Iran Deploys Tanks To Border With Iraqi Kurdistan

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Days before last week's Kurdistan referendum, Iran took steps to isolate and punish the Iraqi Kurdistan region and the government in Erbil (KRG). This included closing Iranian airspace to northern Iraq's two international airports and sending Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard forces to conduct drills along the northwest border with Kurdistan, but in the early hours of Monday Iran dramatically escalated its military build-up along the border by deploying dozens of tanks supported by artillery - this according to a Kurdish government official and Iranian state television.

The Kurdish official confirmed the tank build-up, saying "The tanks can be seen from the Kurdish side.” And Iranian state TV on Saturday indicated that Iran and Iraq would cooperate in joint drills and the establishment of heightened border security, to the point that Iran would "receive Iraqi forces that are to be stationed at border posts”.

Iranian government officials had warned just prior to last week's referendum that, “The republic of Iran has opened its legitimate border gates on the premise of the consent of the federal government of the Iraqi state. If such an event [referendum] happens, these border gates from the perspective of the Islamic Republic of Iran would lose its legitimacy." It appears Iran is now making good on its threats as it worries that an independent Kurdistan at its border would be a destabilizing force concerning Iran's own sizable Kurdish minority.

Last week multiple videos and images surfaced in Iranian social media purporting to show Iranian state police and security forces deploying to the Kurdish towns in Iran's north. Multiple reports indicate pro-Kurdistan demonstrations took place in various Kurdish Iranian towns in response to the Erbil government's referendum, something strictly banned and thus a rarity in the Islamic Republic. Iran's Kurdish population numbers over 6 million out of a total population of about 80 million people - most of which are concentrated in a northwest strip of land which runs along the border with Iraqi Kurdistan as well as in a small northeast pocket.

According to Iraqi Kurdish network Rudaw English, Iran launched a major crackdown with dozens of arrests reported in Iran's northwest region in the days following the referendum:

Two Iranian Kurdish political parties and a human rights watchdog all reported “scores” of arrests after thousands took to the streets in Kurdish cities of Iran chanting Biji Kurdistan, long live Kurdistan, and waving Kurdistan flags to celebrate the success of the independence referendum next door. Flying the Kurdistan flag and singing the national anthem are forbidden in Iran. 

Iranian intelligence and security forces have set up a joint command center “for the purpose of identifying and arresting the organizers of the demonstrations,” the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) stated. They are reportedly analyzing video footage of the gatherings. 

Furthermore it appears that Iranian TV sent a message to its broader Kurdish population indicating that all activities were being monitored by authorities:

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reported that Iranian police were closely monitoring the demonstrations that attracted rare attention in the country. “Iranian state television on Tuesday acknowledged the rallies, a rarity in the Islamic Republic broadcast,” the group stated. 

As we previously explained, the Kurdish referendum pushed Iraq into the arms of Iran when the relationship between the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Abadi and Iranian officials was at its lowest level. But after the KRG's insistence on pushing forward with moves toward independence, Abadi sees in Iran the only sincere partner to count on, and can rely on the Iranian Army and Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in the case of any military escalation against Kurdistan, particularly in the disputed Iraqi cities, with Kirkuk at the top of the list.

Map source: Iran Times

Baghdad is confident that Iraqi Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani didn’t take this step without a blessing from the Americans, despite official US opposition to the referendum. It seems Washington decided to swap its relationship with Baghdad with that of Erbil because it won’t be able to support both at the same time.

Supporting Erbil is more attractive to the US and its regional allies (particularly Saudi Arabia), in the hope that the Kurdish Iraqi move would trigger the appetite of the Kurdish Iranians (and the Syrian Kurds who are already on this same path). If this happens and we observe an uprising in Iran, which the Saudis would certainly support, the Iranian economy and that of the government of Baghdad will both be under severe pressure.

Iran supported Barzani in 2014 and provided him with weapons (at a time when the US was denying any support to Iraq, during the 6 months after the fall of Mosul in 2014), but it is today in an undeclared war against Erbil, fully behind Baghdad’s measures and supporting future escalation and punitive steps.

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Jim in MN's picture

World peace is breaking out, there are certain forces that wish to prevent it.

Let's stop the killing.

More tweets, less bombs.

ipso_facto's picture

When will the Kurdish Air Force (which suspiciously resembles the USAF) destroy the tanks?

Broken_Trades's picture

Never.  You're not paying attention.  The US doesn't really help the Iraqi Kurds, only the jihadists in Syria


Broken_Trades's picture

Rudaw now reporting that Haasd Al Shaabi has moved in to the border crossing. Kurdish As-Aish and Peshmerga on high alert.


Broken_Trades's picture

Rudaw now reporting that Haasd Al Shaabi has moved in to the border crossing. Kurdish As-Aish and Peshmerga on high alert.


War Machine's picture

The US is and has been helping the Kurds in Syria and Iraq. With materiel and intel and lots of CIA and JSOC advisers.

Don't believe the rhetoric from State re opposing kurdistan because frankly what International Zionist Jewry wants, Trump will deliver.

"In the Oded Yinon plan, which is the plan for a “Greater Israel,” it states the imperative use of Kurds to help divide neighboring countries in order to aid in their plans for greater domination. Interestingly enough, Kurds brush this alliance off as being just another step in achieving their ultimate goal of creating an autonomous Kurdistan."

Barzani is literally an Israeli agent.

The war in Syria is far from over. Golan needs to be better secured for the Israelis then the idea is to have Trump help with a true assault on Hezbollah since the Israeli military is not especially capable on the ground and naturally they prefer the goyim pay the price.

And Trump will help. Lebanon/Hez needs to be pavified before the assault on Iran, a decap type thing with some nonsense about targeting its non-existent 'nuclear program.'

Only moves for Russia is to get out and defend in E Ukraine and Chechnya, or be willing to hit Israeli military targets - the neocon analysis presupposes Israel not pay any real price.

HRClinton's picture

The dumbass Kurds are just convenient pawns for ISISrael and the US.

Their disposable use is to

   > Get at Iran

   > Keep encircling Russia like a boa encircles and squeezes its prey

   > Block the OBOR route via Afghanistan and Iran, to keep the USD on top.

W/o the US as its proxy/vassal army and and free ZioFed Bucks, ISISrael is toast. No hope for Erez (Greater) Israel, and honest negotiations with Palestinians would be required.

The Rothschild-controlled Israel wants only its way, and no other way. Ever.

Yog Soggoth's picture

Yeah, Isreal will start WW3 and be untouched. Heck of a plan. Too bad everyone in the region knows about it.

Joiningupthedots's picture

America, Israel, Saudi, UK, France et al LOST in Syria.

Maybe you missd that one?

el buitre's picture

When will the Kurdish Air Force (which suspiciously resembles the USAF) destroy the tanks?

When Iran pleads buyer's remorse and returns all its S-400's to Russia for a refund.  Don't hold your breath.

It's reputed that the S-400's don't miss, at least don't miss fighters and bombers.  And the US F-35 cost about 800 times as much.  These economics should prove interesting to the USA and Russian taxpayers.

Joiningupthedots's picture

S-400's dont miss.

Thats why there will be no more "accodents' by the USAF.

They have been told publicly...fuck up again and your gone.

WW3? I suggest Russia is up for that gig.

BritBob's picture

If ever a territory needed international recognition it is Kurdistan. 

WTFUD's picture

If ever a territory needed recognition and attention, it's your wife's pussy, as you spend way too much time dribbling on here.

TheReplacement's picture

Don't worry.  I hit that thing like a ton of bricks.

Still, I support Kurdish self determination just the same as Donbass, Catalonia, Scotland (they chose poorly imo), and Mexifornia.

Yog Soggoth's picture

He is gay, man. Why do you think he obsesses with boundary issues that are not his own, and never were his? He wants to sodomize the world, and thinks we should agree with his disgusting behaviour.


Bullshit. Its called the falklands . It needs to be Internationaly rcognized as ARGENTINA! And it needs to have the british filth occupying it gone! Wiped out!  Only then can we give power to the people! Lol. Fuck you bob.

Jim in MN's picture

Just yesterday on the BBC: the end of the LAST war in Latin America. 

I am telling you, entire continents are at peace for first time in generations, and no one wants to talk about it.

Colombia's largest active rebel group, the ELN, has begun a temporary ceasefire with the authorities - for the first time in more than 50 years.

The truce began on Sunday and is set to extend until mid-January.

President Juan Manuel Santos says he hopes it will serve as a first step to achieving peace with the group.

It follows a landmark peace deal between the authorities and the much larger Farc rebel group last year, which ended five decades of conflict.

TheReplacement's picture

You are overly optimistic.  Peace time is only time to rearm before the fighting begins again.  History shows this.

gatorengineer's picture

So the Joos have decided they are done with the Kurds, so much for a promised homeland....

historian40's picture

Nah.  They use people like these "Kurds" to splinter nations they couldn't conquer as a whole.  If you have a country where a certain area is rich in oil, then the zionists come in and take that piece.  Then the greater victim nation is vulnerable, then come the offers of "help", the chains.

Syria is another example, where they are setting up enclaves, and the whole has been devastated and will be dependent on foreign help.  The jews made a move for Syrian resources using the claim that the Syrian government didn't have control, while at the same time the zionist state was supporting the terrorists causing the chaos, up to and including openly launching attacks against the Syrian nation.

They have no scruples.  Read how the Jews treated Jesus and the apostles and other belivers.  Lies, conspiring, paying false witnesses, gathering mobs, threatening government, murder....  The traditions that led to that are still at work in those calling themselves "jews" today.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Sure hope Israel and the U.S. have more than a few predator drones for what's comin? (

I bet most of those boyz and girlz in U.S. Waffen camo wish they could tap those boots together and "say there's no place like Detroit"... right about now!

dogismycopilot's picture

Do you like fois gras? 

So does the CIA.

The CIA recipe is to force feed guns and money into Iraq and Syria.

Then they and John McCain sit down to a nice dinner of liver and beans with their liver eating asshole friends.



RedBaron616's picture

Thank you, George Bush II, for totally destabilizing the region for the next 100 years at least. Iran and Iraq were enemies. Now they speak as one. Brilliant. Thanks for getting us in a war that didn't need to be fought over allegations that were nothing but a pack of lies. Sit down there and do your stupid paintings. If you had an conscience, you would be a train wreck. Naturally, you aren't. Did your bit for the NWO. Screw the Americans who died for your pack of lies.

TheLastTrump's picture

Because that region was so eminently stable prior to George Bush coming on the scene.


Do you folks ever proofread your shit before you post it, think about what it sounds like?

Bazinga's picture

You add completely nothing to this site. Go surf another site while didling yourself. 

gregga777's picture

George W. "The Moron" Bush: "Conscience? What's that? A new oil color paint?"

Psychopaths have no conscience.

ogretown's picture

High theater at its best!  It should be interesting if Iran (rightfully) decides to take issue, and more importantly - take action against the Kurds for arbitrarily trying to annex a huge slice of Iran.  How will the Western media react?  Especially if Madrid moves armed forces into Catalonia.  Two groups wanting and voting for independence. If the western governments and their media lackeys want to get all pissy about Iran wanting to keep its country intact, then they have to get equally pissy with Madrid not allowing Catalan to secede.   

Usura's picture

You got this backwards.  It should read, "the western media and its government lackeys."

CRM114's picture

Not sure that anyone cares how the MSM reacts any more...

gregga777's picture

Hypocrisy comes easily to political parasites because all that they care about are money, power and pussy (especially pussy for Hitlery).

A. Boaty's picture

USSA invades, occupies, and conquers Iraq. Iraq then turns to Iran for security. Yeah, ok, whatever.

scallywagrab's picture

Right on the 1st two points, not too sure about the conquering part tho, the population certainly weren't conquered, were they?

historian40's picture

That comes gradually, as their indoctrination process is completed.  They've been re-educating conquered peoples since 1867's Federal Union, that replaced the US Republic, instituted Federal education control.

TheLastTrump's picture

Good, suck them in and then obliterate them. US A-10's vs Iranian tanks, hmmm, wonder how that'll go....

Bazinga's picture

You add completely nothing to this site. When you get a life come back and add something constructive...

NoWayJose's picture

Gee, how successful have invaders been attacking and attempting to occupy a desert/mountain area like Afghanistan or Kurdistan or Syria or Iraq or Etc, Etc, Etc...

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What does this do to MAGA?

onmail1's picture

West's top weapon :


But now witness another N.Korea like