CNBC Viewership Drops To 22 Year Low

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It appears that "subdued volatility" is hurting not only bank trading revenues. Two years after CNBC announced that it would no longer rely on Nielsen ratings to measure its daytime audience (just after we reported its viewership had tumbled the most on record), turning to rival Cogent Reports instead, the latest data reveals that the decline for the financial channel has continued, and in the past quarter CNBC delivered 152,000 total daily viewers, its lowest viewership since 1991 for the 28-year-old network.

At the time when CNBC switched away from Nielsen, it complained that the media tracking company failed to track "out of home" viewing in locations such as airports, gyms, restaurants and offices. Well, with all viewers taken into account, the picture, pardon the pun, deteriorated further, and in the past quarter, CNBC delivered its lowest rated quarter since 1991, and in total viewers, had its lowest rated quarter in 22 years, dating back to 1995

And while the reason for CNBC's ongoing decline is unclear, an unexpected winner has emerged in Fox Business Network, which continued its winning streak against CNBC by drawing more viewers for the fourth consecutive quarter, and in the last quarter average 187,000 total viewers across the business day (9:30am-5pm), up 26%, while the same category at CNBC saw a 14% decline to 152,000 total viewers. For the month of September, FBN averaged 195,000 total Business Day viewers, 23% higher than CNBC, which had 158,000 total viewers, which was its second lowest rated month ever.

It may come as a surprise to some, but "Lou Dobbs Tonight" continues to be the top-rated program on business television in both total viewers and in the 25–54-year-old demographic. Furthermore  Dobbs, a longtime CNN anchor before jumping to Fox Business in 2011, has led the way in total viewers on business TV for 57 straight weeks.

With markets hitting new record ignoring natural disasters like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and rising tensions with North Korea, FBN closed out the month of September with its 11th monthly win over CNBC. Curiously, CNBC remains the only business channel showing yearly declines, while all other networks have double-digit gains across the board for the year, notably down 14% in Business Day viewers over their performance last year, with 177,000 total viewers. 

We'll leave it up to readers to come up with the reasons behind CNBC's chronic decline.

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Joe_in_Indiana's picture

We need a separate "SANTELLI CHANNEL"!

bardot63's picture

Put Becky in a chair with her legs wide open, give her a cigarette, and you'll see ratings zoom. 

JustPastPeacefield's picture

I used to watch back in the day, but when erin b left and they replaced her with a look-alike bimbo, all i could think was ... who did she screw to get this job. Not joking. Airheads and bimbos not to be taken seriously.

Then you have the carnival barker. 

Watching them smugly laugh at Schiff and i'm out. Dbags. Except for RS.

Berspankme's picture

Liesman had to buttfuck Kiernan to get airtime.

MoreFreedom's picture

I still watch CNBC, but only "The Profit" which is perhaps the best business education available in my opinion.  Self made billionaire Marcus Lemonis, shows how to fix and run businesses.  It would be ironic if he buys part of CNBC (and becomes 100% in charge) and fixes it. 

But his model is more like investing (with typically less than a $1 million investment) in small struggling businesses that have synergy with his other business interests, and turning them into national brands.  It's the product, process and people that makes a business.  But with Comcast, NBC Universal owing CNBC, it's not promising.

whosyerdaddy's picture

In December 2007 Krackhead Kudlow told the world that there was "no chance" of a recession in 2008. Bobblehead yes-boy Jerry Bowyer famously told Jim Rogers that the "15% capital gains rate" precluded the possibility of a resession EVER! I knew I was watching live MADNESS. Cramer a few months later told his viewers to buy "Square Ferns" heavily, a week later Bear Stearns stock was worthless. I haven't watched CNBC since, I mean what would be the point? I watch Dobbs occasionally but that's it. Varney is Cramer's alter ego and I can't watch Maria because she has art history major Dagen McDowell bloviating on subjects she knows nothing about which is EVERYTHING. I get a great deal of my info right here and sift through the articles trying to glean pertinence and relevance. I do quite well in a subdued manner because "pigs get slaughtered".

IronForge's picture

FBN and Bloomberg pretty much cover the ideological worldview venues to observe the US Markets with.

Then you have Max Keiser and the FinMkts/Econ Blogroll.

CNBC covers Large Cap Companies anyway.  Shark Tank and Profit seem like Clubhouse Deals for the CNBC Club rather than Angel Investing.

Rakksan's picture

Bloomberg is CNBC without the ticker tape.

NoWayJose's picture

I watched CNBC in the early days for the low angle shots of the short skirts. It only took a couple years for me to figure out it was a financial channel!

TheSilentMajority's picture

Most of the folks at CNBC are flagrant charlatans, with leftist agendas, and unabashedly biased in pumping-up IPO’s and rarely providing thourough or balanced analysis.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

thats what happens when you make your viewers bankrupt

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

if they changed the name to "The Fed Crime report" and had Chris Cox as a main anchor well then I would watch. most of us in 08 got a glimpse behind the curtain with a hair cut thrown in..fuck the street.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I wouldn't hold my breath.

I'm glad I haven't had cable for 6 years now. Don't miss it. Everyone who tells me what they see on tv never seems very happy, content or authentic. Personally I think TV is destructive to brain cells. I read somewhere brain scans of people watching tv showed they induced a pliant, receptive mind state. Accident? I don't think so.


overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Hi, Miffed, of course you are right, as always..

Last of the Middle Class's picture

No worries, keeping it on the cable "first tier" package will keep it alive with an income stream for another 10 years, while absolutely no one watches. Duh

south40_dreams's picture

Its odd how the occasional enterprise does everything in their power to put themselves out of business, as if it were written in a plan somewhere....

Common_Cents22's picture

ZHBC!!!!!   It's way overdue for ZeroHedge TV channel!

FSFT's picture

Wow--- I guess I'm a hold out. Actually like Swauak Box. Joe is a moron, Zorkin is a fag, and Becky looks like her Ben Wah Balls are popping out

JustPastPeacefield's picture

Its been so long since i watched that i almost forgot how much i detest that jew fag. How the fuck did he get that job, or better yet, who did he fuck to get it.

That question can be posed to just about all of them.

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

How about CNBC reporter John Harwood asking the Clinton campaign what questions he should ask then candidate Trump about his tax plan? When WikiLeaks revealed that- I haven't watched since!

Chryoprase the Troll's picture

Five to ten years ago I would watch almost every day. Now? never!

It was good to see others talking their book, but most of those ideas are no longer investable.

Easier and cheaper to just use an ETF.

sankol's picture

The ideal optimum viewership for this rottenbag piece of shit should at best be '0'

J J Pettigrew's picture

What we need is a Federal Reserve Channel (FRC) Janet can control every tick with double speak, fluffy theories, and goal post moving..

But the rhetoric is the same each day.....on CNBC....New Highs, fed unsure about rate hikes, etc etc...

messystateofaffairs's picture

What was a CNBC again? I have some vague memory of a booyah or something.

Spectre's picture

I started watching the Ass Clowns in about 97, in retrospect they are still a big group of Cunts that have a real blow hard, arrogant  attitude fucks !  Pumping false agenda's, especially that Kudlow fuckhead.  Maria ? Cunt.

silverer's picture

And no matter how hard they lie, oops...I mean try, they still can't get their ratings up.

Blue Steel 309's picture

Communists at CNBjoo should get the BLS to work their stats. Ratings will shoot through the roof overnight.

Walter White's picture

joe kernan makes my dog look like a genius, and becky quick makes my dog look like marlyn monroe


completely unwatchable garbage

Haitian Snackout's picture

Note the sawblade on the DIS chart.

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

Haven't watched in years, but is Becky Quick and her Magical Mouth still on there?  There's just something about her......making those weird faces.......

Rusty Nayle's picture

She got that sharky jewish look to her

Gerb00's picture

She be still gots her face in buffets crotch, with kernan giving a reach around

gm_general's picture

If the market is always up, why tune in the financial news? No point. If things are a rollercoaster or consistently headed down, then you have a reason. I was also thinking about financial advisor services, are they suffering? Why do you need advice when any idiot can buy an ETF and make lots of money?

gm_general's picture

The only reason I tune in CNBC is to see Sara Eisen, she just keeps getting hotter. I swear she got a boob job too, she used to be flat. Maybe Julia Boorstin and her magic hair, but she is not around much. The other boobs on that channel have no value - Cramer, for instance.

loveyajimbo's picture

Perhaps a live donkey show with rachel maddow as the star? 

Asshole Larry O'Donnell would probably insist on being 2nd... if the donkey is up for it... and the racist shitbag bitch harris-Perry can return to star in the next one...

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

You mean Rachel licking the donkey's pussy or the donkey licking Rachel's pussy? Or you mean Donkey 69?

SHADEWELL's picture

Hey Santilli

You can now officially go fuck yourself

daggerhashimoto's picture

because poeple are going on youtube and watching Crypto videos makeing 50% profit in one day! 

daggerhashimoto's picture

because poeple are going on youtube and watching Crypto videos makeing 50% profit in one day! 

1.21 jigawatts's picture

Oy vey, its a Nielsenocaust!

tstpilot00101's picture

The reason is simple. I used to watch CNBC EVERY morning. They shot themselves in the face when they tried to torpedo Donald Trump in the CNBC hosted debate. Ever since then, I have NEVER again watched CNBC.

They need to FIRE ANDREW ROSS SORKIN (THAT PUSSY) AND JOHN HARWOOD (ANOTHER PUSSY). They are two HUGE dead weights around the neck of CNBC. They shamelessly try to hustle their liberal, leftist garbage and the audience is SICK OF IT.

Are you listening CNBC executives?? I hope you idiots wake up before you go out of business (which would be fine with me). Assholes.

1.21 jigawatts's picture

The Goyim are tuning out simply because they hate the color of the owners' skin.

affirmed_78's picture

I'm a weirdo, but I like Seema, Melissa, Susan Li and Deirdre Bosa.  Sara Eisen annoys the hell out of me.

21st.century's picture

cnbc-- and the endless licking of  the old goat, warren buffett's hooves -- hey, heard this on cnbc ( becky quick) buffett is giving all his "money" to charity ! sure he is. Not going to give it to his children !  oh no, that would be so crude and greedy.  buffett created "charitable foundations" for his kids though-- and seeded each with BKH class stock --- escaping all tax consequences -- transfering all his stock to Gates Foundation (buffett sits on the board of Gates Trust)  so, basically "giving " his "money" to himself -- and screwing our Treasury from the taxes he demands others pay.

cnbc asked buffett about the pipeline-- that would compete with his RR burlington nothern SF -- buffett called BNSF his "toy train set"  billionaire humor, i guess.

"he didn't know anything about that topic" buffett says. Then carries on about all the details # of bridges, rolling stock; commodities carried ect. bullshit ! and becky quick nods her head .  no challanges from cnbc clowns .

but, if you're the co-owner of the democrat party, cnbc gives you a pass 

FBN has better content, better news worldwide.



JustPastPeacefield's picture

As Stockman said, there's nothing brilliant about Buffet. He just rode the Fed train all the way up. Beneficiary of the biggest wealth transfer in human history, or the biggest crime in history. 

21st.century's picture

yes-sir-- buffett is a vulture..... but you know, he's portrayed as the kindly grandpa-- with the Walmart suits and cherry coke routine

and cnbc kissing his ass.  in the 1930's , FDR despised these stock holding companies and the owners ; sure, fdr was a cynical hypocrite of the highest order too...

bashing the rich as he floated up the Hudson river on his mothers yacht ... going to the inherited estate , but he pegged the stock hoarders pretty closely

today, the stock hoarders like buffett own the democrat party.


mpcascio's picture

Screw them all.They're all liberal pukes except for Joe and Rick. 

libertyanyday's picture

the quants and algos run the HFT's ..............there is no market to play in any longer.  Over 92 percent of all trades are non human..........wall street is the Flamingo one is playing anymore.  Trillions of printed currency needed to go somewhere

USofAzzDownWeGo's picture

They need to just have the tickers flash across the screen all day with no hosts on. Then ratings would skyrocket. 

Mr. Class and Quality's picture

CNBC is good for Shark Tank and Jay Leno's Garage. As a "business" network, that should tell you all you need to know.