Was There A Second Shooter In Vegas?

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Video has emerged that raises serious questions about the official authorities' version of events in Las Vegas On Sunday night...

The official story is...

But as Intelihub reports, a taxi driver found herself a little too close for comfort last Sunday night as she slowly navigated her vehicle through Mandalay Bay’s property while 59 people were massacred and 526 others were being struck by a hail of bullets.

Astonishingly, the driver managed to capture video footage of what may be a second shooter which contradicts the current mainstream media narrative which purports that only a single shooter fired from the 32 floor.

In the bombshell video, what appears to be oscillating muzzle flash can be seen emitting from a lower-level window about 7 rows over from the right (north side) of the building and fully-automatic gunfire can be heard which also appears to coincide with the muzzle flash.

“It seems like it [the gunfire] was coming from up there,” the taxi driver said as rounds started to pop off.


“Oh shit! Alright, I’m out of here.”

The sound almost mimics that of an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), as pointed out by Joe Biggs, former U.S. Army 82nd.

“After watching videos and talking to some military friends we defiantly believe a 249 saw was used in Vegas attack,” Joe Biggs tweeted.

Another video shows gunfire emerging from a lower floor (presumably the 4th).

Others have suggested that the flashing light may be just that - a flashing light. You decide.

*  *  *

Infamous lothario Dan Bilzerian also noted the odd scene of gun fire from lower hotel room windows...

But while the official reports show two broken windows at the 32nd floor (illustrated by the red oval below), the video above shows gunfire from a windwo considerably lower down...

But the following clip is by far the most damning - focus your attention on the hotel windows, between the guy with the cowboy hat and the guy in the red t-shirt at around the 27-second mark...

In case u missed it...

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Implied Violins's picture

OK, now we got a proper media fight!! Present both sides, and let the TRUTH win out!

Philo Beddoe's picture

In this corner we have our challenger, Grassy Knoll Jr. in the other we have our udefeated champion, Government bullshit! 

Place your bets!

sickavme's picture

And what about the chick that ran around screaming "ur all gonna die!" in the hotel lobby???


Where the fuck did she go?

Philo Beddoe's picture

She is renting a room with the Babushka Lady.  

Juggernaut x2's picture

Whoever it was has been chopped up into pieces and buried in the NV desert by now.

cheka's picture

4th floor shooter is the building 7 of this nyc.dc operation

Billy the Poet's picture

The flashing light is visible in this Fox News report filmed after the shooting was over.


Flashing Light from Mandalay Bay room...was NOT a muzzle flash!!


chunga's picture

good catch. What about the sounds in the cabbie video? It's almost impossible to believe any damn thing.

ThirdWorldNut's picture

Shooter broker glass window on the 32nd floor with a hammer? A hammer! These days you get glass that can withstand a mid sized car rammed into it. I doubt a hotel of repute would go for cheap single eurocell panes. Much less use them on the 32nd floor, where a strong gust might be enough to shatter it!

Yellow_Snow's picture

Exactly, and surely it was shatter-proof glass.

TeamDepends's picture

Damn these pesky right-wingers asking all these questions trying to expose our blatant attempt to overthrow the Second Amendment.

IH8OBAMA's picture

Unless there are broken windows on the 4th floor, you can toss that theory in the trash.

Oliver Klozoff's picture

Broken windows?

We're talking pro level here, broken windows would be a dead giveaway.

These guys had a removable window pre-installed OR just removed/replaced it themselves.

Broken windows!

Dsyno's picture

Why does everything have to be a false flag? Can't believe that Joe Blow can be as evil as the elite?

People immediately decide that it's "probably a false flag", then look for anything that may support the idea. Classic: Decide the outcome, find anything that supports it, and ignore everything else.

Nameshavebeenchangedtoprotecttheinnocent's picture

Don't be naive.

Considering that the media (and gov't) has a long frequent history of blatantly lying, why should one assume they are telling the truth?

The only safe and intellingent move is to immediately look for all the inconsistencies and outright falsehoods. 

Learn your history, dude!

Matchless's picture

So Lee Harvey shot JFK?  You can't believe that.  He shot JFK multiple times with a bolt action rifle while driving past in a car, c'mon man, don't be a dope.  

jefferson32's picture

If you count the ground floor as the first floor (as you should) "Paddock" was on the 33rd floor. The festival was called 91 road "harvest" festival by "sirius". The shooting happened 133 days after the Ariana Grande Manchester false flag. Oct 1st is 91 days before end of year. The two broken windows are 9-11 apart (counting and not counting the broken windows). The shooter fired for "9 to 11" minutes according to media. The whole thing happened at the foot of a pyramid, with its top alight, facing an obelisk. It happened during a kabbalistic holiday known for its mandated blood sacrifices.

What else do you need?? So many hermetic numbers and symbols. Just like 911 and most attacks after it. This was not only a false flag, it was an occult sacrifice.

goldstandard's picture

Not necessarily IH8OBAMA. Ever hear of a glass cutter. All that was needed was a small circular hole cut in the glass and no doubt the window has already been replaced.

Throat-warbler Mangrove's picture

I stayed in the Mandelay Bay just before it officially opened.  The whole thing was sinking into an underground river and concrete was later injected to stop the sink.  One corner was down about 6 inches.  Talking to the local taxi guys, they indicated the whole hotel had been built without the appropriate permits or inspections.  Remember where this is sitting.

svs9000's picture

I am a project manager for a large glazing company that specializes in high rise buildings. The glass is an insulated unit (double pane) and is not safety glass, each pane of glass is only about 1/4". Durable but easy enough to break with a hammer or crowbar.

Diatom's picture

The true smoking gun is the fact that police found 23 weapons in the room.

To do such thing you need a truck load of ammo but JUST 3 OR 4 machine guns to manage


Its a fucking false flag. Another patsy  went down just like the JFK story...

esum's picture

you dont want AMMO per se.... you want preloaded mags and perhaps multiple guns....  


thebigunit's picture

Oh bull shit.

Its a fucking false flag. Another patsy  went down just like the JFK story...

If you think this is convincing evidence, you're an idiot.  

Sadly, your mother never told you because she probably realized that you couldn't handle it.

Diatom's picture

I'm an idiot...

You would take 23 guns to the room to manage overheating shooting 10 weapons at a time,

5 in each hand, right?

What the fuck are you doing here? Astroturfing??

thebigunit's picture

You have probably never been in a hotel with running water or indoor plumbing.

You would take 23 guns to the room to manage overheating shooting 10 weapons at a time,

5 in each hand, right?

You might.  I wouldn't.

The Mandalay Bay hotel is for "rich" people, and hotels for "rich' people have bellmen with baggage carts who will do things for money.

"Here, son, take these eight bags up to my suite.  I know they're kind of heavy. They're full of golf clubs the manufacturer wants me to try out. Here's a C-note."

Works like a charm.

Repeat as necessary.

Diatom's picture

"You have probably never been in a hotel with running water or indoor plumbing."


Is that relevant??

Whats the purpose of that supposition.?

Exceptional and indispensable Murica. That's the only place in the world where hotels have water and pipes...


Not necessarily.  A glass window on the car can be impossible to break but if you hit it just right it shatters. I was in chicago when a storm came through and blew out 200 windows.  That was wind. 

Its conceivable that if its glass then it can be broken unless its bullet proof which I doubt they have a that height. 




KFBR392's picture

like mulder i want to believe...but occam's razor jumos to mind in the vaccum of overwhelming evidence

Provocateur's picture

He could have just shot them out 

Billy the Poet's picture

It's the sound of real gunfire in the cabbie video but the flashing ight appears to be something other than muzzle blasts.



chunga's picture

It's really hard to say, this link starts at 4:18, you'd think that fox video would capture the sound of the gunfire too.


Billy the Poet's picture

That Fox News report was filmed after the shooting had stopped.

Ms No's picture

Hey Chunga, How long do you think it will take before they bring up that Mesquite is 60 miles from Bundy's ranch "compound of evil right wing nuttery"?


sparksmass's picture

The cabbie also said in the video "it appears to be coming from the 10th floor."  It would be hard to confuse the 34th with the 10th floor.

Billy the Poet's picture

Did she say that based on what see heard (real gunshots) or what she saw (a light which was possibly not associated with the gunfire).

The gun shots are very loud in the cabbie video. If the sound is coming down from the 32nd floor and it's that loud then I might expect that the rifle's muzzle would be close enough to the window to see muzzle flashes (from the 32nd floor) and yet we don't.

At this point the lack of muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor interests me more than the possibly misidentified flashes on the tenth floor (or fourth depending on the interpretation).

sparksmass's picture

It's unknown the cabbie's thoughts or reasoning for saying that.  All we know is she said it, about two minutes later in the video after she drove by it and said "it looks like its coming from up there".  Thats in the full 18 minute cabbie video.  At the begining of that video, she is stationary, and you hear shots that appear to be some distance away, and then the next shots you hear are clearly much louder and apparently closer.

TheReplacement's picture

I'm with you Billy, there seems to be a flashing light on the building at the lower floor.  However, there does not seem to be any muzzle flash coming from the higher floors. 

Lower window(s) could be theoretically explained by a pro job being able to replace the window with one that opens/closes.  Such a team could also get a room positioned behind the light and disable/enable the light as needed.  Honestly, that seems like a lot of work and potential risk just to kill random people.  Where random people killed?  Where is the video from the hotel during all of this?  There is no such thing as privacy and we all know this.  Why are we not seeing that the police have even taken it as evidence?

Are there any videos showing the rest of the skyline during the shooting? 

Why do American mass murderers almost always go to fairly elaborate lengths to kill as many people as possible but then off themselves at the first sign of resistance/po-po?  Except for the apparently full on lunatic in Colorado they all do this.  How come none of them fail and live?  Why don't they go down fighting, try to get away, or surrender like most foreign mass murderers/terrorists? 

The more I think about it the more questions I have.

The CIA has achieved a milestone.  We, the American people, no longer know what to believe any more.


JSBach1's picture

Agreed with the focus on the seemingly no sources of light emanating from 32nd floor based on this new Time video; I've said as much on the other thread in an exchange with ZeroPointNow.

The next logical place to focus on are the two sets of lights brandishing the hotel namesake on top of each side of the hotel roof as this would be a natural light source used to obscure the muzzle flashes. I have not been able to notice anything yet, but I could use an extra pair of eyes if anyone wants to try...

Nameshavebeenchangedtoprotecttheinnocent's picture

No it doesn't. The flashes are in perfect sync with the bangs, given that there will be a slight delay from the flash til the noise is heard. They also sync perfectly with the firing cycles.

You don't know enough about this to be commenting.

Billy the Poet's picture

Thanks for your input. Since I am too stupid to even speak for myself I request that you prepare a daily itinerary for me so that I don't mess up again!

mpnut's picture

someone go to that room quick before they change the windows to see if there is damage to the window..

putaipan's picture

i'm rooting for the lvmpd .... best conspiracy theory yet-   https://i.redd.it/z7ma82sfxopz.png

cheka's picture

that video isnt during the event.  so could be part of cover up

here's one from the event -- doesnt look the same


BennyBoy's picture


In the video: "...the guy with the cowboy hat and the guy in the red t-shirt at around the 27-second mark..."

The last couple seconds of the blinking light there was no audio for bullets being fired.

Was it a strobe for a party inside? Reflection?

If it was a second shooter why is there no third broken window?

cossack55's picture

High speed carbon drill bit?

sparksmass's picture

Also, with the difference of speed between light and sound, the reverse would actually happen from what you see.  When the shooting started, you would see flashes for a few moments before you heard any sound, and then when the shooting ended, the flashes would stop but you would continue to hear sound for a few moments.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Casinos have discos a few floors up. I was in one in Reno a few weeks ago, was on the 3rd or 4th in Reno and this looks like the 3rd or 4th. Checked their website and didn't see any bumping disco so far on a 3-5th floor, doesn't mean much.