"They Won't Know What Hit Them" Shocking Undercover Footage Exposes Antifa's "Premeditated" Violence

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As if the public needed any more evidence that violence is a central part of Antifa’s mission, conservative comedian Steve Crowder has published footage that he and his producer surreptitiously recorded after infiltrating a local Antifa cell and accompanying it to a protest at the University of Utah.

The shockingly candid footage offers a disturbing glimpse into the innerworkings of Antifa - a loosely organized band of far-left agitators - and the central tenant of violent resistance that encapsulates the group's philosophy. The footage primarily focuses on a transgender woman, the purported leader of a small cell of Antifa protesters, who can be heard telling Crowder's producer that she’s armed with a handgun, and that she expects reinforcements to arrive later with “two AKs”. The organizer can also be heard recommending that Crowder’s producer buy a small blade at a military surplus store and strap it to his ankle “just in case.”

What they show appears to confirm that the group protesters were planning to disrupt a speaking event hosted by conservative commentator and Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro, whom Antifa has accused of being a nazi despite the fact that he is Jewish. Shapiro's recent appearances at UC Berkeley and other university campuses drew protests, with demonstrators labeling him a “fascist.”

But perhaps the most surprising thing about the footage was the fact that mainstream media reporters AND police essentially told Crowder & Co. to get lost when they shared it with them.

In another shocking excerpt, the Antifa leader – whom Crowder didn’t name because he said he didn’t want to “dox” anybody, though he added that police have confirmed that they have been monitoring her – described a plan to lure right-wing demonstrators to a secluded area where, presumably, they would be attacked by Antifa.

“Plain clothes, hard tactics, I don’t think they’ll know what hit them. Because they’re not prepared for what we’re planning,” the organizer says at one point.

In the video, another unnamed Antifa member who goes by the pseudonym Clark can be heard explaining that the difference between Antifa and other activist groups is a “willingness to respond with violence.”

As we’ve reported time and time again, Antifa protesters have been inciting violence across the country since Trump’s upset victory in November, beginning with protests during Trump’s inauguration that quickly turned violent in destructive.

According to Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City, Crowder published the undercover video Thursday that purports to show far left-wing protesters distributing weapons ahead of the speech. Crowder’s production team presented the video to police moments after it was recorded.

Yet after evaluating the video, the police determined that there was no credible threat.

“Police looked at the video, evaluated other information available to them, and determined the individuals did not pose a credible threat that warranted action,” Nelson told Fox 13 News.

Similarly violent clashes instigated by members of the far-left group erupted on the campus of UC Berkeley in early February, where members of the group hurled Molotov cocktails and attacked “facists” and “nazis” who were attending a speaking event by Milo Yiannopoulos, causing extensive property damage on campus.

While both the mainstream media and more mainstream leftists initially defended the group, public sentiment has soured on the group.

Several media organizations – including the LA Times, Washington Post, the Atlantic, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal – have criticized the group’s violent tactics. A month ago, it was reported that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security classified Antifa as a "domestic terrorist" group in internal communications that described them as "primary instigators of violence at public rallies" going back to at least April 2016 when the reports were first published."

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America is bankrupt morally, politically and financially. Media is all divide and conquer, we're in a racial war, gender war, class war, generational war, and every kind of divide and conquer media can think up. Television, print media and movies have poured poison into the mind of our nation for over two generations. For what purpose, since Jews control our nation's media ask them. I'm working to get out. I will be replaced by a new slave. At least I will die happy knowing I didn't die with the title American on me. It is interesting, wing nuts, kneeling nuts, and standing nuts, are fighting each other while the government will borrow more money to give 540 Billionaires a tax cut and more than half are Zionist Jews who've ripped the very economic foundation from this nation. And don't forget, multinationals with foreign factories using foreign labor causing nearly 40 years of trade deficits will be rewarded with a tax cut which must be borrowed. Both the Billionaires and multinationals have been kneelers for a long time and will be rewarded for it. And both will magically rebuild America with an infrastructure build according to the one who I voted for. This is not the America we are brainwashed to believe in, we are brainwashed to die for. The quality of federal workers and contractors is so low, we're the enemy, no matter what, we're to be hurt in some way, to be punished in some way, to be lied to, to be robbed, to be controlled, and American freedom becomes a distant memory forgotten by the newly arrived slave replacements.

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its cheap to say jews are the root of all problems.  its crazy.

martygraw's picture

its cheap to say jews are the root of all problems.  its crazy.

Victor999's picture

It's cheap because it's true.  It's Occum's Razor.  When you have mainstream media owned by the Jews, the finance sector dominated by the Jews, the political sphere controlled by Jewish money, education guided by Jews, Jews surrounding the President, Jews in the most important and powerful leadership spots in Congress (intelligence, security, foreign policy, military and financial committees), Jews owning almost half the Supreme Court seats, Jews populating much of the State Department and Treasury, and Jewish Zionist organisations applying huge pressure over all and being protected by 'anti-Semitism' and 'hate' laws to keep them protected from honest public discourse, then you are led to only one conclusion - Jewish interests have taken over the USA.  And that means only one thing in the long-term - America is well and truly fucked.


Anyone who does not see the risks to the USA, and indeed the entire world, to this sorry state of affairs is wilfully and knowingly blind.

The KY Wizard's picture

Absolutely succinct -- but you're never going to convince a certain segment of the population due to their dogmatic adherence to irrationality.

css1971's picture

It's not just cheap, it's exactly the same thought processes that have the Cultural Marxist muppets claiming that straight white males are the oppressive overclass. The ONLY difference between them is they've identified a slightly different group as oppressors.

This is why nazi and commie fuckheads are fundamentally identical... And it's something that Hitler recognised about his followers.




"It is not Germany that will turn Bolshevist, but Bolshevism that will become a sort of National Socialism. Besides, there is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separate us from it… The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade-union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communist always will." ? Hitler (Hermann Rauschning , The Voice of Destruction 1940)
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Don't bother to point out the crazies. I have found that they fall all over themselves to blame jews for every thing that happens in the world. Spain/ Catalonia guarantee someone on here has attributed to "jews" on the hedge. It's bizarre thinking. It is irrational and potentially dangerous. Someone in this thread actually offered occums razor as an argument, just ....face...palm....wow. And there are many posters like that on the hedge as they don't censor.

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Shocking! I tell you, Shocking!



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You could do a lot of damage with just one AK.  I like the AK platform.  It is compact, light in weight and reliable.  I like my monster sized M1A/M14 platform too but that thing is heavy if not for the rifle but rather the ammo you have to carry to feed it.  Against antifa, I'll take either one and they will regret it depending on situation.  And I'll take my SW 38 Special J-frame.

deepfriedbrain's picture

All these cock sucking internet tough guys on ZH this year...

Who cares......most Americans work for a living.  We don't go to protests. Don't have the time for BS. 

If these faggots ever start shit where we are, we'll put a bullet in their skulls and walk away.


These pussies are all talk.

When the shit jumps off what the fuck you gonna do....Damn, it feels good be an American...



deepfriedbrain's picture

just talking about all of these internet heros.....very few have shot anything more than paper.  hell, they can't kill a deer and they are going to be the second coming of John Wick reading their posts.  Just silly.  but these guys will be great as we can take all of their prepping w/o too much trouble.

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steve crowder? ! gimme a fuckin' break! a no-brain's fake news!

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People with brains and an understanding of the English language capitalize proper names as well as the first word in a sentence.

Arrest Hillary's picture

The strength of English is it's ability to adapt and change it's spots .... you can't argue with success .... if your enemies have to learn your language .... I do my creative contribution to our evolving language .... in the punctuation area of streaming consciousness ? LOL

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

the left always becomes violent as they work for our own freedom..pol pot, mao, stalin and alot of progessive ju's will kill you if you say no

pawn's picture

Exactly what does this have 2 do with financial news, tyler? Where is wb7 i think you have gone cocky cocky

Arrest Hillary's picture

Do you get pissed .... when Rush talks football and golf ?

Lord Raglan's picture

don't read this article then...........doesn't imply anything financial in the title.......

Collectivism Killz's picture

I know Antifa are deep state funded useful idiots, but damn do they make mass murder tempting.

Arrest Hillary's picture

What's the difference between a Benevolent Racist .... and a Breezy Racist ? Swerve into the answer: NONE !

hooligan2009's picture

so..conspiracy to commit murder is not a credible threat, provided the conspirators are transgender?

hoytmonger's picture

I had read from another source that at least one arrest was made after showing the cops the video.

"By the end of video coverage below you will also see that Crowder offered the same video footage that they handed over to law enforcement, which according to him resulted in at least one arrest,"


...and conservatives beloved Fox news was among those that refused the video...

"Even more shocking, when Steve Crowder attempted to turn over the undercover footage to the mainstream media (Fox News), Fox walked away, saying they weren’t interested in the footage."


hoytmonger's picture

In other news...

Tim Pool livestreaming from Barcelona as riot police are blocking polling places...


DonGenaro's picture

Only in today's US could a gang's very name denote that they're against what they (obviously) are

Hillarys Server's picture

They used the same advertising firm that coined the "Arbeit Macht Frei" thing.

Soros must have introduced them when not busy stealing furniture, pianos and jewelry from Jews.

847328_3527's picture

The media (CNN, NPR, MSNBC, etc) and radicals like Obama, Tim Kaine, Hillary, Soros hate the American people and our western culture and seek to destroy it. Antifa violence is one of their tools, that's hwy they order police to stand down and let them beat up people.

Cloud9.5's picture

Leroy Pope Walker helped lead Alabama out of the Union.  He is infamous for surmising that all the blood that would be shed in a war between the states could be wiped up with a handkerchief.  Underestimation is a common trait shared by the young as they embrace a new adventure like a world war.

Never before in the history of mankind have so many depended on such a fragile interlocked infrastructure for survival.  If a crack head can take down one of the major bridges in Atlanta while playing with matches, imagined what a determined force of a hundred men could do.

Start a real shooting war on the streets of America and a hundred million will perish.



Grumbleduke's picture

Remember that:

The D.C. sniper attacks (also the Beltway sniper attacks) were a series of coordinated shootings that occurred during three weeks in October 2002, in the states of Maryland and Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Ten people were killed and three others were critically injured, in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D.C._sniper_attacks


Few years back I heard Jesse Ventura talking about this subject. Don't remember how it came up, but he said something like "those two guys had the whole east coast in panic. Now imagine you give me ten or twenty marines (?) how much damage we could do? The country would grind to a halt...!"


numapepi's picture

I wonder if neo Nazis had said the same thing, been recorded and the video given to the police... would the police have said, nothing to see here?

Progressives believe that if one standard is good, a double standard must be better.

arby63's picture

They always start out slow. 

shankster's picture

ANTIFA is built on violence, it is it's very foundation.

shankster's picture

OBUMMER always said the US needs a civilian army.

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

I'd like to beat that fugly trans-whatever in the face with the butt of my AK.

Unitl he (she) cries like a little bitch (bastard)!

treefeller's picture

Nobody, and I mean nobody has the balls to call them commies. Not a fucking one. Not here, not on Drudge, not on msm. No one. At all. Period. antifa are not antifacists, they are fucking commmies. Plain and simple. 

pc_babe's picture

Media and LIBTARDS were for them, before they were against them (sorta, free speech and all).

When the investigation into Gov McAuliff and AntiFa going to happen?
When the investigation into J. Napalitano and AntiFa for to happen?
When the investigation into Hilary and AntiFa going to happen?
When the investigation into Bernie and AntiFa going to happen?
When the investigation into V Jarett and AntiFa going to happen?
When the investigation into Soros and AntiFa going to happen?
When the investigation into Lynch and AntiFa going to happen?
When the investigation into Obama and AntiFa going to happen?
When the investigation into ACLU and AntiFa going to happen?

Jeff Sessions ... you still taking your nap?

wobblie's picture

You might as well be asking the same thing about Repubs. Those people don't have direct contact with these low level overblown groups. They can't get their hands dirty that way, except that Soros funds most groups for color revolutions.

Bernie and antifa? Lol.

Shows you're kind of clueless.

wobblie's picture

You might as well be asking the same thing about Repubs. Those people don't have direct contact with these low level overblown groups. They can't get their hands dirty that way, except that Soros funds most groups for color revolutions.

Bernie and antifa? Lol.

Shows you're kind of clueless.

headless blogger's picture

The young ANTIFA of today will be the middle aged Politician of tomorrow.

Lord Raglan's picture

shows you how stupid they are when they call a Jew like Ben Shapiro a Nazi..........

that said, I don't think it matters to them when everyone who disagrees with them is a "Nazi"........

They need to prosecute a few of them and put them in prison and that'll be the end of Antifa since they are all cowards..........you'll note they never have a spokesman to represent their views.........as the blogger below says, they are just Commies but that is a dirty word like the "N" word and we aren't allowed to use the word, the media refuses to use that word........that's part of Black and Antifa Privilege

wobblie's picture

This guy Chowder is pysop.

This is happening on "both" sides and they only work to help the ruling class.

McGuffin's picture

I see that Zero Hedge has gone full retard. Where's the "shocking" footage?

If you strip away the narrator hyperventilating about what this footage allegedly shows, and just look at the footage itself, all you have is a couple of losers, who don't even have any demonstrable ties to so-called Antifa, talking about getting weapons, "just in case."

Sort of ironic for a bunch of conservatives who almost certainly all vehemently support the 2nd Amendment, getting their panties in a wad over people arming themselves.

And when you throw in the fact that Antifa and the recent "neo-nazi" uprisings are almost certainly some kind of PSYOP designed to divide and distract the sheep from The Great Looting by the banksters, which the editors here used to at least appear to conmprehend, then this latest dip into the Brietbartian idiot-fest is even more disappointing.

What happened to covering the perpetual crime spree that has become standard, day-to-day operating procedure on Wall Street? Are flash crashes, plung protections and a rigged LIBOR too 'intellectual' for the Trump tards that have invaded this site?

SPQR 70AD's picture

the white hating communist govt will NEVER consider PANTIFA a terror group but under orders from their bolshevik jew masters the govt called white nationalist groups terrorists

bunnyswanson's picture


"formally classified their activities as 'domestic terrorist violence.."

"a whole bunch of them' have been placed on U.S. terrorism watch lists."
NumbersUsa's picture


-We're taught Jews are the worst persecuted people in history. They are in fact the most relentlous persecutors.

-We're taught 'cause of their persecution, Jews fight for the underdog, the marginalized, the silent voices. Jews have done more than anyone to stifle public discussion and debate and kill free speech.

-We're taught Jews are behind freedom of religion. They're all for mocking and demonizing Christianity (and Islam) only to make Holocaust religion worshiped across the world.

-We're taught Hitler was the devil, yet Jewish Bolshevism, alone, and Stalin's terror, alone, murdered 10 times more than Hitler, regardless if you believe the worst of Hitler or not.

-We're taught Jews are honest and humble and were innocent victims in the world wars. Jews secretly made deals with Balfour and Hitler (Transfer Agreement), who probably didn't know of Balfour agreement, the jews declared war on Germany in 1933 (their words in NY papers), destroyed the Germany economy, and have perpetuated the worst lies and hate in the last century, like Germans making soap, lamps, mattresses out of human parts, and the 6m gassed can not even be established by their markers, and will probably be seen for the hoax it was in less than a decade.

-We are told, you can't blame every Jew, but no tribe is so organized and so cohesive, so willing to jump to take offense, so willing to defend anyone in the tribe, so willing to proclaim their actions to destroy Europe, just like they did Germany.. only to deny it once they're are successful.

-They pretend to not want war or genocide, but are most violent, aggressive and murderous to their neighbors. They plans for a Greater Israel are well know. Well many turn the other way, many are realizing their true plans for a greater Israel.

-We're taught today's Israel is Israel of the Bible... they're God's chosen. They're not. Jacob (Israel) had 12 sons, not one son. There is nothing prophetic about today's Israel!

-We're taught, well they're just smarter and better than the rest of us. I believe very much of the success is due to their intrigue, and ill-gotten influence. When Rothschilds can convince our treasonous leaders that private banks should print money from nothing, only to lend back to the nations (who should be printing their own money), the source of the endless wealth is no longer mysterious. When you have trillions at your disposal, creating and lionizing your "stars" must be very very easy.

And when you control the media, film, finance, education, etc, either through direct ownership and influence, or the 100s of interest groups and suasion, bribery and and threats, it must be even easier.

You stupid Americans when will the jew supremacist yoke be removed.

SweetDoug's picture




“Police looked at the video, evaluated other information available to them, and determined the individuals did not pose a credible threat that warranted action,” Nelson told Fox 13 News.


Can you imagine this happening at a teaparty gathering a few years ago?

Angrier and angrier, the society gets, at the hypocrisy and deceit of the media and the authorties.