Russia Does Not Exclude Possibility Of War With NATO

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Just days after the conclusion of Russia's largest military exercise ever (which US military chiefs believe broke 'observer rules') and NATO's massive war games, Pravda reports a recent Russian Defense Ministry report says that Russia is preparing for the possibility of a military conflict with NATO countries.

While Russia's defense ministry said the Zapad exercises would involve 12,700 Russian and Belarusian troops, about 70 aircraft, up to 250 tanks, 200 artillery systems and 10 warships; reports that the U.S. Army's commander in Europe says Russia broke up its Zapad war games with Belarus into parts to avoid having international monitors watch the weeklong exercises last month.

Lieutenant General Ben Hodges said Monday that the two countries deployed "way over 12,700" personnel, the limit beyond which Europe's OSCE security organization should be allowed to send observers.


Hodges said: "My guess is that there probably were over 40,000 service members."


He told reporters at NATO headquarters that Russia and Belarus "broke it up into all these little exercises" but that "these were all connected, because this was a whole of government effort."

Meanwhile, what the NATO commander forgot to mention is that just days before the dreaded Russian "Zapad 2017" exercise was set to begin, NATO's own Steadfast Pyramid 2017 military exercise kicked off in Latvia on Sunday, with 40 senior commanders from NATO states, as well as Finland and Sweden. They are expected to train how to “plan and conduct operations” amid the bloc’s buildup in the region.

Steadfast Pyramid 2017 and Steadfast Pinnacle 2017, involving more than 40 senior officers from NATO member states, plus Finland and Sweden, will take place at the Riga-based Latvian Defense Academy, the country’s national news agency LETA reported on Sunday.


Covering the duration of Russia's drills, Steadfast Pyramid, the first part of the exercise, will last until September 15. It is reportedly “to improve the ability of top-level officers and commanders to plan and lead joint operations,” according to LETA. Steadfast Pinnacle, the next stage of the drill, will last from September 17 until September 22. Steadfast Pyramid and Steadfast Pinnacle were first held in Latvia in 2011.  British General James Everard, the NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, is expected to arrive in Latvia to oversee both stages of the exercise, Latvia’s Defense Ministry said, according to LETA.



Meanwhile, not much is known so far about NATO's war games. A NATO fact sheet says Steadfast Pyramid and Steadfast Pinnacle are focused on “further developing the abilities of commanders and senior staff to plan and conduct operations through the application of operational art in decision making.”

While NATO has denied it, Moscow has repeatedly accused NATO of offensive behavior, and justifies its own defensive buildup and posture on NATO's encroachment on Russian borders.

And with that in mind - as NATO builds its presence along Russia's borders - Pravda reports, a recent report from the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation about the assessment of the state of Russia's national security in the field of maritime activities says that Russia considers a possibility of a military conflict with NATO countries.

The report indicates a number of geopolitical challenges that Russia faces today. They include a "potentially possible military conflict" with NATO countries, the complicated situation in the Azov-Black Sea region, Japan's territorial claims to the Kuril Islands, and Norway's plans for Spitsbergen.


Experts emphasize that "the role of the factor of force" has been increasing in international relations. "Therefore, Russia is building up its naval potential for the "strategic deterrence" of potential adversaries and as an "important factor in ensuring international stability."


Russia will not leave all possible threats unanswered, the authors of the report summarize adding that the probability of "large-scale military actions" against Russia from the direction of sea is not too high.

But while NATO and Russian military rattle sabres at one another Russian President Vladimir Putin said, as he received diplomatic credentials from new ambassadors to Moscow, including US envoy Jon Huntsman, that Moscow wants “predictable, constructive, mutually beneficial cooperation” with Washington.

Current Russia-US bilateral relations cannot “cause satisfaction,” Putin said during an official ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow.

“We are advocating constructive, predictable and mutually-beneficial cooperation,” the Russian leader stressed, adding that “strict adherence to the principles of equality, respect for national interests and noninterference in the internal affairs” must be the basis of the bilateral cooperation.

After the ceremony, the new chief of the US diplomatic mission vowed to work on restoring trust and strengthening bilateral cooperation between Moscow and Washington... we wonder if he will be 'allowed' by The Deep State. For now, it appears the direction of reconciliation is coming from Moscow as Washington (and NATO) remain steadfast in their belief that the red menace is biding its time.

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Mr.Sono's picture

With the largest Nuclear arsenal, why would they fear?

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"Huntsman was one of John McCain's earliest supporters in his 2008 presidential campaign,[42][43] while most Utah and Mormon politicians supported Mitt Romney.[44] Huntsman helped McCain campaign in New Hampshire and went with him to Iraq over Thanksgiving in 2007.[45]"

"In March 2017 it was reported that he would be appointed as the next Ambassador to Russia.[3] This nomination was submitted to the Senate on July 20, 2017 and confirmed on September 28, 2017.[4]"

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Nothingburger. The US has a plan to invade Canada, ffs.

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Damn them Rooskie provocateurs/aggressors… always moving their country’s borders closer to our new Eastern European NATO allies and exercises.


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No doubt final World War is come in soon future:

$Trillion of debt + Out-of-control migration without integration + Wide Value Gap of Socieital -> War

As West is fall, so is rest of globe. America is not just bastion of freedom, but is LAST bastion of freedom.

veeger's picture

 no doubt freedom has finally been delt out to syria , libya , iraq , afghanistan, etc...etc.....

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Huntsman ... that dude who tried to impress us with his Chinese during the debates. Yeah, a posting to Russia makes perfect sense.

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As they say "there is not truth in Pravda".  Putin said that Russia is ready to defend itself against any threat. All else is speculation.

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‘Promoting Russian? We can help’: Foreign Ministry trolls CIA recruitment drive for Russian speakers

Speak Russian?
US citizen with a college degree?
Interest in national security?

Your skills are needed here.

(EDIT: Link to Cia website removed from this copy of tweet...Lj).

12:16 PM - Sep 29, 2017
725 725 Replies 1,893 1,893 Retweets 2,575 2,575 likes

MFA Russia ???????? ? @mfa_russia
.@CIA, thanks for support & promotion of Russian language. Why have U been hiding it? We are ready to assist with experts & recommendations
11:42 AM - Oct 2, 2017
37 37 Replies 223 223 Retweets 260 260 l

tmosley's picture

Yes it is. You are just too stupid to know what an argument is, apparently.

Governments have plans for all sorts of crazy wars, and they are never going to "take them off the table", because that is a ridiculous thing to say.

Fourmyle's picture

But has it been updated from "Capture the women and children and force the men to surrender"? the part about circling the wagons and shooting the horses might not work as well either.

World Cash Day's picture

Putin shoud demand Huntsman's daughters come visit him frequently.

BarkingCat's picture

They cannot. They are visiting uncle Biden.

Mike Masr's picture

Russia’s Nuclear Triad Modernization 

Nuclear Weapons: Who Has What at a Glance

RedBaron616's picture

Only fools want to resort to slinging nukes. No winners then.

sandman3365's picture

Only 3rd world countries fear the US Army. A bunch of pussies...

sandman3365's picture

Only 3rd world countries fear the US Army. A bunch of pussies...

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Zio-Pedos versus the Russian Christians.

HowdyDoody's picture

Russians trains by fighting hardened well-trained and well-armed US-sponsored terrorists

NATO trains by bombing civilian infrastructure and firing white phosphorus shells at civilian targets (just like their owner, Israel).



Pliskin's picture

Just like niggas gotta nig...cowards gotta cow...!

And there's no bigger cowards than the u.s. regime!


HRClinton's picture

Inbred Ashki Bolsheviks, running our ZOG, still licking their wounded egos, for having been booted out. Boo-hoo-hoo!

But it's what they seek to do in every country that accepts them: they infiltrate and take over. Just like a pathogen or virus.

Keep them out, or put/take them out.

steaua's picture

Ha ha ha. Eastern european countries fell for that for centuries. Mother Russia defender of Orthodoxism telling them if they rebell against the otomans they will help. Once the war started Russia walking away snd letting the fools get fried.

Eastern europe has 3 choices:

1. Go with nato, be us vassal and if a nato vs russia war breaks be destroyed snd handed over as slaves to whoever wins the war

2. Go with russia and be their vassal and if a nato vs russia war breaks be destroyed and handed over as slaves to whoever wins the war

3. Go alone and pray nato and russia will just harress them and not start a war on their land.

Check history books again and see how many Russia vs otoman wars havd been on russian or turkish soil vs small eastern european countries soil.

steaua's picture

Ha ha ha. Eastern european countries fell for that for centuries. Mother Russia defender of Orthodoxism telling them if they rebell against the otomans they will help. Once the war started Russia walking away snd letting the fools get fried.

Eastern europe has 3 choices:

1. Go with nato, be us vassal and if a nato vs russia war breaks be destroyed snd handed over as slaves to whoever wins the war

2. Go with russia and be their vassal and if a nato vs russia war breaks be destroyed and handed over as slaves to whoever wins the war

3. Go alone and pray nato and russia will just harress them and not start a war on their land.

Check history books again and see how many Russia vs otoman wars havd been on russian or turkish soil vs small eastern european countries soil.

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There will be alot of goyim kids sacricied to the bankers god Molok before the global economic system gets back to equibrium...

historian40's picture

After all, the symbol of the zionists is the star of Moloch aka Saturn.  The US great seal had the same star dominating above the eagle since the 1700s, long before the zionist congress or the fake "Israel" openly used it and renamed it the "star of david".

They didn't hide their machinations, even proudly using the motto "novus ordo seclorum", taken from the same declogue of Vergil that was speaking of the "Rise of the Reign of Saturn".  Wickedness in high places.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Satanic New World Order Globalists. These types of jews (the main ones who are in power), are Talmudic (babylonian text), International, Zionistic Jews.

They control our money supply (federal reserve- Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen - all jews), control our banks (fed, central banks around the world, Rothschild), are working with our politicians, our president (jared kushner, george soros-friendly globalist), the ones who are influencing the migrant crisis (barbara spectre), and of course george soros is a jew.

They are responsible for the Russian revolution (lenin, trotsky were both jews, stalin had a jewish mother), are responsible for cultural marxism (frankfurt school was all jewish).

When I'm referring to "Jews", I'm not talking about everyday average orthodox or religious, torah jews. When I say "Jews", I'm referring to the ones in seats of power; zionist jews whose goal is global domination and deracination of sovereign countries and destruction of western society.

Acts 7:43 KJV.

43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

Remphan is Saturn, whose symbol is a cube, or six-sided object, or the perimeter of the hexagonal star that appears on “Israel’s” flag.

As soon as Stephen bought this up, the Jews in attendance stoned him to death. We should therefore point this out as often as we can. (They) hate it.

chestergimli's picture

They control the monetary system? The Ashkenazi Jews own all monetary systems.

TuPhat's picture

Of course they are preparing.  They would stupid not to.  The US is always preparing to destroy the world.

The Wizard's picture

Ray McGovern gives a good explantion. Daddy Bush made an agreement with Gorby that NATO would not go east of Germany if he allowed the wall to come down. Gorby agreed and guess where we are today. The Deep State did what the Deep State always has done, lied and deceived. Satanic as hell.

Putin is no angel, but he is much more honest than the bastards running the West.

Joe A's picture

You can't blame Eastern European countries from wanting to be part of a security alliance. They don't hold fond memories of the Warsaw Pact. But there is a difference between that and putting NATO troops and bases right on Russia's doorstep, including missile defense systems that makes Russia vulnerable to a first strike without the option for retaliation, the so called Mutually Assured Destruction routine that prevented a worldwide nuclear armageddon.

The Wizard's picture

Like most countries, the Eastern bloc leaders would gladly sell their souls for petrodollars and agree to use NATO to protect those petrodollars. Why do you think there was a coup in Ukraine to get favorable West leaders into positions of authority?

Joe A's picture

Talk about Ukraine, you do know who was US ambassador at the time there, right? It was Pyat (famous from that "Fuck the EU" phone call with Nuland). Guess where he is ambassador now? In Greece.....The other day he announced plans for US investments in Greece related to building gas pipelines (from Azerbijan through Turkey, and for gas from Cyprus). Also a harbor installation for US LNG. Greece is in the cross hairs. I think Tsipras is going to Washington soon where he will be made an offer he can't refuse.

Yes, it is all about the petrodollar and geopolitics.

The Wizard's picture

The playing field is a bit different these days. The petrodollar is choking and not as popular as it was once is strong demand. Turkey has joined alliance with the BRICS and Azerbijan would be a challenge. You are heading in the right direction referring to gas pipelines. That is why Syria was in turmoil for all of these years. Looks like Assad may make it to the end of the tunnel.

Joe A's picture

Plus LNG is too expensive after shipping and processing. Importing gas from Russia makes more economic sense and of course Europe is already doing that. In fact, even at the height of the Cold War, gas was flowing into Western Europe.

Ghordius's picture

what you are hinting to is usually considered two separate things

on the first, the problem was that the same Eastern European countries were kind of asking: what is this? a two class society of countries? "some get defended, and the newcomers bear the brunt"?

the same problem, note, when the Western Germans were asking France to refrain from targeting East Germany with their nuclear doctrine: kind of "too near, and German, too". it's not that long ago, and the discussion went on for nearly ever

the other, the "missile umbrella" discussion is even more complicated. Russia has "boomer" subs that still ensure MAD, though

Joe A's picture

Well, they moved the Fulda gap basically 500 km eastwards.

The problem is, nowadays there are people walking around thinking that a first strike and getting away with it is possible.

slicktroutman's picture

Especially with U.S. /NATO stacking assets along their (Russian) borders. No sane person can see this as a purely defensive. Russia's responses are totally logical.

Ghordius's picture

interesting. how many "assets"? and, more importantly, on which side of the border?

Russia has... depth. not that much as it used to, but it still has a lot of space to retreat and regroup (in a hypothetical case, then we do not want to have such)

how much of it have... the Balts? that's the same republics that some Russian politicians ask to "have back"

the problem here in those discussions is always the same: it's all packed in "NATO vs Russia"

"NATO", as such, starts in Norway/Finnland and ends... in Turkey

the encirclement of Russia... stretches further, doesn't it?

DeeZ_nutZ's picture

this time motherland does not have Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the rest of the republics that used to provide fodder for the endless human waves.  Chechens are not going to fight for moscow.  

This will be a fun little war to watch.

Horse Pizzle's picture

Russians are too lazy to feed themselves without USSR slaves.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Ukrotroll keeps jumping on the same rake, noodles on the ears, vomiting the same banal and primitive lies.

Russia Overtakes America’s Position in World Agricultural Market

Russia's Grain May Soon Bring in More Gold Than Oil

Russian Ministry of Agriculture wants counter-sanctions extended by 10 years

High food security: Putin's "food embargo" a success

Economic Sanctions Against Russia Flop

Meanwhile, in the yellow and blue paradise...

The World Bank Is Pushing Ukraine to Sell off Its Land

In Ukraine the market economy, everything is bought and sold. Glory To Ukraine! Which has long been sold.

But hey, at least you got your European Integration®, which is manifested solely in the cleaning of toilets in Poland.

Pliskin's picture

'This will be a fun little war to watch'

agreed, it's always fun to watch little faggot americants, screaming for their Mummsy, Wummsys, as they get their legs/arms blown off....that's just the ones that don't die from the initial blast, of course..they're not as much fun, just lifeless, limp, blown-apart ragdoll queerosexuals, oh well, you can't have it all can you!?


Bavarian's picture

Just to clarify, Chechens have been in Syria fighting for Moscow.  Oops! 

NATO would fall apart so quickly.  Do you think Italian troops will honor a German military general?  Vice French being led by Brussels leaders?  It wouldn't be much of a war.  It would be quick, complete and final.  Chaos would prevail under NATO.  The 'mercans would try to run the show directing European troops to get killed.  Major fiasco in the works.

And any sick punk like yourself admitting to "enjoying" a war is the root of the problem.  No wonder you get down-voted.  Likely CIA hack.

DeeZ_nutZ's picture

fuck italians, french and zee germans.  it will be ukrainians, poles, latvians, lithuanians and the rest of the smaller countries that russians fucked with in the past couple hundred years.  payback can be a real byatch.  zee germans will provide state of the art weapons.

Pliskin's picture

'ukrainians, poles, latvians, lithuanians and the rest of the smaller countries'

So, all the little mongoloid, downs syndrome riddled, untermenschen, sub-human pieces of shit eh?

Meh, don't think Russians are too worried about them, in fact I reckon me and my boys from back home could take them on...

Give me a time and place and I'll see if I can round up a few lads!!

BarkingCat's picture

I think you got the wires in your brain short circuited.

It is some of Russians that are mongloids. ...and in the far east of Russia a huge portion of the population is Mongols.

Not that it is a deficit for them. Asians are very intelligent.

On the other hand, from your language, you sound like another stupid kraut. Enjoy your new admixture of low IQ sub Saharan niggers and other sand dwellers.

Russia does not need to fight. They just need to sit tight and wait while watching all of Western Europe turn into a sewer and go down the drain.