"Clear That DHS Was Wrong": California Says Russians Did Not Hack Voting Systems

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Last Friday the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) dropped a "bombshell" statement that sent a "thrill up the leg" (to quote Chris Matthews) of every CNN reporter across the country.  The news from DHS implied that the election systems of 21 states around the country had been hacked, or at least were close to being hacked, which set off a new wave "Russian collusion" speculation in the U.S. news media (see: DHS Notifies 21 States Of Hacker Targeting; Election Officials Blame "Russian Government Cyber Actors").

That said, according to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla who released a statement this morning in response to the DHS, the whole thing was just a bunch of "fake news."  Padilla noted that after requesting additional information from DHS on the "hacks" it quickly became clear that their "conclusions were wrong" and that "California's elections infrastructure and websites were not hacked or breached by Russian cyber actors.”

“Last Friday, my office was notified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that Russian cyber actors 'scanned' California’s Internet-facing systems in 2016, including Secretary of State websites. Following our request for further information, it became clear that DHS’ conclusions were wrong.”


“DHS confirmed that Russian scanning activity had actually occurred on the California Department of Technology statewide network, not any Secretary of State website. Based on this additional information, California voters can further rest assured that the California Secretary of State elections infrastructure and websites were not hacked or breached by Russian cyber actors.”


“Our notification from DHS last Friday was not only a year late, it also turned out to be bad information. To make matters worse, the Associated Press similarly reported that DHS has reversed itself and 'now says Russia didn’t target Wisconsin’s voter registration system,' which is contrary to previous briefings.”


“The work of our intelligence agencies is critical in defending against cyber threats. I remain committed to a partnership with DHS and other intelligence agencies, however, elections officials and the American public expect and deserve timely and accurate information.”


Meanwhile, this comes after another stunning and embarrassing reversal from the DHS earlier this week in which they first blamed Russians for hacking the Wisconsin election systems, then reversed and said it wasn't the Russians then reversed further and said there was actually no hack on the WI election system at all.

But in a stunning reversal - one which we doubt will put endless rumors of Russian cyberinterference to bed - the AP now reports that DHS has told Wisconsin that the Russian government was not involved in the cyber-targeting.


In an email to the state’s deputy elections administrator that was provided to reporters at the Wisconsin Elections Commission meeting on Tuesday, Homeland Security said that initial notice of Russian involvement was made in error. Also, as we noted at the time, the government did not originally assign blame to the Russians when news of the alleged "scanning" initially broke on Friday although most medias jumped at the opportunity to blame Putin.


Infuriated by the error, some state officials said that DHS should provide an expalanation for the errror, or at least issue an apology to state elections officials, who were understandbly unnerved by the news of Russian involvement.


Wisconsin’s chief elections administrator Michael Haas told AP that Homeland Security had assured the state that it had not been targeted - by Russians, or anybody else, for that matter. 


“Wisconsin was not provided any information that indicated before the November election that Russian government actors were targeting election systems,” Haas said. He said one theory is that Homeland Security saw suspicious activity from IP addresses targeting state election systems in other states and assumed that was the intent in Wisconsin as well.


Others were apparently in shock: “It’s been a difficult process trying to piece all of this together,” said Wisconsin Elections Commission spokesman Reid Magney. “We’re trying to understand what happened.”

So, for folks, like WI's Elections Commission spokesman Reid Magney, who are still "trying to understand what happened"...allow us to clarify: NOTHING HAPPENEDHillary Clinton lost an election...other than that, not much happened that hasn't happened in every election since the 1950's. 

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knukles's picture

So California of all Progressive hot spots confirms it was bullshit after all.
Let's investigate Hillary and the DNC's electoral processes.

      Hillary 2020
"Because it's Her Turn"

JRobby's picture

DHS was wrong?

DHS Lied?

"Stop the momentum of the movement at all costs".

Welcome Judge Roy Moore to the Senate. The first of many to come as the treasonous bastards are removed.

skbull44's picture

Elections have been 'hacked' by the elite since they first occurred...


Dormouse's picture

The California election was "hacked" by Mexico and OTMs.

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eatthebanksters's picture

Imagine why California said the the Russkies didn't hack their system...do ya think the Leftcoast Libtards want their election results challenged?  Do you think they want to open the door for an investigation that would reveal 3m+ bogus votes cast by illegals?  Ha, what a fucking charade!  Investigate!!

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Dang, I was just thinking the same thing.  What is California hiding!

knukles's picture

Here's the CA scoop.
Right now as the state exists, it would fuck up a gold rush.

eatthebanksters's picture

Watch what happens in CA when the new tax bill gets passed....companies are gonna scream at the high state taxes and CA will either get competitive or lose businesses.  CA is going the way of Venezuela....watch.

NoDebt's picture

Trying to logic my way through this bizarre chain of stupidity.... I have a theory.  You might not like it, or maybe you will.

Somewhere in the last handfull of months it became clear that the whole Russian narrative leading to either Trump's impeachment or an overturn of the election results became obviously impoerative.  It's just not going to happen.

So.... the Obama/Clinton progs still trying to push that narrative with every fiber of their being (including outright lies) inside various agencies like DHS became persona-non-grata.  Or at least got told to stand down, back off, lighten up or whatever.  It would be detrimental to the agency as a whole (or as a part of the deep state) to continue down that non-viable path.  The agencies need to circle their own wagons and at least SURVIVE a Trump presidency.


A. Boaty's picture

Please do not use the word "logic" as a verb.

NotApplicable's picture

How 'bout "grok?"

BTW, all words are made up, so your task is infinite. ;-)

Akzed's picture

Word order is everything in English, that's why fish can be a noun or a verb.


TheLastTrump's picture

I tried to check my use of "refuse" for garbage yesterday, it was not part of the definition in the first place I looked. I doubted my own knowledge at first, but found it elsewhere.


Lots of incomplete info out there on the web.


Go check whether you can give NSAIDs to dogs, ibuprofen or aspirin. NO. Then go to the vet.com web site, answer is YES in the proper dosage. The other sites don't want to be sued when the owners overdose Fido so they give bullshit info to cover their asses.



TheLastTrump's picture

English is a living language & is expected to be changeable & alterable.


Do we still speak in King James English? Well, I do, but no one else.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Language is not anarchic. There are rules as to the changes which are acceptable. One cannot simply change the language at will.
I hate the fact that if enough people start doing something incorrectly, I must search the incorrect version in order to get information about it.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

I could care less.

But really I couldn't.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

My pet peeve is when people use 'golf' as a verb. One does not go golfing, just as one does not logic.

On the other hand, if writing a novel or the text for a character, poetic license applies; but this is not that.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

The Russian fable was always a desperate hail mary play. As it unravels they are hurriedly trying to put some other canard in place to keep the outrage going.


I said when Trump got elected that we were at the end of the line as a society because he won't put up with the historical bullshit that has gone on, and the bullshitters won't give up without blowing the world up. Stay tuned.

papa song's picture

How I wish I could say with conviction that it will make a difference to the monster by the Potomac.

Nearly 50 years of experience tells me otherwise.

SoDamnMad's picture

Why aren't some DHS people shown the door?  Are they Obama appointees? If so take a cardboard box to their offices, make them clean out their desks in front of security and then taken to the front door and told not to step foot inside a DHS facility without prior authorization or they will be cited for trespassing and arrested.

shovelhead's picture

DHS is the big toe on the foot of the derp state, that dances to the Shadow Govt. tune.

"Ok we lied...what are you gonna do about it, huh?"

Garciathinksso's picture

fired?  thats cute, they are probably still on track for a guaranteed raise...

Nick Jihad's picture

Yes, DHS and its director "Jeh" (wtf?) Johnson lied, as a pretext to declare state's election systems to be "critical national infrastructure", justifying a DHS takeover of those systems, in order to allow Democrat election fraud to be conducted from the convenience and impunity of Washington DC.

NvrGivUp's picture

"Clear That DHS LIED Again": California Says Russians Did Not Hack Voting Systems  FIXED

Cash2Riches's picture

The left is in full blown panic mode, as they don't know how to react to this change in the tide. They are hell bent on destroying the system and may choose to try this route. They will be resisted, but they will become more and more unstable as their false narratives crash and burn.

Uncertain T's picture

It appears that after 8 years of crying "rayciss" the left has no depth of thought except for false narratives.


"The People" ... are now on the rise as the pendulum is swinging to the right. 

Theos's picture

why would anyone waste time on CA? is there any state more blue?

VWAndy's picture

 If this state was as blue as claimed they wouldnt need so many fraudulent voters.

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

Poor, poor Chelsea.  When does she get her turn?

Bill of Rights's picture

So wait The Liberal Lied? shocked I tell you just shocked...

Rapunzal's picture

The NWO is choosing the presidents since Kennedy.

malek's picture

You got that wrong, knuckles.

They only said california wasn't hacked.
That still leaves open the possibility many or all swing states were hacked!

sgt_doom's picture

I'd say something about pinging not being the same has serious hacking, or that private telecoms in America and elsewhere have long been using the cheaper Russian long lines and therefore tracking the IP addresses to Russia is not necessarily damning, or that NSA has had the requisite systems to spoof anyone's IP address forever, but a buddy in my book club wrote this recent book review (Orders to Kill by Amy Knight) where in one chapter the author blames the Russians for the Boston Marathon bombing --- most illustrative:


This was a reasonably solid read, or appeared so, up until the chapter on the Boston Marathon bombing - - utterly unacceptable!!!
The Russian FSB [equivalent to the FBI] contacted the FBI multiple times with tips on bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev - - then in exasperation contacted the CIA, who passed it on to the National CounterTerrorism Center [NCTC].

Now the author tries - - and fails miserably - - to assert that the FBI tried to follow up with three requests to the FSB for further data - - but the FSB provided adequate tip information and OF COURSE they aren't going to reveal their intelligence sources!

Clearly, all the agencies involved once again performed in the most mind-boggling incompetent manner, indefensible no matter how many weasel words the author uses; // fell through the cracks \\ or // missteps \\ - - Negative, SOP was completely ignored at ALL levels!

The author wants to provide endless excuses - - a Y was added to Tsarnaev's name [Russian spelling of Chechen name, quite normal] but anyone remotely familiar with intel work, and I served in military intel in two branches of the US military, knows SOP is to allow a wide leeway with foreign names, and this applies to the NSA, CIA, DIA, FBI, et cetera.

Unbelievable the author would even attempt such a disingenuous excuse!

Todashev, the Chechen shot to death by the FBI in Orlando, was found due to the FSB tip.

Basically, the author, Knight, wants to blame the Russians for the Boston Marathon bombing [p. 254], but her beyond-specious assertion is contradicted in the preceding five pages of her now questionable book?

IMPORTANT to note that the FSB messages to the FBI are still classified - - I wonder why????

IMPORTANT to note that the fifth plane manifest [9/11] is still classifed by the FBI - - I wonder why????

When one examines ALL the facts and details surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing, and also that underwear bomber inbound to Detroit whose attempt failed, the National Counterterrorism Center [NCTC] had all the required data at hand, yet did not perform their duties and mission task! Either the NCTC is a special employment program for the extremely mentally-handicapped, or else it is an embezzlement machine, but either way it serves no valid purpose and should be shut down!

[Back in either the late years of Clinton or early years of Bush #2, the FBI was deeply penetrated by Chinese intelligence {see Tiger Trap by David Wise} - - whether this is still the case remains to be seen - - but perhaps that explains the disfunctional behavior of the FBI prior to 9/11, and since?]



redmudhooch's picture

This is how you know Bernie is a fraud.

He would be out there saying that if he were real.

Akzed's picture

Maybe not, but they prolly wanted to.

RagaMuffin's picture

The fun part of this is that DHS is pissing off the very people whose support they need - BLUE STATES

chunga's picture

Hello? For to 500th time...Julian Assange via Dana Rohrabacher has informed Team Maverick Outsider six weeks ago he's got proof the Russians had nothing to do with this. and nobody's home.


Shemp 4 Victory's picture

You are, of course, correct. The whole fiasco is a good illustration of the deeply rooted brainwashing which still controls most Americans.

For a moment, I thought your hashtag was #boycottincommonsense which would be an apt description of this country.

chunga's picture


BigCumulusClouds's picture

Has Assange ever said that the WTC buildings were blown up or the 911 was a false flag? If not, please tell us why you don't think he's controlled opposition.

chunga's picture

One thing at a time. Confined to this issue of Russian tampering/hacking, Assange has made suggestions this involved the murdered DNC staffer. That topic is strictly taboo in DC. 

aqualech's picture

Wikileaks leaks.  Perhaps they have not achieved access to anything leakable.

sgt_doom's picture

Has your mother ever explained her five o'clock shadow?


Thought not . . .

DjangoCat's picture

You got it in one.  Nobody's home.  The general level of idiocy in the US has been turned up to 11.  Who knew you could completely brainwash a large population with lies and deception so easily?


redmudhooch's picture

That means we are not doing enough to educate our brainwashed peers,

the media won't do it so we have to. Do your part.

BritBob's picture

Can the Russians be trusted? They've been accused of hacking into Spanish websites in respect of the Catalan referendum.  

Russia & Spain

Russia tells Britain give back Gibraltar before telling US what to do.

RUSSIA has told Britain it should "clean its conscience" and give back Gibraltar before it criticises them over their involvement in Ukraine. Moscow's ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin made the shocking remarks when responding to his British counterpart Matthew Rycroft at a UN security council meeting in New York. (Daily Express 4 Feb 2017)

Do the Spanish have a claim to the Rock? Effectively Ceded to Britain 3 times!

Gibraltar – Spanish Myths and Agreements (1 pg):




Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Gibraltar has always belonged to Myanmar.

shovelhead's picture

Didn't they trade it for Pago Pago?