Chilling Warning Before Shooting Attack: "You Are All Going To Die"

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45 minutes before 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on unsuspecting concert goers on the Las Vegas strip, killing at least 50 and wounding more than 200, in what the AP described as the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, an unknown female reportedly made a chilling warning. According to The Express, one woman who was at the Route 91 music event, claimed an unidentified woman had told other concert-goers they were “all going to die” after pushing her way to the front of the venue.

The witness, 21, told local news: “She had been messing with a lady in front of her and telling her she was going to die, that we were all going to die.

“They escorted her out to make her stop messing around with all the other people, but none of us knew it was going to be serious.”

She described the lady as Hispanic and was escorted from the venue along with a man. The unnamed witness, who was attending the event on her 21st birthday, described the pair as short, both around 5 ft 5ins to 5ft 6ins tall, and looked like “everyday people”.

She added she and her friends had just made it back to their hotel room when the gunfire started. Marilou Danley, who police are currently searching for as part of their investigation, is said to be an Asian woman and approximately 4ft 11ins in height. Mr Lombardo said: “We have not located her at this time ad we are invested in talking to her for follow-up.”

Police are also looking for two cars, a Hyundai Tuscon B40 with Nevada plate 114B40 and a Chrysler Pacific Touring with the licence plate 19D401. Both vehicles are registered to the suspect located the Las Vegas hotel.

Chilling video emerged earlier showing the moment gunshots ring out during the busy music festival, cutting short Jason Aldean’s appearance as the packed out audience escaped the shooter in terror.

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Stu Elsample's picture

Soros has more blood on his hands



Croesus's picture

These crazy shitheads...if they're going to shoot up a crowd, they should start with themselves.

Bad Attitude's picture

Trump derangement syndrome.

Forward (over the cliff)!

beemasters's picture

And what did the police do in that 45 minutes???

Déjà view's picture

Shhh! What happens in Vegas ...stays in Vegas...

svayambhu108's picture

This is so eerie, kind of twilight zone!

Smufty's picture

And yet another Soros supported, muslim, antifa, gun-control advocate, Hillary-supporting, mass murderer!! Build the wall NOW!!!!!

HockeyFool's picture

That was not an AR-15/M-4, it sounds like it was a belt feed machine gun. That was not a 30 shot magazine.

Bludklot's picture

There is a modification available for AR-15 triggers that will allow firing a round when the trigger is pulled and another when the trigger is released.  Listen to some of the audio.

nmewn's picture

Sounded like an SKS to me and yes I heard it too, sounded like one of the mechanisms you attach to the trigger & guard.

Not full auto.

Supineforfun's picture

Those triggers are quite unreliable and take a fair bit of practice to sustain the rate of fire. 

Trogdor's picture

I have two Fostech binary triggers. Once you get the timing down, they can sound a lot like FA, but they take a bit of practice. I'd say it's just as likely a bump-fire stock ...

GardenWeasel's picture

The first shots lasted 10 seconds.  I can't count that fast, but sounded like between 30-40 rounds, or 3-4 rounds per second.  40 round mags were available.   The abrupt stop at that point not likely a coincidence. With a belt feed he would have just kept firing. Probably just a modified AR-ish rifle.  

It was 36 seconds until the next burst, which also lasted 10 seconds, and was definitely a different weapon, sounded like a .22, probably a 10-22 with one of those crank-fire jobs by the erratic timing of the shots. I know there are 50 round drums for those.  The fact that he uses this re-inforces the guess that the first weapon was modified and not a true auto, or why change to this amateur (but effective) set-up? 

18 seconds later, the third burst lasts 9 seconds, and sounds like the first weapon again. 

sounds like another burst after this one but too much noise to tell.  

Anyway, that's my take.

Trogdor's picture

That's quite possible that it was belt fed, but that doesn't rule out the M-16 platform. I took the audio from the video and timed the bursts - 100 rounds in ~10 seconds, so, roughly 600 RPM which is the firing rate of an M-16. Could be a belt-fed M-16-like platform - like the Ares Defense Shrike - but the rate of fire is wrong - i.e. too slow for a Shrike. It also could have been an M-16/M-4 with a 100-Round Beta C-Mag. Given the 100-round burst and the pauses between bursts, I'd say it's more likely the Beta C-mag as most of the high-cap mags for AR's are only 60-rounds, and the pauses would coincide with mag changes.

Rate of fire was kind of erratic making me think that it might be some kind of crank-fire, bumpfire, or binary trigger system.

The differences in weapon sound could be attributed to the position of the recording device - i.e. muffled by the person's body or not.

caconhma's picture

We are just a few steps away from a full-blown mass civil disorder/war with all branches of our government are too corrupt to be of any use.

Too many people are too angry. The US social fabric is very unfair. As for the police, they are too useless to protect you but they are too eager to intimidate and harm you.


Déjà view's picture

Paddock surely placed obligatory DO NOT DISTURB placard on outside door knob...probably held police at bay for a few more minutes...untill command center gave all clear...

SoDamnMad's picture

Of all the pictures I saw, they were all looking horizontal. After listening to the audio it had to be at LEAST a 75 round drum if he was using an AK like weapon.  I went back to the Hollywood shootout and the cycle rate sounded the same. 

11b40's picture

First thing I thought of was an M-60.

On listening more closely, it sounds light for a 60, and now we learn it was an AR-15 with big clip.

Trogdor's picture

Yeah, too high-pitched for an M-60, and the rate of fire was too slow and erratic...

canisdirus's picture

When I was watching the video last night, I told my wife (my in-laws were a block away last night), "That's a proper belt-fed machinegun. Rifles don't hold that many rounds or sound like that. Definitely full-auto, too - nobody pulls a trigger at that consistent a frequency.".

It was a tough night for us, obviously. Her parents didn't respond for a while as victims were coming through their hotel and they had to help/shelter there.

divingengineer's picture

A hack converted AK probably wouldn't sustain fire like that. It sounded like a legitimate automatic weapon. Did the guy get his hands on an M249 or something?
Who the fuck is he and what is his deal? I'm sure we'll hear more this week, but I've got fifty bucks that says he's a leftard of some stripe.

divingengineer's picture

I don't know if you could crank out that many rounds full auto on an AR-15 without it seizing up on you.  

Tactical Joke's picture

The cyclic rate is too slow to be an M249. Maybe if he were using shit tier ammo like Wolf, but even then. Honestly, it feels more like the cyclic rate on an M60.

Trogdor's picture

WAY too slow for a SAW (M-249)@ 800 RPM - those can put some lead down range in a hurry.

AK's (I hate to admit it) - are not difficult to upgrade with a giggle switch and are very reliable. I have friends who are SOT's who have AK's with tens of thousands of rounds through them.

I don't know if he's a Lefty, but it's quite likely - and also likely there's a little MK Ultra involved.

It's also possible he's a patsy and was dead before the cops breached the room.

divingengineer's picture

We used to shoot AKs with a hellfire trigger. Legal full auto-ish fun. Back when a box of Wolf 762x39 was less than three bucks and you could buy them at the gas station while you were getting beer and ice.
Stamped receiver AK would do a couple magazines and start fucking up. Things were literally made of the same metal that guard rails are bent from.

Stu Elsample's picture

The gun grabbers in power tend to use nut case hippie leftists to do their dirty work.

Killtruck's picture

It's a dangerous world out there, kids. It's not Beaver Cleaverville anymore. 

Might be a good reason for you to buy a tourniquet or five and keep one in every vehicle and one on your person. 

Forget that RAT crap and using your belt...real tourniquets have a windlass. 

Much more likely to be used than a firearm...not that you would have been "permitted" to have a firearm at this "festival", I'm sure. 

FX223's picture

Next dick head please grow some balls and do your active shooter stupidity at capital hill.

detached.amusement's picture

now why would the cia shoot up their corporate officers?

this is just more .gov manufactured terr'rism

Secret Weapon's picture

I wonder what kind of medications he was on?

Smufty's picture

He was not taking the same medication that half the paranoid schizos who post here are not taking.  Seth Rich, Seth Rich, Seth Rich!!! Bwahahahaha

Secret Weapon's picture

I wonder what kind of medications he was on?

GatorMcClusky's picture

Very sad and very telling that the left has embraced guns to such a degree. No need to point out the hypocrisy...

In other news, the shirtless white hicks are some pretty high value targets as far as the left is concerned. Therefore, I am betting that the media will once again call for more gun control rather than pointing the finger at the Satanic cult of liberalism to which the suspect was a member.

perikleous's picture

The guns wont be the issue... It will be GOVT going after the non mainstream media and any sites that allow an alternative view.

Any sites that allow dissent to MSM narrative, people who conspire to uprise or stand together will be watched/spied on and kept from creating a voice to counter the elite narrative!

How long before they say this shooter was viewing RT regularly and is trying disrupt peace in USA because he was corrupted by the propaganda!


chiswickcat's picture

To be safe, ban country and western, ban out door concerts, esp near tall buildings, in fact ban tall buildings as well.

kochevnik's picture

Why nobody return fire?

Trogdor's picture

It's pretty likely that everyone there was screened for weapons going in. Strike another victory for Gun-Free Zones.

Honestly, even if someone WAS armed, I'm glad nobody did return fire - for a couple of reasons. The first is that it was dark and pretty damned likely that the shooter's location would be almost impossible to see clearly (on the 32nd floor)- and a handgun is far from effective at that range, and secondly, if someone HAD returned fire and *missed* - maybe hitting one of the rooms in the shooter's vicinity, the Leftist/Communist/Satanic media would have spent more time demonizing the person that returned fire than they ever will the actual shooter.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

He did end with himself, crazy fucker.

Trogdor's picture

Which is SOP for MK Ultra patsies. You have to wonder why every one of these shooters ends with themselves ... you would think they'd want to bask in the "glory" of their deeds - because you KNOW the Zionist media would turn them into celebrities ...

nightshiftsucks's picture

Don't be sheep,where was the screaming after the first magazine was fired ?

RedBaron616's picture

Dead people don't scream. People who don't realize they've been shoot don't scream.

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The woman is Filipino so Hispanic would still be a match.