner on Monday night that he’d underestimated the political power of Roy Moore, the firebrand populist and former judge who’s supported by Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon, according to three people who were there.

And Trump gave a less-than full-throated endorsement during Friday’s rally.

While he called Strange “a real fighter and a real good guy,” he also mused on stage about whether he made a “mistake” by backing Strange and committed to campaign “like hell” for Moore if he won.

Trump was encouraged to pick Strange before the August primary by son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner as well as other aides, White House officials said. He was never going to endorse Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks, who has at times opposed Trump’s agenda, and knew little about Moore, officials said.

*  *  * explained earlier how to interpret the result (and the likely fallout)...

If Strange shocks the world, it’ll be Trump’s crowning glory as president (so far).

He’ll be credited for singlehandedly dragging a lackluster establishmentarian past a well-known populist in a very red state.


His influence over the Republican base will be seen as total and unassailable.


Not even the combined forces of Steve Bannon, Sarah Palin, Sebastian Gorka, Nigel Farage, and Breitbart could counter the gravitational pull of the MAGA north star, as it turned out.

If Strange doesn’t shock the world, if he goes down in flames despite Trump’s best efforts for him over the past two weeks, populism, not Trumpism, will be seen as dominant among the base.

Bannon will exult (privately) that he and Moore taught Trump a hard lesson, that he can’t expect rank and file Republicans to line up behind him unless he sticks to a populist agenda.


Depending on the margin, Trump may be left sweating out a way to spin the defeat.

  • If Strange loses by a few points, it’s easy — “Big Luther got close with my help, ran a good race!”
  • If he loses by 16, not so easy. Trump will blame McConnell and voter unhappiness at Senate paralysis on ObamaCare but a landslide loss for his guy is a rebuke any way you slice it.

*  *  *

So, it appears the trend looks like that first bullet point comes into play... and here it is...

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You sort of have to admire the way Bannon "helps" Trump.  

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Kinda like how you might help someone walk by prodding them with a bayonet. :) 

Bannon 2024

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Dang Repubicrats don’t learn things too good.

Ryan and Mitchell have set themselves up and deserve to be “Cantored”.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

It feels like Hillary lost all over again.

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Trump said: that North Korea’s nuclear weapons threaten "the entire world with unthinkable loss of life" and "all nations must act now to ensure the regime’s complete denuclearization."

Actually, I would be happy about the denuclearization of Trump.

For the history books, remember, Trump is a Jew.

In fact, Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton are all Jews;

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Your malware-infested links? Also Jews!

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On Sept. 11, the Alabama Daughters for Zion organization circulated a statement on Israel by Moore, which started by saying the U.S. and Israel “share not only a common Biblical heritage but also institutions of representative government and respect for religious freedom.” He traced Israel’s origin to God’s promise to Abram and the 1948 creation of modern Israel as “a fulfillment of the Scriptures that foretold the regathering of the Jewish people to Israel.”

Moore’s statement includes five policy positions, including support for U.S. military assistance to Israel, protecting Israel from “Iranian aggression,” opposing boycotts of Israel, supporting Israel at the United Nations, and supporting direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations without outside pressure. He added, “as long as Hamas and the Palestinian Authority wrongly refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist, such negotiations have scant chance of success.”

While those views would give Moore common ground with much of the Jewish community regarding Israel, most of the state’s Jewish community has been at odds with Moore over church-state issues, such as his displays of the Ten Commandments in courthouses, and his outspoken stance against homosexuality, both of which led to him being ousted as chief justice.

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Moore is going to turn the senate blue .



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Trump was ALWAYS going to be a DISASTER.

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Really? Cause he's doing very well so far. 

I'll use the Obama's method of "jobs not lost" but for Trump it will be "Globalist corporate fascist policies not legislated" 

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Fuck israhell
Fuck aipac
Fuck fake ass scripture
Fucks to the buybull
Fuck moore

And fuck the xtian luv for israel.

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Modern day Progressives, with their State sponsored religion of humanism, and all the trappings of political correctness took it on the chin last night. 


Pulling a gun on stage should have assured his loss, if the political correctness ruled.  They must have been horrified, deplorables live!


Antidisestablishmentarianism wins! 
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Let them all die of Nervous Diarrhea.

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The minute he pulled that piece he won.

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The use of profanity is the attempt of a weak mind to express itself strongly.

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Also, Just. Fucking. Wow.

alabamy daughters for zion .... that's a thing.

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moore misreads the Bible as most socalled christians do. they have been deceived, they have confused the Israel of God( those who have been given belief in Christ) with israel of the flesh. They cant hear Christs own words, woe is unto them. they are living in their own selfrighteousness, not good. they are going to have a big surprise for not following the Word of God instead following the tradition of men. They were warned over and over in the Bible but they cant hear.

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Yes. Misreading, or misinterpreting the Bible is dangerous. Dispensationalism and its strange views of Israel and the church has been a scourge on Christianity and the politics of America. True biblical interpretation on eschatology and ecclesiology (such as the Reformers and others before Darby and Scofield) would save a lot of grief.

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It feels like Hillary lost all over again.


Yeah......that's freakin right!


Not sure what you were thinking Mr. President.....but we forgive you......for now.


We're gonna make America great again.....not with the establishment dickhead.....but with Roy Moore.


Our work is done here.....never forget Mr President.....chicks dig scars.


Can we count on your support Mr President?


I Claudius's picture

Forgive? Maybe. Forget? NEVER!! He tried to sell "US" out on this one. We now need to focus on bringing "Moore" candidates to the podium to run against the RINO's and take out McConnell and Ryan. It's time for Jared and Ivanka to go back to NYC so Jared can shore up his family's failing empire. However, if his business acumen is as accurate as his political then it's no wonder the family needed taxpayer funded visas to sell the property. Then on to ridding the White House of Gen Kelly and McMaster - two holdover generals from the Obama administration - after Obama forced out the real ones.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Be thee zen little amigo......this is a work in progress.


Rome wasn't built in a day.......but it wasn't destroyed in one day either.


When everyone is running out of the building......I'm usually the one guy walking in.


Yeah I voted for the President......but I was against him on this one.......who won?


I'm proud to report......I didn't take a knee.

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That map shows what is wrong with the system


How is it that Moore carried the whole dam state end to end top to bottom


and Strange shows 3 areas and get's 42% of vote???

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Amen to that! Ive been on a anti-dispensationalism, replacement theology tirade since the pre-tribbers were wrong yet again on tbe 23rd. And now they are trying to say, but..but..I think its on Attonement now...gimme a break! The "church" is beyond apostate, theres full blown deception going on. Satan is good at what he does...

Enceladus's picture

I'm interested but uniformed. Do you have any YouTube links? for anti dispensationalism 

Adullam's picture

There are many. Just do a search on 'reformed theology'. There's a lifetime of reading there.

Here's a brief article proving that the so-called "secret rapture" (a major tenet of dispensationalism) is easily disproven from the Bible.

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Bannon drinks the Swamp for breakfast then pisses it against the wall by noon.

Bannon is a fat faced lion. His heedless hammering heart will go nuclear on Calfornia before Kim Jon IL

Steve Bannon Rand Paul 2020


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I spat my drink out reading this - good one.

You know Bannon has pissed on a few walls in the late hours of the morning.

I think this is good for Trump. MAGA candidate won.

Drain the swamp.

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Rump has hoodwinked his supoprt base and turned on them almost immediately. Some refuse to acknowledge this.

"Ha! Your vote went to the Israel first swamp!"


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These attacks on Bannon were one of the most prominent news stories in the first week following Trump's election victory. It didn't take long, however, for a counter-attack to emerge - from the right-wing elements of the Jewish community. The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) came to Bannon's defense and accused the ADL of a "character assassination" against Bannon.

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Bannon is forever affirming his allegiance to something that literally makes no sense that he calls Judeo-Christian civilization. Bannon deserves the same sort of 'support' that he's just given Trump in Alabama. Let Bannon know from time to time in the Comments at Breitbart what you think of Judeo-Christian civilization. Here's to Bannonism beyond Bannon! 

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Consider the possibility that this is nothing more than saying 'Nice doggie,' while looking for a big stick.


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Let's see if the RNSC gets behind Moore... I'm betting no. More like they'll work for the Dem behind the scenes.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Steve Bannon Rand Paul 2020


Totally works for me.....dare to dream.

sleigher's picture

Maybe that is what it will take?  I think the game is over by then and everyone is going home though.  Wonder who will have the ball?

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Ohhhh...say it's true.  Maybe Trump could be VP.

Blue Steel 309's picture

Bannon is zionist scum. Kikebart was conceived by him and Andrew Breitbart but it was funded and established with the help of Israel.

Its headquarters is in Israel. Its comments are policed by Hasbara based in Israel.

Its interest is in what's best for Israel.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Maybe even......RIGHT NOW.



This is bigger than you Mr. better damn well know that.

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American politics gets moore strange by the day...

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back to your call center, street shitter.

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RINO = AIPAC controlled...MIGA !

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This is Bannon's intent I believe.

Shared by everyone across the 'Right'

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Trump should figure out the Deep State elites he has surrounded himself with, don't have control of the states Trump won. Trump thought he had to negotiate with these guys and his ego got the best of him. Bannon was trying to convince him he should have stayed the course and not give in.

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Taking advice from his seasoned adviser, Jared.