16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That Mainstream Media Doesn't Want To Talk About

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Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

The public is not being told the truth about what really went down in Las Vegas. 

As you will see below, the evidence is mounting that there were multiple shooters and that this was an operation that was planned well in advance.  But according to the mainstream media, a 64-year-old retired accountant with a flabby physique that had no military training whatsoever and that wasn’t very experienced with guns was able to pull the whole thing off all by himself.  We are being told that Paddock was a “lone wolf” that didn’t have any ties to terror groups, and since he is now dead nobody is ever going to be able to interrogate him. 

But the American people definitely deserve some answers about what took place, and that means that all of us should keep digging.

The following are 16 unanswered questions about the Las Vegas shooting that the mainstream media does not want to talk about…

#1 Photos of Stephen Paddock’s hotel room have been leaked, and one of those photos appears to show a suicide note. Why hasn’t the public been told what is in that note?

#2 Were there additional shooters?  A taxi driver reportedly captured video of an automatic weapon being fired out of a lower level window.  A video from another angle and brief footage captured by Dan Bilzerian also seem to confirm that automatic gunfire was coming from a floor much lower than the 32nd floor room that Stephen Paddock was located on.  And if you weren’t convinced by the first three videos, this fourth video should definitely do it.

#3 Why were law enforcement authorities discussing “another suspect on the fourth floor”, and why isn’t the mainstream media talking about this?

#4 As Jon Rappoport has pointed out, it would have been impossible for Stephen Paddock to kill and wound 573 people in less than five minutes of shooting with the kinds of weapons that he is alleged to have used.  So why won’t law enforcement authorities acknowledge this fact?

#5 How in the world did Paddock get 42 guns and “several thousand rounds of ammo” into his hotel room without anyone noticing?

#6 How did someone with “no military background” and that wasn’t a “gun guy at all” operate such advanced weapons?  Because what we are being told by the mainstream media just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.  I really like how Natural News made this point…

Far from what the firearms-illiterate media claims, these are not systems that any Joe off the street can just pick up and use to effortlessly mow down 500 people. Running these systems requires extensive training, experience and stamina. It is physically impossible for a guy like Stephen Paddock to operate such a system in the sustained, effective manner that we witnessed, especially when shooting from an elevated position which throws off all the ranging of the weapon system.


Far from being a Navy Seal, Stephen Paddock is a retired accountant senior citizen with a gambling problem and a flabby physique. The only way he could have carried out this shooting is if he were transformed into a human superweapon through a magic wand. I’m calling this “Mission IMPOSSIBLE” because of the physical impossibility of a retired, untrained senior citizen pulling this off.

#7 Why was one woman telling people in the crowd that they were all going to die 45 minutes before the attack?

#8 Why did it take law enforcement authorities 72 minutes to get into Stephen Paddock’s hotel room?

#9 Why did Paddock wire $100,000 to the Philippines last week?

#10 Why was Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, in the Philippines when the attack took place?  Did she know what was about to happen?

#11 Was Paddock on antidepressants like so many other mass killers in the past have been?

#12 Why was ISIS so eager to take responsibility for this attack, and why was the FBI so quick to dismiss that connection?

#13 Apparently Paddock had earned millions of dollars “through real estate deals”.  If he was so wealthy, why would he all of a sudden snap like that?

#14 Why did he move so frequently?  It is being reported that Paddock had 27 different residences during his adult life.

#15 Why were nearly all of the exits out of the concert venue completely blocked?…

In essence, the concert trapped the people, preventing them from escaping, and denying them the ability to seek cover. From there, sustained, full-auto gunfire is almost impossible to survive.


From Fox News, a caller named Russell Bleck, who survived the shooting, said live on air, “There were ten-foot walls blocking us in. We couldn’t escape. It was just a massacre. We had nowhere to go.”

#16 Why was a country music festival chosen as the target?  Was the goal to kill as many Trump supporters and other conservatives as possible?  And is there evidence that Stephen Paddock was connected to Antifa in any way?

At first I thought that this was a fairly straightforward story too, but the more I have dug into it the more complex things have become.

Personally, I have come to the conclusion that Stephen Paddock definitely did not act alone.  That means that the others involved in the shooting are still out there, and they must be brought to justice.  Let us never forget what these extremely wicked individuals did to innocent civilians such as 27-year-old Tina Frost

A 27-year-old woman has lost her right eye after a bullet ripped through her face during the Las Vegas concert massacre.


Tina Frost remains in a coma in hospital after undergoing surgery to remove the bullet that became lodged in her eye when a gunman opened fire on the crowd of country music fans on Sunday night.


Frost, who is originally from Maryland but moved to California several years ago, is expected to remain in the coma for a week.

Whoever did this is going to pay greatly.  Yes, I do believe that Stephen Paddock was involved.  But he did not act alone, and the mainstream media is doing the public a great disservice by ignoring all of the evidence that this was not just a “lone wolf” operation.

*  *  *

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.

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Quickwahay's picture

Judging by the effect this has had, the shooter had a goal and it is working. He is no fan of the second amendment or the people that support it. His purpose was to give red meat to his party of choice and their media loyalist. He needed to have this many weapons so that when the grandstanding in congress commences the propagandist will have there media show and tell with all of the weapons they want out of the hands of law abiding patriots. Make no mistake this was a man on a mission, he didn't need to be highly trained to shoot at fish in a barrel. All he needed was to be willing to sell his soul to the globalist puppet masters that always find a way to get what they want. 

Mike Masr's picture


Another cab driver video. Fully automatic weapons gunfire VERY close to him and a second shooter with fully automatic weapon in distance can be heard. WTF!

Watch and listen. This is no tin foil hat conspiracy theory. Listen for yourself.

I'm sure Youtube will be removing this one too!!

Apeon's picture

Same video as in LA Goldbug

Yaspar's picture

Oh God, here we go.  "False flag!!  Agent provocateur!!  Red herring!!  Bush took down the towers!!  Moon landing was fake!!  Vaccines kill!!  Alien implants!!"


What a bunch of idiots.

KuriousKat's picture

I guess baby incubators before Congress  trashed by hussein and WMD before an entire UN in Iraq don't count for anything.

house biscuit's picture

The important thing is that you approve

Master Electrician's picture

Bush only took down building 7,  everyone knows the Mossad took down the twin towers. 

africoman's picture

Here is my take on how stuff out of the blue spun in a cyclic fashion, NK, Russa did it, false flag, etc etc

NFL was a spin for the past week that triggers a lot of people to say something, that fed into past 100yr story.This week turn was las vegas shooting nicknamed 'Deadliest ever US gun attack' now scored the third day and this too eventually fed out of memory once the next pick on events<< fake or real>>.

Yes, this lone wolf thing is a staged military psyop operation as usual by ruling elites they seemed to resort whenever there was no hot-war news to be told.The elites owned the intelligence bodies in the world hence they collaborate the events according to the schedule dictating the time, place,victimes<<<crises actors>>> and the patsy<<<an asset Muslim or white/black and handlers>>>.The top MSM being on the scene already, after which a speech by police and leaders will be done according to the script, it's a standard method developed out of the Nazi or old age.

Now hold on a minute, these all seemingly random false flag terror events occurring in major cities around the world are just 'try and error' warm-ups for the real ones to occur in the future.Somebody is taking a lesson from these short-lived trials.

The story lines<<<official narratives>>>, evidence and spun all must be confusing for the real perps to scape and made the mass hopeless enough to beg the gov to do something.This is order out of chaos in the making.

Clearly, the ruling elites have placed a mechanism to put world events for the whole year one after another, triggered strategically where insiders in MSM/intel briefed on, while the real agenda progressed unreported. Proof why all MSM top headlines are the same?

Ask yourself.

Gov No's picture

All speculation about shooters on other floors of the hotel is illogical nonsense.  The hotel does not have openable windows.  The only way that anyone could have fired from any window on any floor is to first break the glass.  Only two windows both on the 32nd floor have broken glass visible.  No other broken glass is visible on any publicly posted picture of the hotel.  Therefore there were no other shooters in the hotel unless they were working together with Paddock in the suite with the broken window glass on the 32nd floor.  

The hotel must have security cameras in all public areas.  It is highly unlikely that Paddock could have delivered all the 27 or so rifles found in the suite along with probably thousand of rounds of ammo in one haul.  He must have made multiple trips with suitcases up to the suite.  Whether he was alone or had assistance, the hotel's security cameras must have recorded all those trips of his.  The security camera recordings must also have evidence of visitors to the 32nd floor during the days that Paddock was in his suite.


house biscuit's picture

Correct, Dr Logic. Windows & security cams are beyond the reach of the lizard people in the 9/11 crew. Thanks.

LA_Goldbug's picture

I took this video

and used software to see the waveform of the audio. Here is the timing data (seconds on video) for the shots that start very loud followed by fainter sounding.

Loud Faint
4.14 6.213 1st shot
4.244 6.312 2nd shot
4.354 6.419
4.446 6.514
4.544 6.61
4.635 6.707
4.73 6.797
4.82 6.888 8th shot

To me the intervals between shots (Loud vs. Faint) are nearly identical. Only difference is sound level. I conclude, ECHO.

" At 20 °C (68 °F), the speed of sound is 343 metres per second (1,125 ft/s; "

Distance = 0.5*(6.213 - 4.14)*1,125 ft/s = 1166 ft from the source.

Jackagain's picture

Lee Harvey Paddock.....

1stThingsFirst's picture

Here's a few more good questions we might want to consider:

All these stories & theories and various 'narratives', about this ?madman Paddock... So many people now all over the world trying to piece together some sort of explanation(s) as to how or why this monster may have or would have or could've ?possibly even ever conceived of such a heinous crime... From ISIS & all their assorted barbarians claiming credit, to assorted Medical Experts & "Psychologists," everybody's seemingly got some theory and/or opinion... Yet in all of this cacophony, have you heard even ONE WORD about the REALITY of Satan & demonic possession ???  Has ANYONE heard even so much as the mere mention of Satanic influence at work in the world??  Of even the slightest most remote possibility that maybe that had NEthing to do with it?? 

No???  Well gee!  Why Do you think THAT might be?? And what do you think THAT might have to do with the very reason these things are happening with ever increasing regularity??  Oh, wait ...Never Mind!  It's because of too many guns!  THAT'S IT!  I forgot!

House of Medici's picture

Well, 12 hours later all of your questions are starting to be answered through numerous links on Drudge.

William Dorritt's picture

Alternate Theory:

Paddock was a gun dealer who supplied groups in the Intelligence Community with information on criminal and terrorist organizations, and selling them guns was a way in for lots of operational info.

Paddock was invited to a LV meeting to show his wares to the prospective buyers, who blew his brains out when the meeting started and fired for a few minutes and took off after seeding the room with lots of evidence.

72 minutes before the cops entered the room.

There better be plenty of video of the room and hotel proving Paddock was the only shooter in the room, which already seems unlikely.

Reports are that lots of x mil are saying the sound of a belt fed weapon is clear in all videos.

Whoever had the strobe light, decoy, going on the 4th floor needs to be taken into custody.

Auntie Vyris's picture

Your theory is just as plausible as the official story. Especially the prospective buyers part, who could have been operatives wanting to take him out because he knew too much. But, why leave so much evidence laying around? As a distraction? Who knows...

IvannaHumpalot's picture

I don't like conspiracy speculation pieces like this. 1) of COURSE you get conflicting reports by confused and mistaken people in the first 24 hours while an investigation is still ongoing.

OF COURSE in the dark, with bullets ricocheting and panicking people, police trying to hunt the killer and people listening to the info on the police radios - which also can have mistaken information that gets corrected later, then there are going to be conflicting stories.

It DOESN'T mean the authorities are lying to you, especially when they can't give you answers within 48 hours that means they are STILL investigating, evaulating the information, sifting through it, weeding out the errors and wrong information to find out what is going on. This kind of story is unhelpful to everyone and essentially disrespectful to the victims who deserve for us to wait and carefully evaluate the facts before leaping to conclusions.

Swamidon's picture

It's not that difficult to hit something when you spray into a crowd of 22,000 and doesn't take any skill to pull a trigger either if you manage to get the safety off.  The real question is why the guy went nuts and how many other late in life folks are being pushed to the point of a political statement in the same way?  He didn't do this for nothing, where is his Manifesto?

William Dorritt's picture

Seems to be a clear political statement, Kill Trump Supporters

The same mantra the left has been singing, along with kill Trump since the election