Armed Soldiers To Replace Cops On Danish Streets

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Even as Europe's political establishment professes its liberal ideals by accepting - or in the case of the ongoing spat between Brussels and Central Europe, forcing others to accept -  as many refugees as humanitarian virtue signalling will require, the true face of Europe is gradually emerging behind the scenes, and according to The, starting today armed soldiers from the Danish Armed Forces (Forsvaret) will replace police officers at both Denmark’s southern border to Germany and at potential terror targets in Copenhagen.

According to the Danish National Police (Rigspolitiet) and Copenhagen Police, 160 soldiers will patrol the border and take over guard duties at Jewish institutions including the Great Synagogue in central Copenhagen.

The synagogue has been under constant police protection since a Danish-born terrorist of Palestinian descent shot and killed 37-year-old Dan Uzan, a volunteer security guard, outside the building in February 2015. The gunman, Omar El-Hussein, had earlier in the night opened fire with an automatic rifle outside a cultural centre hosting a free speech event, killing 55-year-old Finn Nørgaard and injuring police officers. El-Hussein was later shot and killed by police.


The soldiers’ role at the German border was described as ancillary and will not entail actively checking the IDs of those entering the country. That role will still be filled by police officers and members of the Danish Home Guard (Hjemmeværnet), which has been active in border checks since April 2016.

The plan to put armed military soldiers at the border and potential terror targets has been under discussion for well over a year, or not long after Europe realized the consequences of the great welcome party thrown by Angela Merkel in 2015. The official explanation is that it is being implemented as a way "to ease the workload of an overworked and undermanned police force." The unofficial, of course, is that the police desperately need help against an ongoing influx of potential terrorists.

The 160 soldiers will relieve the police force of the equivalent of 128 full-time police officers. According to news agency Ritzau, police currently use the equivalent of 456 full-time officers on border controls and patrolling potential terror targets.

Meanwhile, Denmark has long since lost the idealistic illusion it is a noble, humanitarian home welcoming the world's refugees. As the WaPo wrote last year,  "as Europe walls itself off, the continent is left to reckon with what’s become of its long- cherished humanitarian beliefs. And to many in Denmark, the chasm between reputation and reality looks particularly gaping.

“We’re losing respect for the values upon which we built our country and our European Union,” said Andreas Kamm, secretary general of the Danish Refugee Council. “It’s becoming very hard to defend human rights.”

This Scandinavian nation of compulsively friendly people is celebrated by U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as a ­social-welfare utopia, one that was recently judged the world’s happiest place. Ranking high in the country’s pantheon of heroes are those who protected Jews during the Holocaust or who helped the oppressed escape from behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.

But when it came to those fleeing 21st-century conflicts on Europe’s doorstep, Denmark went into overdrive to broadcast its hostility. While Germany continued to welcome asylum seekers, and other European countries such as Sweden held their doors open for as long as they could, Denmark took a hard line almost from the beginning. The government slashed refugees’ benefits, then advertised the cuts in Lebanese newspapers. It enabled police to confiscate refugees’ valuables, including cash and jewelry. And authorities made it far more difficult for those already here to reunite with their families, upping the wait time from one year to three.

And now, just in case the measures were insufficient, heavily armed soliders will be there to make sure there are no more casualties as a result of Angela Merkel's "shared" generosity.

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They would do better if they replaced all the Muslims with bullet riddled corpses.

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Denmark (we have visited twice and know Danes there) has some differences vs. the rest of Scandinavia.  They do not like Muslim invaders, and they are active in NATO (to be fair, Norway is too re NATO).

Now if they could just lower their taxes and improve their weather....


EDIT: tmos, they have at least one BTC ATM in Copenhagen.

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"including such Jewish institutions as the Great Synagogue in central Copenhagen"

Oh the irony! IsraHell is behind all terror attacks.

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Looks like (((they're))) planning something BIG.

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And the EuroWeenie gov't will resist this show of backbone by the Danish with everything they've got.

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Armed Soldiers To Replace Cops On Danish Streets

My response: So the Danish are moving from a pseudo police state to a true military dictatorship? Interesting development to say the least. Below is something I posted 6 months ago. It sure looks like it applies to this situation when you replace the word "England" with the word :Danish". EUROPE IS IN REAL TROUBLE and SOON AMERICA WILL BE ALONE!!!!! Think about that for a moment and let it really sink in. Unfortunately, that is the way I see it developing.

JC Ryle, an English theologian in the late 1800s, had some serious convictions about government and about the worship of God and about the law of God, and he said, “If England separates God from the state, England will be destroyed morally, religiously, ethically, and in every other way.” It is today an absolute wasteland, spiritually speaking. You drive a massive wedge between the state and the church, you’re going to end up with modern day Europe in the United States. Is that progress? Is there any sense in which the government welcoming millions of Muslims into their historically Christian traditional countries is not going to result in chaos? Because now you have the collision of a traditional Christian morality, a very different Muslim morality, and a fast-developing immorality. Everything is out of control. Removing the acknowledgment of the true God, the authority of the Bible, the voice of the true church, the moral education of youth, and the elevation of the Bible and the gospel – removing that is the path to destruction, and it’s a downhill run.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Military dictatorship (hegemonic force)?

Are you surprise?

Your post has merits, but for the wrong reasons. You wrote: “Christian morality, a very different Muslim morality, and a fast-developing immorality.”

Did you ever read the bible?

Muslim morality? Are you kidding?

Fast-developing immorality? Can you point us to a time when the Anglo-Saxons and the Japaneses had any morality?

Our morals are no better established now that they were at the time of Genghis Khan. The perception of morality, because we made to believe it now, is what is different.    



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We might need troops here to protect crackas from the violent dindu tribesmen:


Pack of teens pummel family after cutting line at Six Flags: cops

The annual “Fright Fest” at Six Flags Great America in Illinois became a real-life nightmare for a family of three who was attacked after a line-cutting dispute with a group of blacks, police said.

The harrowing ordeal unfolded after the rowdy Obama sons cut in front of a 50-year-old woman standing in line with her husband, 51, and their 12-year-old son at the Gurnee amusement park on Saturday, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The woman asked the group to stop using foul language before one of them “sucker-punched” her son, Gurnee Deputy Police Chief Brian Smith told the newspaper. The pack of teens then pummeled the family, dropping them on the floor.



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6 Flags + false flag + white flag = 8 flags AND...
59 languages spoken from Ivory Tower Of many in 20/20 U.S. Census?

Success of census credited to hiring highly skilled unemployed and help in 59 languages

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"We might need troops here to protect crackas from the violent dindu tribesmen"

Black On White Violent Crimes

Colin Flaherty

Black On Elderly White Crimes (2012 Compilation)


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Used to take my kids there, quite a scene at Fright-Fest, like a hollywood production throughout the park.  Remember same kids running around loose with no courtesy, manners, etc.  Some things never change....



(Kenosha Holiday Inn flash-mob survivor 2012)

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The NFL Players are promoting the cops to stand down and not enforce the law and leave themselves open to being murdered.


The result is Cops leave the scene which enables the animals to do as they please - or as Hillary called  them: "Super Predators"


Many venues - Malls  Parks / Streets / Amusement Areas will be off limits - Amazon to reap the benefit of the animals gone wild

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Six Flags Parks Remove Historic Flags over Political Concerns


Six Flags over Texas, an amusements park that made its icon the six national flags of countries that governed the now-State of Texas, took down its namesake flags and replaced them with only the U.S. 50-star flag. The six flags included a Confederate flag.


Screw Six Flags. Plus, most of these public venbues and state fairs have become candy stores for violent black teens to beat up white people and/or rob them.


Mob of black teenagers beats white people at Wisconsin State Fair [UPDATED]


A mob that has been described as dozens to 100 black teenagers ran through the Wisconsin State Fair at closing time last night, beating white people at random.

Witnesses said the group of African-American teenagers ran through the parking lot and banged on cars, attacking only vehicles with white people inside. One witness said the mob pulled a kid from his bike and beat him in the street.


One more reason the BLM claims are a sham. Violent threats to our society need to be put down and/or away for a long time.



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Substitute the word culture for the word morality and you will grasp what he is talking about. There is a specific moral code in the culture of nihilism, Islam and Christianity.  The nihilists embrace the code of if it feels good do it.  That is a moral code.



Escrava Isaura's picture

India culture adopted Hinduism. Chinese culture adopted Buddhism. Both teachings, because these are not religions, are way superior than Christianity, in my view.

Anyway, these cultures don’t believe in Jesus Christ and the book of revelation.  

Will these people go to hell?

Now can you see the problem with Christianity morality?


UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

  Buddhism was originally a philosophical and moral way of life..a teaching to limit or avoid causing pain to onesself as well as for all sentient beings, and a methodology and pathway to ultimately achieve enlightenment as to the essence of being. People distorted it and transformed the wisdom of Buddha into a religion, as well as elevating his person to the status of a god.

  Hindu polytheism attributes the powers of multiple god-forms to be representative of the many manifestations of the Creator. The Mystics within each religion transcend man-made religious aspects and rules. They dive deeply into the spiritual realms, which are unapparent to the average person. There is a vast difference between religion and self-realisation/spirituality. 

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The Danes in England used to surround their fortresses with severed heads on pikes to ward off any potential Saxons trying to reclaim their territory.

Maybe these "ghost fences" might come back in style.


UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Count Dracula knew how to deal with the filthy bastards!

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The Turks did that in korea.

BarkingCat's picture

The Roman Empire expanded and conquered all as a pagan state.

It did not began its collapse until becoming Christian. 

The Greeks also reached their zenith as pagans.

People keep talking about European civilization being built on Judeo-Christian values.

Bullshit. It is all based on Greko-Roman values. 

Martian Moon's picture

Rule of Law, Equality before the Law, Right to person, Right to possesions, etc...

All Judeo/Christian



UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

The Marxist Europeon cucks are obviously suicidal.

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Did everyones favorite J-tribe open the gates in Denmark like they did in every other western nation?....offcourse they did.....

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So jews want to destroy Ethnic Europeans by opening our borders (not Israels!) then jews get the tax payer to protect their property so they are snug?

jews like to live in war zones like Israel, where there is strife and division they feel safe. Where there is a strong, peaceful Ethnic European majority they do not because their bad behaviour stands out every time.

Every Ethnic European country is to be turned into another Rhodesia -> Zimbabwe.

White Guilt is fake but dangerous it is destroying us. Learn real history almost everything we are accused of has been White-Washed into our name from slavery to opium wars in China to the horrors of the Boer (farmers) War, etc.... there is always jewsih merchants and bankers doing the planning and deed.

This is how they treat a black Professor who stumbles onto the truth about slavery; watch and rethink who is anti-white....Muslims are but the symptom.

Dr. Tony Martin - Jewish Tactics In The Controversy Over Jewish Involvement in The Slave Trade


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This is exactly what the progs want...only the military & the evil scary terrorists they protect us from have the guns.

JimmyJones's picture

Show me your papers.... as if this will stop the Jihad. 

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I said it over a year ago, Machine gun nests at the border.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Herds of wild pigs inside double border fencing should do just fine.

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Something rotten in the state of Denmark

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Special protection for the Sin-of-Gog.

knukles's picture

5 STARS!!!!!
Well Done  :)

Mr Twitch's picture

Well done? This eventually boils down to 'special protection' for all anti-Christers. 

Juggernaut x2's picture

Oy Vey- you don't expect us to provide our own security when we can get some taxpayer-funded goyim to do it for us.

guru69's picture

If it was that cesspool you call church, you would whine until the cavalry came.  Pussy/racist fecum.

Juggernaut x2's picture

Never looking inward, the jew lashes out at others. That's a really hypocritical statement on your part as the jewish Holy Land would cease to exist without the benevolence of the United States.

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The Church was fine they had to inflitrate it to destroy it. One of the key reasons they got so pissed off with Mel Gibson is he does not recognise Vatican II. No decent Catholic does, it introduce (((their))) degeneracy into the Church and now we have a black pope who even looks like a demon.

Weisshorn's picture

"you don't expect us to provide our own security"

I find it interesting how Germany moved its Nato forces out of Incirlik in Turkey to Jordan, and no MSM made a peep.

Right on the Israeli border.  How convenient.  Neither Jordan or Israel are part of Nato, and neither are even close to the North Atlantic.  But of course, neither was Turkey.

Slowly the mask is coming off of the face of Zionism, and it is becoming clear that the goyim's only purpose is to protect synogogs, expand Jewish power, and murder other goyim.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

I prefer protection for the sin of grog.

runswithscissors's picture

He prolly bought that "automatic rifle" legally.

pizdowitz's picture

"One of the commonest forms of madness is the desire to be noticed" - Mark Twain

holdbuysell's picture

So, that immigration thing is working out well.

A people without a clear understanding of their identity is easier to control...this has been known since the beginning of time.

HRClinton's picture

It's more broad than that: When ALL bonds of family and society have been eroded, corrupted or eliminated, then no viable, robust, persistent, organized resistance is likely.

They intend to destroy families, unions, traditions and allegiance to your Clan, Tribe and Nation. In its place they want allegiance to the unnatural Globalist entitues: corporations, artificial 'teams' (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) for the consumption of mass-merchandise, and the State (Surveillance, Law Enforcement and Military).

Only isolated and local or quasi-regional resistance will be allowed to occur, which will only serve to (a) use a convenient scapegoat/patsy, and (b) to strengthen and evolve their iron grip.

It's the ultimate goal of the Global-Lust Rothschild Banksters, to rule in a neo-feudal fashion over all of humanity, via a leveraged hierarchy, using technology and a one-world digital currency.

Colonel's picture

Very succinct synopsis. Now the question is how do we f up their plans?

ONEwarrior's picture

It starts with people learning the Truth. We need a Truth seeking Free Press. A Freedom Counter Resistence.

Of course, Europe never has and never will understand true Freedom from Government.

Now the USA is giving away their Freedoms like Europeans have for a century at least.

I like Bring on the shit for that revellation.

Mr Twitch's picture

Watch out for infowars. Look what those that put them under a microscope say... 

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History has shown the answer time after time. The only PEACEFUL solution is the strict adherence to the Rule of Law, with the law being implemented as God-given Law, for all people regardless of class. This is why the Lady of Justice is blindfolded and holds scales in one hand, and a sword in the other. There cannot be 2 sets of law, one for the elites, and one for the masses. That is not God-given law, but Man-Centered Law. History has shown that when societies devolve into Man-Centered Law, inequalities flourish because of man-centered greed and desires. These inequalities are given the force of law, backed by armed might, by corrupt leaders whose motivation is to enrich themselves at the expense of others. This inequality eventually always leads to resistance, which results in either more totalitarian control to quash the uprising, or further corruption in an attempt to bribe the resistance. The end result is either revolution, or collapse which allows another stronger Man-Centered system to take its place. Plan accordingly.