Meet The Iraq War Veteran Who Led Police To The Vegas Shooter

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As bad as it was, the mass shooting in Las Vegas may have been much worse had Iraq War veteran Chris Bethel not been staying at the Mandalay Bay this weekend just two floors below Steve Paddock.  According to a local CBS affiliate, Bethel, a native of Fort Worth, Texas, said he could hear Paddock "changing weapons, changing calibers" as he tried to direct police to the 32nd floor of his hotel.

Chris Bethel is back home now, but said that he has not slept or eaten since the shooting. The Army veteran knew the sound of gunfire — and knew that it was close — as soon as the shots started. “It seems like it just never stops,” he recalled. “Seconds are going by, minutes are going by, and the rounds are continuously going.”


“Changing weapons, changing calibers,” Bethel continued. “You can hear the difference in the gunshots of the different rifles that he is shooting.” He desperately tried to call 911, the front desk of the Mandalay Bay and a different hotel across the street, to tell everyone that the shooter was above him. Bethel remembers nobody answering.


Looking out of his window, down at the concert below, Bethel realized that police were responding to the wrong place. “He is not over there, he’s over here,” said Bethel. “I thought he was next door.” That is how loud the gunshots sounded from Bethel’s hotel room.

Bethel, who was in Vegas for an IT conference, has since returned to his home town in Texas but was noticeably shaken in local interviews saying that he was "traumatized" by the event and feels regret that he "couldn't get a hold of somebody fast enough."

The Iraq War veteran, who graduated from Haltom High School, was in Las Vegas for an IT convention. He returned home on Monday, but still has not had a chance to decompress. He just keeps thinking about the victims. “The hardest part about it, for me,” Bethel said, “is feeling like I couldn’t get a hold of somebody fast enough.”


The Army veteran says he wishes he could've done more to help stop the carnage. He turned out the lights in his room, even monitored the hallway, because it felt and sounded like the shooter was even closer.


"You relive the night over, and over, and it tears you up," he said. "I'm traumatized."


"Everyone wanted to get out."

Of course, with an arsenal of weapons in Paddock's room, and police originally responding to the crime scene rather than the shooter's actual position, Bethel could have prevented the biggest mass murder in American history from being even worse than it was.

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Meet The Iraq War Veteran/On Script Cast Member Who Led Police Who Already Knew Where,  To One Of The Vegas Shooters



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"Led police" there? According to the narrative, he was dead before they arrived from a self inflicted gun shot. Why the fuck do people keep praising the useless cops who did nothing until it was too late? That shit is so annoying.

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Wo wo wo, thats not what you were engineered to think.

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videos on youtube showing another shooter in the area of the 4th floor -- multiple videos from different cameras caught it

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Doubling down and producing a "hero".

Continuous, minutes-long automatic fire, now CANNOT be located, nor the cracked windows.

Get out of here, filthy liars.

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Billion Dollar Vegas Company Tied to Terrorism Organization?

"... Instead Murren announced MGM company (and therefore) donations to extreme leftist groups, some backed by controversial radical Marxist George Soros. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been accused of “character assassination” by conservatives. SPLC lists many mainstream conservative groups as "Hate Groups." I'm sure millions of MGM customers support these groups. 

SPLC lists Americans who have questioned or criticized radical Islam as “hate groups.” I'm sure millions of MGM customers would be offended by this. SPLC is so extreme they listed Dr. Ben Carson under “Hate Groups.”

Is this a group MGM’s Board or shareholders want to be tied to?

It gets much worse. Jim Murren is donating MGM shareholder money to CAIR. They were named by the Justice Dept. as “an unindicted co-conspirator to Muslim terrorism.” 

The FBI produced charts showing CAIR was created to support the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. 

CAIR advises Muslims not to cooperate with the FBI. Many CAIR officials and associates have been convicted on jihad terror charges. ..."

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Has anyone seen pictures or videos of people getting hit by bullets? Any dead bodies?

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I'm sure that's nothing. CNN hasn't reported it so it must be false. Those videos must all be edited as part of a conspiracy. Posted within hours of the incident it shows a vast right wing conspiracy to dodge the OBVIOUS need for gun control.

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And on the fourth page of this forum, scroll down to the taxi driver's video that proves multiple shooters were present:,44900.45.html

Dude was a patsy. Everything else is distraction away from the black op.

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Unless the shooter on the fourth floor had a glazier with him, that theory is tossed out the window.  In order to shoot from the fourth floor, you would need to shoot out the windows.

These hotels do not have open windows.  Period.  Even the fourth floor.

One only has to stay in Vegas once to see that.

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It's almost as annoying as the 3 1/2 hours it took for the cops in Mumbai to respond to their terrorist attack.

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Or the 45 minutes they took in Orlando. They are fucking worthless. But, of course, every time this happens, people like Hannity and the rest of the media are falling all over themselves to blow them for their heroism.

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When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

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There was so much smoke from the gunfire that it set off the fire alarm.  Then everyone knew there was a problem in the room where the shooter was.  The police/fire department/EMT were notified.

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DO NOT DISTURB placard hanging on outside door knob fooled police...

Security business will make out like bandits...
Israeli super max security state is a peek into future...

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War veteran crying because nobody answered the phone. Is this corporal klinger wearing a dress to get a section 8 discharge?

Then the cops are at the wrong building. Sure. Duncan donuts was there. They never go near a shooter until he's out of ammo. Didn't they wait 1.5 hours outside of columbine high school? Most important thing to cops is get home safely. Victims be damned.

Protect and serve (your cowardly self first).

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It's because it was engineered as such, what do you not understand? There is a video showing muzzle break from the 4th -6th floor - it's not a  fake, its as real as it getz. The LV police scanner records clearly show that the police saw the muzzle break in the mid of the building.You mean to tell me an Iraq war vet is going to sit in his room for 45 minutes and not do a goddamn thing other then call to try to stop this guy??? You gotta be fucking kidding me. A real war vet would figure out a way to either stop him, die trying, or move downstairs to contact someone, anyone. What a joke.  

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What about the windows between the 4-6 floors?

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Let's get a link to that video, shall we?  I've seen some videos claiming a sniper on fourth floor but it turns out it was some disco/strobe lights in a room.  Dead giveaway:  no windows were broken (but maybe this "deep shate shooter" had magic "deep state" bullets that passed straight through solid glass?).

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You can clearly see shots coming from the 4th floor. But all reports say it was the 32nd floor.

Police also say shooter on 4th floor - Proof Las Vegas Shooting Was a FALSE FLAG Attack - Shooter on 4th Floor




Inflection Point

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You see a broken window there?  Or are these the magic fire-through-solid-glass bullets?

Note also the strobe-light color of the "flashes".

I call Total BS.

NiggaPleeze's picture


Can tell by the downvotes that there are some seriosly misguided commentators who wish it was a false flag, no evidence of that notwithstanding.  Sad.

News flash:  Vegas has a LOT of flashing lights!  It's famous for that!  They're not all caused by gunfire!  Believe it or not!

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Those wonderful, freedom-loving, people who prevented 911.

President Gerald Ford 1974–1977
Vice President Nelson Rockefeller 1974–1977
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger 1974–1977
Secretary of Treasury William E. Simon 1974–1977
Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger 1974–1975
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld 1975–1977

Attorney General William B. Saxbe 1974–1975
Attorney General Edward H. Levi 1975–1977

Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare
Caspar Weinberger 1974–1975
F. David Mathews 1975–1977

Chief of Staff Alexander Haig 1974
Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld 1974–1975
Chief of Staff Dick Cheney 1975-1977

see any familiar names?

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And we're supposed to exalt this "soldier" who turned out the lights and did nothing when he claims to know where the shooter was.  He didn't have a problem invading another people's nation and bust in their doors and kill their people, but ducked and covered when it came to this.

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This story appears to be more bullshit.

Either he is lying, a coward, or both.

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I fail to see how he led anyone anywhere... he made a couple calls, but no one answered.... then he sat in a dark room (crying?) An Iraqi vet... I figured he would make an armed assault... post tramatic stress disorder?

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"then he sat in a dark room (crying?)"


zio-media's message is to destroy the U.S.

That includes ZH.

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Iraqi War veteran. Supply Clerk.



For those who have seen M.A.S.H. - this guy is basically Iraqi war's Radar.

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Ya. Most people that are veterans of our recent wars aren't combat vets. People seem to not understand how few veterans see combat.

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This my friends is the “book depository”of False Narratives rewritten for Gas Light / PsyOp effect & mass consumption.

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At the very least if he couldn't get a call through he could flash SOS with a lamp, a chandelier or even his cell phone. For that matter he could have gone in the hall and pulled the fire alarm.

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Well, he probably offed himself when he heard them coming.

detached.amusement's picture

that conflicts with the police radio talking about exchanging gunfire on the 32nd floor

go back to your bitcoins pal

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There is no radio of exchaging gun fire on the 32nd floor. The official report states he killed himself. 

BarkingCat's picture

All those people there should have bought those BitGuns that I mined.

They could have returned supressive fire using BitBullets until the police got there.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Probably this, probably that. Typical tmosley retort.

You don't think much before writing, do you?

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Tmosley is a paid government shill, he tried to excuse the official narrative every bit in the last posts about the shooting. He gets heavily upvoted by the alphabet agencies goons scamming the internet. There is a video on you tube that shows several shooters, one is shooting from the 4th floor. If there is one lie, there are more. This was a false flag or a hoax. They are going on with their gun grabbing scheme. They will prepare for the economic collapse accordingly. TPTB cannot accept an armed citizenry, period.

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Wake up brother.

Watch at 13 min 22 seconds.  HOAX.   TRUTH


Below is erie quit ride in GHOST TOWN.

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Does this, in a roundabout way, make the shooter the hero because he was, in fact, the person who actually stopped the shooting by shooting himself?

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I always say, the police and fire are not first responders, they are there to clean up after the public gets involved. Enough of this bullshit first responders are heros crap, they don't need any more free burgers or coffee.

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Ughh, what about the 911 operators, working the late shift, who did not answer the phone?

In other types of offices jobs, frequently absentee, back-watching moms hire and retain mostly fellow moms. They leave work every day at 2:30, which is often the busiest time of the day. They leave regardless of the volume of paying customers needing assistance. They also take days and weeks off beyond their multiple, excused, month-long pregnancy leaves and all PTO days.

American productivity is at rock-bottom levels. One reason is that, for those who get and retain the jobs, kids activities (like travel soccer) are often acceptable excuses for protracted absenteeism among busy-working parents, especially when momma managers are in charge. And they usually are.

Several other types of absenteeism cabals are sometimes in place in America's workplaces, although the mom-gang absenteeism clique is the most prevalent during the safer, more pleasant, daytime business hours. Moms dominate the jobs during those hours until baby pick-up time, after which many of them leave work without returning.

The childless workers and non-custodial parents usually work the later, more dangerous hours, and they often work in more dangerous conditions, staffing stores late at night. These jobs often involve a lot of cash handling in dangerous areas of town. Some call centers are, likewise, located in dangerous areas of cities, although the risk there is mostly in walking to your car.

But even when it is just a luxury product that takes a hunk of a paying customer's paycheck, and even when the pay is too low to cover rent without the free groceries, free housing and child tax credits of up to $6,269 received by many of the working moms, it is bad to provide negligent service.

When the product is a financial services item, like an insurance policy or a credit-processing service, mom gangs and other types of workplace absenteeism cliques can cause more serious damage due to the type of information they handle.

In financial services back offices and in many call centers, particularly those operating during the safer, daytime business hours, the staff is nearly 100% mom-dominated. Except for a couple of licensed "signers," they are almost all unlicensed, frequently absentee mommas in cases purporting to legally require costly and time-consuming licenses.

When the mom clique is at work, the emphasis is often on mom-bonding rituals, like decorating bulletin boards with Glitter Glue, sequins and photos of mom employees and their babies and then voting on which mom employee looks the most like her baby or mandatory Halloween dress-up days.

Paying customers are usually put in second place, behind the family lives of the hired-and-retained, "culture-fit" employees. Only a few people work hard consistently in these workplaces, so it never surprises me to hear about workplace laxness. Laxness and frequent, protracted absenteeism "for kids" are the things rewarded in America's workplaces, assuming you are a "culture fit" in the reigning workplace social clique.

wise_owl_says...'s picture

stop bitching start your own business, dont hire female workers that you hate so much, fag.

OverTheHedge's picture

Another point to consider: in most work environments, it doesn't cost any more to hire attractive, unattached females. If you want them, that is.

So I am told.

NiggaPleeze's picture

"what about the 911 operators, working the late shift, who did not answer the phone?"

Gee, I wonder if thousands of calls from people hearing thousands of shots on the Strip overwhelmed their answering capacity?

ffed's picture

Wake up brother.

Watch at 13 min 22 seconds.  HOAX.   TRUTH


Below is erie quit ride in GHOST TOWN.

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I'm guessing they were staffed by blacks. They never answer.