Vegas Shooter Filmed Himself During Slaughter, May Have Left A Note; Suicide Photo Emerges

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Warning: Graphic Content Below

Millionaire Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock set up a camera inside his hotel room to capture his deadly shooting rampage on film, as well as various other surveillance equipment in the hallway to alert him as cops closed in on him. According to ABC, the shooter had at least one lens set up to tape himself as he fired hundreds of rounds on thousands of unsuspecting concertgoers several hundred yards below his Mandalay Bay casino suite. Also, knowing that the cops would eventually catch up to him, he also reportedly wired cameras in the hallway outside his room so he could see when the heat was getting close.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo confirmed that Paddock had cameras inside and outside of his hotel room during a late-afternoon press conference.

According to his brother, Paddock, 64, had made millions from real estate deals; he also owned two planes and several properties across the US, and seemed normal apart from his passion for gambling large sums.  He'd also secretly amassed a massive arsenal of no less than 42 firearms with at least one of those an automatic, while another two had been modified with legal bump-stock devices that allows semi-automatic guns to give full-auto fire of up to 800 rounds a minute. Several had scopes, and packed military-grade ammunition.

Paddock took 23 of those guns into his Mandalay Bay suite over several days and set up two rifles on tripods at windows overlooking the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. According to the Daily Mail, Thousands of rounds of ammunition were also found in the suite, enabling him to fire repeatedly over the course of 72 minutes. His car had several pounds of a fertilizer used in bomb-making.

A look outside his room via ABC:

And inside:

And, as we now learn, he also reportedly set up a camera in his room, apparently to film the mass murder, and others in the hallway to capture police arriving. Before carrying out the shooting, he used a hammer-like tool to smash out two window in his room which he used to fire out of.

Paddock had lived in 27 residences in Nevada, Florida and Texas as an adult, but other than that he had apparently lived a quiet and unremarkable life - and the reason for the most deadly assault in American history is still a mystery.  Explanations have been offered for his motive, but law enforcement has
remained coy. It has been suggested debts, a relationship collapse, or
his family history may have contributed to the his drive to kill.

The retired accountant had worked as an internal auditor at Lockheed Martin for three years in the late 1980s, and was a manager and investor in apartment complexes located in Mesquite, Texas and California, which made him millions, his brother said, according to the Las Vegas Sun. A federal spokeswoman he worked as letter carrier, IRS agent for nearly a decade in 1970s and '80s

Local police said they had no run-ins with the man, not even traffic violations, and his brother described him as 'just a guy who lived in Mesquite who drove down and gambled in Las Vegas and... liked burritos'. So the discovery that he had used 10 suitcases to methodically move an arsenal up into his Mandalay Bay room over the preceding weekend came as a shock to those who knew him.

Eric Paddock said he thought his brother was far from a gun fanatic. 'He had a couple of guns but they were all handgun, legal... he might have had one long gun, but he had them in a safe,' he said. He said he didn't know about the 23 guns that were found in the hotel room.

Speaking to the WSJ, a law enforcement source said that they found at least one fully automatic rifle among the batch, which included AR-15-style rifles and AK-47-style rifles.  As we reported this morning, it also later emerged that two other semi-auto guns had been legally modified with bump-stocks that allow them to function like fully automatic rifles, pumping out 400-800 bullets a minute.

Among the weapons found in the room were four Daniel Defense DDM4 rifles, three FN-15s and other rifles made by Sig Sauer. A handgun was also found. 

Four DDM4 rifles were among the 23 weapons found in Paddock's hotel room.

Three FN-15 rifles, as well as guns made by Sig Sauer, were found in his arsenal.

A Colt AR-15 was also found in the room

Stephen Paddock's room was packed with 23 guns and lots of ammo

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said on Monday it wasn't clear whether the full-auto gun was modified, or if it was originally made that way. He also said that the ammunition ranged in size from .308, usually used in hunting rifles, to .223, associated with AR-15s and other assault rifles - the latter being military-grade, the New York Daily News reported. 

Eric said the revelation of his brother's deadly plan, which saw thousands of rounds falling on a crowd of 22,000 people at a music festival below, was as unexpected as seeing a meteor suddenly landing on his street.

The shocks only grew in number Monday as police raided two of Paddock's properties. The first was his Mesquite home in a sleepy retirement community, which he purchased for just over $369,000 in 2015 according to public records.

He lived at the $400,000 property (pictured with crumpled garage door after police raid) with Danley

Some 19 additional firearms were in the house, along with the explosive Tannerite - which is used to make explosive targets for target practice - and several thousand rounds of ammunition, Lombardo said Monday. He added that electronic devices were also found, but that they are still being examined to determine their purpose. Photos of the property showed the garage door torn off its hinge and crumpled after the search.

Police also found the fertilizer ammonium nitrate - which can be used to make bombs - in Paddock's car in Las Vegas on Monday.

A SWAT team also raided a second property owned by Paddock in Reno on Monday.  Bomb experts were on hand, due to concerns over booby traps. Police have not yet revealed what, if anything, they found there. Speaking on Monday evening, police said that the scene was still being examined by detectives.

Although ISIS have repeatedly attempted to claim credit for the shooting, saying Paddock had recently converted to Islam, both his brother and authorities have dismissed the claims. He had 'no religious affiliation, no political affiliation,' Eric said, adding: 'He just hung out.'

He also had no Army training, nor expressed any particular interest in guns, Eric added - though he admitted that, as he lives in Florida, he had not spoken much with his brother over the last year. 'His life is an open book. It's all in public record,' he said. 'Once again, there is nothing. He went to college. He had a job.'

Paddock had both hunting and fishing licenses according to public records, as well as his pilot's license, but no criminal record in the state of Nevada. Only his gambling habit stood out as unusual; Stephen would play $100 hands of video poker, and 'once texted me a picture that he won $40,000 on a slot machine,' Eric said. Neighbors at one of his properties in Florida said that they had barely talked to him - that he gave them keys to check on the property, and would only turn up every three months or so. When he did, they said, he would rarely be seen because he stayed up late at night playing poker online.

Law enforcement officials said that in recent weeks he had made a number of transactions in Las Vegas that were in the tens of thousands of dollars. On some days he spent more than $30,000, and on others more than $20,000, according to an individual who had seen Paddock's Multiple Currency Transaction Reports. It's not known whether he made money back on any recent bets, or lost it.

In his private life, Paddock enjoyed country shows on the Las Vegas Strip - such as the one he eventually attacked. Paddock's time in Las Vegas wasn't totally without event, however; in 2012 he filed a lawsuit against Cosmopolitan Hotels & Resorts following an incident that occurred at their Las Vegas casino. Paddock spent two years in court fighting his case after submitting his initial complaint citing 'Negligence - Premises Liability.'

It was ultimately dismissed with prejudice in late 2014, and exact details of the case were not available on the Clark County Courts website.

Paddock was also the son of Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, a serial bank robber who ended up on the FBI Most Wanted list back in 1969 when he escaped from federal prison in Texas while serving a 20 years sentence. The FBI kept him on the list for the next eight years, and he was eventually found one year after he was removed from the list in 1978 while outside an Oregon Bingo hall. The agency said that the fugitive had been 'diagnosed as psychopathic' and also had possible 'suicidal tendencies.' 

The attack ended when the police breached the door to his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort just after 10pm on Sunday night, by which time Paddock had committed suicide. The result is shown in the photo below.

Finally, as the Star reports, the shooter may have left a suicide message: a note left by the gunman may offer clues to his reasons for slaughtering country music fans at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The police have repeatedly said investigations are ongoing and have yet to make public any details.

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Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Can't hold a man responsible for actions of brother.

But now that I know he video'd it, find myself starting to loathe the brother too.

oDumbo's picture

What a sick fuck.  In other news, Hillary is a cunt and Odumbo is an evil piece of shit.  

Croesus's picture

Whole story smells; how the fyck did he install wired cameras in a hotel w/o attracting attention?

Philo Beddoe's picture

It is a Casino. They love hidden wired cameras. In fact it is encouraged. 

Croesus's picture

Not when the guests install them...

Security in casinos is tight. Real tight. As in, you can't move in too many places w/o being on camera.

So, where're the videos from the security cameras?

Escrava Isaura's picture

fugitive had been 'diagnosed as psychopathic' and also had possible 'suicidal tendencies.' 

Like father like son.


Croesus's picture

*Edit for my previous post:

Where's the video from his cameras?

Bringing (& using) recording devices in to a casino usually gets people permanently banned.

Escrava Isaura's picture

The cops have it. We’ll see it later.


johngaltfla's picture

So an assclown who just purchased those weapons in less than 90 days before the event became proficient in swinging out 40 round magazines and holding fire on target at age 64.

Got it.

And using a bumpski to increase the rate of fire, even though it can not increase the cyclic rate to the levels claimed.


This smells like a company job to stir up trouble and I'm not buying it. I wonder which weapon the company's associate was using on the roof...

BabaLooey's picture

Gotta give the sick fucks at the Spookage farm for this bloody story.

Paddock was as ripe a patsy as anyone. They cunts probably told Paddy he was in the "club".


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

How can his brother rule out ISIS? I mean his brother didn't know much about his recent fascination with stockpiling weapons and ammo it seems.

And where is this fucking mystery meat cunt he was with? She needs to be interrogated.

johngaltfla's picture

She flew back to Langley that night.

nope-1004's picture

This is sloppy work.  Because of that, if the body were dumped at see with no photo, I'd believe this.  Otherwise, meh......


IH8OBAMA's picture

So what was this guy's end game?   Kill and hurt a bunch of people then kill yourself and spend eternity in Hell?  That's a plan?

Even if he didn't believe in an afterlife this was not any plan that makes sense.


Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Assuming that this guy did do it and he was planning on offing himself toward the end he at least could have done a swan dive from the wide open 32 floor window.

Total wuss. That's what you're known as now, buddy. Not mass-murderer. Wuss.

espirit's picture

If this patsy was a registurd RePug, it'd be all over the MSM.

So, are we to assume he was Dimiturd?


Also, first vid with Aldean on stage - gunfire was belt fed.

During first few hot rounds of second belt, links jammed and had to be cleared.

Aimed fire, not bumpfire.

ergatz's picture

That stuff has FAKE (i.e., photoshop) written all over it.

Backin2006's picture

Shame the concert was a gun-free zone.

DieselChadron's picture

I was sort of thinking that myself.  The one thing that concert needed was a whole lot more guns in the hands of good shooters.

That said, the official story stinks to high heaven.  The true perps are probably safely back in tel aviv by now.

JSBach1's picture

A few questions to consider given the pictures of the guns provided herein...

Why are the bullets on the carpet on BOTH sides of the rifle? Does not the chamber dispense the spent casings to the same side?

What are the odds of both the hammer used to break the window and the rifle in close proximity to it lay at near parallel lines, considering the length of both (look at the pictures that has both the rifle and hammer lined up at about 10 degrees from bottom-center)?

Granted that most of the glass broken by the force of the said hammer blows would be expelled outwards, some of these pieces would be present inside on the carpet as a result of recoiling motion from the outward force of the hammer back in, yet no such evidence seems present.

It seems staged...

JSBach1's picture

I've seen these messages, but one should consider multiple sources in corraboration to the extent that it is possible. We will see how these predictions all play out..

MeteorBlades's picture

Anti-semitism stinks to high heaven. But then Zero Hedge only believes in eliminating users who engage in SOME kinds of racism and religious hatred, so you're safe.

As for a whole lot more guns in the hands of good shooters, spoken like another clueless macho man who it's doubtful could hit the building much less the guy 400 yards away perched in a window. And the minute one of those "good guys" opened up, another good guy would have shot him thinking he was part of the sniper's team.

You Wild Bill Hickok types are hilarious.

hestroy's picture

??? WTF are you talking about?

esum's picture

SAW or M240 sounded like with changes in the rate/sound  a signature of a belt fed machine gun...

BarkingCat's picture

Sure as hell was not 5.56 or 7.62x39 from the sound I head on videos, so not SAW but M240 is possible.

unrulian's picture

Really? you can differeniate between 5.56 and x39 from 400 m 32 stories up over the crowd noise recorded on an iphone from your laptop speakers? I have spent a lot of time on ranges and from the next burm sometimes it's hard to tell based on echo and wind.

Whoa Dammit's picture

I think the guy was a spook himself who finally lost it. No one makes the kind of money required for the assets he bought working at the jobs he had or from gambling.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"I think the guy was a spook himself who finally lost it."~

Well, let's look at his history.

Worked for the Post Office: Check.

Worked for the IRS: Check.

Was a jerk to the woman in his life: Check.

I would like to see if his cadaver tests positive for scopolamine. This guy looks like the perfect tool.

DeadFred's picture

Truly, scopalamine is the only thing that makes any sense (assuming he really did film himself and and the film is not CGI). I wonder why no one ever mentions the flashes from the lower floor that look like gunfire? Two shooters? Or is this guy just a patsy to give the real shooters on the 6th floor an escape? Has anyone seen a video showing muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor? I haven't but I haven't looked very hard.

DipshitMiddleClassWhiteKid's picture

He was a baby boomer


If he had a good job in the 70s/80s and invested/traded properly he could have easily made a small fortune. 


Alot of people did back then.




Also, in a couple of videos I thought people talking about gunfire was hitting the jumbotrons on each side of the stage but in the layout they are not in the line of fire.

Also does it look like his head is shaved in the suicede photo?

Antifaschistische's picture

EXACTLY...MSM looks for the Trump angle on ANY story.  wind, rain, solar eclipses, etc.  The fact that they didn't turn this into a Trump story immediatly is because...they immediately found evidence they did NOT want to publish...then, I'm speculating they had to make some really quick calls to Zuckerberg and Googlestein to erase as much history as possible.   (and no, I usually don't believe my theories, but this story is just too wierd)

Chhelo's picture

His plan was 72 virgin goats.

Akzed's picture

"We'll pay off your gambling debts plus a cool million if you'll just help us get some rifles to the freedom fighters in Venezuela. All ya gotta do is get them into a room at some Vegas hotel, then you babysit em until our buyers are ready. We'll bring them up, offload the cargo, and you're done."

Only Paddock dind't realize the full meaning of "done."

DeadFred's picture

If they ever release the room video I wonder if it will be as full of glitches as those from Charlottesville. It almost makes you wonder if they're trying to see just how dumb the average American is. I suspect they will need to really push the envelope to find that boundary.

Sid Davis's picture

One thing that would make sense is if he believed Allah was going to provide him with 17 virgins as a reward.

Given that he was shacked up with a 62 year old dog, that might have given him some serious incentive.

I am not saying that he was ISIS, but just that if he was then his plan had a certain logic to it.

Dirtnapper's picture

This was a classic mass murder/suicide.  If the dirtbag capped himself in his closet, none of us would be talking about his suicide.  He wanted his death to be known around the world.  Killing as many as possible, the world will know his name via his actions.  Typically they will cap themselves the moment they think the cops have arrived.  This is THEIR suicide, they want control to the last very second and do not want to be killed by the cops.

RAT005's picture

It's going to take a long time to get to the meaningful story.  In the meantime, know nothing left-leaning reporters thinking they're on the cutting edge of firearms by mentioning some cartridge sizes are keying the microphone.  Hey MSM, the audio recordings of the shootings that you're broadcasting are not of 5.56 semis or modified full autos.  You might as well be talking about someone's Wisconsin deer hunt because it's about as relative as the current connect the dots scenario.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

What kind of idiot would bother dragging all these rifles into a hotel? You can only shoot one at a time-- unless of course there were other shooters in the room as well. I could see bringing two or three, max. It's obviously a propaganda operation.

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Or he wanted each gun type to be banned. Bring them all to the crime scene so leftists can shriek in horror about each one, insisting on banning them... NOW!!!

Colonel Shitzengiggles's picture

Barrels get red hot, would've required several weapons if not changing barrels, which he didn't have time for

espirit's picture

Not so with a SAW M249.

It was hot by the time somebody was finished.

-or- that could explain the erratica after the main barrage.

BeansMcGreens's picture

My first thought was that it was a SAW, hear them all the time on the military base about one fourth of a mile from my home.

Here was an "untrained" old guy, who had once slipped down in a casino, prancing back and fourth from window to window in the dark over hundreds of spent rounds and rifles stacked everywhere. Imagine the smell of all that firing, the muzzle flashes in a dark room, and the noise of firing even with ear protectors in an enclosed room. Seems like all in a days work for that guy.


And why didn't the police just use rifles to fire back at the guy from the ground and suppress his fire. Be pretty obvious where He was firing from.

Antifaschistische's picture

"And why didn't the police just use rifles to fire back at the guy..."

your point here is relevant...I'm guessing police chiefs all over the country are now saying, "next time I want a sniper in the weeds at every event like this".

was the guy hanging the barrel out the window or was he firing from a recessed position?  That could make it very difficult for counterfire measures unless the police sniper was also at an elevated position.  Copter with a mini-gun is what I'd want if I were a police this situation.  collateral damage risk...high

BeansMcGreens's picture

 collateral damage risk...high


What do you think fifty-nine people dead and over five hundred wounded is?

This is Vegas, a town with plenty of policemen and probably every patrol car has a rifle in it. From the videos one can see the muzzle flashes, suppression fire just at the flashes showing from the inside of a dark room no matter how high up would have made the shooters duck back as no one will just stand there and let bullets come at them no matter who they are. Even if they were recessed back.

Have you ever been shot at?

Antifaschistische's picture

I am not a weapon expert...and I've never made a gun red hot.   But I am a metal guy...and though heating the barrel up to redness may shorten it's lifespan, would it really have necessitated swapping guns since you obviously don't care about the longevity of your barrels at this point?