Google Reports Record Level Of Government Data Requests

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Google has just released its biannual transparency report disclosing the number of requests governments send for users' private data.

As Statista's Niall McCarthy details, in the first six months of this yearthe search engine giant received 48,941 requests for data while 83,345 accounts were specified in those requests.

Infographic: Google Reports Record Level Of Government Data Requests  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

That has broken the record for the most Google user data requests in a six month period.

The company complied with 65 percent of the requests, meaning over 54,000 accounts were impacted.

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I wonder how much is voluntarily sent not requested?

100% maybe 110% 

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Didn't wikileaks already prove NSA has backdoors to everything anyways? Whats the point any more?

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The point is to help us petend that Uncle Surveillance doesn't track and record everything we do, and must ask permission from Google for the goods on us, and Google is so independent that it refuses some requests.

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BREAKING: As many as 70 victims at local hospitals after shootings on the Las Vegas Strip, local TV station KTNV reports

HedgeJunkie's picture

I've already viewed a video that leads me to suspect it's a false flag.

It was on KTNV, interview of a NURSE who was smiling as she described running for her life, and that one of her companions was shot.

I grew up with the first Nurse Practitioner, and have many nurses in the family.  They would never smile while describing these sort of events.

Wolfowitz's picture

The false flag extras usually have Narc eyes

Fourth Horseman's picture

All the more reason to start using overseas providers like
I highly doubt the Russians would just hand over bs info to the goons over here just because they asked (coerced)

Why people still use these kike owned websites that sell your personal privacy I have no idea.

PT Barnum comes to mind

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If I ever come in contact with the FBI, the first and last thing I will say is, the best way to check for mental illness is anyone who believes the government's version of 9/11 is mentally ill.

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And exactly how many unreported government data requests? Avoid the FANGS! Data collection is their business while you play with their newest shiny object. I just downloaded a new update for iphone and one of the first things it asked was if I wanted to disable the phone with a new app when it was moving in a car. Umm, think that shit's being sent back to apple? You betcha! FANGS, doing God's work for the government!

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Then I would say

It's a record number of data denials

Bad Santa's picture

Then I would say

You just landed on this planet.

silverer's picture

I don't believe anything that Google states in writing, says, or presents in searches anymore.

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Google IS the government.