CNBC Viewership Drops To 22 Year Low

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It appears that "subdued volatility" is hurting not only bank trading revenues. Two years after CNBC announced that it would no longer rely on Nielsen ratings to measure its daytime audience (just after we reported its viewership had tumbled the most on record), turning to rival Cogent Reports instead, the latest data reveals that the decline for the financial channel has continued, and in the past quarter CNBC delivered 152,000 total daily viewers, its lowest viewership since 1991 for the 28-year-old network.

At the time when CNBC switched away from Nielsen, it complained that the media tracking company failed to track "out of home" viewing in locations such as airports, gyms, restaurants and offices. Well, with all viewers taken into account, the picture, pardon the pun, deteriorated further, and in the past quarter, CNBC delivered its lowest rated quarter since 1991, and in total viewers, had its lowest rated quarter in 22 years, dating back to 1995

And while the reason for CNBC's ongoing decline is unclear, an unexpected winner has emerged in Fox Business Network, which continued its winning streak against CNBC by drawing more viewers for the fourth consecutive quarter, and in the last quarter average 187,000 total viewers across the business day (9:30am-5pm), up 26%, while the same category at CNBC saw a 14% decline to 152,000 total viewers. For the month of September, FBN averaged 195,000 total Business Day viewers, 23% higher than CNBC, which had 158,000 total viewers, which was its second lowest rated month ever.

It may come as a surprise to some, but "Lou Dobbs Tonight" continues to be the top-rated program on business television in both total viewers and in the 25–54-year-old demographic. Furthermore  Dobbs, a longtime CNN anchor before jumping to Fox Business in 2011, has led the way in total viewers on business TV for 57 straight weeks.

With markets hitting new record ignoring natural disasters like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and rising tensions with North Korea, FBN closed out the month of September with its 11th monthly win over CNBC. Curiously, CNBC remains the only business channel showing yearly declines, while all other networks have double-digit gains across the board for the year, notably down 14% in Business Day viewers over their performance last year, with 177,000 total viewers. 

We'll leave it up to readers to come up with the reasons behind CNBC's chronic decline.

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A classic.   And this clip has a couple more earlier Bears calls by Cramer.


Starting at 2:15

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       I only watch CNBC for the Gartman


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As a contrary indicator, no doubt.

Personally I watch for Rick Santelli, glad to see him back.

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I guess santelli is alright...but he is another CNBS squid paid to be the rebel bad boy.  If he were really the Santelli he professes to be he would not be with CNBS.

ElTerco's picture

Not everyone understands the sarcasm here. I tried this same comment in another thread, and it bombed.

jmack's picture

yea, but if ZH comments threads taught me anything, it is to not live my life or adjust my expression for the lowest common denominator.  The people I want to talk to will get it, and I will know the idiots that dont, will out themselves so i can better avoid them in the future.


   Truth be told, i dont watch CNBC at all, except the very occaisional clip that is linked by some other website. I dont own a TV.

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China announced oil for gold notes.

USD is dead.

jmack's picture

    US has oil, and gold, ergo the USD is not dead, as much as the politicians and CB tries to kill it.

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all cable television sucks ass imo.

max2205's picture

Cnbc needs to run 2 more tickers and talk stocks with more blondes and boobs....

Dobbs was a great tipper at the Atlanta strip cubs...class act 

tropicthunder's picture

They dont call it "CrapVision" for nuthin'..

Rick Cerone's picture

Venezuela selling oil for China gold notes now.

cnbc is the whore it always was.

Horse Pizzle's picture

Those 152,000 "viewers" were clicking through CNBC to get to FoxNews.

ElTerco's picture

Cramer, Gartman need to be retired, since no one can take either of their motives or intellects seriously. Caruso-Cabreara is too self righteous when she speaks for her to be given an anchor position. Maybe she should be doing content work behind the scenes.

They need to bring back the investigative reporting (a la Gasparino), and more commentary from Santelli. Personally, I liked Dylan Ratigan.

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When you compare the over dressed, over coiffed, over acting commentators on CNBC to the clear no-nonsense style on RT or on the BBC - no wonder that any serious person would switch off the midway carnies (CNBC) and get serious info (RT, BBC) they can use.


Why did Google make it and Yahoo not? Google is clear and business like - let's you get on with what you want to do. Yahoo was like a carnival midway - ads and distractions all over the place - sold their soul for a few advertising dollars. - and lost big time. Same with CNBC - going for glitz and bling and the cheap hit - it'll do them in.


BTW see the same effect comparing eBay (almost unusable) to Amazon which is clear and business-like. Once they were neck and neck.

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I'll admit I used to watch CNBC in the morning back in the day.  I remember they did a pretty admirable job while 911 was going down (pardon the pun).  But that was back in the day when Mark Haynes was on the morning show.  I enjoyed him.  He did a good job of just calmly reporting what was happening and didn't resort to bullshit theatrics like Cramer.  After he died, the bimbettes and Cramer show were simply intolerable.  They tried to substitute eye candy for good reporting.  Unfortunately, their vision of eye candy is substantially different from mine.

who cares's picture

there is no difference between their programing and the commercials. It's all propaganda, they are just disgusting,

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I watch Bloomberg Business each morning for bit because I'm on the $26/mo Dish plan. I drink some coffee, pet the cat, and check gold-oil-copper-sp500. 20 minutes is all I can take.

candyman's picture

dead a long time ago

GoldHermit's picture

Total bush league

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Did someone say bush?   

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

F Comcast.....they're all still suking obama's dik anyway

Seasmoke's picture

I haven't watched CNBC since the day I started reading ZeroHedge.

GoldHermit's picture

Just a bit different huh? Reality vs. fairy-land.

lester1's picture

CNBC used to have a fun comment section for their articles on their website then they got rid of them. Big mistake !!

Deplorable's picture

Rick Santelli is the only person on that network worth watching....all the others are douchbags.

SantaClaws's picture

Mark Haynes kept CNBC from getting too out of hand.  He seemed determined to keep Cramer on a tight leash, for which I give Haynes particular credit.  After Haynes passed away (couldn't help but wonder whether it was caused by Erin Burnett leaving for CNN), CNBC's mistake was letting Cramer run wild.  He dominated and emasculated everyone else, but was and is utterly unwatchable.  He even dominates CNBC's website and ruins that.  If they got rid of Cramer, they might have a chance. I got rid of cable several years ago and haven't watched CNBC since; good riddance.

Baron von Bud's picture

Cramer is a carnival barker. You're right. Get rid of him.

gregga777's picture

The advertising on television is reason enough to completely cut the cord. I cut it completely 3 or 4 years ago. If I want to watch something I stream it over the Internet. But, now I can't even take watching the television shows without commercials. It's amazing how stupid they all seem after 3 or 4 years of not watching. I'm not just talking about new television shows. The older shows seem stupider now than they ever did. I prefer watching documentaries over YouTube or Amazon Prime.

A major problem is that nobody in Hollypedophiliawood has had a new idea in 30 or 40 years. CBS wants people to watch Star Trek: Discovery over their CBS All Access channel. The premise of the show is that Klingons represent Trump Supporters. They've crapped all over the traditional Star Trek canon. One of the shows stars told Trekkies not to watch. Hey, no problem with that. I've read comments from many Trekkies that if they do watch they'll pirate the content without paying for CBS access.

Laughing my a** off.

Moe Howard's picture

That's weird [Klingons represent Trump Supporters] as they look like NFL players. Very negroid in appearance. They even had an albino Klingon lol.


Why anyone would pay money to see that utter bullshit childish Star Trek Discovery is beyond me. The CGI of the "big battle" looked like something from 1970's Thunderbirds.


CBS has jumped the shark.

Sokhmate's picture

It's amazing how stupid they all seem after 3 or 4 years of not watching ... The older shows seem stupider now than they ever did

+ 1,000,000. Cut the cable ~ 10 years ago. I only stream Amazon now. The only thing I can watch now without irritation is real-life crime stories. Simply because it's as real as it gets. No superheros, time travel, sorcery, etc.

Robert Trip's picture

I like Becky.

Let her have her own show with lots of leg crossing with the odd glimpse of panty.

That will drive viewership.

whosyerdaddy's picture

I haven't watched Becky or CNBC in years and I do mean years. She slurps Warren literally I have been told, something about billionaire privilege. ANYTHING on the media is already PRICED INTO THE MARKET and they breathlessly tell you of some "breaking news". Print media is day(s) old by the time you get it and electronic media is hours gone. It is all just "public relations" and Vulcan mind melds. Mencken said "News is something they don't want you to find out, the rest is publicity".

SheHunter's picture

then all you need is some Becky vid.  Not CNBS.  Her schoolgirl Buffet adoration is a total turn off.  bat bat bat went her eyes.  Plastic smile gazing at the selfish self-centered old fart.  Gag.

Baron von Bud's picture

The problem with business news channels is they're ALL owned by the major networks. It's just an extension of their propaganda. Have you ever heard anyone blast Hillary's crimes, or Goldman's control of the WH, or talk truthfully about congress getting richer on their insider trades. Not a peep. It's all controlled and rigged just like the markets. I feel a bit sorry for the talking heads because most seem like decent people and they need to make a living. We need ZHTV. That would get viewers!

Catahoula's picture

Warms my heart with laughter and satisfaction

freedom1798's picture

What is CNBC?  Is that NBC in Canada?

wisehiney's picture

They and bloomberg can be useful in determining "market" sentiment.

And as a contrary indicator.

After a while you can read/see right through them.

Profit in spite, and to spite, the fags and hos.

1stepcloser's picture

One......Two....muhahhh....Threee.....muhHahahha ...and its gone

Robert Trip's picture

Human beings are born with a certain number of breaths they can take, some take 2 and others take 10's of thousands.

The same applies for the number of steps we take, all allotted to us by our Common Creator.

You know when you are approaching your limit and that's it's time to back off and not blow the remaining allotment.

Truck commercials were the canary in the mine for me.

If I hadn't realized  I was nearing my allotted limit 10 years ago I'd be dead now.

I cut the cable and tried to avoid truck dealerships as much as possible and I feel like a young calf kicking up his hind legs.

freedom1798's picture

What's with you and trucks?

SheHunter's picture

trucks.  TRUCKS.  Ram 2500 4X4, standard tranny, 4 door, short bed, diesel, low gear tranny, 16 inch 10 ply off road tires, tow package, bed liner, 2 extra leafs in the springs...what is there not to fall in love with.  Metallic grey.  Shoot me.  I'm in love.

Kilgore Trout's picture

I overheard some ladies at the next table at El Jaripeo. One was talking about buying some stones for the patio.

"And it was just a little bit extra to have them delivered! Of course Bob has the truck, but he didn't want to scratch the paint in the bed."

City slickers and their pickups just crack me up.


Baron von Bud's picture

Can you imagine a business channel that gave the gossip and the dirt. It would keep more CEOs honest. Can you imagine someone talking honestly about the US wars and the geopolitical agenda? It would provoke public discourse. Can you imagine a panel discussing 911 and the murder of US citizens by DC/Israel? That would provoke outrage. The wars would close down within one month. Mass flight by insiders to no-extradition countries. With a business channel run by Ron Paul we'd have better government and better people vying to work within it.

Homey Da Clown's picture

Two things

I was a financial advisor with several wirehouses and banks for about 20 years, and for about 5 years hosted a financial radio show. In 1999 I interviewed Ted Whatshisface fom CNBC... nice guy.. He proceeded to go on and on about how we reached anew plateau and that you were essentially crazy unless you were in the market. At the end of the interview I asked him a question that no one else thought to ask one of these clowns- I said. " So Ted, where you do have the bulk of your money now?"

He paused for a very long uncomfortable moment, and meekishly said , uh Cash."......

Needless to say, i was not allowed to interview  CNBC  people from then on.


2nd,, for anyone that listens to CNBC...


I dont believe any of these "winners of the new world" that Cramer touted you HAD To own in 2000 are still around.


wolf pup's picture

You'd be surprised at how many of them have their $$$$ out of the market and sitting in cash. Most. I watched a FOX Biz News segment several months ago wherein a rather chagrined - and disparate - group of 5 or 6 CEOs and investors were asked if they were in cash or market. After the first guy was honest (this, after the segment had been about pumping market interest, lol), and admitted he was in All Cash and had been "for months", the others looked ... pressed .. sheepish, and admitted they were, too. Laughing. Giggling like "bussssted" teens.

Inanity and bullshit. The Pavement of Wall Street.

Infinite QE's picture

They need to merge with Naked News.


dlfield's picture

And how is this surprising?

pndr4495's picture

Smug, arrogant on air reporter personality disorder - there is an algorithm for that isn't there? If not, then there should be. Any information that matters in trading is not going to be broadcast on CNBC.

Navymugsy's picture

I'm an active trader and I'll be damned if I'll watch CNBC. I'll watch FBC if I have to but I can get all of the news I need from IBD. And ZH of course!