CNBC Viewership Drops To 22 Year Low

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It appears that "subdued volatility" is hurting not only bank trading revenues. Two years after CNBC announced that it would no longer rely on Nielsen ratings to measure its daytime audience (just after we reported its viewership had tumbled the most on record), turning to rival Cogent Reports instead, the latest data reveals that the decline for the financial channel has continued, and in the past quarter CNBC delivered 152,000 total daily viewers, its lowest viewership since 1991 for the 28-year-old network.

At the time when CNBC switched away from Nielsen, it complained that the media tracking company failed to track "out of home" viewing in locations such as airports, gyms, restaurants and offices. Well, with all viewers taken into account, the picture, pardon the pun, deteriorated further, and in the past quarter, CNBC delivered its lowest rated quarter since 1991, and in total viewers, had its lowest rated quarter in 22 years, dating back to 1995

And while the reason for CNBC's ongoing decline is unclear, an unexpected winner has emerged in Fox Business Network, which continued its winning streak against CNBC by drawing more viewers for the fourth consecutive quarter, and in the last quarter average 187,000 total viewers across the business day (9:30am-5pm), up 26%, while the same category at CNBC saw a 14% decline to 152,000 total viewers. For the month of September, FBN averaged 195,000 total Business Day viewers, 23% higher than CNBC, which had 158,000 total viewers, which was its second lowest rated month ever.

It may come as a surprise to some, but "Lou Dobbs Tonight" continues to be the top-rated program on business television in both total viewers and in the 25–54-year-old demographic. Furthermore  Dobbs, a longtime CNN anchor before jumping to Fox Business in 2011, has led the way in total viewers on business TV for 57 straight weeks.

With markets hitting new record ignoring natural disasters like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and rising tensions with North Korea, FBN closed out the month of September with its 11th monthly win over CNBC. Curiously, CNBC remains the only business channel showing yearly declines, while all other networks have double-digit gains across the board for the year, notably down 14% in Business Day viewers over their performance last year, with 177,000 total viewers. 

We'll leave it up to readers to come up with the reasons behind CNBC's chronic decline.

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Every one of you people, HOPEFULLY, are FULLY-AWARE that The United States of America, not "JUST" President Trump's Administration, are under-literal-attack by a sedious, and TREASONOUS, overt-attempt, now, at a coup-d'etat, led by (((gyorgi schwarz))), AKA (((george soros))), among MANY others, primarily within Washington, D. C., but THROUGHOUT this nation, mainly led by (((neo-cons))), and far-Leftist lunatics.



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Reuters to me seems to be the most balanced I find

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Old Folks, shut-ins, nursing and assisted living homes.

CNBC rules those enclaves......what a way to go out...listening to that effluvium

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they lost it when they went full msnbc libtard propaganda.  they don't care about ratings because they keep doing it. 

for, ratings and the almighty sharehold value take a back seat to their radical agenda(s)

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Sure miss Cdad and his BlowHorn commentary here.

Edit: looked him up. Lost him after the election last year.

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They lost it when Mark Haynes, their only anchor with any integrity died. IMHO.

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YUNOSELL been member for over 17wks now. Dude you stand out 


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Without the live stream ticker running along the bottom of the screen and Comcast's distribution, CNBC would have the smallest audience outside of a local cable access cooking show.

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Looks like viewers finally caught on to Kramer's pump and dump schemes, along with the smug, fuck you attitude of on-air "talent"... 

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You know its a propaganda channel just by the fact it still exists ... and that Harwood has a job.  Does ANYBODY listen to him?  If anybody cared anymore, they would throw up in their mouth every time he hits the screen. An utter joke of a 'reporter' and human for that matter.

BUT, the good news is nobody cares.  At all.

The only reason they have any viewers at all is because they bring on a good guest on occasion.

The staff is far beyond worthless.   Kinda fun to watch for free entertainment because they don't even seem to know it.




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They'll assume it is time to go full Cramer.  Truth is, they need to lose the cute chipmunk girls and go for legs, like Fox and CNN.


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I thought they were moved up into the 260's on Comcast with the rest of the infomercials.

Huh. Whattyaknow.

Is that bald headed fraud still on in the mornings and evenings with his plastic sex toys?

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Agree/  If Fox Biz had CNBS' live ticker I'd never change over to listen to coke addict Cramer scream.  or "Rick".  I do miss the commodity pit coverage though...of course the pits are empty these days. 

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in the age of smart phones why is the "live stream ticker" even important?

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Is untenured ZH (aka AbC media) "membership" a sign of a shill?  

ZH is filled with plenty of useless and unproductive information..... Spending years on here isnt a badge of honor



CNBC is extremely helpful WHEN on Mute, and with eyes focused on the bottom ticker.  Unfortunately, they do get some good interviews—because of their mainstream brand status. Although, The reporters "almost always" (i.e 99.314159% of the time) waste their opportunity with dim-witted opines and simpleminded/emotional questions.

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The executives don't care about ratings because they're getting backdoor business deals from those pushing the agendas.

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My readings suggested that the dark financial System, organized by the New York Fed, finances these mind control programs run by the War Kings (who are behind the CIA apparatus).

I would be surprised if most of the media apparatus isn't already subsidized.


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More front running in the studios than an antsy greyhound 

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The first time they lost me was when they went total stupid back just before the dot-com crash - they kept preaching the "profits don't matter" gospel, and we all know how well that turned out.

I gave them another try (I know, big mistake) around the time of the Lehman meltdown, only to quickly tire of Liesman singing the praises of Ben BeCranke and the Fed and how the Fed would save everyone.  Have never been back since.

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It's the only channel with reception in Hell. And like in airport lounges, the sets can't be turned off.

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Those folks like to watch Cramer's show "Fast Money" because that is how their money is moving.

Into the pockets of the home operators.

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Reuters is a globalist owned POS.

They also make shitty tax prep software called Ultra Tax.

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CNBC is Awesome, they are consistantly wrong. Everytime a CEO shows up, sell that stock. Kramer is even better, with a 70% losing record, just short everything he spouts. Making a shitload thanks to their shit record. Keep up the good work CNBC

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CNBC is Fake News and/or misleading information imo. Not quite as bad as CNN and NPR, but still not worth watching.

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there's a "professional sports bettor" in Vegas who's a lot like Cramer. just bet against him, especially when he gets all '5-million star lock!', and it's like printing money

he's highly respected in the industry, it's said

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How exciting! I initially mistook the Sesame Street characters for actual CNBC talking heads.

You will have to forgive me but there is not a lot to differentiate. A collection of 'muppets' by any other name.

Except that those on Sesame Street speak with far more gravitas.

My advice is to dump Kramer and listen to Grover instead.

At the very least a blue furry highly animated puppet tossing a coin will have a 50/50 strike rate on market picks which trumps and dumps on Kramer's less than impressive 70% loss record.

Time for Kramer to join Oscar in the trash can methinks.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

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I'm not a George Soros confident.  In fact, we've never done pizza together.

mainly led by (((neo-cons))),

But what I know of Gyorgi is that he is likely a nihilist/communist and probably NOT much of a Zionist or a neo-con.

Just tying to help you get your reptiles in the proper containment vessels.

CuttingEdge's picture

Not communist, that insidious cunt. Not by a long chalk. You will find plenty of Soros-equivalents in the history books - usually under T for Tyranny. A kind of emperor-syndrome currently tasked with trying to reduce the masses to the lowest (and poorest) common denominator.

I'll bet he can quote Machiavelli's Black Prince word for word.

Evil doesn't come close.

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Who needs CNBC, just BTFDs on the indexes.


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Bunch of clowns on CNBC, leading by that clueless Cramer clown.. lol why would anyone even watch that trash? 

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Joe Kiernan, Steve LIEsman, Tyler Bonesmoker........these are truly worthless talking heads for anyone remotely interested in info ...just empty suits

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

Almost ALL of whom are zionists, and, SPECIFICALLY...jews.





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Highly qualified for CONgress tho.

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Once you cancel your cable / sat television, you realize what a cancer it is to your mind.


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But this 'cord cutting' isn't mentioned in this article... Why not? Isn't that interesting? It seems they want this story to only include select info and not an overview of the situation... all the MSM numbers are going down, some seem less in comparison to others who are going down, but like the markets when they turn south, it is only a matter of degree.... Fox has to support or seem to support Trump, that's why Murdoch was given free citzenship and media ownership rights... to setup the stage on the right that wasn't previously setup.. to prep the puppet show for what we see  now.

THe entire media is going 'ala carte'... but the studios either aren't willing to change with the times are their real ownes/masters won't allow them to.... as the PTB are on a different agenda of global chaos generation.. and the entire establishment is scheduled to be taken down in that collapse... and from the ashes will arise their wetdream of the NWO.... if all goes to plan.

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I am with DISH a la carte. Just dropped the "news package" and saved about $10. All those stations are worthless. At least newspapers can be used for bird droppings.


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I've saved $20,400 since cutting cable. No joke.

Rebelrebel7's picture

Right. I not only cancelled directv, and physically cut the cord, I removed my tv from the home entertainment center. Why waste storage space.

RICKYBIRD's picture

Exactly. I'm looking at a 22" Dell monitor 18" from my face right now. Same as having an 12-ft wall TV.

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we cut the cable, but kept the mongo-sized flatscreen for movies.    the classics are still great entertainment, and don't boil your blood like "breaking news"....

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not really, you should see my 11ft screen in mancave.   unreal good!

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My ex-wife took the TV four years ago.  I got lucky as it was one of only two items she took. The other item was the dog, and I do miss the dog.  Cheers to dodging a huge bullet though, could've been way worse.

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Cut the cable in Nov 2003 after the Red Sox blew it. So I missed the great season of 2004. Don't care. Don't miss cable. I've got the net.

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The beginning of Decentralization from the Borg.

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Probably switched back to CNN

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Perfect! How can anybody watch this stuff? And how did anyone (TV execs) ever think such an annoying content-free freak show could last?