Puerto Rícan Cop Calls Radio Show in Tears: 'It's An Abuse, It Looks Like Communism'

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An anonymous Puerto Rican police officer called New York's largest hispanic radio station, 97.9, to complain about the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, and the Governor, Ricardo Rossello -- saying they are putting on as grande show for the cameras, which is costing lives.

In a riveting 6 minutes on air, this anonymous police officer gives her take on things and how the Puerto Rican government is failing to provide people with basis necessities all because of politics.

"What they are doing, it's an abuse. It looks like communism, in our own island. Let me tell you something, Boricuas are dying of hunger. The medics here, people are dying. The hospitals are in crisis."

Her request: "we want the US to come in and take the Governor out. He is not doing anything. He is just around and around and everyone is like 'oh how nice, the governor, he is going into the mud. He's going into the water.' And where is it? WHERE IS THE FOOD?"

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When you control oil, you control nations.

When you control food, you control people.

            -Henry Kissinger


Maduro has learned that lesson well, and it now looks like another future socialist despot is trying it.






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Strange that such a socialist hell is flourishing right under the nose of USA - the greatest champion of free market and private enterprise.


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the island can't support all those people.