In Furious Tweetstorm, Trump Slams San Juan Mayor, "Fake News" Over Puerto Rico Response

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Update (9:45 am ET): Cruz this morning tweeted out pictures of relief workers helping the people of San Juan, adding that the "we cannot be distracted by anything else" - what sounds like a subtle dig directed at Trump.



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In what was perhaps the harshest criticism of the Trump administration's response to Hurricane Maria, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz broke down last night during a press conference where she begged President Trump to do more to help Puerto Rico. The disaster response has devolved into a worsening humanitarian crisis she said, and "people are starting to die." Cruz described the situation as "something akin to genocide" before accusing Trump of treating Puerto Ricans like "animals."

“So, Mr Trump, I am begging you to take charge and save lives. After all, that is one of the founding principles of the United States...If not, the world will see how we are treated not as second-class citizens but as animals that can be disposed of. Enough is enough.”

It appears that Cruz' decision to invoke "genocide" and blame Trump for what some have criticized as a sluggish response (earlier, Trump explained that the response had been stymied by the fact that Puerto Rico is surrounded by "big water") was enough to trigger another presidential rampage, because in a barrage of early morning tweets and retweets (no less then 11 as of the latest count), the president accused Cruz, the Democrats and the "fake news" media of using the disaster to score political points:

"The Mayor of San Juan, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump"...

...Before blaming her "poor leadership ability" for the situation on the ground, adding that the disaster response should be a "community effort."

He also praised FEMA and the military for doing "an amazing job" despite the power outages, a loss of cell service and torn-up roads that have also complicated the response effort.

In a string of retweets,Trump also shared this Department of Defense video of FEMA workers and national guardsmen distributing food and water to desperate Puerto Ricans. It also showed the stockpiles of supplies that have been sent to the island by the military.

To be sure, comments about the recovery effort by Puerto Rican officials haven't been entirely negative. Earlier in the week, PR Governor Ricardo Rossello praised what he described as the administration's "swift" response to Maria. However, Democrats in the Continental US have stepped up their criticisms of the disaster response in recent days, blaming Trump for hesitating to waive the Jones Act - which allowed foreign ships to deliver emergency supplies at Puerto Rican ports - and for the fact that it took nearly a week for US ships stocked with emergency supplies to arrive in the island's ports.

Trump also accused fake news networks like CNN of unfairly criticizing first responders as a way to "get Trump."

The president also reminded his audience that he and Melania will be visiting Puerto Rico on Tuesday, and that "people were working hard" to arrange a second stop in the US Virgin Islands.

For the sake of context, the death toll from Hurricane Maria has hovered around 16 for about a week now. Power has been restored to more than half of the island's hospitals, many of which have been forced to rely on diesel-powered generators to provide dialysis and other life-saving services to patients with dangerous illness. Meanwhile, the island's battered infrastructure - power grids remain down across 80% of the island and most cell towers have also been knocked offline following Hurricane Maria - was completely devasted.

Trump previously attracted some criticism by tweeting about Puerto Rico's precarious financial situation, claiming that the island was in "deep trouble" partly because of its massive debt.

Of course, as Trump pointed out, millions of dollars' worth of supplies have already landed on the island, and thousands of relief workers are there working on the recovery effort. But even as the island slowly recovers from the storms - a process that will take months, if not years - the finger-pointing surrounding what we're certain the media will try to tag as "Trump's Katrina" is only bound to get worse.

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The Fake News Networks are working overtime in Puerto Rico…

If the Fake News Networks launch one more ICFN (intercontinental fake news), we will unleash fire and fury the world has never seen. All options are on the table! Repeal Crooked Hillary! Make Anorexia Great Again!   ;-)


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My teen behaves better than that.

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OK  Donald, the Huricane didn't happen and the Mayor Is bullshitting and everythings fine I PR...

You just had your GWB "BROWNIE" moment didn't Ya' ???

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Are you a fucking moron?  The hurricane did a lot of damage, but the President has directed a LOT of resources to re-establishing basic infrastructure.  May a bullet find your forehead for your politicization of the response to a damaging hurricane.

tmosley's picture

I think if I were Trump, I would demand that the leadership of PR step down and send the feds in to administer the island permanently. Maybe arrest the bastards.

Petrodollar System Beneficiary's picture

Agreed! Political cheap shots in the aftermath of a terrible natural disaster. Sad!

peddling-fiction's picture

Where are the drone flyover´s in PR showing the massive damage?

Anybody want to share videos of LARGE devastation, or do I hear a squeak?

What I saw on a video shared by a ZH article was minor damage.

overbet's picture

Same bitch that voted no to become part of the USA is it not?


In San Juan, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello appeared at a brief news conference Monday and praised the U.S. federal response to Hurricane Maria, which has included sending nearly 10,000 people to help recovery from the devastation. He also said his government has been in touch with mayors across the island and was working to get food and water to isolated communities cut off after the hurricane.


Rossello said federal agencies also have helped restore power to a medical center in San Juan and supply diesel to fuel the generators of hospitals as well as deliver food and water to hard-hit communities across the island. And the governor said he was “very grateful” to President Donald Trump for responding Puerto Rico’s petition for help.


Rossello appeared with Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert and Brock Long, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, adding the presence of those two top officials was “a clear indication that the administration is committed with Puerto Rico’s recovery process.” Neither the FEMA administrator nor Bossert took questions from reporters. “We’ve got a lot of work to do. We realize that,” Long said.

Post-Truth Society's picture

Don't worry. Marxist Muslim Trump will soon redistribute your wealth to those without insurance!  All praise Comrade Trump!  (The people of Houston and Florida may benefit more than others.)

Richard Chesler's picture

Funny these fuckers pay no federal taxes yet DEMAND federal assistance.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Also, these idiots are in the path of repeated hurricanes. Why are they not better prepared?  

Boubou's picture

Well, if it gets it out the system without a nuclear explosion, I suppose this is good.

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Suck it up, Buttercup. He is your President now. For the full eight years.

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That female mayor was allocating all the city's resources to touchy-feely programs for the aids people, trans-genered, bis, and single Mother instead of devoting resources to food/water/shelter. Now she's crying.

General Admission's picture

Nailed it, Overbet.

Also, I don't see any mention of the military getting generators on the ground, cleaning up and restarting service at the airport.

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The disaster in PR is to the poor people, who had nothing anyway, buit they are still decent wondewrful PEOPLE!

Most of the houses are built of block, like everywhere else in the upper third world and have bars on the windows and doors.  I know I lived and worked there.

The ones who are most damaged are the poor who live in woodframed shacks and poorly constructed houses.  They are the ones most impacted.  The concrete block homes will have mostly survived and possibly lost a roof, but if you live up on the hill in an exposed shack......yer finito!

As I've said, they are a resiliant people and have local food available, the same food they;ve been eating for hundreds of don't need a fridge to keep a hog and some chickens.  I;ll be most of the chickens and hogs survived the storms.......they'll be in the pot yesterday! No Better eating on the planet!  They make tostonies with mashed plantain that put french fries to SHAME! And I know SOME of that Emeregency ice is cooling some Coors Light!

God Bless you PR!  You'll be ok soon! America WILL HELP!

I hope to be there soon!

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Majority of PR was a shithole before storm.

Taffy Lewis's picture

Yeah, this was the running joke in Phuket, Thailand, after the tsunami and away from the shore a hundred yards or so: where does the tsunami debris end and the normal debris & garbage begin?

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"Fake News never sleeps."



weburke's picture

The bankers want islands that are resorts and no - natives - on the chosen smaller ones. I saw that "billionaires " are "helping" by chartering ships to save-- islanders, those people will Never be allowed back

Yog Soggoth's picture

The ones that came here before were mostly looking for better opportunities and stayed, even though they still fly the flag on the rear view mirror. PR's tend to breed faster than other humans for some reason so they will replace the missing in a couple of years.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Wonder what Criminal Deep State Operative gave this disgusting, revolting, Cunt her PsyOp, False Narrative, talking points Script.

Xena fobe's picture

Send the poor to the US to be a burden on tax payers.  Develop the island for the rich.  That's exactly right.  This mayor is cooperating fully and no doubt being well compensated for her efforts. 

autofixer's picture

The displaced Puerto Ricans will flock to places on the mainland (N.Y.C., Boston, New Jersey) that are already Democrat shit-holes.  No harm, no foul.  Where do I sign up for some cheap beachfront?  

stocktivity's picture

Keep acting like a total asshole Trump!  The Mango Man is spending the weekend at his golf resort while PR suffers.

Boubou's picture

Just when you think he couldn't get any more crass or beligerent, he exceeds himself once again.

Maybe there will be some money left over after he exterminates 25 million Koreans.

negan2's picture

Suck it up,  Buttercup. He is your President now. For the full eight years.

Katos's picture

Hillary's favorite JEW, "Haim Saban" bought Latino news giant, Univison several years back! Since then Univison HAS been working overtime to NOT only demonize TRUMP IN all Latino areas, but to make democrats OUT OF ALL Latinos! OF COURSE Puerto Rico IS heavily covered by Univison, AND THEY have been actively destroying Trump and his response EVERY opportunity they get! The vile nature of their ATTACK MAKES CNN LOOK like TRUMPS closest buddies!

Al Gophilia's picture

Bingo? Get the Fed to administer the island? Those fucktards have buried us in $22TRILLION in debt and you want to wish them on a bankrupt and hopelessly devastated people? WTF? I'd sooner wish the plague upon them than have those pox addled dogs infest the place. Vive The Constitutional Republic.

#WTFJ? The Alabama Ninja,.AKA Jeff Sessions.

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ask a face hugger for help



expect some chest discomfort

Max Cynical's picture

And find out where that $73B was sure as hell didn't go into infrastructure.

karenm's picture

"Furious tweetsrorm"


Is that like a "Furious" ham sandwich?



cheech_wizard's picture

Have you ever seen a "furious" ham sandwich?

The last time I saw one get furious it went on a rampage and killed an entire country of Muslims...

Standard Disclaimer: Guaranteed nightmare for weeks to come...


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No Trump fan here, but he's on target on this one. The leadership of Puerto Rico has not demonstrated any coherence in the past, why should it be any different now. The whole island needs to be put under a marshall type plan.

It's great living on an Island until it's not. The price for living in paradise, no winters, beautiful landscapes, etc. is the once in a lifetime hurricane. You better have your shit together and be prepared. 

hardmedicine's picture

It is amazing that the 'IDEA" of preparedness... having food and water and medicines etc etc enough for 2 weeks is completely not even on the radar anymore.

The Nanny state is complete.

I can't believe that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of the USA is supposed to go there and save these people.  It makes no sense to me

jin187's picture

It's not even once in a lifetime, but 2-3 times. PR can expect something like this to happen again within the next 50 years.

Blame for this can be squarely placed on the island itself. In terms of size and population, were probably talking about the same as Massachusetts, yet they have debt on par with California, and worse infrastructure. How the hell does that happen?

This would be a perfect time for supposed AG Sessions to do some investigating into where the money went.

algol_dog's picture

Lets face it -

All these hurricane disasters have one thing in common. The fact that most of the damage is occurring where people shouldn't be living due to its inherent dangers, but choose to do so anyway, regardless of the consequences. Far be it for me to tell anyone where, or how they should live, but you do it on your dime, not mine (ours). I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and have no illusions what will happen if the same hits here. All these Islands are fraught with this danger. It's the price paid for the unbelievable lifestyle afforded here. Just like the housing areas here on the big Island that insurance companies won't protect, due to volcano lava flow dangers, the same should go for coastal living dangers. You want it you pay for it and take the risk.

Boubou's picture

Antigua had nine since 1970, either direct hits or  within 50 miles , and storms every couple of years.  Since Luis in 1995 which was worse than Irma in PR, people generally build only in concrete.

Recovery has always been as pretty good, although as an independent country with a reasonable standard of living , not much in the way of aid comes in these days. 

You will see no  caucasian faces in the government and very few in commerce, so I don't think race plays a part.

IronForge's picture

Aid money stopped flowing in decades ago due to the Corrupt running off with the Funding.


This is about PR, San Juan, and Orange Julius.


Antigua is too small a Shithole for most of us to care for.  

Tiwin's picture

Right after hillary , and the pentagons trillions, and 9-11.

Al Gophilia's picture


The Alabama Ninja.

Let it Go's picture

Had the local governments on the island had their act together things would be going much smoother.

Below is an update about the situation in Puerto Rico that delves and into its financial woes which will add greatly to its problems going forward. With approximately $123 billion in debt, which includes about $74 billion in bond debt and $49 billion in unfunded pension obligations

Puerto Rico"s debt far exceeds the $18 billion bankruptcy filed by Detroit in 2013. The article below looks at why even if Puerto Rico gets the money it needs to rebuild over the next few months, its long-term prospects remain grim.

MarsInScorpio's picture

To All:

These parasites running the government in PR rape the federal funds intended for the population, drive the island into bankruptcy, lie their ass off to get elected by promising pensions and benefits they never had a chance to deliver, let the power grid go to Hell so they can loot the rate-payers, ignore infrastructure emergency repairs - let's get real - they ignore anything resembling responsible infrastructure planning and maintenance . . . and on and on, endlessly describing what a bunch of low-life "wise Latinas" they have in charge of this welfare vacuum.

So now these same "wise Latinas" need a scapegoat to keep the population from hanging them from the light-poles - those rare ones that are still standing, anyway.

These people are scum - elected by dumb-asses who are looking to get something for nothing, just as they have all along (generally speaking, of course. Yes, I know there are exceptions . . . however, there is a reason that poverty and P-Ricans as a culture are always hand-in-hand wherever you find them.)

Ten thousand feds on the island. Food, water, medicines . . . you name it, it's there and more is coming.

To the slimeballs who are trying to cover their asses by blaming Trump for their gross misfeasance and malfeasance: E S & D.

nmewn's picture

Nothing says idiot, retarded and progressive like "We-Are-Dying-Here."...

...while surrounded as far as the eye can see by pallets of water and food.


To my idiot, retarded progressive down voters...the idiot, retarded progressive Mayor of San Juan did not say exactly that while surrounded by pallets of food & water? ;-)

curbjob's picture

Yes indeed, the Mayor of San Juan is an incompetent moron in way over her head ... however,

Trumps response shows him to be equally pathetic.

Sadley whats becoming a reoccurring theme of this presidency . 


nmewn's picture

"Yes indeed, the Mayor of San Juan is an incompetent moron in why over her head ... however,..."

They live on an island just hit by a major hurricane. Their power grid was a POS long before this which the idiot, retarded progressive politicians of PR did nothing about. 

Just so you know, when a major hurricane hits its called a disaster, requiring FIRST trying to find any bodies of the dead and wounded that might be involved, as you begin to clear away the THOUSANDS OF TREES AND DEBRIS that are blocking the roads so you can actually move from point A to point B again. 

Roads are important (as you may be able to surmise) for getting the MOST food & water out of staging areas of cities and into the countryside. 

If you're going to bitch & moan why don't you do something positive and get your ass down there and help? 

Bring your chainsaw ;-)