Why Rajoy Is Panicking - Last Minute Poll Shows Huge 80% Surge For Catalan Independence

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We noted yesterday that "if Catalonia secedes from Spain...in terms of the debt sustainability parameters laid down by the Treaty of Maastricht, it’d be the Eurozone debt crisis 2.0..." and it is clear by the thuggish brutality of Spain's police that Rajoy will do anything to ensure this vote does not go ahead as the latest poll data shows a massive surge in favor of independence, as government fascism has clearly triggered unintended consequences that look set to spirtal out of control.

As MishTalk.com's Mike Shedlock notes, numerous sites keep posting stats that claim a majority in Catalonia want a vote but do not support independence. I have stated those polls are old and likely wrong thanks to the pitiful tactics of prime minister Mariano Rajoy.A new last-minute poll suggests I have this correct.

Please consider Huge upsurge in support for independence is revealed in world exclusive final Catalan poll.

A SENSATIONAL new poll which The National is publishing on the eve of the Catalan independence referendum shows an upsurge in support for independence that varies dramatically depending on whether or not Spain’s central government boycotts the vote.


The telephone poll was carried out over the last three weeks and completed on Thursday, but the results could not be published in Catalonia. They were released to The National yesterday.


Two scenarios were put to a sample of nearly 3300 voters: “With the current situation in Catalonia, with Spanish government and main Spanish political parties calling for a boycott of the referendum,” and “a referendum agreed with the Spanish authorities”.


Jordi Sanchez, president of the Catalan National Congress, welcomed the results and told The National: “This poll confirms there’s a majority of people that want to vote and will vote, and this can’t be stopped by any police or state of emergency.

Ok Rajoy, what are you going to do?

If there is a vote, the expected results are pretty clear.

The Spanish government claims most of the polling places are closed?


The Catalonia government says the vote will take place and millions will show up.

Which side is correct?

We will find out within hours. Voting day has arrived in Spain.


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Rajoy - isn't he from Game of Thrones?

W270's picture

Wrong show, more like Lucifer.

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Generalissimo Francisco Franco is NOT dead!

CH1's picture

When it gets serious, you have to... beat the shit out of people.

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Polls.  Fucking Polls.  SMH...

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Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition?

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Good point. After all, the lying has ceased working, may as well just go right to the beatings, you know, to improve morale.

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The Catalonia peoploe should refuse to serve or accommodate the national thugs.

Turn off their electricity and with no food, fuel etc the thugs would retreat pretty quickly.

SoDamnMad's picture

Yeah but don't beat the shit out of some grandmother in from of a cell phone camera.  Every man had a loving grandmother so when you do this you REALLY REALLY PISS ME OFF.  And you PISS OFF  a lot of other people too.

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GOVT and its barking dogs are really no longer trusted. Worldwide. Finally, by large enough numbers.

The Gun Is Good's picture

"When it gets serious, you have to... beat the shit out of people."

Government just be governmentin'....

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GOVT abandonment of all morality and the disregard of the people illustrates their true nature so glaringly now. Tax, debt, steal.

jaxville's picture

Silly Rabbit....Self determination is only for NON WHITES

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Even a man with many fingers can not plug all the holes of this leaking dyke.

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I love that pic of the cop 'handing' grandma that 12 ga. shotgun. She shoulda grabbed it.

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Yeah, wrong way of "blocking" the "dangerous" grandma.

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I guess that the photo is the social media equivalent of a Kalibr missile...


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And where's that Antifa group then you need them ???

nmewn's picture

And they are not even "protesting" the singing of Cara al Sol in Madrid, I mean, wutup wid da Antifag's? ;-)

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In this case they've already seized power and go by the name of "police officers" in the employ of the government of Madrid.  Soros smiles evertime a middle aged Catalan woman gets thrown down some basement stairs or an elderly man kicked in the chest.

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Soros would prefer to see Spain and other European countries disintegrate (or possibly be disintegrated) into small politically weaker and mutually antagonistic elements. The EU is strongly critical of Israel's settlements and has produced lists of companies that profit from the cheap labor in occupied Palestine. That does not please Israel.

CuttingEdge's picture

I never had Soros down as a Zionist.

Though a nazi collaborator, your common or garden variety evil cunt, and a cancer on mankind? Most assuredly.

Whatever he is, it will be a joyous day for humanity when that turd gets flushed.

Ms No's picture

Too many people believe Soros when he tells lies and says he acts as if he is a lone wolf actor and against Israel.  There are zero actions and successes for him in that catagory.  It's just rhetoric.  He is a frontman and so will distance himself.  Soros doesn't give a shit about Jews or anybody else but that doesn't mean that he isn't a globalist banking backed Zionists.  He has had a great deal to do with destroying Israels enemies.  There is absolutely nothing Soros has done to thwart globalist Zionism.  That's exactly who he works for.  When he makes war on Bibi let me know.

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Again, if your only choice is to beat people in the streets who do not want to send more of their money to some souless corporations and open border scheme of importing more useless eaters and calling that growth in GDP, if these people are effectively looking at globalism and saying: there isn't anything of value in any of this for us and we want out, well that is the wave of tomorrow. 

Not a matter of if, but when, becuase that is what failure looks like.

The cop threatening granny in the walker with a gun butt to the face the face of failure

Dark star's picture

Spain is governed by the EU.

The EU tactic is to ensure that National Governments  take the blame for unpopular EU policies and policy failures.

Rajoy is now living with the consequences.

Many other European leaders and Governments will be following in Rajoy's footsteps; his use of force will be opposed by an equal and oppsite force, meaning that the situation will deteriorate rapidly.

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Breaking: PANIC IN FRANCE!   Yoof with Psych Problems killed by Rayciss Soldiers

Marseille train station stabbing sees knifeperson shot dead by rayciss army after knifing two passengers to death

Poor Yoof dropped his Snackbar and the Poor Yoof screaming SNACKBAR! was trying to save it from Infidel Rayciss Commuters.

Asian Yoof was shot down like a dog by Alt Rite French Nationalist Rayciss Soldiers.


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Somehow this must be racist

Blanco Diablo's picture

Gotta be! Also Islamophobic, Homophobic, Sexist and Hydrophobic...

LOL, Sorry Joe, I could not resist.


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Democracy. Democracy. Democracy. Those who screech the word the loudest and most frequently believe in it the least.  Here in the USA, we live in a republic, but don't ask anyone what that is, unless you want to hear about nazis.  What people want is what is real.  Votes are a fetish for "process is all" types.  Vote with your feet, get the f*ck out of any place that is run by creatures who see you as a captive resource.

shovelhead's picture

I hear Barbuda is taking citizenship applications.

INTJ Economist's picture

No republic, here.  Hasn't been a republic for many decades.  What we have is an oligarchy/plutocracy.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Actually it's a pyramid, with 13/300 at the top which haven't changed much in the past, oh say 500 years. The goy fighting over (((rights))) and (((property))) is their theatre.

Squilliam Fancyson's picture

Some folks here have really done their homework!

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I've been thinking about going somewhere but none of the options seem significantly better.  If I were worth about $10 mil. I could just do what others are doing with that much or more like spread out in multiple countries with real estate, banking and citizenship.

carbonmutant's picture

Catalonia is a hole in Spain's veneer of democracy.

Squilliam Fancyson's picture

Now explain what veneer is, so that leftists can dig your post too.

5000yl's picture

I had originally written something long and philosophical here. But let me sum it up.

This is tyranny. When US police begin to behave in this same way, I swear to all free men, I will defend your freedom by any force necessary.

Mazzy's picture

Maybe the niggers are onto something when it comes to police brutality.  Not saying that a good plurality of them aren't thugs and criminals, but as long as they aren't harming Whites I see no reason to interfere with their daily business. 

Eventually the illegitimate state and local governments withing the USA will direct "police" at the middle class and productive families despite knowing good and well who pays their bloated salaries and pensions.

shovelhead's picture

I find that oddly reassuring.

MaxThrust's picture

I am an old man but once a critical mass of anger is reached, the dam wall of emotion will be breached and there will be no stopping it. The Jackbooted thugs will be dispatched very quicky. Their number few ours are legion.

lil dirtball's picture

> Their number few ours are legion.

Really? Look around here, on ZH, where the Zhombies consider themselves to the Right and smarter than your average snowflake. 9/10's of them wouldn't trade a better tomorrow for even one day of inconvenience much less a few weeks of difficult and dramatic change. Ask them to stay home from their jobs, grocery stores, gas stations ... etc. Ask them to tell the corporations to eat shit and not buy anything for even two days, much less two weeks - or two months. Are you seriously implying that even 50% of the voters here have enough spine to even consider taking on the status quo? 30% even?

And, I'm not even talking about physical violence. How many here do you think would actually engage in that even if they were fit enough to do so?

Lol. You're either dreaming or chest beating. But I can't take you comment seriously ... and neither will the riot helmet wearing goons.

Reaper's picture

Death throes.

BritBob's picture

The Spanish claim that the people of Gibraltar do not have the right to self-determination when the evidence clearly suggests otherwise. As with Catalonia they cite 'territorial integrity' but again this view is weak. Gibraltar – Self-Determination (single page): https://www.academia.edu/33409907/Gibraltar_Self_-Determination

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While Buccaneer Bob buggars himself and dreams of Piracy, Slavery, Sharia and looting of foreign lands.....

London has fallen, England is lost to Islam...

An act of piracy. Steal a piece of the Rock (Gibraltar) , British obtained ‘a monopoly of the slave trade to Spanish-America.

 During the Spanish succession war the UK supported the side of the Austrian claimant to the throne, and invaded Gibraltar on its name (since they were not involved in a war against Spain). Shortly after they however decided to claim it for themselves, which means it was an act of piracy.

The United Nations has repeatedly stated that Gibraltar should be returned to Spain. We can read in Encyclopedia Britannica of 1879 (vol. 10, page 586) that the British occupation of Gibraltar was an act of piracy against England’s honor. In 1862 British Liberal statesman John Bright stated that Gibraltar was taken and kept by England when there was no war between England and Spain, and its acquisition was against every possible moral law and code of honor. The Isthmus, now lawlessly occupied by Britain, was lent from Spain in the 19th century as part of a humanitarian and Patriotic initiative (Spanish consider Gibraltarians as compatriots) in order to isolate the Gibraltar population affected by Yellow Fever. Since then, Britain has illicitly claimed it as its own, going so far as to erect an airport. In 1951 Irish professor of Hispanic Studies at Glasgow University William C. Atkinson stated that England added insult to injury by doing so. England is not in possession of a complete sovereignty over Gibraltar: As agreed in Utrecht, Spain would not concede any Territorial Jurisdiction. This means that England can not dictate laws in Gibraltar, and is therefore, not in a governing position.


The Treaty of Utrecht

 Article X of the Treaty had specified the expulsion and future exclusion of Jews from the Rock. ( see LINK ) To put this in context, a survey carried out by the Inspectors of the Army one year before Utrecht was signed, showed that Jews were paying rent for over a third of the properties in the town. Two years after this the number of Jews in Gibraltar had risen to 150 most of which were from Barbary. The records also show that most Moroccan Jews were trading with their own country – mostly Tetuan - on behalf of British, Christian and other Jewish merchants. In effect they had a monopoly for the supply of fresh food for the Garrison.

English ministers in London repeatedly ordered the military governors of the Rock to honour the Treaty and get rid of the Jews and they in turn assured them that they would. But they didn’t - other than partially and only during a very short period after the Treaty was signed.

When the acting Governor Stanhope Cotton was instructed to get rid of them he procrastinated. When London insisted, he was economical with the truth. When he was told that there were 300 Jews still living on the Rock he replied that there were just ‘a few above one’. What he actually meant was that he had only expelled those Jews who were of no consequence to him; in other words, those that were not paying him any bribes.